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AQUALAB O3 Generator                  See More Details

 Custom Made-to-Order - 3 week delivery                   $2995.00 +  s/h             

  AquaLab O3 International Model (220 volt)                $3195.00 + s/h               




earthPulse Sleep-on-command  Magnetics        More Details   

Newly Released.....Model v.5 Plugs into any 110v-220v outlet for magnetic Sleep or Whole-House EMF protection.  Ten modes of sleep or restorative pulsed magnetics.

Sleep-on-Command Magnetic Pulse System v.5.0  w/ manual, travel case    $899.00 + s/h    NOW ON SALE! 

SAVE! $20    EarthPulse v.5        $879.00 + s/h                        *Allow extra time for delivery







AULTERRA EMF NEUTRALIZER       See More Details           

For Cell Phone, Appliances, Electronics, Whole-House     

Package of 3 sticky-label discs                    $34.95 + s/h               


SAVE! Two (2) Packages of 3 discs each        $65.95 + s/h                     


      $79.95 + s/h        

EMF NEUTRALIZER Pillow      More Details                     

       6" X 6"  Blue               $69.95 + s/h                 





PURE-CHARGE Energetic Spa®       See More Details

                  NEW Complete & ready to use.     $1995.00+ s/h                  

SAVE! 20%                $1595.00 + s/h        


DEMO Spa - Factory 2nd*   Contact Us for Availability            $1295.00 + s/h       

*special conditions apply - either DEMO or USED comes complete in working condition- may have surface blemishes

USED Spa - Refurbished*     Contact Us for Availability           $995.00 + s/h         

Ask about 'generic-brand' USED* Footbath units     Contact Us for Availability     $495.00 + s/h    


PureCharge Spa Cage Water Module 

 Extra Cage - Only available for existing PC Spa               $425.00 + s/h          

 Cage Module Repair                                                                 $195.00 + s/h          


Solar Evaporated Sea Salt Crystals- Exclusively for PureCharge Spa, soaking or bathing

  Five (5) - 6 oz Bags                                                    $15.95 + s/h           

 SAVE!   Ten (10) - 6 oz bags                       $29.95 + s/h               



LIGHTNING AIR   SPX                     See More Details

Real Wood Color Selections      Allow extra time for delivery

                       MSRP $399.00     New Lower Pricing!   

                 CHERRY     $379.00 + s/h           

                WALNUT    $379.00 + s/h          

                    OAK        $379.00 + s/h         

LIGHTNING AIR IC3 - ozone only   See More Details

             $429.00 + s/h                Allow extra time for delivery



OZONE PLATES - replace if necessary                                         

                                    $29.95 + s/h                                


REBOUND AIR      See More Details     Allow 1 week for delivery -Outside USA s/h will be higher than quoted

Three Models to Choose from... ALL models have extras included:  Instructional DVDs, 1 set Hand-Weights

              Ask us about complete replacement parts, add-on accessories, or extra educational & exercise material

ReboundAIR Quarter-Fold with portable dolly, carry case and extras    

                        $459.00 + s/h        


ReboundAIR Half-Fold with carry case and extras   

Weight Loss Special      

 SAVE!  $10      $389.00 + s/h          $379.00     



ReboundAIR Standard Full-size with extras        

                        $359.00 + s/h         


ReboundAIR Stabilizing Bar  

Add to any ReboundAIR Model          $129.00 + s/h               



ReboundAIR 1-lb Palm Weights                                     

   Add-on an extra set                $29.95 + s/h                   



CHIP Home-Study Lifestyle Transformation      More Details

18 Online Video Presentations, Textbook/WorkBook/CookBook - Pedometer, 3 one hour personalized Lifestyle Medicine Institute Nutrition Counseling sessions, Health Assessment.

Self-Guided CHIP program with private Facilitated support:    $599.00          


NEWSTART Workshop 

Nine-3 hour Seminar Sessions experienced once per week. Includes:  Two (baseline, 60 days) Medical Health Risk Assessment (HRA) Biometrics for Fasting Blood Glucose & Cholesterol/LDL/HDL Lipid Profile, Two Health Evaluation Reports, Shopping Tours, 4 Cooking & Tasting Demonstrations, extracurricular bonus activities (support group-cooking class-walking club-movie nights), Nine (9) Interactive audio/visual video presentations, group Support and Classroom Discussion Sessions.

  $225.00 + s/h             


Nutrition Consultation & Lifestyle Counseling    More Details

Reverse Disease - Recover Health with Wholistic Nutrition Counseling Sessions and,  Therapeutic Lifestyle Assessment. Skype - Phone - Email

Private - Personalized - Facilitated support to Take Control of your Health!

