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This innovative product provides the ultimate advancement in EMF protection - with powerful Frequency Resonance Technology,  provides Whole Body protection from manmade EMF fields - all while promoting FIR & Ionic healthy lifestyle benefits.


BioCera Wellness EcoTech Energy


Brown Tourmaline Bracelet

$74.95 + s/h




BioCera EcoTech Multi-Purpose FIR/ION Stone

$59.95 + s/h




             • Reduce migraines and headaches

             • Improve circulation and help maintain a more regular heart beat

 • Normalize blood pressure - reduce aches & pains

 • Increase energy while working in front of a computer

 • Improve sleep patterns

• Improve well-being and Protect from harmful EMF

 • Reduce hyperactive behavior in children and adults

 • Decrease frequency of mood swings





Why Use BioCera Wellness EcoTech?


The old mechanistic thinking sees us as physical objects in space and time. In the current quantum view we are essentially electrical beings existing in a state of resonance with the electromagnetic field of the earth.  The foremost EMF researcher, Dr. Robert Becker, explains concisely in, "The Body Electric: Electromagnetism and the Foundation of Life" and particularly in "Cross Currents", how humans have evolved in relationship to the information held in the electromagnetic field of the earth.  The manmade AC (alternating current) grid in which we live has weakened this connection to the earth resulting in a state of subliminal stress and the decreased ability to heal.

BioCera Wellness EcoTech Energy stone or Tourmaline bracelet has combined effects of Negative Ion, far infrared (FIR) and extremely low undulating current (0.06 mA), it maintains ionic balance in your body and promotes your metabolism when you wear it, or have it near you or placed in your environment.

1. Far-infrared effect - revitalizes all the cells in your body.
2. Negative Ion effect - contributes to promoting blood circulation and metabolism.
3. Extremely low undulating current effect - controls blood pressure and autonomic nerves.



All BioCera Wellness Devices are constructed of patented and certified nano-technology Bio-Ceramic Beads. These functional bio-ceramics are encased either in a surgical stainless steel canister, acrylic spray bottle housing, cartridge or mesh filter bag, ball or stone . The result is a natural “green chemistry” process that produces the naturally restorative “living” energetics. One proprietary Bio-Ceramics Bead Media device changes the structure of any water (including the 90% water in the human body) and the clustering of water molecules. Proprietary nano-technology bio-ceramics create a natural bio-electrical charge which adds ionic charge to your body and surrounding environment. This bioelectricity puts vitality back into the tissues & cells so it’s more regains the healing qualities of the earth's natural resonance. The alkalinizing ceramics, FIR, Tourmaline piezioelectric and ionizing ceramics are combined into a single formula. This gives a restorative effect with a capacity to change the key aspects of water with no electricity, no wasted water and with 100% effectiveness and efficiency as a earthing or grounding device.





Bio-Ceramic Bead Media

Super Ceramic (FIR)::  Improves taste by emitting Far InfraRed and infuses minerals
Silver Antibacterial Bead::  Antibacterial Deodorizing effect & heavy metal removal
Alkaline Bead::  Alkalines water to perfect pH level
DeChlorination Bead::  Removes Chlorine & Chloramines - Calcium Sulphite (CaSO3)
Negative Ion Bead:: Emits Negative Ions - Increases Dissolved Oxygen
Pi (π) Bead::  Activates hexagonal water molecule to energize
Tourmaline Bead:: micro-clusters via wave of Piezio electric current - Emits FIR & Negative Ion


The BioCera Wellness EcoTech ceramic products are developed, manufactured & researched by Dr. Jeon Hyoung Tag, PhD., and is unique in the field of EMF protection in several important ways.  Designed to go to greater depths of protection. This frees the nervous system from the chronic constriction caused by EMFs, thus dramatically increasing your own body’s ability to heal specific disorders. The BioCera EcoTech ceramic energy products emit far-infrared rays and negative ions: naturally deodorizing, FIR production, self-purification, promotion of blood circulation and biological activation, relief of pain with far-infrared ray and negative ion emitted with fine vibrations of piezoelectric energetics.

