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remarkably improved deeper sleep - promotes Delta rhythm

improved longevity  improved immune function

improved  physiological, neurological, psychological well being & repair

improved daytime focus and executive performance

heightened strength & stamina / short term injury recovery

improved flexibility  accelerated aerobic performance

improved hand/eye motor coordination & synchronization

improved bone density reduced joint inflammation

improved blood oxygen levels & ATP

results in easier breathing at rest & under load

reduced production and accumulation of free radicals

●  GeoMagnetic Supplementation & EMF Protection



Why Earthpulse Sleep-on-Command?






Protect loved ones from harmful types of ElectroMagnetic Frequencies from power & telecommunications radio frequency (RF), EMF's or ELF's  during sleep & daily throughout any 'wired' space. EarthPulse Sleep- on-Command™ by Magnetic Therapy, Ltd has proven itself to be the most effective natural sleep remedy in the world with over a 95% success rate.

For decades we have slept poorly due to electric fields in the bedroom. However, since the proliferation of wireless telecommunication in mid 1990's, the human genome has reached its tipping point. Sleep is failing in all age categories world-wide.  These high frequency magnetic fields are cumulatively stressing the mind, body and spirit, breaking us down and making it nearly impossible to sleep well (or repair fully) at night.  These are the same frequencies intended by nature to promote relaxation and deep sleep; but have unfortunately become background noise in the man-made electromagnetic spectrum.  EarthPulse Sleep- on-Command™ combats harmful electromagnetic radiation (EMR / electrosmog / electropollution) that modern society and cellular telecommunications throws at us.

During the last 15 years the average person sleeps soundly 2 hours less per night or worse. This slowly kills the body with impact on immune function, mental performance, psychological well-being, heart health, stamina, longevity and obesity, among other chronic conditions.

It has been known or rumored for decades that we sleep better camping than we do in our own beds.  The simple reason for this being you are sleeping off the grid, outside the Matrix, sleeping in touch with the ground,... in "touch" with mother Earth's resonating 9.7 Hz Ultra-low frequency (ULF) magnetic field. Not necessarily 'grounded' as Earthing/Grounding systems will have you believe; but lying close to the ground where you are exposed to these naturally pulsating geomagnetic signals emitted by Earth's core. These are not Schumann waves circulating in the ionosphere but pulsating for eon's within the earth's surface at one particular frequency triggering our sleep and repair when ever we came in contact with it.

EarthPulse Sleep- on-Command™ borrows its pulsed magnetic field application and output parameters from EarthPulse Tech™ which has helped thousands of people Sleep Their Way to Better Health.  Static magnetic sleep products or daytime only use of PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic field) therapy devices can't EVER hope to achieve the types of results our clients routinely experience from regular nighttime and daytime use.


Other types of electromagnetic systems use wave-forms, frequencies (or both) that are simply incorrect for sleep, and their application strategy of 12 minutes once or twice a day are neither convenient nor nearly as effective, nor are multiple field-emanation-point electromagnet mats, where field intersections and hot spots are inevitable .


Compared to the simple radiating field from one single field emanation point as with the pulsed Sleep-on-Command Modular-Electromagnet, sleep has obvious benefits that simply can not be achieved during short daytime sessions. Neither can they be achieved with sleep herbs, sleep-meds, meditation techniques, biofeedback, white noise or pulsating light machines. EarthPulse Sleep- on-Command™ makes ALL these techniques and devices completely obsolete with no effort whatsoever.

Benefits to a healthy, deep sleep include far more energy, clearer thought processes and more strength & stamina. When sleep is deeper it becomes more reparative. We all need nightly repair, or our body breaks down and ages prematurely.


How does Earthpulse

Sleep-on-Command Work?



Once you place the hockey-puck sized magnetic inductor under your mattress  you turn it on, set the timer and press start. Simple!. Your brain "locks-on" or entrains to the signals and before you know it, you're sleeping deeper than ever.  Because of its digital programming it even assists you to wake in the morning by tuning brain toward an alert state during last 30 minutes of program.


