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        The only  FilterLESS way to clean the air using ion generation to create ion-balanced air, accompanied with low level activated oxygen (O3). These processes combined with air movement, perfect the ultimate fresh air machines.




  Clean air is    essential!



All the air purifiers we offer are used to naturally clean indoor air and treat a full spectrum of indoor air pollution problems- even in refrigerators, homes and offices. Scientifically proven to reduce odors, chemical smoke and even tobacco smoke & it's particulates, these exclusive air purifiers can be used as a "chemical-free, non-toxic" alternative for reducing indoor pollutants, or for sanitizing & disinfecting surfaces.

How does nature clean the air?...through oxidation and ionization. Since it is not practical to open our windows year round, we offer  products that re-create natures’ effect, yet exclusively for indoor use.

Unfortunately, the U.S. population spends over 90 billion dollars per year trying all kinds of things to solve their air quality problems - - sprays, chemical cleaners, perfumes & oils, inhalers, filters of all types, washing and cleaning regimens - - but these solutions only mask the problem, are ineffective, expensive and even contribute to the problem.

The needed technology just didn't exist until … 1983 when a discovery was made that provided an elegant and effective solution; an expressly unique and proprietary cleaning process. 




Lightning Air SPX

up to 3500 sq. ft.



Industry - Commercial



Replacement O3 Plates


 Thousands of satisfied customers give "miraculous" testimonials to the effectiveness of these innovative air cleaners.

The EPA reported in 1989 that "We are all living in a chemical soup.....indoor air pollution consistently causes greater health risks than hazardous waste sites" 

"Since 90% of each day is usually spent indoors, and only 10% is spent outdoors, the contents of the inside of our homes, schools, or work areas contain critical health-related factors.  There is about 10 times more pollution inside homes than outside at the present time."  - Doris Rapp. M.D.  Is this your Child

"Indoor Air pollution is particularly dangerous because exposure to it is so constant." - Theron G. Randolph, M.D.  An Alternative Approach to Allergies

"...most citizens were very likely to have the greatest contact with potentially toxic pollutants not outside but inside the places they usually consider to be essentially unpolluted, such as homes, offices and automobiles."  Everyday Exposure to Toxic Pollutants, Scientific American, February 1998

Why do you need an air purifier?

Many people are very knowledgeable about the pollution we face daily in our cities from cars, factories, etc., but do you realize the HUGE amount of pollution found in your home? The United States EPA recently discovered that bad indoor air is the #1 environmental health threat - NOT factory and automobile emissions.

It all began in earnest in the 70's when everyone began to seal up their homes to save energy. Unfortunately, this 'sealing up' also 'sealed in' toxins from many sources inside our own living space. These toxins slowly, over time, wear down our immune systems and, as a result, make us vulnerable to all kinds of disease and dysfunction.

All this may seem hard to believe, especially since 'bad air' is invisible and we tend to think of our home as our refuge. But, the things in our indoor air are affecting everyone from infants to seniors. This silent, serious, and long-term health threat is in nearly every home, office and indoor environment and is called indoor pollution. It consists of invisible particles, gases, and microbiological organisms. The sources of pollution can come from our floor, carpet, chairs, walls, ceiling, duct work, disinfectants, molds, mildew, dry cleaning, soaps, hairsprays, cologne, pets, and even dead skin! Eighty percent (80%) of the stuff floating around your home is dead skin...and dust mites love that!

Unfortunately, the average person may never suspect that many of their symptoms may be caused or aggravated by these slow acting, invisible, and stealthy toxins. Click above on any of the pictured air purifiers to solve your indoor air problems.

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