The following are articles which relate mainly to the technical or scientific aspect of assorted technologies. 

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  1. Ozone Therapy - Koch Therapy - Blass Therapy
  2. Eco-Technologies -- In Harmony with Nature
  3. Electrical Nutrition
  4. What is Implosion
  5. Etheric Energy
  6. Kirlian Diagnostics
  7. Rethinking the Basis of Technology

Ozone Therapy by Fritz Schellander

Medical ozone therapy is quite new to Britain and only practiced by a very few doctors and practitioners.  It is practically unheard of in the United States except in holistic circles.  But in Germany where it has been in use since 1959, more than 3,000 doctors are reputed to be using it regularly and effectively. 

What is ozone?  Most of us are now familiar with ozone in the ozonosphere which shields the earth from harmful ultraviolet radiation.  Many of us have experienced that curious, slightly pungent and characteristic whiff of ozone after thunderstorms when high-voltage lightning creates ozone from oxygen.  Ozone is a gas, and energized form of oxygen with the chemical formula O3.  It is unstable and disassociates readily back into oxygen (O2), thus liberating so-called "singlet oxygen" (O1) which is a strong oxidizing agent.  It is this particular reactivity which provides the starting point for ozone's multiple effects within the body. 

the different modes of action of ozone on a living organism are now well understood and involve the production of ozone -generated peroxides.  It is these which are responsible for the remarkable bactericidal and fungicidal effects.  The virus inactivation takes place in a similar way and is enhanced by a peroxide intolerance of virus-infected, weakened cells.

Peroxides are powerful, free-radical producers and as such could be harmful, but ozone has an advantage here which other free-radical producing agents do not appear to have:  not only are normal cells protected from the oxidative stress effects of ozone if used in correct amounts, but - almost paradoxically - ozone appears to promote a stimulation and activation of the enzymes involved in peroxide and free radical scavenging (glutathione peroxidase, catalase and superoxide dismutase) thus enhancing immune responsiveness.

Improves Blood Flow  In addition, ozone can be shown to have a measurable benefit on the uptake and utilization of oxygen through improved glycolysis in red blood cells, an improvement in blood flow through the abolition of rouleaux of red blood cells ( the harmful stacking effect seen as a result of different surface charges on the red blood cell) the stimulation and activation of mitochondrial respiration and other metabolic pathways. 

The textbook on ozone therapy by S. Rilling and Viebahn "The Use of Ozone in Medicine" explains in detail the historical, technical and scientific background to ozone therapy and is essential literature for anyone contemplating entering this field.  All mammalian tissues depend for their survival and long-term health on an adequate oxygen uptake and therefore medial ozone as an essentially bio-oxidative therapy could benefit literally everybody who lives a western lifestyle, through optimizing tissue oxygenation.

The potential applications of medical ozone for preventative reasons are almost too numerous to list but should include performance enhancement, increasing longevity with good health, as part of rejuvenation programs, optimizing would healing after operations, immune stimulation, as a general "tonic" and in geriatric medicine.

Bacterial and Fungal Infections  When considering ozone strictly for the treatment of established ill-health, then three main areas may be broadly defined:

bulletThe whole spectrum of acute and chronic viral, bacterial of fungal infections.
bulletAll conditions in which a lack of tissue oxygen is either proven or must be presumed.        These  include heart disease and angina, cerebral and generalized arteriosclerosis and         their complications, gangrene, some dementias, badly healing ulcers and varicose veins.
bulletA number of other unrelated conditions which have all been reported to have benefited           from ozone therapy.  these include arthritic conditions, ankylosing spondylitis, diabetes, cancers, Parkinson's Disease, inflammatory bowel disease, obesity, low immune       functioning, allergies and asthma.

Clinical Performance  How has ozone performed for us since we first introduced it into our clinic some 18 months ago?  Undoubtedly the most rewarding, if not to say exciting, results have been seen with acute viral infections such as flu-like respiratory infections, herpes simplex (cold sores), and chronic fatigue syndrome.  Many flu-like infections can be switched off with one or two injections of ozone.

With chronic fatigue syndrome our experiences are very exciting in as much as about one in five of our patients appear to get better almost overnight and lastingly so, after just one or two injections, even after suffering almost continuous ill-health for up to two years.  This pattern appears to prevail in patients with very definite post-viral history. 

Not a Panacea  These results can be so dramatic that it almost comes as a disappointment when another patient does not show a similarly remarkable improvement.  This probably only serves to show that Chronic Fatigue Syndrome must be a multifactorial illness and that you cannot rely on just one type of therapeutic intervention.

The use of ozone in the treatment of cancers ought to mentioned here.  ozone has been used in the Donsbach hospitals in Mexico and Poland for several years now and has always been considered by them to be an essential part of any cancer therapy.  It is important to understand the scientific rationale behind this thinking: Caner cells do not rely as much on oxygen for their growth and metabolism as normal cells, but utilize more a glycolytic (fermentative) breakdown of sugars.    This has been know since Otto von Warburg's Nobel prizewinning work in the early 1950's. Does this make cancer cells overly sensitive to intensive oxygenation or ozonation?  It has indeed been shown that the direct injection of ozone into animal cancers resulted in large-scale tumor tissue destruction similar to that found after intensive radiation therapy.  This is an exciting area where more research is required.

