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The Aulterra EMF Neutralizer™

                              - Proven permanent EMF protection

- Neutralizer Discs are Micro-Thin!  Easy to use & affix to any electronic device


- Use on Cell Phones, Televisions, MicroWave Ovens, Electronics, Computers, Wiring


 - Home/Office/Travel Neutralizer Plug-in version for added protection


- Neutralizer Pillow for personal use, pain relief and balance.


What is the EMF Neutralizer™?

The Neutralizer™ - is a revolutionary scientific breakthrough (Patent No: 7,485,885 B2) and the first and only product on the market that has proven to be 100% effective in eliminating the harmful effects of Electro Magnetic and Radio Frequency (EMF/RF) radiation on human DNA, primarily emitted by cell phones and other electronic devices. 

Aulterra International is a cutting edge, environmental research and development company protecting the general public against the harmful effects of Electro Magnetic and Radio Frequency radiation.  The company has invested significant resources over the last 3 years to create a health care product which has been proven, through in-vitro human DNA studies, to be 100% effective in eliminating the harmful effects of Electro Magnetic and Radio Frequency (EMF/RF) radiation on human DNA. 

Man-made EMFs have a chaotic energy and different frequency than natural EMFs and can disrupt or distort organic energy patterns. It is precisely this ability to distort human energy patterns that causes artificial EMFs to be hazardous. Human-made EMFs may cause cancer and present other grave dangers to human health.  The natural coherent fields from the proprietary Aulterra rock crystals, successfully harmonize the incoherent EMFs and return them to coherent and natural frequencies. 

The Neutralizer™ patented technology is a unique, homeopathically activated combination of natural paramagnetic and diamagnetic earth elements that neutralize the effects of man-made EMF/RF exposure on human DNA and living tissue. Aulterra is an organic compound derived from a rare crystalline rock found in only two known sites in the world. Tests conducted on the rock powder in 1995 concluded that this unique substance reacted with the earth's magnetic fields and neutralized radiation. These finely ground minerals and trace elements are derived from and discovered in Utah by the Inventor Kim Dandurand.  He identified its amazing properties while working on a major environmental cleanup operation whereby the substance was deployed to neutralize the chemical radiation from landfill sites.  Further research and field studies proved the substance to be effective neutralizing harmful EMFs.

Studies Prove Cell Phone Radiation Causes Damage to DNA

The latest studies confirm what the cellular phone corporations do not want you to know. Even casual use of a cellular phone can damage the DNA in sensitive areas of your brain. A landmark study conducted by Dr. Henry Lai of the University of Washington showed that even at low levels, exposure to electromagnetic fields and radio frequencies (EMFs/RFs) caused DNA damage to brain cells of rats resulting in loss of short and long-term memory and slower learning. Further he noted: "DNA damages in cells could have an important implication on health because they are cumulative."

A study done at Penn State University concluded that EMF exposure produced no effect for the "first few minutes, . . . then a cascade of microbial destruction occurs." The levels at which damage occurs have been shown to be as low as .024-.0024 W/kg--much lower levels than what any cellular phone emits! Even using an earpiece will not keep you out of danger from EMF exposure. Earpieces act almost like "conduits" to funnel as much as three times the harmful radiation to your brain.

NEWS: Extensive Cell Phone Use Linked To Brain Tumors, Swedish Study
Public Health News - Article Date: 01 Apr 2006 - 14:00pm (PDT)  Written by: Christian Nordqvist Editor: Medical News Today

According to a Swedish study, if you spend many years using your cell phone for at least an hour a day your risk of developing a brain tumor is 240% higher than a person who never uses one. The results of this study go against another recent one carried out in the UK and published in January, 2006, which indicated that cell phone use is safe for humans. The researchers found that even the location of the tumor, for extensive cell phone users over many years, tends to be on the side of the head where the phone is used.

You can read about this study in the International Archives of Occupational and Environmental Health. The scientists examined cell phone use among 905 people who had a malignant brain tumor and compared them to a control group of 905 healthy people. All the volunteers were aged 20-80. 85 of the 905 people who had a malignant tumor were high users of cell phones  - they started using mobile phones a long time ago, and have used them a great deal, on average for about an hour a day. According to Kjell Mild, study leader, in an interview with the Reuters news agency, the best way to reduce the risk is to use hands-free. The team's definition of a extensive use means over 2,000 hours of cell phone use, spread over many years. 

How does the Neutralizer™ Work?

The Neutralizer™ is simple and easy to use - just peel off the adhesive strip and attach the paper-thin holographic EMF Neutralizer product to the back of your cell phone or any other electronic device...that's it! -there is no complicated installation procedure with the EMF Neutralizer.  The proprietary manufacturing process inserts two micro-thin layers of finely ground activated rare earth elements to produce the thinnest, least obtrusive neutralizer ever designed.  The sticker combines a large surface area with benefit of durability and minimum interference or obtrusiveness. 

The adhesive backed disc will stick to almost any surface and provide you with constant protection for as long as it remains on the device. Just apply it to any relatively flat, smooth surface on your cellular phone, or other device and you are protected. There is never a need to replace the product EVER -  as it neither “absorbs” nor “blocks” cell phone radiation so it will continue to protect you throughout the life of your phone. If you change phones, just peel off and re-stick to your new phone. 

