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Six key pointers for optimum health:

1.)  ensure better nutrient absorption, and hydration

2.) increase your level of oxygen,

3.) obtain a better pH Alkaline/Acid balance in your body

4.) regularly cleanse and detoxify your body with herbs, whole nutrients and whole food choices,

5.) re-charge your body and encourage detoxification and inner balance, 

6.) neutralize and harmonize chaotic electromagnetic frequencies which lead to unnecessary stress and  environmental sensitivity.


Essential Nutrients*

Mineral and nutrient deficiency is rampant! - mainly due to food choices, or the lack of bio-availability (ability for the body to absorb) caused by  compacted fecal matter in the colon and digestive tract. Additionally, essential nutrients such as essential amino acids, essential fatty acids (omega's),  vitamins, dietary minerals, and antioxidants cannot be synthesized  from other compounds through chemical reactions, and therefore must be obtained from food sources such as Organic Raw CacaoSea Vegetation and Organic Peruvian Maca, Organic home-grown Sprouts, Raw Vegan Spirulina Crunchies, or 100% Raw Hemp Hearts® - all definitive sources for essential nutrients.  

  "Let your food be your medicine" - Hippocrates

Due to our poor food supply, in most cases, our bodies don't have the necessary biological carriers (minerals, nutrients, blood factors) available for natural detoxification. As a result the oxidation process (digestion) in the body falls short. Acute, chronic and incurable ills result. In order to be healthy, we need other cleansing, oxygenating or oxidizing methods to eliminate the cause of the disease in a natural way.  Increasing levels of calcium, magnesium, amino acids, omega's, thoroughly cleansing your colon & digestive tract and eating more alkalizing foods will open up over 300 different natural body detoxification and elimination pathways.

~ MAGNESIUM is the most deficient major mineral  in the diet of civilization and yet is one of the most important of all minerals.  Over 80% of the U.S. population is deficient in magnesium. Magnesium is a primary alkaline mineral and opens up over 300 different detoxification and elimination pathways.  Magnesium supports the heart, colon, brain, relaxes muscles, relieves cramping and builds strong bones.  Increase your level of magnesium to optimize your alkaline level.

~ CALCIUM is needed by every cell in your body! Next to water and air, the next most common substance in your body is calcium. Some of the calcium in your body (circulating calcium) also keeps your muscles, nerves, and blood working properly. Calcium deficiencies may put you at risk for one or more of 200 Diseases linked to not getting enough calcium!  The best source of calcium comes from plant-based whole foods.

~ Of the 20 standard AMINO ACIDS, 12 are called essential amino acids because the human body cannot synthesize them from other compounds  and they therefore must be obtained from plant-based whole foods.  They are: histidine, isoleucine, leucine, lysine, methionine, phenylalanine, threonine, tryptophan, and valine. In addition, the amino acids arginine, cysteine, glycine and tyrosine are considered conditionally essential.  The body cannot manufacture the essential FATTY ACIDS, Linoleic (Omega 6) or Linolenic (Omega 3) from other elements. They must be supplied daily in the diet.

~ ANTIOXIDANTS have been shown to reduce LDL (bad cholesterol) and inhibit clumping of red blood cells.   ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) - a measurement of the ability of antioxidants to absorb cell damaging, wrinkle causing, tissue destructive free radicals; high levels of ORACs are present in raw cacao, green tea and red wine.  Dairy products specifically block the absorption of essential antioxidants.

~ SEA VEGETATION Through seaweeds, the earth's sea-blood strengthens our own sea-blood that we carry within us. Seaweeds are an excellent source of trace minerals in our diet. As our air and water become more acidified through pollution, minerals are leached and depleted from our land fields, and they wash down to the sea, where the wild seaweeds incorporate them. When we eat seaweeds, we take these minerals back into our bodies, and these minerals help us maintain an alkaline condition in our bloodstream, which is a healthy condition, resistant to fatigue and stress. Sea vegetables are rich in minerals and trace elements, including calcium, magnesium, iron, potassium, iodine, manganese, chromium and more, at levels much greater than those found in land vegetables. Sea veggies also provide vitamins, fiber, enzymes, and high quality protein. Marine phytochemicals found only in sea vegetables have been shown to absorb and eliminate radioactive elements and heavy metal contaminants from our bodies. They strengthen our own primitive glandular system and nervous system. Other recent research demonstrates the inhibition of tumor formation, reduction of cholesterol, and anti-viral properties of sea vegetables.

~ IODINE Dr. Linda Rector Page, author and herbalist, writes in "Healthy Healing",  "Iodine is essential to life... it is an important element of alertness, and rapid brain activity, and a prime deterrent to arterial plaque. Iodine is also a key factor in the control and prevention of many endocrine deficiency conditions prevalent today, such as breast and uterine fibroids, tumors, prostate inflammation, adrenal exhaustion, and toxic liver and kidney states." Dr. Ryan Drum, noted herbalist and sea vegetable gatherer, states in "Therapeutic Use of Seaweeds" (Proceedings of the 2001 Pacific Northwest Herbal Symposium) "Seaweeds, eaten regularly, are the best natural food sources of bio-molecular dietary iodine... no land plants are reliable sources of dietary iodine." For comparison, you would have to eat about 40 lb. of fresh vegetables and/or fruits to get as much iodine as you would from 1 gram of whole leaf kelp. Iodine is the main component of the hormone produced by the thyroid gland, which regulates our metabolism - thyroid hormone accelerates cellular reactions, increases oxygen consumption and basal metabolism, and influences growth and development, energy metabolism, differentiation and protein synthesis.