Ozone and Chelation  Ozone combines extremely well with intravenous chelation therapy which is used to treat either areterial disease or heavy metal toxicity.  This proving a most useful two pronged approach in treating occulsive vascular disease.  Chelation therapy works quite slowly through a number of infusions.  The forced ozonation provides an immediate oxygen boost to tissues which can noticeably reduce the incidence of angina. 

Other Uses  The medical use of ozone has an excellent safety record and no toxic effects have been observed from clinical use.  Ozone is administered in a number of ways.  The essential equipment is an ozone generator which is able to produce a specified amount of ozone from pure medical oxygen.  This pure oxygen/ozone can be injected directly into a vein, muscle, soft tissues, joints and other cavities.  Alternatively, blood can be drawn from a patient, mixed with ozone and re-injected.  At the present time evidence is accumulating that repeated ozone insufflation may be as effective as ozonating blood that has been withdrawn and then re-infused.

Ozone Insufflation consists of the introduction of a small catheter into the vagina or rectum and the releasing of a predetermined amount of ozone directly into the cavity.  Although there may be some disagreement as to the ideal amount of ozone needed to purify the area and allow enough oxygen to be released and absorbed to make a difference.  Retention of the ozone-rich mixture allows absorption through the rich capillary bed, particularly in the rectum, and gives excellent results.  Ear insufflation can also be accomplished, although not recognized by many.  The nasopharyngeal area is often the site of chronic, minor infections which become acute in cycles.  Chronic sinusitis is probably the most untreated common condition in our society today.  The introduction of ozone into the ear canals can be of great benefit in reducing such chronic infections and offering better general health.

The use of ozone as a healing adjunct is well-established and is being vigorously pursued by many scientists and clinicians.  The benefits are usually predictable and without side effects.  As technology and innovation increase, new techniques emerge that will enlarge the scope of the effective use of this modality.

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Koch Therapy "Homoeopathic Oxidation Catalyst Approach to Oxygen/Oxidation Therapy

The most important pioneer of all oxygen/oxidation therapies was a research scientist, professor and medical doctor from Detroit College of Medicine named William F. Koch.  His discoveries of a higher level metabolic cycle called the FCG (Functional Carbonyl Group) cycle showed the importance of oxygen and the role it plays in natural immunity and overall health.  Dr. Koch based a large portion of his research on the findings of Nobel Laureate, Dr. Otto Warburg, author of "The Prime Cause and Prevention of Cancer".  Substantiating Naturopathic tenets by his very work, Dr. Koch found that truly ALL cancer and degenerative disease was reversible and the restoration of health attainable.  Briefly described, the Koch Oxidation Catalyst Treatment is a homeopathic dilution of a "patially oxidized solution of inositol" chemically and scientifically optimized for redox enhancement.  Lawrence Thatcher, the designated trustee of the Christian Medical Research League was founded to maintain the provision of the catalysts up until the mid-1990s.  In cooperation with the oldest international oxygen therapies association, an integrative, redox (oxidation-reduction cycle) naturopathic treatment protocol was developed and tested to best support the catalyst treatment.  This protocol is published in WNHO, World Natural Health Organization and the journal " Naturopathy - the Naturopath and Herald of Health", should not be over looked by any natural healthcare practitioner truly interested in seeing patient's health improve greatly.  After 20+ years of further research and development, combining the accumulated knowledge of several "oxidative/oxygenation originators and masters" the protocol was released for public review.  American Naturopathic Association & Breath of Life International are the sole representative agencies for Blass Therapy Homozon and assures the purity, quality and authenticity. 

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Oxidation News, Vol. 1, Jan. 1989 - reprinted from paper written in 1939 by Dr. Blass


by Dr. F. M. Eugene Blass Leading Physician, Homoeopath, Naturopath and Originator of Oxygen Therapy Blass

When people are suffering of so-called chronic, incurable ills which under medical care grow from bad to worse, and the medical men say "good night", as was actually the case with me, they rarely get the chance to employ practical common sense in the health of their own bodies.

As it happened, I was an experienced combustion engineer, inventor and revolutionist, and personally designed the ovens in the combustion industry in the USA and Germany.  In 1922, early in my career, I was doomed by the scientific "healers" and declared virtually hopeless, ready for the undertaker.  So far, I have cheated the writer of the last paper (death certificate) and the undertaker of their chance, and they will have to wait a long time for it.  (Editor's Note:  They did wait a long time, until 1967, when Dr. Blass, at the age of 87, was mercilessly attacked and killed in front of his home by unknown assailants.)

I will not give you my life story, for most people will not believe it!

Here stands a man who suffered the tortures of the medical school, and holds them responsible for the hardships I had to endure.  I am now a live-wire, a vigorous example in contrast to their supposedly doomed man of 1922.  I tried many other healing methods in vain till I quit them all.  At least this suffering of forty years, and the resulting study of life, health, ailing and healing, brought about something of good for me and for others ailing, namely:  A NEW LIGHT IN THE DARK!!!  A NEW ROAD TO HEALTH AND HAPPINESS!! A SURE SANE DEPENDABLE METHOD OF HEALING , USABLE BY EVERYONE!!

