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*The time has come for Ozone/Oxygen Therapies to be commonplace!

Ozone has been used in Europe, Russia, Mexico and Cuba for many years with incredible results. Within the last several years American culture has finally begun to see the benefits of ozone. Many health practitioners now offer Oxygen Therapies in their clinics. Large cities have employed ozone treatment in the municipal water treatment plants. In Canada, the government has used ozone to treat the blood of military personnel.

AquaLab Systems, designed and researched by Aurem Resources and through exclusive arrangement with Enviro~Health~Tech - AquaLab Systems brings the water treatment plant into your home to help purify your water and your body for better health. Each unit is custom designed to produce the purest ozone, using a patented “cold plasma corona discharge” chamber. Because of this patented chamber the unit produces finely regulated, high concentrations of charged oxygen and ozone mix with the greatest efficiency.  Provides the most scientifically advanced non-oxidizing parts and components to ensure long life and maximum purity.


Take health into your own hands with AquaLab Ozone Systems

The AquaLab System, custom-made-to order since 1989 offers a unique approach to oxygen therapies. The patented AquaLab ozone generating tubes contain inert gases similar to those produced in nature during a spring storm. During a storm, the lightning creates a corona stretching for miles around the central discharge bolt.  This corona is the result of inert gases lighting up in the atmosphere.  Minerals in the air act as electrodes and ozone is created.  The patented AquaLab System closely recreates and harnesses this natural occurrence to produce ozonation for personal use.

Following the strict specifications of the original German Oxygen Therapy technologies patented by Dr. J. Hansler and Nikola Tesla  - each AquaLab System is equipped with a highly efficient patented “cold plasma corona discharge” ozone generation chamber enclosed in a portable carrying case. The patented chamber produces from 27 mgs to 42 mgs of ozone per cc of oxygen, consistently, and a maximum capability of 52 mgs of ozone per cc of oxygen. Because the cold plasma corona discharge process requires no heat producing primary coil, the temperature in the ozone/oxygen mixture remains stable. This makes possible a continually consistent level of operating efficiency without the need of a cooling fan.  This process results in the creation of super oxygenated and ozonated ultra-pure (live, super-charged) drinking water to be consumed or used internally in personal or clinical treatment or externally for bathing, etc...

The AquaLab System utilizes a process known as "cold plasma corona discharge" ozone generation.  Simply stated, there is no electrical current running through the secondary electrodes to create heat.  These electrodes, instead act as grounds to help create a strong plasma field.  The plasma is the result of the energy that causes the oxygen molecule O2 to separate into two oxygen ions.  Since the amount of energy we introduce to the electrodes can be controlled, only 2% of the oxygen molecules undergo this change with an optimum output @ 1/2 liter per minute.  Since the unstable oxygen ions don't like being by themselves, they quickly attach to the surrounding oxygen O2 molecules which creates Ozone or tri-atomic oxygen- by adding that third molecule of oxygen (O3).  By increasing or decreasing the voltage to the generator, we can adjust the amount of oxygen molecules that are affected and thus control the percent of concentration of Ozone to Oxygen. 

Why AquaLab Systems?

The materials used to construct the generator are important to the purity of the ozone.  At the high concentrations of ozone to oxygen being used, only components made from non-oxidizable media (ozone impervious), should be considered.  These materials include stainless steel 316L, BoronSilicate glass, Teflon or its equivalent, Kynar or its equivalent and tubing that is specifically ozone resistant as in the Norprene and Teflon family.  Of course, the AquaLab System exclusively uses only top-quality Ozone impervious components.  Many of our competitors models fall short with inferior components and less ozone to oxygen ratio (competitors models have generally tested at between 3-9 mgs of ozone per cc of oxygen. Nowhere near the suggested ‘Medical Grade’ protocol established by leading Oxygen Therapy Clinicians these inferior units are very expensive, produce less ozone and are usually heat producing. 

HEAT IS A NATURAL DESTROYER OF OZONE and when ozone is made in a generator environment that has heat as a by-product, the ozone picks up a distinct harshness which is unlike the ozone created by a true "cold plasma corona discharge" method as in the patented AquaLab O3 Generator. Most ozone generators currently on the market introduce the oxygen into an electrical field in which the electrodes are carrying the current.  These current-carrying electrodes are normally either copper wire windings or some type of stainless steel conductor.  In all of these models the units build up heat and in most situations fans are used to help dissipate the heat and keep it down to a manageable level.  Heat producing generators produce ONLY low levels of ozone and nowhere near the recommended levels of 27 – 42 mgs per cc of oxygen.

The patented "cold plasma corona discharge" produced by the AquaLab BoronSilicate glass tubes do not heat up over 85*F as in other units.  Our proprietary inert gases, BoronSilica glass tubes and patented ozone chamber DO NOT PRODUCE ANY HEAT! .... There are no fans needed and no heat produced.  Nothing but the highest suggested levels of oxygen to ozone ratio is produced - a truly pure quality Oxygen Therapy.  Pure (live or charged) enough for even the most clinical health treatments such as insufflations or autohemotherapy. 

