Quality of Life Research Testing of EarthCalm Protection Systems

Research Completed December 2009

Numerous studies have shown that EMR in our environment has a detrimental impact on health. EarthCalm undertook a pilot study to determine the impact of the Home Protection System on common Quality of Life indicators. An internet survey tool was designed using a combination of the standardized scientifically validated SF 36 Health Survey and several other qualitative research tools to assess quality of life parameters in the study population. The EarthCalm study showed the Home protection system significantly improved a number of Quality of Life indicators. Some were not impacted or experienced significantly enough to draw conclusions but none of the quality of life indicators got worse. Respondents consistently reported improvement in their perceived level of energy as well as decreased stress, fatigue and improved sleep. [


Aulterra Neutralizer™ Research

Preliminary results of testing the Aulterra Neutralizer's capability to equalize magnetic field gradients around a cellular phone with and open line. by Dr. Walter Medinger - International Institute for Research on Electromagnetic Compatibility.

Summary:  The Field Coherence Patterns are representations of vertical magnetic flux density.  The lines of equal magnetic flux density are obviously smoother with the Aulterra Neutralizer on the the cell phone than without it.  At the position of the Neutralizer, there is a zero effect and around the position previously disturbed by the cell phone's low frequency signals, is equalized quite well.  The Aulterra Neutralizer achieved an excellent result of 1.2 whereby 1.0 denotes an effective protection.  [ FULL RESEARCH PAPER  ]

The Ability of Aulterra's Neutralizer to Reverse the Harmful Effects of Electromagnetic Fields Generated from Cell Phones on Human DNA
by Dr. Glen Rein, Ph.D. - Quantum Biology Research Labs

Summary: Electromagnetic (EM) fields from cell phones were shown to have a statistically significant detrimental effect on the recovery of human DNA after heat shock. This effect was observed with cell phones (CP) on standby mode when they are emitting relatively weak EM fields and after only minutes of EM field exposure. The detrimental effect of EM energy from cell phones was completely neutralized when Aulterra’s Neutralizer was attached to the back of the cell phone. In the presence of the Neutralizer there was 100% recovery of the DNA, as if no cell phone was present. [ FULL RESEARCH PAPER  ]

The Aulterra Neutralizer - State of the Art Technology for Making Mobile Phones Safe
by Dr David R. Hamilton

Summary: Scientific testing has shown that the Aulterra Neutralizer completely neutralizes the damaging effect of mobile phone radiation on human DNA – 100%. The Aulterra Neutralizer does not block or absorb radiation. It has a much more advanced, and beautiful modus operandi than that, which enables it not to interfere with the performance of the phone. [ FULL RESEARCH PAPER  ]

Cell Phone Radiation Induced Changes in Human DNA are Attenuated by the Aulterra Neutralizer
by Dr. Maria Syldona, Ph.D - Quantum Biology Research Labs

Summary: Introduction Electromagnetic fields (EMF) in the form of x-rays, ultraviolet and microwaves are known to damage the body. Other portions of the EM spectrum, including radiofrequency waves emitted from cell phones (CP), computers and TV’s are also harmful to the body.
Government funded research by the Bioelectromagnetics community has now focused on the health hazards of CP due to their endemic use.
It is tempting for CP manufacturers to focus on studies showing no effects and conclude CP radiation is safe despite the fact that in real-life, CP users are exposed to this radiation numerous times during the course of a day and over the course of several years. Most scientific studies do not take into account the chronic use of CP.
A recent study concluded that radio-frequency EMF from CP, at intensities similar to those emitted from contemporary CP, directly damage DNA (Mashevich, 2003). This is the same type of damage previously shown for UV and x-rays. Previous research with other types of EMF, not necessarily emitted by CP, indicated shape (conformation) changes in DNA (Semin, 1995). Either strand breaks or conformational changes in DNA can result in the formation of damaged proteins in the body.
There is clearly a need for technology to block or neutralize CP radiation. Since the radiation emitted from CP is so strong, inert materials which can absorb the radiation to significantly reduce the body’s exposure are not readily available. The alternative approach is to use materials which radiate EMF of their own to neutralize the CP radiation. There are several examples in the scientific literature where one type of radiation will neutralize another. The Aulterra powder is an example of such a material which, because of its paramagnetic properties, radiates an EMF (Rein, 2000) which neutralizes the damaging effects of CP radiation on DNA (Syldona, 2001). [


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