Every creature having its own life (parasites excluded), if ailing, finds in this new method the sure road to health. 

The fundamental element is OXYGEN, in its active or nascent state, also called OZONE.  As a rule it is not inhaled but taken through the digestive tract, mucus membranes and skin, and for this reason is bound to alkaline minerals related to our body.  However, in certain cases, it is also inhaled.

As an industrial gas, combustion and distillation engineer, I look upon the human and animal body quite differently than usually is done and so developed certain basically true values for the brief explanation of the words:  LIFE, HEALTH, DISEASE, HEALING and OXIDATION.

LIFE:  All animal, plant and mineral life is the result of perfect oxidation.

HEALTH:  Health expresses a pure body, in which every organ is intact and performs its allotted function 100%, thus creating, through normal digestion, perfect and pure vital fluids to maintain the cellular construction of the body in a good healthy condition.

DISEASE:  Disease expresses an unhealthy body filled with impurities, unable to maintain itself in a healthy state regardless of the name of the disease.  No matter how many signs or symptoms may appear, I know only that it is a healthy or dis-eased body.

HEALING:  Healing is the restoration of HEALTH, without destroying organs, cells, etc. through operation, poison, burning by x-ray or radium rays, etc., but solely through the natural constituents (elements) of a healthy body and non-poisonous agents obtained from the plant and mineral kingdoms.  (I believe that through oxidation two kingdoms maintain the third one, and vice versa, which means the animal kingdom lives naturally on the products of the plant and mineral kingdoms, while the plant kingdom takes its food from both the mineral and animal kingdoms, and the mineral kingdom is maintained by the animal and plant kingdoms; all through oxidation, and this is the true reason that LIFE on earth will never cease as long as a healthy oxidation is maintained, both personally and environmentally, and, of course, planetarily.)

OXIDATION:  Oxidation is the true source of PHYSICAL LIFE (True Life is Health), impaired oxidation is disease, cessation of oxidation is death.  This holds good for the three kingdoms on earth:  in fact, for the whole Universe.  The proof:  a healthy body is warm, full of vigor, radiant energy, magnetism, beauty and power.  An unhealthy body lacks all these aspects, at least partly, according to the bodily condition.  The dead body lacks everything.  It is cold, lifeless, pale and goes immediately into decay.  It will become then, through oxidation, replenishment for the other two kingdoms which formerly supported it. 

Compare these basic rules with the stimulation methods of "Healing Arts" currently in vogue.  From the viewpoint of my simple definition of LIFE, HEALTH, AILING, and HEALING, the thinking reader should be able to compare the various theories and practices employed by the different "healing arts".  The thoughtful student of these systems must reach the conclusion that none of them actually attacks or eliminates the cause of disease, but through stimulation actually unnecessarily saps the vitality of an already weakened and diseased body. 

Now let us consider the methods in common use:

1).    ALLOPATHY:  Orthodox School of Medicine, M.D. -  Employs poisonous drugs to counteract, deaden the pain of and suppress the symptoms of the body.  It overlooks the fact entirely that every sick body contains poisonous waste mater which obviously cannot be eliminated by the addition of more poison.  Encumbered by the poisonous waste matter, normalization of the vital fluids thereby becomes utterly impossible and the "poison(s)" used as the "medicine" only serves to aggravate the cause and suffering even though there may be apparent improvement for a time.  The use of poison always brings deplorable after-effects, and most so-called chronic and incurable ills have their beginning therein, because they result in a slow but sure breakdown of the cellular structure of the body.  These later are recognized as physical and mental symptoms whose signs and names are legion.  Injections of vaccines, serums and anti-toxins or any other foreign and poisonous matter bring results similar to those produced by drugs.  Drugs cannot purify the body, nor normalize the vital fluids. 

1a).  SURGERY AND OPERATIONS which remove organs, either wholly or in part, are unable to purify the body or normalize the vital fluids.  They not only lower the vitality, cause loss of blood and introduce poisonous matter into the system in the course of the operation, but they remove parts of the body which are indispensable to its functioning as a whole.  Consequently, they cannot possibly be considered as healing measures but aggravate the case and in many instances render complete recovery hopeless.

1b).  POWERFUL X-RAYS AND RADIUM RAYS (note: chemotherapy & radiation therapy) cannot purify the body nor create healthy blood; they can only burn the remaining healthy tissues.  Therefore, do more harm than good and cannot be recognized as helpful or healing methods.  Other methods used by Allopaths and Surgeons may be considered as business expedients, and consequently are valueless from a health standpoint.

2).  HOMOEOPATHY:  This healing art started in 1844, three years before the Allopathic Medical Profession (AMA).  Homoeopathy has practically been outlegislated by the influence of the Allopaths in this country.  This art is not as dangerous or injurious in its results on the patient.  However, it must also be classified as a stimulating method.  Poison remains poison no matter how modified.  It can never perform the essential steps in healing:  namely purification, elimination, normalization and repair.