             ~~ Far Infrared (FIR) is a form of energy in humans and animals, and is also emitted from sunlight. Far infrared ray produced by humans and animal bodies varies from time to time. When there is enough energy being produced, our bodies feel healthy and we are able to fight back ailments. But when the level of far infrared being produced is low we are more prone to illnesses and the process of aging increases. With the vast technological advancements of BioCera Wellness EcoTech it is possible to expose yourself to the healthiest and safest way to expose far infrared rays for hours without harmful skin damage.  Infrared light is an important force of energy, which helps to raise the white blood cell count in our body. Raising count is good as it means better immunity against diseases and ailments. Heat therapies and energy medicines have been used by ancient Chinese and Japanese health practitioners. For decades, infrared and heat therapies are being used by physicians, in Europe and Asia, in an independent developed form. For ages healing touch therapies are used for improved cell growth, DNA and protein synthesis in cells. Traditional heat therapies as compared to FIR have their drawbacks. As they proved to be uncomfortable, unhygienic and many times lost their effectiveness. Saunas for example may cause heat stress as one gets exposure to extremely high temperatures, which may have detrimental impact on the people suffering from heart conditions and high blood pressure. Thermal wrap-ups and heat pads are uncomfortable and fail to provide heat constantly. Whereas natural occurring FIR is a source which provides heat continuously and constantly and the amount being produced is controllable.  Infrared therapies have proved to be beneficial for cardiovascular training effects for  people who are unable to exert themselves. FIR has an outstanding impact on caloric consumption and weight control.  FIR also helps body to flush out the toxins which is essential for the body to work effectively.

FIR has nothing to do with either Ultra Violet radiation - which gives sunburn and damages the exposed parts of skin, nor atomic radiation -the kind associated with nuclear bomb explosions. FIR is simply a radiant heat form of energy, which works on an object through a process called conversion. Conversion is a process in which an object is heated without having to heat the air in between. The sun works through a similar process in which infrared rays reach the earth and when the clouds come in the way of earth and the sun, you will feel chilled as they block the warmth of infrared rays. Sun is the best and natural source to get exposed to FIR thermal therapy to increase Vitamin D production but sunbathing should be enjoyed in moderation as the sunrays contain ultra violet rays which are potentially damaging. Another thing to keep in mind while sunbathing is that temperature can not be controlled and in many parts of the world it is a seasonal pleasure.

FIR therapy offers many other benefits;

It reduces suffering from all forms of arthritis, relieves muscle spasms and joint stiffness. FIR therapy assists in resolution of inflammatory conditions and relieves nervous tension and relaxes auto-neuro muscles. It increases the extensibility of collagen tissues and capillaries which is good for stimulation of blood flow, regeneration, circulation and oxygenation.  FIR therapy has proven extremely beneficial in weight control programs. It has been observed that one hour under FIR therapy raises the body metabolism and body temperature and can burn 900 calories. FIR heat also breaks down cellulite – trapped water, fat and waste in the body.  It helps to prevent hypertension, arteriosclerosis, coronary artery disease and improves blood circulation, skin conditions and all-around beauty. It strengthens the immune system by stimulating increased production of white blood cells (leukocytes) by the bone marrow and killer T-cells by the thymus.

           ~~ EMF EcoTech BioCera Wellness Protectors  use geometric circuits or pyroelectricity and piezioelectricity that establish resonance based on a mirroring of the geometric proportions of the electromagnetic field of the earth. The circuits are geometric shapes that reflect the electromagnetic structure of the earth, such as the sphere, the pyramid, the torus, and the spiral. These shapes have been carefully calibrated and constructed out of different conductors and semi-conductors to amplify resonance. 


            ~~  Pyroelectricity (from the Greek pyr, fire, and electricity) is the ability of certain materials to generate a temporary voltage when they are heated or cooled. The change in temperature modifies the positions of the atoms slightly within the crystal structure, such that the polarization of the material changes. This polarization change gives rise to a voltage across the crystal. If the temperature stays constant at its new value, the pyroelectric voltage gradually disappears due to leakage current (the leakage can be due to electrons moving through the crystal, ions moving through the air, current through a frequency generator attached across the crystal, etc.).

Pyroelectricity can be visualized as one side of a triangle, where each corner represents energy states in the crystal: kinetic, electrical and thermal energy. The side between electrical and thermal corners represents the pyroelectric effect and produces no kinetic energy. The side between kinetic and electrical corners represents the piezoelectric effect and produces no heat.  Although artificial pyroelectric materials have been engineered, pyroelectricity effect was first discovered in minerals such as tourmaline.