Sleep on Command™ "supplements" your sleep environment with magnetic fields normally present in the natural geomagnetic range (1/2 Hz to 14.9 Hz).  It begins a program in low-Alpha-Rhythm and sequentially steps down to ultra-low frequency (ULF) range that respectively correspond to Delta-rhythm brain-waves, then stair-steps back up to Alpha/Beta range to aid in waking & recovery. 




EarthPulse Sleep on Command™ is small and portable and used primarily under the mattress. In night-time Sleep mode, it is very effective at 'tuning' consciousness (of up to two people) toward deeper and more recuperative sleep with absolutely no impact on a busy daytime schedule.  Use daily under chair cushions, desks or on shelves during any Entrain, Alert or Recover mode. Small enough to fit in a briefcase or purse, can be used during lunchtime for a power-nap with no residual grogginess.

When traveling time zones EarthPulse™ helps balance circadian rhythm while eliminating Jet-Lag and fatigue. Those seeking improved sleep can switch on the Sleep on Command™ device designed to enforce Delta rhythm sleep and the recovery that best occurs during deep, slow-wave, Delta-stage sleep. Overall, less sick days, improved productivity and reduced intake of dietary supplements is purported by many clients.  Used by many Professional Athletes for Superior Athletic Performance Enhancement; as a primary sleep-mode, or entrainment sessions prior to competition for maximum recovery, repair, breathing, wind-under-load, strength, stamina & anti-aging.  


Ten digital program MODES include;

SLEEP-MODE 1: starts at RECOVER-MODE (LOW-ALPHA), steps down through THETA to low-DELTA, cycling between low-DELTA & REM (low-THETA) during the night; w/WAKE-UP phase (ALERT-MODE  i.e. low-BETA rhythm) prior to shut down

●  SLEEP-MODE 2: starts at RECOVER-MODE (LOW-ALPHA), steps down through THETA to low-DELTA, cycling within DELTA range all night; w/WAKE-UP phase (ALERT i.e. low-BETA) prior to shut down

●  SLEEP-MODE 3: starts at high DELTA, cycles between High and Low-DELTA all night; w/WAKE-UP phase (ALERT / low-BETA) prior to shut down

●  SLEEP-MODE 4: starts and stays at 1 Hz (DELTA), w/NO-wake-up phase. We affectionately call this program "the Dead-Zone" (the program you begin with if your sleep is terrible and your stress levels high).

SLEEP-EASY: starts at RECOVER-MODE (LOW-ALPHA 9.6 Hz for 10 minutes), steps down through THETA 3 Hz then down further to EP's Specialty hybrid low-DELTA 1 Hz for 4 cycles cycling between low-DELTA & REM (low-THETA) during the night; with 1-hour WAKE-UP buffer phase (14.1 Hz ALERT-MODE  i.e. low-BETA rhythm) prior to shut down.

●  RECOVER-MODE: Alpha-rhythm centered at 9.6 Hz; w/WAKE-UP phase (ALERT / low-BETA) prior to shut down. Is an Excellent 'power-nap' and used by many as their primary sleep-mode for maximum recovery, repair, strength, stamina & anti-aging.  Excellent for spot treatment of pain & discomfort.

●  MANUAL FREQUENCY-MODE: Choose one frequency for a 12 hour cycle.  Alpha-rhythm centered at 9.6 Hz; RECOVER-MODE (LOW-ALPHA), steps down through THETA, cycling within ALPHA-THETA range all night. w/WAKE-UP phase (14.1 Hz ALERT-MODE  i.e. low-BETA rhythm) prior to shut down.  Excellent 'power-nap', Schumann Resonance, or Meditation Cycle and used by many as their primary mode for maximum recovery, repair, strength, stamina & anti-aging.  Excellent for relaxation, meditation or sleep & dream experimentation.

●  ALERT-MODE: (LOW-BETA 12-14 Hz) reduces physical and mental fatigue; use for recovery issues w/out causing drowsiness; also used at end of RECOVER and SLEEP modes to assist in wake-up; may be used at desk to reduce neck and shoulder fatigue. Or, set upon waking for all day pulsing magnetics to neutralize and clear damaging EMFs from whole house.  Pulsed magnetics while you work, rest, household chores – radiates 20 feet from mattress and throughout wiring in entire homespace. 