3).  OSTEOPATHY:  does not produce the pernicious effects that characterize the older systems mentioned; but its results are also only those of stimulation.  It cannot normalize the vital fluids.  Hence, it cannot be called a true healing method.  Their founder, Andrew Still, truly recognized the basis of all disease, but in the years following, the message of the founder has virtually been lost in side issues and compromises.

4).  CHIROPRACTIC:  belongs in the same category as osteopathy, usually harmless and at times helpful, but it cannot effect a permanent cure in organic ailments.  Under certain conditions it is entirely useless, since the true cause of dislocated vertebrae, etc., is the undernourishment of muscles, ligaments and the various organs.  This can only be corrected through the normalization of the process of bodily maintenance.

5).  NATUROPATHY:  as known and practiced thus far, includes many and various methods.  It is as yet not a complete therapy of itself, as is willingly admitted by its exponents, although it has, beyond a doubt, so far produced the best results.  The underlying causes of the worst ailments cannot be radically removed merely by fasting, uses of cold water and natural living, nor can the vital fluids be normalized thereby, to the point essential to the possession of vigorous, radiant health.  My new method should be considered as the missing link to making it a complete success.

I will not describe nor criticize in detail the various practices employed by these systems, and since argumentation is useless, we should at all times be guided solely by facts and logical reasoning.  I wish to present here an outline of the basically sound and never-failing principles upon which my new healing method is founded.  Later, I shall describe and explain and evidence of the absolute integrity of OXYGEN THERAPY BLASS.

As already stated, I claim that OXIDATION is the source of Life and Health - the mainspring of beauty, vitality, power, energy, heat, electricity, and even of magnetic personality and the happiness of the individual.  The entire cellular structure is maintained by means of oxidation.  When the cells wear out, they must be broken down and replaced by new ones;   the rebuilding process keeps pace with the tearing down only when the oxidation is adequate, and this is only possible when the constituency of the vital fluids is normal.

(Editor's Note:  Here Dr. Blass is referring to simple processes of the human body, long since forgotten, now misunderstood and misnomered "the peroxidation destructive free radical syndrome". As recently mentioned by Professor Halliwell of the the University of London, in his scientific paper entitled:

"Oxygen Radicals:  A Commonsense Look at Their Nature and Medical Importance" in Medical Biology 62:71-77, 1984

we quote,

Initiation of peroxidation in a membrane of polyunsaturated fatty acid is due to the attack of any species that can 'pull off' a hydrogen atom from one of  the - CH2 - groups in the carbon chain.  Hydroxyl radical and possibly HO2 can do this, but H2O2 and O2 cannot.

Hence O2 does not initiate lipid peroxidation.

In speaking of singlet oxygen, Professor Halliwell states:

Its formation in O2 - generating systems has often been proposed but clear-cut evidence for a damaging role of singlet oxygen in such systems has not been obtained.

Thus evidence that a toxin increases lipid peroxidation in vivo does not prove the sequence of events:

toxin - lipid peroxidation - damage,

but is equally explained by the sequence

toxin - cell damage or death - lipid peroxidation.

Now back to Dr. Blass.)

Ordinarily we inhale, according to atmospheric conditions, about 20% molecular oxygen with the air through the activity of the lungs.  In order to fully utilize this oxygen in the process of oxidation, it is imperative that the vital fluids be efficient carriers of this element.  If these fluids are deficient in the inorganic minerals which are contained in the wholesome drinking  water, or in the organic minerals supplied by use of natural organic food, they fall below the normal standard. 

The fluids may be further impaired in quality by the use of poisonous or foreign matter.  The result is that oxidation is hampered and disease inevitably follows.  Similar consequences come from inhalation of air which is filled with poisonous gasses and impurities.  The recognizable results of an insufficient oxidation, either because of a lack of minerals or oxygen, or because of the presence of foreign matter in the blood stream, are the symptoms which bear the imposing nomenclature of modern "dis-ease".    the different kinds of parasites, which are the "germs" commonly blamed for the creation of these various symptoms, find food and lodging in the diseased soil which accumulates in the body but, logically, are not the cause of disease.  A clean habitation will not tolerate such hospitality and normal vital fluids constitute the best insurance against sickness. 

The body is not without a barometer which quickly indicates its condition.  As long as oxidation is carried on to the extent necessary to maintain the tearing down and rebuilding processes of all parts of the cellular structure, the chemical constituency of blood and tissue is predominantly alkaline;  as soon as oxidation is lacking they become increasingly acid and the percentage of acid gauges very accurately the state of vitality of the individual. 

A parallel indication of health is to be recognized in the quantity and quality of the red blood corpuscles and the lymphatic fluids.  The more nearly perfect the oxidation process, the purer the blood stream and the nearer to normal the glandular activity must be.

Vitality and vigor of mind, as well as body, are dependent on this essential process, which can be greatly enhanced through the use of OXYGEN THERAPY BLASS.  This is the real "Fountain of Youth" which many altruistic philosophers have sought for centuries.  Everyone may enjoy its blessings and regain that precious boon:  TRUE HEALTH!!!

