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What about Circuits...?

A familiar linear electrical circuit is a circular path for electricity to travel, a journey that energy follows along wires to do work and return to the energy source again. A resonant or geometric circuit by contrast is a wire or conductor that picks up waves from a distant source. It does this by using a geometric dimension such as length - that sets up a correspondence between the receiver and the source. The geometric circuit adds its own information and energy to the wave that in a way unites the two in a greater whole. The HONEE Protector products use geometric or resonant circuits that establish resonance based on a mirroring of the geometric proportions of the electromagnetic field of the earth.

All HONEE Protector products function as antennas. Instead of the antenna being a length of wire or a dish, the circuits are geometric shapes that reflect the electromagnetic structure of the earth. Examples of some of the geometric shapes used in the HONEE Protector are the Möbius Coil, sphere, the torus, and the spiral. The sphere reflects the spherical shape of the earth, the torus reflects the shape of the earth's EMF field and the spiral reflects the path of the earth through space.

These shapes have been carefully calibrated and constructed out of different conductors and semi-conductors to amplify resonance. In a linear electrical circuit, current moves through a wire to do work while on its way to its opposite polarity. In resonant or geometric circuits, energy fills a three dimensional space, and vibrates in resonance to the source. The resulting benefit is the synergy or oneness of the two or more vibrating sources, in this case, you and the earth.

The notion of geometric circuits that create an increased bond with the earth and convey healing as well as a sense of calmness, elation and mental clarity is an important discovery. The development of laser lathes has made possible the creation of perfect miniature spheres and other intricate geometric shapes in large quantities. It is likely that many earlier societies, such as ancient tribes in Africa and Egypt, utilized these grounding principles with their elaborate gold and precious stone jewelry.
See our FAQ section for more information on how the products work.


The Lakhovsky Oscillating Circuit?

Georges Lakhovsky was a Polish scientist who in the 1920s experimented with using electricity as a way to heal people of cancer. He wrote "The Secret of Life",  in which he offered one of the first conceptualizations of the electromagnetic qualities of the earth. He theorized for instance that birds took migratory clues from voltage differences in the earth’s atmosphere. He also attempted to understand the electromagnetics of underground rivers and different rock formations, coining the term geopathic stress. He suggested that certain geological features such as soil composition or underground rivers might have negative impacts on human health.

Lakhovsky thought that cancer was caused by certain cells vibrating out of harmony with the others. If you could restore the correct vibration to the diseased or cancerous cells, you could heal people of cancer. He developed a particular circuit that healed many people before his laboratory was shut down as quackery. At first he used a generator to vibrate his circuit, but then he discovered that the circuit vibrated by itself as a result of resonance. Lakhovsky also theorized that cosmic radiation provided the resonant blue prints for all life on earth. He visualized each cell's DNA as a vibrating transmitter/receiver of information. His circuit is based on the golden mean or spiral. For an excellent summery of Lakhovsky's work, read Mark Clement's "The Waves that Heal".

The Nano Ultimate HONEE pendant is embued with the Lakhovsky oscillating circuit. Like the Lakhovsky circuit it is based on a spiral formation and is resonant with the electromagnetic field of the earth. 
The EMF Protector products grew out of the early work of George Lakhovsky, however further developed to  Scalar Resonance Technology- which offers the ultimate in protection from manmade electromagnetic fields. The result was to dramatically increase the body's ability to restore itself to optimal functioning. See our FAQ section for more information on how the products work.

The Importance of Grounding 

An importance of grounding the human body to the earth has become more prevalent in recent years. Grounding in this context has also been called ‘earthing.’ Earthing or grounding is important for human health in two fundamental senses.

1. Grounding allows for the positive flow of energy & information through our EMF field connection with the earth.

2. Increased grounding also allows the body to rid itself of the chaotic and unhealthy (biologically meaningless) currents induced by our electrical system.

The AC electrical system that we live in has weakened our connection to the earth by inducing biologically meaningless currents into our bodies. These currents interfere with our attunement to the earth, thus robbing us of a myriad of signals for optimal biological functioning.

Although important, the electrical concept of grounding includes much more than simple bioelectrical contact with the crust of the earth. To fully protect yourself from the EMFs it is necessary to strengthen your ground to the electromagnetic field of the earth. This field lies between the earth's crust and the ionosphere and is commonly called the Schumann Resonance. HONEE Protectors strengthen your connection to the Schumann Resonance by utilizing a geometric resonance which mirror the electromagnetic structure of the earth.
See our FAQ section for more information on how the products work.  Go to EarthPulse Sleep Magnetics 

The Importance of Resonance 

Resonance is created when one frequency rises or lowers to come into rest with another frequency. The power of the principle of resonance is such that each frequency is changed by the presence of the other frequency until a form of union is established. Resonance will be established by the lowering of one frequency or the rising of the other until a flow of energy and information is established that allows for a reciprocal exchange. To understand Resonance we must expand our notion of people as objects in space and time that are unconnected to each other and unconnected to the earth. The new vision sees each person as an EMF field embedded within the EMF field of the earth.