●  ENTRAIN-UP: use for 1 hour to expose system to entire frequency range (Alpha to Delta, then back up to low-Beta).

●  ENTRAIN-DOWN: (Alpha to low-Delta) use for 1 hour only as a replacement for all night use; puts you to sleep then shuts down and lets you sleep on your own.



These 8 program Modes and the correct MODULAR-ELECTROMAGNET configuration allow you an wide variety of application techniques that lend themselves well to just about any application or experimental use. The patent pending MODULAR-ELECTROMAGNET Inductor Coil emanates within 20 feet or when in Alert Mode throughout the whole house;  the patented CROSS-POLARITY ring attachment allows for DUAL-POLARITY (North/South simultaneously) pulsed magnetic 300 Gauss North-Pole & 60 Gauss static South-pole field; to be applied to small stubborn pain areas speeding recovery and rejuvenation, or recharge & energize environment and clear harmful EMFs.  Easily change the Magnet Configuration for alternate Hz levels according to your needs.

EarthPulseTM Sleep on Command™ frequency range emphasizes known “Natural Magnetic Fields” between 1/2 - 14.1 Hz. Choose your MODES according to the results or Rhythm states you wish to achieve. The most convenient way to use electromagnetic fields is when you are already sleeping; to enhance the experience of sleep and to help promote natural healing mechanisms in perfect circadian rhythm. However, alternate states may be achieved with repetitive, low amplitude, long duration exposures by choosing a MODE for daytime use or relaxation & rejuvenation. Generally, you will find that pets are drawn to the magnetic field and will sleep around magnet placement. It will provide everyone in the household, including Pets, immense well-being, recovery, flexibility and longevity benefits when used regularly.


Each program MODE cycles through each Rhythm state according to your choice of setting including a 1-hour buffer of 14.1 Hz.

DELTA rhythm 0.5 -3 Hz: associated with deep, reju­venating sleep as respiration, heart-rate, brain activity and all organs are utilizing least amount of ATP to maintain life force.
THETA rhythm 3 -7 Hz: associated with lucid dreaming, sleep, and other mental states where the mind is wandering, like dream­ing, day-dreaming and imagining. Theta ir­regularity has been linked to several neuro-logical disease states including; Alzheim­er’s, epilepsy, Parkinson’s, MS, ADD, ADHD, schizophrenia, migraine, cluster and other headache symptoms have been linked to electromagnetic anomalies in the Theta frequency band.
ALPHA rhythm 7 -12 Hz: occur when you are re­laxed, calm, and in a meditative state. Al­pha rhythms also occur during sleep, par­ticularly when falling asleep and prior to waking. Associated with thought process and heightened learning.
Low-BETA rhythm 12 -14.1 Hz: The “normal” waking rhythm that occurs during intense concentration with alert, active thought process­ing state with little or no stress.
Mid to high-BETA rhythm 15 Hz or higher is characterized by more and more stress and anxiety. High Beta range associated with “Fight or Flight Response”. Dozens of animal studies show constant exposure to frequencies above Mid-Beta rhythm (>15 Hz) results in stress.  Constant exposure to 50-60 Hz AC power and cell phone or wireless communication frequencies cause havoc in our body and environment.
How does EarthPulse Provide EMF Protection?

We have become enveloped by propagating electromagnetic pollution (EMP particularly in the RF or radio frequency range) so the natural beat frequency of the Earth (9.6 Hz) AND the Schumann waves that envelope it are drowned out robbing you of their ESSENTIAL biological, neurological and psychological "tuning" effects. Schumann Waves are naturally and artificially created, however humans and animals no longer receive their complete benefit due to massive interference.

Since man's artificial electrification of our planet, our atmosphere is not only filled with natural Schumann Waves radiation, but also with unnatural radiation such as electromagnetic pollution telecommunications radio frequency (RF), EMF's or ELF's .  Further, we don't sleep close to, or in contact with the ground anymore. We live in concrete and steel structures surrounded by EMP in most cases several feet (or more) above the ground. We have lost "touch" with the beneficial effects of the most important natural electromagnetic field, that which comes from Mother Earth's core.   Why does it feel so calming to lay on the grass in the park or run barefoot in the sand at the beach?  Schumann waves run parallel to the horizon, the Earth's resonant pulse runs perpendicular to the Earth's surface. This resonance is addressed by Geomagnetic Field Supplementation.