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Eco-Technologies -- In Harmony with Nature                                                                         by Christan Hummel The Light Connection August 2002

Energy shortages, power crises, petro-chemical pollutants, ozone depletion, hazardous waste, nuclear radiation, bioengineered crops - these are all the nightmares of a technological world raging forward against natural laws.  In the midst of this technological onslaught, we have become conditioned to believe that technology is the inherently evil nemesis of nature forever destined to be Yin and Yang at incompatible odds with one another.  Our modern society perpetuates this belief that one must be sacrificed for the other.  This belief has left available only the illusory options of either abandoning the "urban" life for huts in the forest, and cots in the ashram, or supporting a society which plunders natural resources to sustain the modern lifestyle of our unabated modern day consumerism.

It is the fundamental myth of the technology-nature trade off which is being overturned by recent scientific and spiritual discoveries showing what ancient cultures have long understood; that one can live in harmony with nature and access Her secrets in order to sustain complex, rich, diverse societies while still keeping in harmony with the web of life.

The ancient art of Feng Shui revealed the significance the Chinese assigned to keeping one's life in harmony and balance with the elements of nature such as the wind, mountains, and water in order to have a healthy and prosperous life.  the architectural wonders of ancient pyramid temples astound  modern day scientists who cannot with their current technologies reproduce their amazing results.  Recent research reveals that Tibetan monks utilized sound to levitate large objects. 

While pyramid structures in Egypt are discovered to have resonator dishes which suggest that they too had knowledge of utilizing the power of sound possibly to lift the heavy blocks used to build their pyramids thousands of years ago.  Very complex cities of over 300,000 inhabitants were discovered in the Colombian mountains which were designed in such harmony with nature and the elements that thousands of years later in a rain forest they hardly show signs of erosion.  Ancient temples constructed with the sacred geometries underlying life have been shown to neutralize geomagnetic stresses which today are found to contribute to the onset of cancer in over 92% of the cased studied.  (Dr. Hartmann of Germany was the first to make this connection and since numerous other studies have confirmed these correlations with noxious Earth energies and cancer).  These ancient cultures knew a type of technology which aligned with Nature in order to access Her secret powers and built their societies in harmony with that wisdom. 

Today, our reliance on processed and agriculturally modified foods have placed so many steps in between the production of our food and the end use that it is easily forgotten that Nature is the source of all life, synthetic or natural, on our planet.  We are deluded into believing that the MacRib sandwich comes from some hidden MacDonald's ranch, that the strawberries we buy in the store in the middle of winter are somehow naturally grown.  The levels of chemicals used today in the agri-business of growing foods, and the processing of the foods we eat have spawned a whole new industry of pharmaceutical needs to offset the rash of diseases which plague our modern culture.  The polluted waters have invented a need for chemically treating our drinking water, and a bottled water industry which sells what used to be free to all for more than the cost of a gallon of gasoline.  We have been using more of the same kind of destructive counter-nature technologies to fix the problems which that kind of technology has created.

What is needed is both a return to the source of Life itself, through realignment with Nature and her laws to restore our societies and lives to health.  We cannot expect this from governments who all over the world have helped to sponsor and create the problems of unbridled growth at the expense of precious natural resources.  As my favorite bumper sticker says, "if voting did anything it would be illegal."  As long as money and power are held supreme by our world leaders, it is unrealistic to expect to see cooperation from governments in this area. 

Fortunately, it is well within the reach of each of us to find a way to return to an alignment with Nature again, and we can do this in numerous ways in each of our lives.  Alternative energy sources from solar to water powered systems abound which hold the potential to "get off the grid" for most individuals in the western world today.  Technologies which study the life force of water in its natural state, using nature as their guide are producing up to 250% more crop yield with 30% less fertilizers. The Vortex Water Energiser from England, utilizes a form of water called "imploded" water based upon Viktor Schauberger's research.

Dan Carlson, creator of Sonic Bloom, discovered that the birds' songs triggered blooming cycles in plants. This method utilizing sounds in nature to stimulate plant growth and blooming cycles are achieving amazing results far surpassing that produced either by bioengineered methods, or chemical fertilizers and pesticides.  The Flow Forms of Rudolph Steiner utilize the vortex mechanics of water purification and revitalization which pattern the natural flows of water,  are producing results throughout Europe for sewage treatment and without the use of harmful chemicals; which far surpass traditional and more costly sewage treatment systems typically used today. 

Gardens such as Findhorn align with the intelligence of Nature produce 40lb cabbages on the worst possible soil defying all traditional logic.  Recent technologies such as the Harmonizer tool resonate only the sound patterns of the water molecule through a field of the universal archetypal geometries of life and are able to reverse water and atmospheric pollution for pennies on the dollar over conventional methods, and without adverse effects to the environment.  

These are just a few of the Earth friendly, or "eco-technologies" which see nature as their mentor instead of their personal treasure chest.  By utilizing these and similar naturally aligned technologies currently available to the average person, we can remake our society brick by brick, house by house, garden by garden.  Mother Teresa said, "Do not wait for leaders; do it alone, person to person."

