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What is the Schumann Resonance. Who is EVE?

In 1952 the physicist W. O. Schumann discovered that the space between the crust of the earth and the ionosphere created a cavity that resonated like a musical instrument. Visualize a sphere and now visualize a smaller sphere within the first sphere. The space between the two spheres is the musical instrument or resonating cavity. Now think of this spherical instrument as a spherical flute.

Every second 200 lightening strikes occur somewhere on earth in order to keep reestablishing electrical balance between the earth and the ionosphere. These lightening strikes energize the 'flute' and vibrate the resonating cavity. The 'flute' vibrates waves that bounce off the ionosphere and then off the earth, back and forth. The resulting 'song' incorporates information from the ionosphere which reflects the universe and information about everything that occurs on earth. Usually this 'music' is described in terms of its beat or frequency. The beat frequency is called the Schumann Resonance.

Schumann discovered that within this cavity an electromagnetic field oscillates at a resonant frequency of 7 to 10 beats per second. This is identical to the optimal functioning of human brain waves.

In 1978 Bob Beck discovered that individuals of many different religious backgrounds all had similar alpha brain wave patterns between 7 and 8.6 Hz during meditation, similar to the resonant frequency of the earth. The Schumann Resonance might be imagined as a radio station that provides a type of wave guide to awareness and optimal biological functioning. It is likely that the nervous system of the human being evolved in relationship to the Schumann Resonance, which, among other things, functions as a timing mechanism for optimal biological functioning.  Go to EarthPulse Sleep Magnetics

This wave guide is not empty, but rather is embedded with information from the entire universe. The rhythm like the beats of a drum holds within it a symphony that each of us receives and interprets in our own way. Imagine the changing light of a star or the light of the changing moonlight impacting the ionosphere in a way that can be decoded or heard by the human brain. Likewise, on the side of the earth's crust, the other side of the musical instrument, all activity on earth modulates its bit of information, whether an action or a thought, into this vibrating field. To be tuned to the earth's electromagnetic field is to be literally tuned to the universe.

Following in the footsteps of James Lovelock, who named the earth Gaia after discovering many mechanisms of planetary balance that could not be explained by physical mechanisms, we might rename the electromagnetic field of the earth to reflect its content or broader meaning. A more accurate name of this earth broadcast might be the Earth Vibrational Energyfield or EVE. Receiving and interpreting (demodulation) of EVE might occur at different levels, one being biological and sensory, but other interpretations might utilize poetry or music. At the very least, we all rely upon EVE for many basic biological timing mechanisms and a sense of fundamental well being. Anything we can do to strengthen our resonance to the Schumann Resonance or, if you prefer, to EVE, would be of tremendous value to our overall health and to our ability to heal ourselves.

What are the proprietary Circuits and what is the Lakhovsky Oscillating Circuit?  Please see Technical for a complete explanation

Is the Schumann Resonance speeding up or slowing down?
The products are not tuned to work with a specific frequency. They utilize geometric antenna that resonate to receive the information encoded or modulated into the Schumann Resonance or EVE. The circuits or antennas are based on geometry and not upon linear length. Therefore the products receive the information regardless of the specific frequency on which EVE is speaking. There may be many harmonics of that base frequency that can be explored as one heals one's nervous system from the effects of the AC grid. The higher harmonics may hold information not discernable in the base frequency. EVE holds or has modulated into it information from the ionosphere as well as from the crust of the earth. The possibilities are endless.

Many people are concerned that the Schumann Resonance is speeding up, which might impact the use of EVE as a wave guide that helps people come to peace. First, there is no evidence that EVE is increasing (it has a broader range than previously thought). Second, the effects of AC electricity and the ubiquitous use of cell phone towers and other microwave towers does indeed create an atmosphere or field of anxiety that directly causes stress reactions in the human nervous system. Perhaps this is what is mistakenly being thought of as a slowing down or lack of connection with the Schumann Resonance.

Do the products need to be recharged at any time? Is there any maintenance?
It is not necessary to recharge Personal Resonators. Since they have no moving parts, they will never wear out. They are energized or vibrated by your nervous system as well as by EVE.

Will the HONEE Protector help hyperactive children?
Children are more vulnerable than adults to EMFs because of their developing nervous systems. In today's world children also have heavy exposure to EMFs from computer games, extensive TV viewing, cell phones, etc. Many children are too young to wear personal HONEE PROTECTORS because they may lack the responsibility to take care of it. However, if children sleep in a home protected from EMFs, their nervous systems will naturally heal and regenerate at night, thus providing protection against hyperactivity and ADHD. Our  Protector products have received many reports of improvement over the years including reduction of ADHD symptoms, improved school grades and improved social behavior. As a child grows older and spends more time in front of a computer in school or at work, with video gaming devices, MP3 players, or Cell phones parents might consider the purchase of a Neutralizer or Ultimate Nano Pendant or HONEE Mini,  or
BioCera Wellness Energy Bracelet or Stone.