All electrical appliances and electronic devices produce damaging electromagnetic fields (EMFs) or radiations, including communications, power lines and the network of frequencies used for broadcasting.   Schumann discovered that within this atmosphere an electromagnetic field oscillates at a resonant frequency of 7 to 10 beats per second. This is identical to the optimal functioning of human brain waves. Again, this beneficial resonance is addressed by Geomagnetic Field Supplementation.

This resonance is what is addressed by biomagnetic or Geomagnetic Field "Supplementation" using the EarthPulse Sleep on Command™ system. If you've heard of Earth-Grounding or Earth-Tether systems, pulsed electromagnetic fields in this tight frequency range are likened to accelerated and heightened grounding.  EarthPulse Sleep on Command™ is unique in all the world. No other electromagnetic technology is based upon the naturally occurring Earth-frequency of 9.6Hz.


Why Pulsed Magnetics?

The Sleep on Command™ pulsed-magnetic sleep-machine has relied upon 9.6 Hz as its cornerstone frequency since 2001 because it is near Alpha-Theta crossover and is particularly useful to help promote deep sleep through a process called ENTRAINMENT; while providing phenomenal performance enhancement effects regardless of being athletic or elderly. A comprehensive database of pulsed magnetic therapy research, provides compelling evidence that pulsed electro-magnetic fields are the most valuable therapeutic option for a wide range of human and veterinary disorders.

Fixed or variable frequencies are the number of movements, pulses or cycles of energy generated within a given time i.e. Cycles per Second CPS.  All energy is motion. Without the spinning of the electron around the proton, the atom could not retain its form, shape and energy. When we cause the movement of any form of energy, there is a counter-effect. The energy transmitted from a magnet is provable; yet the fact that this energy is in motion with a frequency is still not understood by major segments of the scientific community.

Sleep on Command™ utilizes an Earth-amplitude, ultra-low-frequency (ULF) electromagnetic signal during the nighttime. ULF is 1 Hz - 3 Hz and corresponds well to Delta-rhythm. At the start and finish of the program we feature 10 Hz. Or, you can choose to sleep on 10 Hz all night. Toward the end of its programming, the pulsed magnetic field sweeps up to Beta-rhythm (alert) to even help you wake. The pulsing magnetic device simply mimics and supplements the friendly magnetic resonance fields so that during the nighttime, your brain and body calm to easily attain restful and reparative Delta-rhythm sleep and during the day resonates with natural earth frequency for protection from harmful frequencies and alert focused performance.

No other technology in the world is designed for 24/7 sleep during regular nightly use or alert and focused daytime use.

The frequency of the magnetic vortex form of energy that a magnet transmits in motion depends upon the magnets physical structure. Because the magnet's poles offer a number of magnetic vortex emissions, this presents a frequency of rapidly moving circular cables of energy. Having an energy in motion with a frequency we can better understand we have a reaction energy by speeding the movement of this energy.

For example: the energy of electricity, used to generate light and power, has a frequency, as in the U.S., of 60 CPS. If we take this energy of electricity and apply it to a winding coil, similar to EarthPulse Technologies - we have an electromagnetic form of energy. We have generated alternating magnetic energy at 60 CPS. With our knowledge of pulsed-magnetics this means 30 south pole pulses and 30 north pole pulses per second.

All magnets made today have a North and South pole. The North pole of a magnet seeks a South pole; likewise, a South pole seeks a North pole. The North pole of a magnet is not the north-seeking pole, nor is the South pole the south-seeking pole. In fact, the north-seeking pole of a magnet is actually the South pole. The south-seeking pole of a magnet is the North pole. The rule to remember is opposites attract and similars repel. 
The EarthPulse patented CROSS-POLARITY ring attachment allows for DUAL-POLARITY (North/South simultaneously) pulsed magnetic 300 Gauss North-Pole & 60 Gauss static South-pole field.