Pyroelectric charge in minerals develops on the opposite faces of asymmetric crystals. The direction in which the propagation of the charge tends toward is usually constant throughout a pyroelectric material, but in some materials this direction can be changed by a nearby electric field. These materials are said to exhibit ferroelectricity. All pyroelectric materials are also piezoelectric, the two properties being closely related.


           ~~  Piezoelectricity is the electric charge that accumulates in certain solid materials (notably crystals, certain ceramics, and biological matter such as bone, DNA and various proteins) in response to applied mechanical stress. The word piezoelectricity means electricity resulting from pressure. It is derived from the Greek piezo or piezein (πιέζειν), which means to squeeze or press, and electric or electron (ήλεκτρον), which stands for amber, an ancient source of electric charge. Piezoelectricity was discovered in 1880 by French physicists Jacques and Pierre Curie. The piezoelectric effect is understood as the linear electromechanical interaction between the mechanical and the electrical state in crystalline materials with no inversion symmetry.

The pyroelectric crystal classes and piezoelectricity of Tourmaline
All crystal structures can be divided into 32 crystal classes, according to the number of rotational axes and reflection planes they exhibit that leave the crystal structure unchanged. Of the thirty-two crystal classes, twenty-one are non-centrosymmetric (not having a centre of symmetry). Of these twenty-one, twenty exhibit direct piezoelectricity, the remaining one being the cubic class 432. Ten of these twenty piezoelectric classes are polar, i.e., they possess a spontaneous polarization, having a dipole in their unit cell, and exhibit pyroelectricity. If this dipole can be reversed by the application of an electric field, the material is said to be ferroelectric. Any dielectric material develops a dielectric polarization (electrostatics) when an electric field is applied, but a substance which has such a natural charge separation even in the absence of a field is called a polar material. Whether or not a material is polar is determined solely by its crystal structure. Only 10 of the 32 point groups are polar. All polar crystals are pyroelectric, so the 10 polar crystal classes are sometimes referred to as the pyroelectric classes.

            ~~  Grounding allows for the positive flow of energy and information through our EMF field connection with the earth. To fully protect yourself from harmful EMFs, it is necessary to strengthen your ground to the electromagnetic field of the earth. This field lies between the earth's crust and the ionosphere and is commonly called the Schumann Resonance. The Schumann Resonance might be imagined as a radio station that provides a type of wave guide to awareness and optimal biological functioning. It is likely that the nervous system of the human being evolved in relationship to the Schumann Resonance, which, among other things, functions as a timing mechanism for optimal biological functioning. All BioCera EcoTech Wellness energy products strengthen your connection to the Schumann Resonance by utilizing geometric circuits which mirror the electromagnetic structure of the earth.   Increased grounding also allows the body to rid itself of the chaotic and unhealthy currents induced by our electrical system.

           ~~ Tourmaline In their natural state tourmaline crystals & minerals are characterized by parallel ridges (or striations) which run the length of the crystal. When heated a tourmaline crystal develops opposing electrical charges at opposite ends. The phenomenon illustrates the ability of this stone to conduct electricity as noted above with pyroelectricity and piezioelectricity. The effect of this energy on us can be very powerful. Tourmaline can help to break up energy blockages which cause stress and confusion, and bring about calmness and clarity. Black tourmaline's particular function is to repel negative energy. This can refer both to external energies or inner emotions, such as anger, resentment, or jealousy. It is a very good stone to carry when you're experiencing any kind of stress Black tourmaline, also known as schorl, is associated with the root or base chakra, and is excellent for grounding excess energy. It is well known as a purifying stone that deflects and transforms negative energy, and thus is very protective. It can transform and remove negativity from an individual or an environment. Some claim that black tourmaline deflects harmful  energy and grounds excess energy. Tourmaline has also been used to deflect radiation energy from tv's and computer monitors. Emotionally, tourmaline is excellent for dispelling fears, obsessions, and neuroses, bringing emotional stability. Physically, black tourmaline can strengthen the immune system, help with heart disease, arthritis, and gout.