Jumpstart** 21-day Guided program ~ 9 one hour sessions  : $275.00          

Single Consultation**  2 hour session : $49.95                





BIOCERA WELLNESS Devices            More Details



BioCera Wellness Drinking WaterPouch - treats 150+ gallons         More Details

One (1) BioCera WaterPouch          $19.95 + s/h           

SAVE! Three (3) WaterPouch                $49.95 + s/h      

SAVE! Five (5) WaterPouch                $79.95 + s/h      



BioCera Wellness Drinking-Water EcoPitcher  - treats 600+ gallons/10-12 months        More Details

One (1) BioCera EcoPitcher with filter-media cartridge          $129.95 + s/h    


Three-Pack (3) replacement filter bead-media cartridges       $74.95 + s/h     

One (1) replacement filter bead-media cartridges       $35.95 + s/h    


BioCera Wellness Multi-Use Ion Spray - refillable - over 1000 sprays     More Details

   Anti-Bacterial, Alkaline, Ionic, Deodorizer, Sanitizer, Health & Beauty, Kitchen & Bath

One (1) BioCera Ion Spray           $99.95 + s/h        



BioCera Wellness Atozero ShowerWand              More Details

One (1) BioCera ShowerWand - includes cartridge, lasts 40,000+ gallons        $129.95 + s/h           

One (1) Replaceable ShowerWand Cartridge Refill - lasts 40,000+ gallons          $49.95 + s/h          



BioCera Wellness EcoTech Stone - FIR, Ionic, EMF protection - cooking, deodorize, structure    More Details

   One (1) EcoTech Energy BioCeramic Stone 3" diameter/4.3 oz         $59.95 + s/h       

SAVE! Two (2) EcoTech BioCeramic Stones          $99.95 + s/h       


BioCera Wellness EcoTech Bracelet - FIR, Ionic, EMF protection - one size, stretch string    More Details

One (1) EcoTech Tourmaline Brown-color Bracelet         $74.95 + s/h           

One (1) EcoTech Tourmaline Multi-color Bracelet         $110.95 + s/h          

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*showerhead not included



 VITASHOWER Vitamin C Filter   See More Details   

One (1) Shower Filter                        47.95 + s/h      

SAVE!  Two (2) Shower Filter     $90.00 + s/h      

VITABATH  - Vitamin C Bath Tablets          See More Details

One (1) - 100 count Tablets pkg     $29.95 + s/h                


SAVE! Two (2)  VitaBath  pkgs       $55.95 + s/h               


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TRI-VORTEX Chargers                See More Details


Vortex  Disc Plate  coaster-style  3-inch diameter       

     $99.95 + s/h           

SAVE!  up to Four (4) Vortex Disc Plates $89.95 ea + s/h

(2)       (3)       (4)

SAVE! Bulk  Five (5) Vortex Disc Plates  $69.80 each + s/h    (5)

SAVE! Bulk  Ten (10) Vortex  Plates           $59.00 each + s/h       (10)


Vortex TriVibe Pendant  1"x 1/4" pyramid diameter - stainless steel with 27" box chain     

        $389.95 ea. + s/h             

 Ask about your own 'custom nutrient' blend            

       Add   $89.95 + s/h                

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ORGANITE HONEE DEVICES - Outdoor/ Custom/Portable/Gifting     More Details

One (1) HONEE Cake  size approx. 2.5" x 2"     $15.99 + s/h        

SAVE! Three (3) Cakes      $46.99 + s/h       

SAVE! Six (6) Cakes          $89.99 + s/h         

SAVE! 1 Dozen (12) Cakes  $177.99 + s/h     


HONEE Mini - Personal size, Vehicles, Gifting - Indoor / Outdoor/ Custom      

Two (2) Assorted Shapes & Colors - approx. 1" x 1"         $24.99 + s/h          


HONEE Flat-top Generator PYRAMID   Indoor / Custom   Size - approx. 2.5" h x 2.75" w 

ONE (1) Decorative HONEE with assorted Colors, Stones & Crystal      

$32.99 + s/h       





ULTIMATE NANO HONEE  -  Indoor/Custom/Personal/Portable    More Details 

Tetrahedron Tower Buster with Möbius Coil & Special Nano Blend. 9 volt battery or 110 volt plug-in

One (1) Ultimate HONEE Pulsed TTB Plug-in     $659.00 + s/h      

Size - 4.5" h x 4.5" w  - Custom Made-to-Order, Allow 3 weeks for delivery.