AquaLab Specifications

AquaLab Systems- Complete with accessories*

Protective D-Tank sleeve with carry handle, attachment straps and storage pocket

540 Pediatric Precision Regulator

*Re-fillable D-Tank not exactly as pictured  - not pictured are Diffuser stone & catheters


Custom Made-to-Order - Allow 3 weeks

 $2995.00 +  s/h         

 AquaLab O3 International Model (220v)                $   $3195.00 + s/h            






40 watts power - Stainless Steel Housing

Customized Portable Carrying Case- dimensions 17’’Lx13’’Wx7’’H

Lightweight re-fillable 'D' Oxygen Bottle with protective sleeve, zippered pocket & carry handle

Precision click-style Regulator with easy disconnect

Patented “Cold Plasma Corona Discharge” Ozone Generator with capabilities for 27-42mgs ozone per cc of oxygen consistently with NO HEAT

Neoprene Hoses & Kynar Connectors

Silica Stone Diffuser Attachment and more...

Instructions & Users Guide

Options Available for an Additional Cost:

             * Ozone Resistant- Custom Size Body Treatment Bag
              * Boron Silica Water Processing Vessel





The Truth about Ozone
Nature causes ozonation to occur by releasing inert gases into the atmosphere and creating a corona around a central lightning bolt, then minerals in the air act as electrodes and ozone is created.

Ozone is the most powerful form of oxygen.

Ozone has three molecules of oxygen and therefore is known as triatomic oxygen.

Ozone is natural and organic.

Lightening creates ozone, as does sunshine. Ozone is what makes air fresh.

Ozone is the strongest natural bactericide, fungicide, and virucidal known to man.

Ozone has been used in medicine since 1886.

Ozone disinfects open wounds, purifies necrotic tissue, inactivates protozoa, viruses and carcinomas in diseased cells.

Ozone has been proven to kill 100% of the viruses in donated blood samples.

Ozone is present in the smog in large cities. This ozone contributes significantly to a reduction of toxic hydrocarbons found in exhaust gases and smog by oxidizing them to carbon dioxide and water.

The ancient Hebrew word for Ozone means “Breath of God!”




1a. In 1972, The International Association for Oxygen Therapy was founded by Dr. George Freibott as the successor to the Eastern Association for Oxygen Therapy of 1913. In 1977, Dr. Renate Viebahn provided an overview of ozone's biological action. In 1979, Dr. George Freibott successfully treated a Haitian AIDS patient suffering Kaposi's sarcoma with ozone.
1. In 1978 FDA reports 1.5 million people were hospitalized in the USA due to side effects from medication; each year approximately 140,000 people die from prescription drug usage, (no doubt this figure has increased in recent years). On the other hand, medical ozone has been legally used in clinics worldwide on a daily basis since the forties. In Germany, 644 ozone therapists were surveyed and they reported 384,775 patients had received 5,579,238 ozone treatments. The side-effect rate was only .0007% during 5.5 million dosages! Only 39 incidents of side-effects occurred and they were typically minor irritations that quickly disappeared.

2. In 1983, Sweet, et al published an article in Science, entitled “Ozone Selectively Inhibits Human Cancer Cell Growth.” Scientific evidence that ozone stops cancer, yet ozone therapies has yet to be embraced by mainstream medicine...?

3. In 1988, Dr. Gerard Sunnen at the Bellevue Medical Center in New York City, stated in an article entitled “Ozone in Medicine,” that ozone was commonly used worldwide in: herpes, AIDS, flu, wounds, burns, staph infections, fungal and radiation injuries, gangrene, colitis, fistula, hemorrhoids anal infections, virus infections, hepatitis, cancer, diabetes, arteriosclerosis, periodontal disease, intestinal and bladder inflammations. Ozone baths can be used to treat eczema and skin ulcers, ozone salve can treat skin ulcers and fungal growths.

4. In an article by Fritz Schellander entitled, “Ozone Therapy” he states that, ozone has an advantage over other free-radical producing agents in that: not only are normal cells protected from the oxidative effects of ozone, but – almost paradoxically – ozone appears to promote a stimulation and activation of the enzymes involved in free-radical scavenging thus enhancing immune responsiveness.
5. In 1986 a patent was issued to Medizone for the "Ozone Decontamination of Blood & Blood Products" which states that all stored blood can be decontaminated with ozone and all HIV would be eliminated from blood banks.  Is it in use?  Why not?
6. In 1990, Dr. Michael Carpendale Chief of Rehabilitative Medicine at Veteran's Administration San Francisco said, "ozone inactivates HIV at non-toxic concentrations!"  From the "Ozone and the Politics of Medicine" Video. Threshold Film Inc. August 1993  Dr. Michael Carpendale states, that he has conducted scientific research with ozone for 22 years.  In 1988, he co-authored startling new
evidence presented at the AIDS conference in Stockholm."We worked on the AIDS virus to try and see how quickly we could inactivate this and at the same time compare it to what effect that had on a healthy white blood cell, and we found that we could produce an enormous inactivation of the
virus, reducing it from a million verions down to no viruses at all at say 4 micrograms of ozone and twice that dose had no adverse effect on the healthy white blood cell."  In the FDA, drug companies have representatives on nearly all the committees. If there's something that may be very  effective and may under sell the average drug company, of course their not going to be very pleased if that gets developed. It might be very difficult for them to compete with that, and ozone is obviously inexpensive to produce, it's very potent, and if it works...if it works as half as well as the Germans claim it is, we should...everyone should be using it."