             ~~ Resonance is created when one frequency rises or lowers to come into rest with another frequency. These innovative products utilize the electrical law of resonance to amplify your connection to the earth, thus facilitating the flow of energy and information between you and the earth. The proprietary ceramic circuitry when worn on the body or introduced into the Alternating Current system of a home, strengthens the resonance between the nervous system and the earth's electromagnetic field, thus breaking the resonance between you and your AC wiring or harmful electrical frequencies. Biocera TO (tourmaline ceramic media) is composed of inorganic ceramic and Photo-Catalyst resonance. The BioCera EcoTech ceramic energy products emit far-infrared rays and negative ions: naturally deodorizing, heat, self-purification, promotion of blood circulation and biological activation, relief of pain with far-infrared ray and negative ion emitted with fine vibrations of piezoelectric energetics.

Geometric circuit technology is based on the early work of George Lakhovsky, a Polish scientist who in the 1920's created a new highly effective cancer treatment based upon an oscillating circuit. Similarly, both BioCera Wellness EcoTech Protectors are based on Lakhovskys' original circuit - a spiral formation resonant with the electromagnetic field of the earth.

              ~~  Cyclotronic Resonance states that if two lines of AC current come together in a square grid, as in the wiring of a home, energy can be transferred from the spinning electrons (charged particles) in the wiring into the spinning ions (electrolytes) in a person’s nervous system. This will happen if the frequencies are close enough. We have chosen 60 Hz in our homes which is close enough to our biological frequencies (average of 10) for resonance to be established.  The biological effects of this energy transference are substantial. These effects explain in part the far reaching and yet hidden effects of EMFs on human health. When resonance is established between the house wiring and your nervous system, spinning ions, such as calcium, potassium, sodium and lithium; ions that govern calmness, mental clarity, and mood stabilization, and which normally govern cell metabolism, are kicked out of the cell into the bloodstream where they are deposited in the joints or eliminated.  Accumulation of calcium in the joints has been related to arthritis; lack of potassium is related to Alzheimer’s and the lack of lithium is related to chronic depression and mood swings. Either BioCera Wellness EcoTech Bracelet or BioCera Wellness EcoTech Energy Stone reduce the effect of EMFs on the nervous system, and can help prevent and help the body heal or manage these imbalances. 

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How Does It Work?

BioCera Wellness EcoTech PROTECTION you can count on.   We have consistently advised (and will continue to do so) minimizing the time spent on wireless devices and phones. However, given the explosive amount of ineffective products on the market, we offer only what we believe is the best possible versions of naturally occurring protection. While no one product can protect you 100% from harmful ElectroMagnetic Frequencies and electronic technologies, the BioCera EcoTech far surpasses the aluminum labels, under-developed ceramics or cell bugs of the past.  The BioCera Bracelet or Stone BioCera Wellness EcoTech Protection is used to combat harmful EMF: is a wearable and/or portable device which contains proprietary harmonic ionic balancing, a FIR enhancement and a tourmaline grounding antenna. Protecting you from all types of EMFs radiating from electric devices - your first line of defense in EMF protection.

The BioCera Wellness EcoTech Stone provides effective protection from all wireless transmitters: cell phones, cordless phones, wireless routers, lap top computers, baby monitors, home burglary alarm systems, GPS locaters. Wear BioCera EcoTech Bracelet or place BioCera EcoTech Stone to create a healing natural energy field.  NOTE: It is not necessary to place the BioCera Wellness EcoTech on appliances such as TVs and refrigerators Take a look at Aulterra EMF Neutralizers as a viable option for specific concerns or Go to H.O.N.E.E. Cake Shields for indoor/outdoor protection.

Many people who first use the BioCera Wellness EcoTech (stone or bracelet) notice a dramatic sense of clarity and relief due to the protective field created around them. The BioCera Wellness EcoTech uses an internal piezioelectric signal to create a healing energy field based on geometry, FIR and Ionic discharge. Similar to the rhythm of movement in Marital Arts such as Tai Chi, there is a transformation of power from aggressive to protective. The hazardous radiation from cell phones, appliances, transmitters, etc, is transformed into a healing energy field that extends approximately 25+ ft diameter.  Earth-calming BioCera Wellness EcoTech transforms the harmful EMF field emanating from your environment and actually uses it to project around you a geometric field of healing and protection. The BioCera Wellness EcoTech also lowers radiation exposure, improves FIR and encourages ionic health.