Feel the power!



Assemble the  AIR-CORE ELECTROMAGNET COIL onto the Base Plate Cup and replace SOLID CORE SCREW into donut hole of magnet.  Take the removed CROSS - POLARIZING RING and hold the edge of the ring 1/4 inch over the SOLID CORE SCREW in the center of the magnet.


You will feel the RING pull in time with the blinking red-diode.  



The animal/human body is a precise functioning biological system. The system functions with a balance of natural energies. An imbalance of the system is related to a physical or an emotional cause, or a combination of both. When the system cannot maintain its own balance of natural energies, we have found that the natural energies of a pulsed magnetic system, applied specifically will aid to correct the frequency imbalance. Exposure to 10 Hz (or very close) has an immediate and direct effect on the mitochondria. A 10 Hz pulsed (square-wave) field increases the cell's organic production of Adenosine-5'-triphosphate
(ATP) which is a multifunctional nucleotide used in cells as a coenzyme. It is often called the "unit of currency" of intracellular energy transfer. ATP transports chemical energy within cells for metabolism. This is the premise behind the theoretical proposition we call more ATP under the influence of pulsed electromagnetic fields between 5 and 15 Hz.  Again, this beneficial resonance is addressed by EarthPulse Geomagnetic Field Supplementation.

Very effective and powerful magnets are made by passing electrical energy through a coil of metal, iron, or steel wire. There is a difference of magnetism produced from a solid state bar and a metal composite magnet. Magnetism has a frequency. It also has motion. The rate of vibration depends on the size, length, width and power of the magnet. Solid state magnets like EarthPulse are constant, yet variable in their rate of vibration.

Energy, motion, frequencies of vibrations are our environment and our life. Understanding the basic energies of life require an understanding and use of pulsed magnetics. The application of this simple form of alternating electromagnetic energy to the physiological and biological systems when properly understood and applied has no harmful effects. The proper use of alternating magnetic energy can be of vital importance to all fields of science, including medical use. Correct application of energies from pulsed electromagnetic coils will only benefit human and animal physiology and biological systems.

Pulsed Magnetics has been shown to be beneficial in reducing symptoms and conditions of:

Arthritis           Bladder Bleeding/Hemorrahage  
Blood Pressure Blood Clots Body Fluids
Bones Broken Bones & Fractures Brain Conditions 
Bronchitis  Burns Cancer
Digestion Ear Conditions Emotional Well-being
Eyes / Cataracts Female Reproductive Issues Female Excessive Bleeding
Gas Glaucoma Hair Color
Headaches Heart Conditions Hemorrhoids
Infections Joints Kidney
Liver Lungs Muscles
Neuritis Neuralgia Pancreas
Parathyroid Glands Prostate Sex life /Libido
Sinus Congestion Sprains Teeth & Gums
Throat Thyroid Gland Tumors
Vitality/ Anti-Aging Ulcers And many more......




 4 button digital controller  -  3.5"L x 2.5"W x 1"D
  Variable Pulsed Frequency 1/2 Hz - 14.1 Hz
●   5 Sleep-Modes plus 5 Alternate rejuvenate Modes
●  100-240 volt power supply with EU 220 adaptor
 Sleep inductor electromagnet   - 2.5" Diameter
●  Travel case   -   7.5" L x 6.5" W x 1.5" D
●  Simple instruction manual


EarthPulse™ v.5 Sleep on Command system is 30% more powerful than our previous model. More effective with a thick mattress and heightened field amplitude for local application. v.5 is powered by included 100v - 240v AC to 12 volt DC power supply; built to be compatible with this 12 volt Voltaic battery (SOLD SEPARATELY) for portable, off the grid applications. Travels easily inside carry on baggage at just 1Kg.