HONEE Protector products utilize the electrical law of resonance to amplify your connection to the earth, thus facilitating the flow of energy and information between you and the earth. A simple example can be used to demonstrate the principle of resonance:

Imagine yourself, with all your hopes and dreams, beliefs and fears, sitting at the ocean during a beautiful sunset. Your frequency will be lifted. And some authorities state the frequency of the ocean may actually alter as well, until resonance is established or as you come into a kind of union with the ocean. You and the ocean will come to a kind of peace. Although you may not actually dive into the ocean, nonetheless the vibratory rate of your biofield (the EMF field surrounding your body) will change until resonance is established. At this point then, information and emotions can be transferred from one system to another. A kind of channel is created that allows for the flow of energy between you and the ocean. Now a new state of your hopes, dreams and beliefs may exist. Perhaps some of your fears will disappear, maybe some of your questions will be answered. Others may quantify this experience as meditation or resonating with the aethers or stimulating Chi.

A more familiar example of resonance occurs when the wire antenna on your FM radio picks up an FM broadcast many miles away. Energy with embedded information is transferred from the broadcast station to the short wire on your radio which is actually set in motion by the broadcast. There is no wire that connects your FM antenna to the broadcast station. Your FM antenna is designed by virtue of its length to resonate with the wave lengths of the radio broadcast, i.e. the antenna actually moves or vibrates in concert with the radiation coming from the broadcast station. Your speakers then 'demodulate' (transform) the information carried on the waves and rebroadcast this information as music.

Because resonance transfers energy as well as information, it can also be used in a destructive fashion. For instance, Caruso the famous opera singer was famous for knocking a glass with his spoon to discover its resonant frequency. Then he would sing that exact note and break the glass. The resulting resonance between his voice and the glass would cause all the molecules of the glass to vibrate so strongly that the glass would break.

The AC grid in which we all live impacts our nervous system in three ways.

• One way is by virtue of proximity. If you sleep with your head within a few feet of your clock radio, its field will cause a stress response in your brain. If you move your radio 5 feet away its stress producing effect is greatly reduced.

• The second way is through induction. Induction is an electrical term that describes the core principle of how electricity is generated. Whenever a magnet is moved back and forth, electricity is induced or generated in any nearby conductor. This principle is a mystery. No one really understands why it works. We only know that it works. Because AC electricity is alternating or pulsing back and forth, biologically meaningless current is generated in our nervous system.

• The third way our AC grid creates a stress reaction in our nervous system is due to the principle of resonance. Because the frequency of our nervous system (4-15 Hz) is so close to the frequency of our manmade electrical system (60Hz), resonance can be established such that a certain amount of energy is transferred from the wiring to the cells of the body. This resonance between the house wiring and our nervous system allows for the transference of energy that has many detrimental biological effects. One of the best studied is the activation of the body's stress response. (See Blake Levitt's "Electromagnetic Fields" for a summary of studies.) Another effect is the destabilization of the body's calcium, lithium, potassium and magnesium balance, which governs calmness, mood, and memory as well as being involved in most of the chemical reactions in the body.

Ultimate HONEE Nano Protector  when worn on the body or introduced into the AC system of a home, neutralizes the induction and strengthens the resonance between the nervous system and the earth's electromagnetic field, thus breaking the resonance between you and your AC wiring. See our FAQ section for more information on how the products work.  Go to EarthPulse Sleep Magnetics 

Scalar Resonance Technology

Scalar Resonance Technology as an exact matching to exponentially increase resonance to the earth.

A scalar wave is by definition a wave that is exactly matched by another wave, i.e. has the same frequency and the same height or amplitude but has the opposite direction, such that one wave exactly cancels out the other. Imagine two waves in a pond of the same frequency and amplitude but coming from different directions. When they meet in the middle of the pond they cancel each other out. One might see a flat area in the middle of the pond where the two opposing twin waves met. The result however is not zero, but rather another dimension is accessed.

The concept of scalar waves began as a mathematical necessity to balance equations. They were thought of as potential waves that existed everywhere at once. Scalar waves have now been observed to exist and today are used to understand and enhance healing. (see James Oschmann, "Energy Medicine") It is an interesting and exciting new concept: when two energy fields exactly balance each other or cancel each other out, a dimension is accessed that is everywhere at once and has the power to heal.

A biological example of the generation of scalar waves can be found in the brain, when the left and right sides of the brain come into balance. A person who has access to both sides of their brain is generating scalar waves and is therefore more in touch with higher levels or higher dimensions of functioning.

Another example of the biological generation of scalar waves occurs when the left and right sides of the human nervous system are working together in balance. Imagine a perfectly balanced spine. The left side of the body would be perfectly balanced by the right side. There would be no scoliosis (abnormal curvature of the spine) or slumped shoulders. Such a person's spine would be generating scalar waves each time the person moved or held themselves in a balanced state. Such a person would be more grounded or tuned to the earth's electromagnetic field and would more than likely have good health and would not be as affected by the detrimental effects of AC generated EMFs. On the other hand many cases of spinal curvature may be caused in part by the AC grid.

Most of us, having grown up within the grid of AC current, have varying degrees of spinal imbalance. The concept of scalar resonance activated by a balanced spine would help explain why some people are more electrically sensitive than others. Also, some children may have grown up in more heavily exposed areas (such as near high tension lines or power stations) than others resulting in spinal curvature.
See our FAQ section for more information on how the products work.


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