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Electrical Nutrition  excerpts taken from the book "Electrical Nutrition - A Revolutionary Approach to Eating That Awakens the Body's Natural Electrical Energy" by Denie & Shelley Hiestand 2001

A word from the Author:  To many people, the concept of nutrition being an electrical process may be difficult to grasp.  It was not so long ago that I was part of that group.  Perhaps the best way to explain vibrational medicine is to give you a brief outline of how I learned about our electrical make-up.  I was introduced to vibrational medicine, the umbrella term for all healing techniques pertaining to the electrical function of the body, when some years ago I suffered from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

I enrolled in specialized courses in yoga; massage; cell electrology  (the study of cell energy systems); Shen physio-emotional release therapy; awareness release therapy; color, herb, crystal, and naturopathic therapies; cell function physiology; lymphology; electrical stress release; and other energy healing methods.  It was soon obvious to me that all of these therapies that I was studying were utilizing life-force energy in one form or another in its various frequencies.  These ideas are direct from nature.  Electrical nutrition is a key component in the electrical reconstruction of the body.  Perfect health and vitality is our natural state of being.

Then why is it that record numbers of people are dying of cancer and other degenerative diseases?  Why is it that people in the Western world are spending more on health-related problems now than in any other time in history?  Why is disease in all its manifestations at an all time high?  Why is it that Western society is riddled with discontent, emotional dis-empowerment, and, for most, financial enslavement?  Why is it that the human experience has left most of the people on this earth, particularly those living in the Western hemisphere, with a sense of abandonment and disconnection from self and in a state of despair?  How is it that the greatest industrial achievements this earth as seen have seen have left our world disharmonious, polluted, toxic, and out of stop with every aspect of nature? 

We are electrical, and this is an electrical universe, in which everything is interconnected.  Disease states are nothing more than an electrical malfunction, and vibrational medicine addresses the causes of these malfunctions, not just the symptoms. Modern medicines can have the effect of an electrical hand grenade in the body, whereas electrical nutrition will help bring the body back into harmony.  We have been fed many health care mistruths and have accepted a health-care system that seems to have promoted more disharmony, toxic effects, and death in the human body than ever before.  Many of the malfunctions that occur in the body are due to incorrect fermentation. 

When we embrace the electrical universe, we have to come to terms with the reality of everything being an electrical construct, carrying within itself an electrical matrix and interfacing with everything on an electrical or energy level.  To change any component of the matrix is to effect change of the whole.

This concept totally displaces the particle physics mindset and perhaps reassigns chemistry to kindergarten logic.  We live in an electrical universe, we are electrical, and everything we interface with is electrical.  Everything is an electrical action, not a chemical reaction.  The universe, this earth, the soil, the plants, the animals, and us, have evolved in this electrical reality we call nature.  For us to be alive and healthy, the undistorted energy from all of nature has to be transferred to our bodies.  Any change, any distortion, any disharmony we infuse into any part of our air, water, soil, or food is going to eventually compromise our health. 

Our entire modern food-handling process, where the emphasis is on long shelf life, is in fact turning our food into poisons.  All processes or inputs that limit or slow down the fermentation of food turn food into a potential disease-causing time bomb.  The alteration of the constituent ingredients of natural foods, the genetic manipulation of crops, and manufacturing and processing change the electrical function and the electrical matrix of food and make it almost impossible for our bodies to electrically recognize its energy.  We are killing the spark of life that is contained in natures' bounty.  Every time we allow ourselves or our children to drink a can of soda, to have a cookie, to have some candy, to eat out of a packet of preserved food, and to eat day after day a predominance of grain-based manufactured foods (cereal, doughnuts, pasta, bread), we are causing within our bodies electrical time bombs that will be guaranteed to slowly kill us and /or our children.  Strong words, indeed, but nevertheless, sadly, deadly true!

The rapid increase in cancer (which is just a highly electrically damaged group of cells) is the almost guaranteed result of a diet of processed and electrically distorted foods.  We have been struggling with ever-increasing  levels of degenerative diseases for the last number of years, and now with the dawn of the new millennium, we have available to us an exciting new concept to embrace.

There are many electrical body bombs that can compromise the body's immune system and endocrine system functions, which in turn affects our health and well-being.  When the body experiences ongoing bombardment from various factors that compromise its electrical system,  it starts to manifest physical symptoms.  These symptoms are than labeled by the medical profession and are suppressed with the help of prescription drugs.  The original electrical short circuit goes un-repaired, so the body just keeps getting increasingly unhealthy.  Some of the downstream health issues stem from grain toxicity and incorrect fermentation and food combining.  Other malfunctions are due to the bombardment of immunizations.  The ingestion of chemicals or simply the birthing process may also disrupt the electrical circuitry of the body.  Some of the common health problems that may result from the assaults to the electrical system include obesity, lethargy, joint degeneration, diabetes, Attention Deficit Disorder, emotional problems, electrical malfunctions such as blood toxicity, low energy, hormone imbalances, acne, and cellulite. Due to widespread damage to our electrical systems, our immune systems have been continually under stress since childhood, and as we progress through our life, our immune systems are never able to attain its full, correct function.