Includes many new features:

bullet Software controlled amplitude from 10% - 100% to help acclimation if you are sensitive, or for use with children; 
bullet L-shaped cable tips for easier transportability and longer plug life; 
bullet 2 new programs - SLEEPEASY our new Hybrid Delta-rhythm sleep program and a MANUAL-Frequency Mode for choosing one frequency for up to 12 hours for use as Schumann generator, for meditation or sleep experimentation;
bullet Additional 1 hour buffer of 14.1 Hz on all Sleep-Modes, Recover and Manual Modes to help wake more effectively without sleeping through shut-down. 

 Feel, sleep and perform a decade or two younger in 90-days

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Click Here to review detailed User's Manual for Earthpulse Magnetics


Proven to be the most effective natural sleep remedy in the world -

with over a 95% success rate for a deeper sleep & increased vitality and rejuvenation



Test for your baseline Resting-Breath-Hold (RBH) preferably BEFORE 1st initiation ENTRAINMENT session. RBH changes quickly at first so it is CRITICAL you establish accurate base-line levels as per instructions below.  Establishing a baseline time is very important so that you have an excellent objective test to measure the effect of the EarthPulseTM Sleep on Command™ on oxygen metabolism in the mitochondria and assess the affect of Pulsed Magnetics at the sub-cellular level. Mitochondrial dysfunction is at the root of nearly all health issues including aging and poor sleep. Antioxidants are designed specifically to protect the mitochondria where free radical damage is most detrimental to the organism. EarthPulseTM Sleep on Command™ synergistically combines deeper sleep with improved cellular energy, subsequently resulting in extraordinary performance enhancement; and even better cellular detoxification. Oxygen metabolism benefits overall health and vitality!

Your brain uses immense amounts of energy even at rest. The easiest way to objectively monitor body’s progress at the cellular level is via the Resting-Breath-Hold (RBH) test or "Static" Breath-Hold. How long your body can sustain itself on one deep-breath of air is a function of oxygen metabolism (not cardiovascular function) and is directly related to efficiency of the mitochondria. The longer you can hold your breath the better your mitochondria are doing converting oxygen to ATP. The test accurately monitors efficiency of mitochondrial oxygen metabolism and shows your cells are producing more energy from each breath of air. Overall, cell's burn oxygen more efficiently, drawing oxygen from blood slower, producing more energy and less waste from every breath. We suggest only one RBH test per-WEEK during the first month of EarthPulse™ Sleep on Command™ use, and once per-month thereafter. Hold-time will improve quickly for the first few weeks and more gradually after that. RBH increases are purely a function of improved mitochondrial use of oxygen, and should improve gradually for years.  Re-Test periodically.


Testing systemic oxygen consumption in clients since 2005 found routine improvements in baseline readings of 10-20% in as little as 7 days, usually 30-50% improvement by end of 3 months. RBH test plainly shows that 10 Hz pulsed magnetic stimulation provides 'resiliency' that lasts after stimulation is discontinued. Oxygen metabolism is the PRIMARY method the body uses to generate energy known as ATP the fuel that fires all cellular processes. ATP is required for sending messages within grey matter, motor neurons and neural networks, required for synthesizing hormones in endocrine and neuroendocrine tissues, required by organs to perform each of their specialized functions, for the heart and muscles to fuel muscle contraction, convert food to fuel to combine with oxygen and produce more ATP via oxidative phosphorilation.  In 1989 David Hood found 30+ days of 10 Hz stimulation (ALPHA Rhythm) 8-hours per day increased two critical enzymes of cell respiration: citrate synthase, and cytochrome c oxidase, by factor 3x. If the oxygen molecules are "picked-up" more efficiently by triple the level of these two enzymes  then less oxygen molecules "leak"  causing free-radical oxidation. With less need for antioxidants, then there is less toxic cellular waste prematurely aging the cells.  The body requires lots of ALPHA rhythm for beneficial healing response. 



Try to do the RBH-test for a baseline reading TWICE and use the longest time to find your average baseline. Ambient temperature does have an effect on RBH as body uses less energy to maintain core body temperature at 98.6 degree, so try and keep ambient temperature for your RBH testing relatively the same for accurate data. You'll want to do the RBH in approximately the SAME POSTURE EACH TIME (lay down, sit reclined or sit upright). Do not lie on your stomach or side as pressure on the chest affects the heart beat, making it tougher to pump the blood, subsequently burning more energy. Laying down also takes less energy than sitting erect. Stay consistent. Use one position or the other but do not change them during testing.