*Further Recommendations for a diet high in nutrients can be found in the New York Times Bestseller: Natural Cures "They" Don't Want You to Know About, by Kevin Trudeau.  Also consider The pH Miracle - Balance Your Diet, Reclaim Your Health by  Robert O. Young, Ph.D., and Shelley Redford Young.  Take a look at "Naked Chocolate - The astonishing truth about the world's greatest food", by David Wolfe and Shazzie.  Consider Bestseller "Eat to Live", by Dr. Joel Fuhrman for nutrient-dense plant-based diet.

Cleanse & Oxygenate

Most of us are not living or eating in the way nature intended. Since the real cause of disease is located mainly in the digestive tract, we must deliver the purifying natural agents to increase oxygen directly to the digestive tract and its surrounding organs. Starting the detoxification or purification process directly from that point enhances the creation and circulation of normal vital fluids. Only if the digestive passages are clean, can you expect a normal working body or a healthy state of life. Organic Herbal Cleansing and  Oxygen Therapies such as HOMOZON IS DISCONTINUED or AquaLab Systems or bio-electric cleansing such as PureCharge Energetic Spa,  encourage a healthy intake of oxygen to the cells and tissues for direct purification and detox.

There is no better way of detoxifying the body and thereby the system, organs and cells of the body than through enhancing the oxidative reductive mechanism...or, as Dr. Otto Warburg said, to literally "flood the body with oxygen".  Magnesium oxide, and magnesium peroxide, such as those found in HOMOZON IS DISCONTINUED release high amounts of oxygen and ozone when taken internally. When introduced into the small and large intestine the immense oxidation loosens the fecal matter, thus stripping the colon clean - effectively setting the stage for proper bodily absorption of the newly released oxygen. Oxygen and Ozone is nature's most active purifier and destroyer of bacteria, germs, parasites and worms.

The basic premise in detoxification and cleansing is to increase the charge on the plasma membrane surrounding the cell, reducing surplus hydrogen ions - restoring proper cell function and increasing the body's ability to start to process toxins properly again. Toxins that have entered the cell during its poor health can now start to be purged or actively transported from the internal structure. Ideally, the liver and kidney may begin to remove more of the toxins reducing the load on the rest of the bodies systems. In effect the cell should be cleansed with the added benefit of the extra metabolic energy. These processes can only be possible with energy input to the cell by which the Pure~Charge Energetic Ionic Detox Spa™ activates, charges and makes available to the body.

Disease is much less likely to develop or survive when the inner terrain of the body is in balance.  When you change the internal environment of your body by feeding, alkalizing and oxygenating the tissues, your body can begin to heal. Our bodies are created to seek and maintain homeostasis .  A body will naturally balance, cleanse & detoxify itself when the essential nutrients are provided in a bio-available form and when overwhelmed toxic bodies are super-cleaned and super-charged with energy & nutrients.

Why Definitive Nutrients?

Virtually every single person on the planet has nutritional deficiencies to varying degrees.  The reason you are nutrient deficient is because the way the food is grown and your level of absorption.  Food processing strips much of the nutritional value in the food we consume. In an attempt to produce cheaper food, make it last longer, lower costs, make you physically addicted, increase your appetite, and make you fat, food manufacturers are loading the food with chemicals and utilizing processing systems that add toxins and destroy any living enzymes in the food, wiping out much, if not most of the nutritional value. 

In fact, processed foods are more like "man-made foreign substances" that the body does not know how to assimilate.   Researchers have shown that you would have to eat over five times as much food as your grandparents just to receive the same nutritional value.  Worse yet, we have more toxins in our body; therefore, we cannot even absorb the little amount of nutrition we are getting from our food.  Many, if not all, dis-eases are caused at least in part by nutritional deficiencies coupled with high levels of toxic intake and body toxicity.

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Food and supplement manufacturers legally put additives, preservatives, artificial color and flavors, fillers, and binders into food products - without having to list them on labeling. Many use MSG, BHA, BHT, Aspartame, High Fructose Corn Syrup, hydrogenated oils, palm oil, processed flour, sugar and artificial sweeteners, nitrates/nitrites, soy protein isolate (enhanced with hexane), lactose and sodium benzoate, among others. Anything you can not pronounce is not a good thing....These ingredients can often cause allergic reactions, and many are harmful and carcinogenic to the person ingesting them. Many of these same food conglomerates utilize lubricants and flowing agents such as ascorbyl palmitate, magnesium stearate and stearic acid. Magnesium Stearate (a saturated fat used to make manufacturing easier by keeping ingredients from sticking to machinery) adds no value to the content and tends to interfere with nutrient absorption. Most pills, powders and processed foods contain binders, glues as well as artificial coloring and flavors.