 Unlike other EMF blocking devices, the  Neutralizer™ will not interfere with the transmission, function or reception of your calls.  Your phone will still be the convenient communications tool you want it to be-- just no longer dangerous to your DNA and your health. The  Neutralizer™ is effective against harmful EMF/RF radiation with any style of cellular phone or electronic device. Any antenna style- Any brand or model, new or old style. Digital, analog or dual mode phones, DVD players, DVR's, Stereos, CD players, BoomBox, or Automobile. New models as well as older styles .  

 Noted DNA researcher Dr.Glen Rein of the Quantum Biology Research Labs in Northport, New York, concluded in an unassailable study that:

“EM fields from cell phones were shown to have a statistically significant detrimental effect on the recovery of DNA after heat shock; this detrimental effect of EM energy was completely neutralized when the Aulterra Neutralizer™ was attached to the back of the cell phone. There was100% recovery of the DNA as if no cell phone was present.”

Dr. Rein's study and other laboratory studies by Dr. Hamilton and Dr. Syldona, conclude that the Neutralizer transforms “incoherent”, harmful EMF/RF energy into a completely natural, “coherent” form when attached to the back of a cell phone or any electronic device.

The Neutralizer™ Works on ALL  EMF Radiating Devices!


Aulterra Neutralizer


$34.95 PKG. + S/H


Bulk pricing available




Convenient 3-Pack for all your electronic equipment.

                   Easy peel & stick "micro-thin" disc


Computer terminals  -  Tablets - Laptops - Hand Held Devices  Microwave  - Televisions

Cordless telephones  -  Modems -  IPods  -  Video Game Equipment


Any Electronics -  Appliances or Automobiles


Kids Room - Bedroom - Den - Kitchen - Family Room - Office - Travel











The Neutralizer™ Whole-House Plug-in for added protection


Aulterra Neutralizer

Whole-House Plug-in


$79.95  + S/H





Convenient Plug-In version for "Dirty Electricity" in your wiring.

Dirty Electricity and other electrical pollution come from a number of sources.  Today, for a number of reasons, it's becoming increasingly contaminated with invisible micro-surges of dangerous radio frequency radiation and other electromagnetic contaminates now referred to as "Dirty Electricity".

It is produced by "modern energy-efficient lighting and electronic devices such as lighting, computers, gaming electronics, appliances, entertainment centers, among others. Electromagnetic frequencies and contaminates ride along on a building's electrical system and can contaminate an entire building and even buildings and homes nearby…. more people are experiencing symptoms of electrosensitivity known as "Electrical Hypersensitivity" (EHS), as a result of their ongoing exposure to Dirty Electricity and increasing amounts of electromagnetic energy.

Aulterra Plug-in is intended for use in any Home, Office, or portable for Travel.  Covers up to 5,000 sq. feet neutralizing EMFs coming from all electrical devices plugged into the built-in wiring, whether inside or outside of the structure. Uses no electricity but neutralizes every device plugged into any outlet where the Neutralizer Plug-in is used.  Best used in conjunction with Aulterra Neutralizing discs on individual devices like cell phones or Ipods.








Whether you choose the Neutralizer Disc, the Neutralizer Pillow or the Neutralizer Plug-In, the Aulterra Neutralizer is made from an inorganic compound derived from a rare crystalline mineral found in only two known sites in the world. Tests conducted on the mineral powder in 1995 concluded that this unique substance reacted with the earth’s magnetic fields and neutralized radiation. Does this little sticker block the radiation from a cell phone? No It doesn’t. This is a common misconception. The Neutralizer neither blocks the radiation nor absorbs it. Any device that blocked 100% of the EMFs from a device such as a cell phone would severely affect its performance. Common-sense dictates that if the radiation were 100% blocked, then the phone would not work. In terms of absorption, any device, which genuinely absorbed EMF would, by very definition, at some point become saturated and would no longer function. In the case of cell phones, such absorbing devices would have to be changed frequently to be effective. Furthermore, any devices which would be genuinely capable of fully shielding or fully absorbing the EMF of a cell phone would be impracticably bulky. When Kim Dandurand, Aulterra Neutralizer’s developer, created the Neutralizer, the most significant criteria he recognized was that the product could never be practical if it relied on either blocking or absorbing radiation. Instead, it had to neutralize it.



The Aulterra Neutralizer retunes the EMF frequencies of electronic devices like cell phones and computers to transmute the energy so it no longer causes harm to the body’s DNA. The secret of the Neutralizer lies in the crystalline matrix mixed into the Neutralizer proprietary blend. Neutralizer’s developer, Kim Dandurand identified the crystalline properties while engaged in a major environmental cleanup operation in 1996, in which it was deployed to neutralize chemical and radioactive waste from landfill sites. He then investigated whether the paramagnetic substance could be used to neutralize the EMFs from electronic equipment as well as landfill sites. Kim Dandurand funded a research program at the Quantum Biology Research Laboratories. Experiments showed that human DNA reacted adversely to EMFs emanating from a cell phone. Tests on human DNA proved that with an Aulterra Neutralizer attached to a cell phone the natural coherent fields from the Neutralizer had successfully harmonized the incoherent EMFs rendering them harmless to living tissue.






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