What to Expect

The devices are designed to protect the human nervous system from the hazards of manmade EMFs, which include our AC electrical grid as well as microwave radiation (cell phone towers, Wi Fi, broadcasting stations, high tension power lines, etc...). They do this by enhancing a person's connection to the earth's electromagnetic field. This connection is in essence a ground, which by definition allows for the dissipation of biologically meaningless and stress producing currents. As found with thorough research, many people will actually feel this deeper connection to the earth as a sense of calmness and peace. The reduction of electrically induced stress allows the nervous system to more effectively heal and restore the body to optimal functioning.

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Initially, many people experience a brief moment of dizziness. Some people notice warmth or even a flush as their relaxing nervous system releases tension allowing for the dilation of their blood vessels. More blood flows to the brain. When this dizziness or flush normalizes in a few moments, people often report a sense of calmness and warmth and a sense of peace. Within a few minutes to an hour of using the devices, chronic pain often subsides (carpal tunnel, arthritis, old injuries, headaches, etc.). People with asthma often notice a feeling of warmth in their chest area as their bronchial nerves relax and then they are often able to breathe more deeply.

What you will feel is in part a function of what requires healing in your body. An overall stimulation of the body's Chi or acupuncture meridian system occurs. Some people may feel lines of energy going to their particular area of concern. There is often a sense of stimulation or tingling that occurs as the injury or tense area receives more blood and nerve energy.

In general, a person in good health may feel a sense of elation or even a rush. Some people have described it as a feeling of being more alert and yet more relaxed at the same time.  People most often report less stress and an overall sense of increased well-being and optimism.












Multi-Purpose BioCera Energy Stone for Cooking, Fridge and whole house EMF protection.


Size  7.5cm/ 3" x 3" diameter

Weight  12g / 4.3 oz

Usage  24+ months

Price    $59.95 + s/h  available in bulk



            1. When the far infrared is absorbed into the body, it helps to promote blood circulation, so it contributes to keeping bright skin and maintaining vital energy through the removal of headache, lumbago, chronic fatigue and hangover.

               2.  It dissolves elements such as sweat, protein and fat, which can be the causes of odor and removes bad smells.

               3.   Working with ionization, it helps to balance calcium and iron in the body to make bones stronger.

               4.  It removes moisture to control molds or fungi and prevents insects.

               5.By neutralizing strong alkaline cement, it stops harmful waves and radiates far infrared, it reinforces, expands and harmonizes earth magnetism which lacks in tall buildings or apartments.


  How to Use


            1.   When you drink too much or wake up with a hangover, boil water with the stone in it and drink it. It helps to calm down your stomach and clear your head.

               2.   When you put the stone into boiling rice, it lowers surface tension and it improves rice texture and color.

               3.  When you keep vegetables and fruits with the stone, it keeps their freshness longer.

               4.    When you put the stone in some food (soup, stew, grill, etc.), it helps to boil it quickly and it tastes better and reduces the need for cooking oil by 30%

               5.            When you leave frozen meat and seafood with the stone, it helps to thaw them quickly.




 Biocera R&D

* Air – deodorization (VOC, smell, gaskit, formaldehyde)

       - Anion (Contact negative ion measuring instrument, Vaccum negative ion measuring instrument )

* Water - pH / ORP / TDS / D.O / Chlorine / H2 concentration / Ca, Mg, ion concentration   /turbidity / hardness

* Energy - Kirlian energy measurement

          - aura measurement

          - heat furnace


Biocera R&D Water contributes to the convenience of customers and quality upgrading by doing an antibacterial test in accordance with the international standard.




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 BioCera Wellness Devices     

●Alkaline  ●Anti-Bacterial  ●FIR  ●Ionizing  ●Purifying



BioCera Wellness WaterPitcher

$129.95 + s/h  

8.5" L x 4.75" W



BioCera Wellness WaterPouch

$19.95 and UP + s/h  

3.5" L x 2.25" W



BioCera Wellness ShowerWand*

*fits on existing hand-held shower hose

$129.95 + s/h  

9.5" L x 2.25" W x 4" Diameter



BioCera Wellness ●Multi-Use● 

Health & Beauty Ion Spray

$99.95 + s/h  

Refillable - AntiBacterial - Alkaline - Deodorizing




BioCera Wellness Washing Ball

for Laundry or Bathing

$29.95 + s/h  

4.5" Diameter


BioCera Wellness EcoTech Energy

Bracelet or Stone

$59.95 & up + s/h 





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