Food must have nutritional value for it to be used by the body, but food also has a vibration.  Food has a measurable "life force energy."  When food is chemically altered, or genetically altered, or highly processed, or contains chemical additives, or even microwaved, the energetic vibration and life force is dramatically altered.  An individual who eats the typical foods found in so-called "civilized society" who then changes to a raw-plant-food, whole food or healing food diet can discover energy they have never known. Eating a balanced mix of raw plant foods restores the body on a molecular level, building strong cells, radically naturalizing the body, raising alkalinity, and grounding the person in the natural world. Of course, the body resists shocking changes and everyone should ease into the raw-food approach at an appropriate pace.

Food Matters Documentary - Trailer from YouTube.com

What we eat helps to guide our path. Eating determines what level of health our body will experience. Every bite of food put into the body should add to our strength, spirituality, and beauty. Each meal becomes part of who we are at the deepest level. "You are what you eat" is a cosmic law. Everybody knows that saying - everybody! It is a concept that has been known in every culture and civilization throughout history. It is written into the fabric of the universe. It is a simple law of Nature that should be remembered each day, and at each meal.

Those who wish to heal themselves and the planet, should eat the most healing foods.  "Healing foods" means quality, organic, homegrown, or wild foods and/or superfoods in their raw natural state. Following this principle is not only the simplest way to choose what to eat, but is simply the best way to bring about good health and spiritual transformation.

The most apparent cause of excess acid and dietary deficiency in the body is the food we eat. The SAD diet (Standard American Diet) is highly acidic with huge quantities of processed and refined foods  - sodas, fried foods, meat, dairy, sugar—these foods are all highly acid-causing in the body. The SAD diet is SADly lacking in alkalizing foods—fresh vegetables, whole grains, whole foods and especially WATER. 

Fresh, clean, purified and magnetized water increases the alkalinity of the water and when consumed, the body. An alkaline water pH balances the biological terrain which is especially important, as our body is bathed in a pro-cancer acid environment due to modern day diet and pollution. Purified, good-tasting, Magnetized water also leads to a reduction in the cluster size of water molecules, leading to better absorption of water into the cell. Additionally, the ionizing magnetic field increases oxygenation between molecules, slowing the bacteria while improving the quality and taste of the water.

Enviro-Health-Tech has made every attempt to find the definitive products and definitive nutrients to assist the body to detoxify, cleanse and alkalize your system through enhanced oxygenation, increased essential nutrient sources, heightened nutrient absorption and non-invasive cleansing and purifying techniques.

Acid/Alkaline pH Balance

In order to survive, it is imperative that the body maintains the proper acid/alkaline (pH) balance. The optimum pH of the blood is somewhat alkaline, 7.3-7.4, and various tissues and organ systems vary from these numbers. The pH balance can be affected by many factors including the food we eat, stress, and the quality of our thoughts, emotions, or actions. If this acid/ alkaline balance cannot be maintained, the body will begin to break down and die through processes of oxidation (similar to rusting of metals).

Over time, the body can become increasingly unbalanced as acid continues to build up in the tissues. Initial signs can be rashes, allergies, inflammation, colds, flu, etc. On the cellular level, the cells are beginning to suffer from lack of oxygen, are being poisoned and begin to die. If regular cleansing and detox is not performed, the process continues, eventually chronic degenerative disease, and then death, will occur. In addition, yeast, molds, fungus and parasites thrive in an acidic body. They feed on our body’s proteins and fats, and their wastes poison us. They thrive in the anaerobic (lack of oxygen) environment of the acidic body.   



Juice Vegetables and eat a Fruit & Plant-Based Diet including: beans, seeds, nuts, legumes, whole grains, brown rice, quinoa, hemp

Consume nutrient dense Superfoods

Try inexpensive Sprouting at home with exotic seeds, grains and legumes

Eat raw organic nuts and seeds

Eat Sea Veggies on or in everything!

Get natural sunlight and moderate exercise.

Maintain proper Ph/Alkaline balance to avoid acidosis

Use organic sea salt

Eat organic raw cacao (non-alkaline dark chocolate)

Use organic MACA for improved vitality, libido and endurance

Eat an organic source of Protein/Omega-3 like Hemp Hearts or Hemp Flakes

Cleanse & Detoxify regularly with Bio-Oxidative Therapies, plant-based foods & whole nutrients, and Herbal Colon Health

Drink plenty of oxygenated/ozonated, magnetized and structured purified water to hydrate and naturally cleanse organs & tissues

Use EMF Protection devices to calm chaotic frequencies

Safely REMOVE Mercury Amalgams with your Holistic Dentist

Look to other cultures & traditions for health alternatives  



¨This website in its entirety is for general information and educational purposes only. This information has not been evaluated by the FTC nor the FDA and is not meant to cure, treat, prevent disease, nor prescribe or to be used for diagnosis. It is important for you to know that not all of  these technologies and treatment protocols have  been evaluated by the FDA in the U.S. or the Health Protection Branch in Canada for safety and effectiveness.


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