To clean up your body and get it functioning at a higher lever, you have to make some life-affirmative changes and integrate a few new processes such as drinking electrically "alive" water, detoxify, exercise, cleanse your colon, eat electrically well by increasing protein, fruits & veggies; and fortify against Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMF's).  None of these suggestions in isolation will do everything for you, but put together in balance they all add to the potential of each other.  This is the basis of electrical nutrition and vibrational medicine. 

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Since the beginning of the industrial age, the scientific enquiry has largely been limited to a materialistic understanding of natural and technological processes. At one stage, science comprised the spiritual sciences of Alchemy and Metaphysics. With the taking of the industrial path, the spiritual enquiry was neglected by the mainstream scientific establishment.

Technology has become increasingly complex without questioning its basic foundations and long term effects, and has moved further and further away from the simple basic workings of nature, which are based on implosion. Environmental, pollution, exploitation and dereliction have intensified with the increase in sophistication of technology. Recently, there has been a trend to care for the environment by developing ways that lessen the impact and environmental pollution of our technology. However, in order to find real solutions to the environmental dilemma, we have to go back to the beginning of the industrial path, develop an expanded more open minded science and medicine uniting Western and Eastern knowledge and develop a technology that is simple and works with nature - not against it.

Today’s technology is solely based on explosion. This is the process that has been adopted to use the energy stored in our planet’s natural resources to heat our homes, drive our cars and to produce our electricity. The explosion process, however useful it may seem, is extremely wasteful and inefficient. Most of the chemical energy stored in fuel is lost in the conversion process into mechanical or electrical energy. To travel a distance of 1000 km (~600 miles) in an average car requires an energy expenditure of 1000 kW. This equals the energy requirement of one human being to live and do all his physical and intellectual activities for one year (Coats, 1996).

Most of the energy is lost during an explosive process through frictional resistance, which produces useless waste heat. The waste heat from all industrial processes, which are almost exclusively somewhere along the line based on the explosive use of fossil or nuclear fuels, causes our planet to warm up. In nature (unlike conventional technologies) minute temperature differences will cause very large changes. If our own body temperatures go up by half a degree above normal we feel unwell. Our planet reacts to equally small changes in temperature.

Further to being heat generating, wasteful and inefficient, the combustion (explosion) of fuels produces by-products which harm us and pollute our planet. Furthermore, atmospheric oxygen, the element needed by all of us to breathe and exist, is wastefully consumed during the explosion process. An average car, driven at 50 KPH (~30 mph) consumes about 750 times the amount of oxygen needed by a human being (Coats, 1996). At the same time, our oxygen producing global forests are being cut down at an alarming rate.

Implosion is a suctional process that causes matter to move inwards, not outwards as in the case of explosion. This inward (centripetal) motion, however, does not follow a straight (radial) path to the centre, it follows a spiraling whirling path. This is called a vortex and is the secret of nature.


Water Vortex


Have you ever wondered why bath water, when emptied, flows through the plug hole in this spiraling vortex fashion? Water will always try to follow the path of least resistance. This is what the vortex is enabling it to do. It is reducing resistance by curving more and more inwards thereby avoiding the confrontational resistance of straight motion. This is the fundamental reason for the plug hole vortex phenomenon. The Coriolus Effect due to the Earth’s rotation determines the direction of spin of large scale vortices.

A characteristic feature of a vortex is that the outside of the vortex moves slowly and the centre moves fast. As water is imploded in a vortex, suspended particles, which are denser than water are sucked into the centre of flow, frictional resistance is reduced and the speed of the flow increased. This was verified through experiments conducted by Professor Dr. Franz Pöpel at the Stuttgart Technical University in Germany in 1952 (Alexandersson, 1996; Coats 1996).

The vortex motion, which also causes a drop in temperature and increase in density, is paramount for water to stay healthy and disease free. Natural water courses are naturally spiraling and meandering and the water in them forms whirls and eddies, which are vortices. The vortex motion can also be observed in whirl winds. The suctional force generated within tornadoes is typically strong enough to lift houses and uproot trees.

In stark contrast to nature, the conventional technical motion along straight paths causes resistance to build up exponentially with speed. A small increase in speed causes a large increase in resistance. Pressure and temperature are increased. This means that the higher the speed the greater the losses to friction.

In nature there are virtually no straight forms, and whenever possible, vortices, spirals and curves are produced to reduce resistance. Yet in conventional technology, explosion/combustion and straight motion are employed, both of which increase resistance and temperature and are fundamentally against nature and every living thing. The realization of this caused the Austrian Viktor Schauberger, the father of implosion technology, to proclaim emphatically in the early part of this century: " Our technologists are moving matter incorrectly. Their technologies and interference with nature is detrimental to us and our planet". His maxim in life was "Understand and Copy Nature" (Coats, 1996).


There is another not so apparent reason, why in the natural world around us there are so many spirals, as can be seen in shell-fish, snails, antelope horns, on a small scale in our spiraling DNA molecule and on a large scale in spiraling cosmic nebulae. We are now about to enter the realms of etheric energies, which are widely known and understood in many cultures. To our Western world, however, these concepts may still seem strange.