Why do your products work for a wide range of health-related problems?
Before 1920, we primarily lived electrically embedded in the earth. Starting in the 1920s the U.S. and most of Europe and Canada were electrified. Therefore, you were most likely conceived (unless you are older than 80) within a manmade EMF environment and have been exposed to this your entire life. Tesla won the battle with Edison to establish our electrical systems on an AC grid. Little thought or experiment was given to the impact of AC-EMFs on the human nervous system. Standards were based on the theory that only those EMFs that had a frequency high enough to generate heat needed regulation. Subsequent studies have shown however a wide range of interactions exist based on the electrical principle of resonance.

1. First the scientific research. Our house electricity creates a subliminal state of constant stress that over time degrades the immune system. A wide range of studies has documented the debilitating effects of AC induced stress on the immune system.

2. Manmade EMFs also paralyze the body's electrically based healing system. Robert Becker, MD has described in detail the analogue nervous system that surrounds the much studied regular or digital nervous system we are all familiar with (vision, hearing, touch, pain, etc). The analogue system governs healing by providing detailed information to points of injury that need to be repaired. Becker describes how cells at the site of injury are transformed back into stem cells and are then utilized for healing, according to the blueprint provided by the analogue nervous system. See Cross Currents by Dr Robert Becker.

The healing currents of this DC based nervous system are traditionally called the acupuncture meridian system. The meridians are constricted and rendered less effective by the AC electrical system. By freeing the meridian system from chronic stress, the products support the body to fully heal itself by nature's design.

3. Many scientists have studied just how the naturally generated EMFs of the earth contain information that provides timing mechanisms for many of the body’s functions. The manmade AC electrical system creates a sort of electrical fence (a barrier) of chaotic pulsing electrical currents (60 times a second) that separates us from the information stored in the earth necessary for optimal functioning.

4. The concept of Cyclotronic Resonance. This mechanism affects almost every chemical reaction in the body, and in particular helps explain three major health problems in our modern world: arthritis, Alzheimer's disease and depression.

Which product is best for me?
The Aulterra Neutralizer Protector or HONEE Mini is a good place to start, particularly if you have children. The advantage is that everyone within 10 feet of the device is protected. We suggest that people monitor an objective or salient symptom to test for yourself the power of the Protector to reduce levels of tension from EMFs in the home.  The strength and effectiveness of NANO HONEE Scalar Resonance Technology has become increasing more vital towards maintaining health. For those individuals who spend a large part of their day at work, traveling or outside of the home, a Nano HONEE protection will provide excellent grounding and EMF protection. Consider Ultimate Nano HONEE Portable or Pulsing Pyramid or maybe a BioCera EcoTech Bracelet.

You may incorporate the principle of scalar enhancement by combining our products in particular ways. The best way to provide maximum EMF protection for everyone in the home is to utilize and combine it with other EMF protection for outside/inside the home. The Nano HONEE Scalar System provides the maximum level of protection. It is designed for families with children and also for those individuals who have a compromised immune system (people who define themselves as electrically sensitive or who have fibromyalgia).

Will I be able to measure the effectiveness with a gauss meter?
A gauss meter measures the field strength of EMFs. Most homes will have a .5 to a 2 milligauss background EMF field. These products work to ground you, thereby allowing AC induced currents in your nervous system to dissipate. They will not change the milligauss reading of the EMF itself.

How will I know if it's working?
The Ultimate Nano HONEE Protectors are unique in the EMF protection industry in requesting that the customer monitor disease symptoms to validate the effectiveness of our products. EMFs are a serious problem, and you owe it to yourself and your family to choose the best product available. The only way to do this is to test each product against objective salient symptoms. We ask you to choose a salient and measurable symptom to monitor so as to track the actual effectiveness of our products. This could be intensity and frequency of headaches, blood pressure measurements or laboratory tests such as blood work which measure stress factors. It could be the school grades or school evaluations of your child. You can also rate on a scale of 1-10 the level of intensity of symptoms for everyone in the household and compare the difference in 30 days. A 30 day satisfaction guarantee is provided to give plenty of time for a personal evaluation period. There be a mild healing period involving detoxification which is an indication of how effective our products are.


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