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Community Based Wellness Outreach Services to Support & Encourage Sustainable, Affordable, Nutrition & Lifestyle Considerations to Improve Vitality, Enhance Longevity, Reverse Chronic Disease & Recover Health without the need for pharmaceuticals, surgery or invasive treatments

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"I Lost 150 pounds and re-gained my health by simplifying my eating habits and simplifying my life

with Veggie Juicing

and a Plant-Based WholeFood eating Lifestyle"


      …and YOU really could do it too!


I'd very much like to help. I have struggled with obesity and food addictions since a kid. In 1989, after I watched my Mom die an excruciatingly slow, painful death from a lingering fight against Allopathic Medicine and debilitating multiple myeloma bone cancer; I embarked on a personal quest and professional journey as a dedicated, Investigative Researcher & Health Advocate - seeking alternative therapies for so called incurable illness and degenerative disease. I finally connected with an effective strategy -- a 'secret' for achieving optimum health and reversing degenerative disease.

Simply Eat & Drink Plants - Allow me to show you how


At the age of 50 - after years of teaching ‘healthy-living’ knowledge - Dan Miller found he had overlooked his own personal struggle with Obesity, junk-food addictions, unconscious eating habits and developed a host of chronic illnesses and life-threatening degenerative disease.  Even his wife ElisaBeth, had pretended that she was fine – when actually suffering from annoying chronic symptoms and debilitating ailments.  Even with all the years of Health & Wellness expertise, neither had ever considered Lifestyle behavior modification, Juicing Wellness or Nutritional Science as a treatment therapy for weight loss and optimum health. 



In crisis mode, Dan undertook a Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead Juicing Reboot regimen and during that time discovered 'Forks Over Knives' and the ground-breaking work The China Study, by T. Colin Campbell, whereby 40 years of research has stunningly revealed that a WholeFood Plant-Based (WFPB) eating lifestyle is "far more effective in promoting health and preventing disease than prescription drugs, surgery, invasive treatments, vitamin and herbal supplementation, and genetic manipulation" and has been found to definitively alleviate chronic annoying symptoms, and reverse auto-immune illnesses and degenerative diseases like: obesity, diabetes, heart disease, osteoporosis, arthritis and cancers


Grateful for new found research tying diet to disease, both of them began practicing an exclusive WFPB eating lifestyle in September-2012 and the results were nothing short of phenomenal. Dan had an immediate reduction in annoying symptoms, a reversal of chronic auto-immune illnesses and experienced an extreme sustained weight loss of 145 pounds! ElisaBeth, inadvertently benefited from Dan’s initial weight loss, because she was inspired to eat along with him & learned how to prepare new whole foods and plant-based dishes, and quickly experienced a 35 pound weight loss, ceased having debilitating Osteo Arthitis pain and mobility conditions, recovered from heavy metal poisoning and reversed her auto-immune illnesses and Angina symptoms. 



Because both experienced a profound weight loss and life-changing reversal of illness and chronic disease, Dan & Elisabeth were compelled to spread the word of the evidence-based science and overwhelming benefits for a WFPB lifestyle and have completed intensive  training, licensing, certification and accreditation in Wholistic Nutrition Counseling, CHIP Facilitation, Juicing Wellness, and achieved a Certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition.  As 20+ year alternative health  researchers, alternative wellness advocates and PlantBased WholeFood nutritional consultants, Dan & Elisabeth are understanding and passionate about health-promoting strategies that provide sustainable options to help people regain control of their lives and prevent or reverse chronic, degenerative diseases.



Join them at their NEW Mojave Desert Nutrition & Lifestyle Wellness Studio in Bullhead City, AZ where they share their passion and eagerly seek to help families slash healthcare and food costs, and reduce chronic illness by empowering individuals to live a health-promoting lifestyle to avoid degenerative dis-ease and the associated invasive, ineffective traditional medical treatments.  Both are fulfilling their divine potential as service-oriented Volunteers for a variety of Community Outreach Programs, Senior Nutrition, Food Banks, Food Ministries, Rescue Produce and WACOG Healthy Lifestyle Programs. 

