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What makes the BioCera Wellness Water Wand special?

Years of development and certification, we utilize the highest grade Surgical Stainless Steel canister that holds proprietary Bioceramics media – The Water Wand media is FDA & NSF tested and certified, having just received NSF ANSI-42 certification for polishing of drinking water. The Water Wand purifies & enhances water quality creating AA water – Antioxidant Alkaline Ionized Mineral Water. This personal product was designed as the replacement for the expensive and wasteful Ionizer technology.

What is the secret?

The secret is patented and certified Bioceramics!

How does the Water Wand compare to the Hydrogen Stick?

The Water Wand is the next generation of the Hydrogen Stick – It takes 3x hydrogen sticks to almost equal 1x Water Wand in performance. A customer would have to spend around $230 to get similar (less) results as one (1) Water Wand @ $139. The difference is that the Water Wand utilizes a breakthrough innovation – a special set of super ionizing Bioceramics that help the Water Wand to perform faster and more effectively than the Hydrogen Stick. The Water Wand takes approximately 1/2 to 1 hour to process drinking water into “one of nature’s perfect waters
” . With the Water Wand we have successfully mimicked high mountain spring water -making it available anywhere and everywhere you want it.

Why do I need to enhance my bottled water?

The bottled water you are beginning with has been drawn from the earth – purified with chlorine or other harmful chemicals or UV light then shoved into a bottle and shipped to a store near you where it sits waiting for you to buy it; This process make less than healthy drinking water. Restore: you buy the water bring it home, place the Water Wand in and close – keep watching for bubbles to form around the stick (approx 1hr for full effect and depending on your water) drink & enjoy ~ move through your day hydrated and knowing you are treating your self to the best water money can buy …for pennies instead of dollars….That's got to make you feel better.

Are the materials “organic” ?

They are all inorganic Bioceramic media formulated to transform water quality “just like nature does”.

Has it been tested for safety?

Yes! Important Certifications: FDA safety & effectiveness & NSF ansi-42 certifications.

Does it remove chlorine?

The Water Wand can remove most – not all chlorine in bottled water. NSF test data confirms reductions.

Does it remove harmful microbes?

The Water Wand media has been tested by the FDA for safety and effectiveness as well as, similar organization globally, these tests showed materials “destroyed & aborted” harmful microbes.

What is the direct experience of drinking the water?

It is the same experience as drinking fresh high mountain spring water – refreshing, hydrating, squelching of thirst, and refreshed sense of clarity are the most reported experiences of customers.

My Water Wand is not making bubbles – is it working?

Not all water makes big (visible) bubbles – the concentration of minerals and other elements in the source water (tap, well, filtered, spring, or raw) determine ionization bubble size – Your source water may be of a quality that creates micro or nano bubbles (non visible), ionization is still occurring creating antioxidant alkaline ion structured water (spring water mimic) which can easily be tested by a pH strip, meter, or water test.

Try this: get some drinking water from different places and put your Water Wand in and observe. What are the Water Wand’s effects on your favorite commercial drinking waters?  Personal experimentation can make using the Water Wand quite fun and a healthy exercise.

Can I reuse my bottle?

Yes, this is a great thing for you and the planet ~ reuse, recycle, restore...

Does the stainless steel leach into water?

Testing at NSF & Korean FDA laboratories show no leaching of metals from products, if used as directed.

Does Antioxidant Alkaline water leach from standard bottles? With an aluminum bottle?

There is a lot of global research going on right now to answer this question once and for all. Currently, testing has shown that natural alkaline mineral water will not significantly leach plastic compounds from the bottles by itself (because it is balanced naturally with the right elements). Primarily, leaching happens from acidic unstructured water that lacks the necessary minerals and ionic charge, this water becomes extremely aggressive and will eat and absorb from container. Also, manmade and natural energies like microwaves or sunlight causes plastic to break down. We do not recommend anyone use a water vessel that is made of aluminum or aluminum alloys.

If I have a 5 gallon water container – will it work? How long will it take to charge?

We say to use 1x Water Wand for up to 1gallon at a time of personal water. With 5 gallons of water, it only will take a whole day to charge. – buying 2x water wands will take half that time.

Is this product 3rd party validated?

Before going to market and in cooperation with our manufacturer, all Bioceramics materials were tested for safety and effectiveness with FDA and recently attained the NSF ansi-42 certification (first in world) for aesthetic polishing of water. Our own R&D testing, National, and Global certifications empowered us to release this personal water innovation – a product that travels with you anywhere. The Water Wand empowers you take control of your drinking water and gives you a better quality water than the overpriced and over marketed ionizer systems that use too much electricity & money – wastes your water – and splits the water in half serving you only a fraction ~ this is what we are replacing.

There is a law of conservation of matter so how can undesirable complex organic compounds or even simple harmful elements be removed from the water? (without a filter)

With out writing a lengthy dissertation – the basics are: Auto ionization, hydrogen H- & -oxygen, short lived hydroxyl’s and peroxides, ion selective absorption, and photo catalyst effects all work together to achieve an overall transformation of tap water to spring mimic. Media and products completed FDA safety & effectiveness and just achieved the NSF ansi-42 media certification.

What is the chemical process you claim that makes the water so therapeutic that it “pulls” out “toxins” out of our bodies?

This Water has been found by Japanese Researchers to be 3x more hydrating than tap water. Hydration is the Key to detoxification! Water makes possible the chemical process in natural detoxification pathways in the body, when properly hydrated and with smaller water clusters that make the water more absorbable, your cells and elimination processes can release stored toxins to be excreted the way nature intended.

What chemicals/compounds are in that wand that are the active ingredients that “change” the structure of the water?

The patented and certified Bioceramics formulas utilized in the wand are proprietary I can say, they contain about a dozen of the Earth’s best anti-microbial, structure breaking & structure making, ionizing catalysts minerals that are crystallized at different sizes and fired into Bioceramics -to perform their special functions on water quality.

What is your operational definition of “structural water change”? From what to what is that alteration of the water structure?

The structural change we are making in water is to transform Tap water with loose unenergetic structure, through our process, reduce the cluster size and increase the mineral & energetic to match that of a true High Mountain Spring – Structure has been determined my NMR nuclear magnetic resonance testing
- Tap water 120 (large & flabby)- after wand 51(tighter & energetic)



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