One (1) Ultimate HONEE Pulsed Portable      $549.00 + s/h      

Size - 3.5" h x 1.5" d  - Custom Made-to-Order, Allow 3 weeks for delivery.


One (1) Ultimate NANO HONEE Pyramid Personal Pendant  

Size - 1.5" x 1.5" x 1.5" Custom-Made-to-Order, Allow 3 weeks for delivery.

Tourmaline, Lapis, Gold/Copper & HONEE matrix         $229.00 + s/h       

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ROCKY MTN HEMP Products       See More Details


HEMP HEARTS™ - The Original 100% Raw, Shelled Hempseed.  Eat by the spoonful or add to any recipe.

 One (1) 16 oz re-sealing tub     $19.99 + s/h           

SAVE!   Weight Loss Special  

  Three (3) 16 oz tubs         $57.99 + s/h          

SAVE! Bulk Case of (9) 16 oz tubs          $167.95 + s/h       

HEMP HEART FLAKES - Crunchy, Nutty, Packed with Protein & Omegas.  Add to any recipe.

One (1) 16 oz re-sealable bag    $18.99 + s/h           

SAVE! Three (3) 16 oz bag         $55.49 + s/h          


HEMP HEART PROTEIN POWDER - Nutty Flavor, Packed with Protein & Omegas.  Add to any recipe.

One (1) 16 oz re-sealable container    $21.99 + s/h           


HEMP HEART SAMPLER - Nutty Flavor, Packed with Protein & Omegas.  Add to any recipe.

One (1) 3-PK 2oz ea. Hemp Hearts, Hemp Powder, Hemp Flake     $14.99 + s/h       


HEMP HEART OIL Rich Green Color. Cold-Pressed & packed with Omegas.  Excellent for topical use

One (1) 16 oz re-sealable drip-less bottle    $19.95 + s/h           


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SEA VEGETATION   Plant-source of B-12, vitamins, minerals          See More Details

SAVE! Ocean Delight Sampler -  1 lb Assorted whole leaf Atlantic Sea Veggies with recipes

             2-oz Dulse, 3-oz Alaria, 3-oz Digitata, 4-oz Kelp & 4-oz Chopped TriBlend Sea Mix         

      Ocean Delight Sampler         $69.95 + s/h         



Whole Leaf NORI - Hand-harvested coastal Maine RARE & Untreated.

 Coastal Maine - NORI Whole Leaf 1/2-oz package   Limited Availability- order while they last  $12.95 + s/h        



TRI-BLEND SEA MIX  - 25% Alaria, 25% Kelp, 50% Digitata - Chopped Mix - Ready to use with recipes

 Sea Mix 4-oz package                           $21.95 + s/h                


SAVE! Weight Loss Special  use for broth/salt substitute/cook with beans

Tri-Blend Sea Mix  8-oz package        $35.95 + s/h               



SAVE! Tri-Blend Sea Mix  16-oz package          $52.95 + s/h             


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One (1) 16 oz re-seal package                    

Weight Loss Special - New Reduced Pricing!     $24.95 + s/h            


 SAVE! 2.5 lbs bulk Cacao Powder      $62.95 + s/h        



SUNFOOD RAW CACAO NIBS           See More Details

One (1) 8oz package                      $15.95 + s/h                       


SAVE! Three (3) 8oz pkgs         $39.95 + s/h                    


SAVE! Case (12) 8oz pkgs                 $149.95 + s/h                     

SAVE! 2.5 lb bulk Cacao Nibs 1 pkg        $49.95 + s/h                     



SUNFOOD RAW SPIRULINA CRUNCHIES                See More Details

One (1) - 8 oz pkg       $74.95 + s/h        

     Weight Loss Special            $65.95                   



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  Complete Cleansing Kit with instructions       $129.95 + sh      

SAVE!- $10   Weight Loss Special       $119.95      


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NEOPLUS Magnets* - Deluxe Home Set     More Details

SAVE! 3 Standard + Mini                 $429.00 + s/h            

                            *All NEOPLUS MAGNETS ARE SPECIALIZED Custom ITEM- ALLOW 3-5 biz day delivery

NEOPLUS Magnets- Standard Home Set

SAVE! Set of 3                          $369.00 + s/h                    


NEOPLUS Magnet - for custom applications

 Standard Single Unit                     $139.00 + s/h                  

SAVE! Two Standard Units             $259.00 + s/h                   

NEOPLUS MINI Magnet - for tight spots / custom applications

 Size: 2-3/4" x 2" x 1-1/4"             $99.00 + s/h                   



 Not as pictured** Available only in BLACK


NEO MAX** -  Deluxe Set  - Commercial grade applications or really hard water    More Details       