In their spare time both are avid Desert Rockhounds & Prospecting enthusiasts and enjoy forays into their surrounding desert eco-system for fun in the sun relaxation and commune with nature. Both are seasoned lecturers, key note presenters and radio personalities and Dan is also a talented Musician-Singer-Songwriter.



Dan Miller

Dan’s lifelong understanding of living with obesity since childhood, illuminated the fact that sustained weight loss and seeking optimum health is a lifestyle adaptation and may require tools and support. Dan earned his Certificate in Plant-based Nutrition from Cornell University - T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies and has been accredited and certified as an AFPA Wholistic Nutrition Consultant and certified Drugless Practitioner. Course of study includes: Ozone & Bio-Oxidative Therapy, Environmental Science, Gerson Therapy, Hippocrates Institute, School of Juicing Wellness, and Tree of Life Center Ayurvedic & Raw Food  treatment protocol. Dan is grateful for an opportunity to meet, educate and assist all ages (but with a focus on ‘baby-boomers’ like himself) who wish to take control of their own healthcare and subscribe to a sustainable, wholistic grass-roots lifestyle approach to recovered health -- with out the need for prescription drugs, surgical intervention, or invasive treatments.

ElisaBeth Rae

Elisabeth (Betty) was educated at Tennessee Technological University and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Sociology - Magna cum Laude. She is also an accredited AFPA Wholistic Nutrition Counselor and Licensed & Certified Complete Health Improvement Program (CHIP) Facilitator with a Certificate in Forks Over Knives/ PlantBased Cooking. Course of study includes: Lifestyle Science, Plant-Based Nutrition, Environmental Science & Geology, Gerson Therapy, Hippocrates Institute, School of Juicing Wellness, and Tree of Life Center Ayurvedic & Raw Food philosophy and treatment protocol. Nutritional Lifestyle Science can in fact be used as a strategic tool to initially overcome food addictions and further provide a complementary and healthful transition to a PlantBased WholeFoodist Lifestyle.  Nutritional Lifestyle Science and Behavior Modification must be taught to empower and encourage people toward a more fervent concern for Wholistic self-preservation utilizing a Whole Food Plant-based lifestyle choice.


  Wholistic Nutritional Lifestyle Consulting Services  



Let us know if we can be of service to you, directly answer your concerns, or maybe you would like to share your personal struggle with obesity or illness. 

There is a small online community following where we strive to impart nutritional wisdom to anyone contemplating a migration toward a WFPB lifestyle.    Be sure to LIKE Juicing and Plant-Based Weight loss Blog on Facebook.

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Are you near the TriState Cal-Nev-Ari area? Join us in person and Meet-Up monthly or attend Special Events in NW Arizona with ---> The Mojave Desert Plant-Based Whole-Foodist Society

Join the International PlantBased WholeFoodist Society on Facebook-- All clients automatically receive an exclusive invitation to join, but if you would like to preview private support and mentorship from others who practice a WholeFoodist lifestyle then please directly request to join.

Our passion is purporting a healthy, balanced, simple and natural lifestyle - free from debilitating dis-ease, chronic illness, harmful toxins, pharmaceuticals, chemical medications or the need for invasive surgical treatments.  We love discussing and sharing the benefits of a Plant-Based Whole Food Lifestyle for reversal of degenerative disease.

Should you wish to further consult and discuss your options for a WFPB Lifestyle to overcome obesity, diabetes or chronic debilitating ailments, please feel free to contact directly via email, Skype or via phone, We are honored and delighted to share even more tips, intimate stories, and personal weight loss, obesity, food addictions, or healthy lifestyle concerns.




All of the following products & services, plus many others have been instrumental in supplementing and guiding our journey to recovered health.

Audio Podcast Link- Dan Miller Interview with The Dr. Don Show KZZZ am 1490

The China Study and WHOLE by T. Colin Campbell, PhD

 FREE Audio Podcasts & Free Video Education, Lectures, Playlists

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In November 2013, I was invited to participate in a Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead Promotional video sharing my personal success with Veggie Juicing and eating Plant-Based whole foods - view the Success Profile campaign here.

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