7.   In August 1993
Threshold Film Inc.,  "Ozone and the Politics of Medicine" Video. Dr. Robert Atkins M.D.  Atkins Centre for Complementary Medicine New York
From the video: "Well, I had an ozone generator, and we used it on all our AIDS patients, just about all our cancer patients, and we used it on the yeast patients which was really the largest group. Generally we gave it intravenously, but what's called autohemotherapy, where we pull the blood out, mix the blood with ozone, and in a few minutes gave ozonated blood back to the patient. We found that our cancer protocol, which includes ozone, was effective and was keeping people alive, and without ever having to require pain medicine, without loosing weight,
without any sign of deterioration. And then when we lost our ozone machine, the patients began to go down hill. The FDA saw to it that our manufacturer had to take away the business end of the machine, so we no longer had an effective ozone generating machine. That's where we are
right now currently. I'm right now trying to figure out how to get around that cause I believe, that my patients, need ozone. The process of putting things through the FDA is so expensive that no small company has a chance. Any small company that wants to put something through the FDA would
have to be bought up by a large conglomerate in the pharmaceutical industry. And this, I think, is true in ozone as well. There just wasn't enough money to fight the FDA."
8. Captain Mike Shannon M.D. Director Medical Operations Canadian National Defense From the "Ozone and the Politics of Medicine" Video, Threshold Film Inc. August 1993.  Speaking on the video:
"I was shocked to discover that people traveled to various clinics in Germany from virtually all over the world paying between two and three thousand dollars cash on the table American for six treatments - incredible." "Here I'm faced with a range of potential clinical applications, a huge number of people are using it, a patient base that's worldwide paying big money for something - there's got to be something in this. What is it?"  "We certainly demonstrated that Ozone was capable of deactivating the virus, but to our surprise, right out at the absolute limits of concentration, so ten to the power of six virus particles per cc, we still deactivated everything.
So very, very marked demonstration or profound demonstration of the potential as an anti-viral agent here, and of course we're dealing not with concentrations that are toxic to the human, but in fact, concentrations of ozone that have been used in Germany in clinics for the last 30 years with thousands of patients, without any evidence of any harm." Inadvertently, we discovered that this particular type of therapy has an incredible effect, a very, very profound effect in terms of managing pain. I mean it had a very potent analgesic effect. And secondly, we were able to
discover that blood that's ozonated actually triggers off the production of Interlukin II [Sic], one of the immune regulators. So here we were sitting on a very simplistic technology that had promise of literally blowing the lid off of certainly North American medicine, or North American pharmaceutics anyways."  "When these people stand up and say that this is what they found, in all likelihood, the pillars of the establishment will start to shake a little bit anyways. It may still be perceived as slightly off the wall and maybe they should go back and check their data again, but chances are they're going to catch the interest and imagination of a few anyways who will replicate it and it will start to unfold."
9. 1994 Ed McCabe compiled "SCIENTIFIC AND MEDICAL REFERENCES PROVING OZONE VALID- MEDICAL TREATMENT CHRONOLOGICAL OZONE MEDICAL REFERENCES ABBREVIATED LIST  WITH A CONCENTRATION ON SUCCESSFUL AIDS RESEARCH" and is the most complete set of English language Ozone Medical references available to date. It took Ed McCabe 7 years of hard work against formidable opposition to bring this into existence as a public service.
OZONE Generator THERAPY - Not to be confused with "Stabilized Oxygen" drops or supplements

Do not confuse "stabilized electrolytes of oxygen" (SEOs) with the Oxygenating properties of Blass Therapy or AquaLab Systems.  SEO's are far from stabilized nor are they oxygenators!  The compounds commonly referred to as SEO's are compounds that classify as oxidizers!  Dr. Warburg stated to "flood the body with OXYGEN" - not Chlorine.   The majority of these compounds found on the market today consist of a 2% to 20% dilution of very noxious Sodium Chlorite, a compound that when diluted contains 123% available chlorine.  These compounds are known halogens and poisonous!  Unscrupulous dealers of wannabe "oxidizers/oxygenators" are pawning off the quick effects of a chlorine kill off of pathogens as "oxygen therapies" - beware they are NOT "Oxygen Therapy".  These compounds contain drop for drop 2000 to 20,000 times the allowable EPA standards* for chlorine in potable drinking water.  (*National Standards ranging from .33-77 of a milligram per standard liter).  The chlorine content of the SEO's range from 2000 mg to 20,000+ per standard liter.  Most health conscious individuals wouldn't bathe or swim in chlorinated water, let alone drink water or any other liquid with elevated levels of chlorine.  Chlorine has been directly linked to circulatory disorders and many other health disorders.

The preceding statements are made solely for the purpose of disseminating information. Information given here is for research and educational purposes only and is not intended to prescribe treatment. If you are seriously ill see your health practitioner.


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