Large pipe capability   1" to 2.5" diameter     Indoor/Outdoor      

SAVE! 3 Large Pipe + Standard MAX Mini                  $789.00 + s/h                  

                                            *All NEOMAX MAGNETS ARE SPECIALIZED Custom ITEM- ALLOW 3-7 biz day delivery

Available only in BLACK

NEO MAX - Commercial grade applications


SAVE! Set of 3 Large Pipe            $689.00 +s/h              


Available only in BLACK 

NEO MAX Commercial grade applications - Up to 60 grains hardness

SAVE! Two Large Pipe units      $479.00 + s/h                   


NEO MAX - Up to 60 grains of hardness

Large Pipe Single unit                $279.00 + s/h                        




NEO MAX MINI - Custom Applications Industrial Grade - Fits in tight spots!

Up to 60 grains of hardness 1-1/2" standard pipe diameter

Size: 2-3/4" x 2" x 1-1/4"                    $139.00 +s/h             


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 ECONUTS Organic Laundry SoapNuts   See More Details

Family Large Size - 360 Loads  16 oz with 3 washing sacks          

SAVE! New Reduced Pricing!      $34.95 + s/h       

Medium Size  - 100 loads  5 oz with 2 washing sack                 $15.95 + s/h         

Sample Size - 10 loads  1/2 oz with 1 washing sack                 $6.95 + s/h         

EcoNuts Artisan Lavender Bar Soap                  $8.95 + s/h         

Lavender Sachet ~ Re-useable, Multi-purpose - 3 pack                  $9.95 + s/h         

Three (3) Cotton Washing Sacks   4" x 3"                  $5.95 + s/h         

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SPECIAL EVENTS NOTICES & LINKS      Weight Loss & Wholistic Nutrition Lifestyle Events



 MOJAVE DESERT Nutrition & Lifestyle Initiative MONTHLY MEET-UP is designed as a local CA-NV-AZ Tristate outlet to support and encourage Plant-Based Whole Food nutritional considerations to recover health and embrace vitality and longevity without surgical or pharmaceutical intervention.  Join us in person and Meet-up Monthly, attend Special Event Functions, Live Demonstrations, Cooking Classes, Nutrition & Lifestyle Classes, Empowerment Drumming, Discussion & Support Groups, Walk with Ease Club, Guest Lectures, Community Service Volunteer Opportunities, Film Screenings and Book Discussions.

The Mojave Desert Plant-Based Initiative  will assist and support you to successfully lose weight, improve your health and transform your diet and food habits. If you are overweight, struggling with your food choices, diabetic, arthritic, have high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease or experience other chronic conditions that make you feel sick & tired - this group is for you. Discuss & share viable strategies for sustainable meal planning, learn about disease reversing food choices, plant-based whole-food recipes, meal preparation tools & techniques to give you all the support, inspiration and motivation you need to clean out your pantry and clean up your life. Please Donate your unwanted food and clean plastic grocery bags at every monthly meeting - Proceeds go directly to Food Bank & Food Ministry.

Join Wholistic Nutrition & Wellness Facilitators - Dan Miller & Betty Rae  and Special Guest Speakers the 2nd Tuesday & 4th Thursday of each month 5:45 pm at the Mojave Desert Nutrition & Lifestyle Initiative Wellness Studio - @SuddenLink Community Center, Bullhead City Arizona.  Discover personal nutrition empowerment and recovered health. The energizing and informative curriculum will cover Whole-Food Nutritional basics, Juicing tips, how to transition toward a healthy diet, and how to maintain your weight loss and improve health with tips and strategies to shop for food, navigating social events, overcoming emotional eating, and avoiding common food traps. 

First 3 meetings are FREE - Regular Attending Society Members $20 annually.  All are welcome!

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Wholistic Weight Loss   

AquaLab O3 Systems

Control Harmful EMF with HONEE 

 ReBoundAIR - Lymphatic Health Bouncer


EMF Neutralizer for Cellphone & Whole House 



EarthPulse Rejuvenation & Protection Magnetics


Pure~Charge Energetic Ionic Detox Spa™

Water Devices


Ozone & Oxygen Therapies

BioCera Wellness for Water


Ph- Alkaline-Acid Balance

BioCera Wellness - Home, Health & Beauty


Tri-Vortex Chargers



Vitashower Filter

BioCera Wellness - EcoTech Bracelet


Vitabath Tablets


WFPB Nutrition

 EcoNut Soap Nuts




Alkaline Water Purifier

WFPB Recipes

Books & DVDs

Lightning Air Purifier

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