Step One: Oxygen Loading;

You will oxygen load prior to each RBH test.  Each RBH test is done with the maximum amount of oxygen in blood and body tissue. It is imperative you use a consistent OXYGEN LOADING TECHNIQUE each and every time you do the RBH or measurements will be inaccurate.  Sit and relax for 10 minutes while watching TV or reading. Allow heart rate to slow. After 10 minutes, begin DEEP-BREATHING for 60 seconds.  When you oxygen load - breathe deeply and exhale fully. Do this S-L-O-W-L-Y so as not to elevate heart rate or hyperventilate. Exhale last loading breath as fully as possible • NOW, take the largest-deepest breath of air possible & HOLD start your timer, or watch and record Clock’s sec­ond hand position for how long you can HOLD your breath.

Step Two:  Timing Parameters

Start time upon HOLDING the deepest breath you can take. As you reach your hold limit, you may exhale a little at a time or all at once. Stop time upon end of exhale process. Keep a record of your RBH Baseline readings to watch for improvement.

RBH Baseline measurements can be guesstimated below. If you hold your breath for:

< less than 30 seconds your RBH is poor

< less than 45 seconds your RBH is not poor but not too good

< less than 60 seconds your RBH isn't bad

< less than 75 seconds you are in decent shape

< less than 90 seconds you are in pretty good shape

< less than 120 seconds you are in great shape

> more than 120 seconds you are in darn great shape so you're world-class if your anywhere near that



It has been reported by several clients that thyroid function responded to EarthPulse™ Magnetics. We were first alerted on one case whereby client's newly better sleep deteriorated within 7 days of using Pulsed Magnetics. The client’s Endocrinologist reviewed and discovered that the client’s thyroid medication was too strong. His dosage was cut by 1/2 and his sleep went back to 6-8 hours per night with Pulsed Magnetics, then, deteriorated again after 7 nights. He went back to his endocrinologist and had his dosage checked a second time; his dosage needed to be cut by 1/2 again. The client’s sleep again returned to 8 hours with Pulsed Magnetics. We do not believe it is limited to only thyroid gland function, therefore it would be prudent to monitor dosage of all medications.



If you are known to be sensitive to EMF, theoretically you may find that you have high iron / ferritin levels.  Blood tests that determine iron levels are; Total Iron Binding Capacity (TIBC), Serum Ferritin (SF), and Unbound Iron Binding Capacity (UIBC). Should you or your Health Practitioner determine that your Iron levels are high, a simple, low-tech free way to lower ferratin/iron levels is to donate blood a few times or consult further with your Medical Professional. There is research supporting the opposite relation between iron levels and electro-sensitivity but Iron levels that are out of range HIGH or LOW could be problematic with those who experience heightened electro-sensitivity.


**DISCLAIMER: Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Frequencies (PEMF) research contained on in this and other printed materials are not offered to suggest or imply that you will achieve similar results with use of this BioMagnetic-Supplementation device and methods. Published studies are provided for your reference and research only and are not intended to recommend the device as a drug or as a diagnosis for any illness or disease condition; nor as a product to elimi­nate disease or other medical condition. EarthPulse Sleep on Command™ IS STRICTLY A PERFORMANCE ENHANCEMENT TOOL; UTILIZING BIOMAGNETIC-SUPPLEMENTATION PRINCIPALS TO ACHIEVE BETTER SLEEP AND IMPROVED PERFORMANCE. Using EARTHPULSE regularly may substantially improve sleep and performance. Information and opinions provided by Magnetic Therapy Bahamas Ltd. are based upon reputably published journals and first hand experience. Information found and opinions expressed anywhere on our web site, in printed materials or user documentation are never to be construed as medical advice. Readers should consult appropriate health professionals on any matter relating to their health. This product is not intended to be used to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. The information herein has not been evaluated by U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Worldwide, there are no governmental health agencies that recognize a need to supplement natural magnetic fields. Magnetic Therapy Ltd. makes no medical claim as to the benefit of our device and methods.



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