The Greek derived word ether is defined in the Webster Universal Dictionary as a "hypothetical medium, supposed to fill space, by means of vibrations in which light and other forms of radiation are transmitted". Up until the latter part of the last century the ether theory was an established scientific fact. The Michelson-Morley experiment, carried out in 1881, concluded that there was no Earth motion relative to the ether (Encyclopedia Britannica, Vol. 8, p. 98). This experiment (which was a one off, 4h experiment) discredited the ether theory and caused its rejection in favor of the theory that space is a vacuum and air is merely a chemical composition of Oxygen and Nitrogen plus other minor constituents.

Today, scientists are realizing that there is some kind of fundamental non-electromagnetic energy after all, which pervades space and interacts with matter. Because of its non-conformity to the laws of thermodynamics it has been referred to as free energy, vacuum energy, scalar wave or quantum energy. In Eastern cultures this energy is known as life force, Prana or Chi, etc. In this article we are using Aristotle's term Ether or etheric energy to describe this subtle energy.

The established ether theory of most of the last century was that ether is a static medium. However, ether is dynamic vibratory energy. It is very much in motion. And this motion always follows a vortex path. All manner of different vortex sizes and shapes exist, but basically, etheric energy moves in a vortex. The American John Worrel Keely, the farther of sympathetic vibratory physics, stated this in the late 19th century. He invented machinery, which was driven by this subtle etheric energy (Pond, 1996). His theories and inventions were opposed by organizations with vested interests, to which he eventually succumbed. His understanding was beyond that of his contemporaries. He was far ahead of his time.

Despite the problems he encountered, he and others like Nikola Tesla, Viktor Schauberger and Wilhelm Reich have shown that etheric energy, although invisible to most, is very real. It is the substance that is enabling the perpetual motion of planets, stars and universes. It is the driving force. Planets are moved within the flow of ether, similar to logs being moved by the flowing water of a river. This explains why there is no relative motion between Earth and ether (Senf, 1997).

All matter, on a sub atomic scale, is energy. The nucleus of an atom, its material core, is infinitesimally small in comparison with the size of the atom. If the entire space within an atom were to be filled with particles the size of its nucleus, one million billion (1015) of such particles would be required to do so (Asimov, 1977). Everything is space, and space is everything. This space is ether: vibratory energy! Keely wrote in 1893:

"there is no dividing of matter and force into two distinct terms, as they both are one. Force is liberated matter. Matter is force in bondage" (Pond, 1996, p.90)

Etheric energy moves in a vortex fashion, because the vortex provides least resistance to the flowing motion. It follows that physical matter, which is materialized etheric energy, seeks the same low-resistance motion. As mentioned earlier, the natural media water and air have this intrinsic vortex motion. Our blood and the sap of plants, move in this way too. After all, our veins, arteries and minute blood vessels are not straight channels. They are winding their way through our bodies just like a river is winding its way through the countryside. A short newspaper item in the Daily Mail from 8 May 1998 stated: "Medical scientists working with aeronautical engineers at Imperial College London, found that blood ‘swirls’ as it rushes through an artery. Furthermore, nature has designed arteries with a helical ‘twist’ to encourage the swirl..."

Water needs the natural winding spiraling vortex motion to stay healthy. This is because this motion allows it to recharge and sustain its life force, which is apparent as the etheric energy field surrounding it. Thus, water is etheric energy in bondage, but it has to move in this particular way, lest it loses its life force and becomes stagnant and lifeless.

Independent tests carried out by the Biofield Laboratory in Vienna have shown that the physical properties pH and conductivity of water change in a subtle way with energization. In some tests the pH of acidic bi-distilled water was raised towards the ‘normal’ region of pure water. These changes appear to be a direct result of the clustering of the molecules with energization.

An aspect that requires further investigation is the transformation of dissolved minerals into highly charged colloidal particles. There are indications that this transformation is taking place, which might explain why many people experience a reduction in the taste of chlorine and hardness after fitting a Vortex Energizer to their domestic water system. This seems to suggest that, although chemicals are not actually eliminated, they might be transformed into a state in which they are less harmful to the human being. At any rate, drinking energized water strengthens the immune system and should make the body cope much better with the detrimental outside effects stemming from pollutants, chemicals and electromagnetic radiation.

Kirlian Diagnostics using Diluted Imploded Water

In the following experiments bio-electrography (Kirlian photography) under high voltage high frequency conditions was applied to investigate the effects of drinking imploded water on the energy system of several test persons.

In these experiments, conducted by the Biofield Laboratory in Vienna, diluted imploded water was used. The results were:

Diluted Imploded Water raises the energy level of discharges in the terminal areas of all acupuncture channels and tends to improve the quality of their irradiation. It completes the corona and the aura of the endocrine terminal area on the triple heater (bilateral energy channel which terminates at the 3rd finger). It acts directly on the cellular water of the body and thus acts on the bioenergetic fields of the endocrine system and thus on the whole body awareness".

Left hand before drinking diluted imploded water Left hand after drinking diluted imploded water






The preceding statements are made solely for the purpose of disseminating information. Information given here is for research and educational purposes only and is not intended to prescribe treatment. If you are seriously ill see your health practitioner.


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