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Because a large percentage of our product's popularity has been built on word of mouth, we depend on loyal customers and clients for referrals, recommendations and their valued testimonials. All testimonials noted below are un-solicited and not compensated.     All comments contribute to future research/development, customer service enhancements and troubleshooting concerns. We truly appreciate customers who share their experiences and are extremely grateful when they do. Following are a few statements claiming the efficacy of our products and satisfaction of our customers.  Some are complete versions, others are annotated.  Click below on the category of interest or read them all.

  1. PureCharge Footbath Spa & BioCleansing Footbath
  2. AquaLab Systems
  3. EarthPulse Sleep Magnetic Resonance Device
  4. EMF Neutralizers
  5. HONEE Devices  
  6. Resonators & Protectors
  7. Tri-Vortex Charger
  8. Air Devices - LightningAir, BerryBreeze
  9. VitaShower/VitaBath
  10. EcoNut Organic SoapNuts
  11. NEO Water Magnets
  12. Raw Cacao Nibs & Powder
  13. Hemp Hearts
  14. Blessed Herbs Colon Cleanse
  15. General Compliments & Testimonials

Testimonials for PureCharge Energetic Spa

September 2004

I have used the AquaChi, BioCleanse & Q2 unit - in retrospect they seemed okay but over several months I didn't really feel better - BUT WOW.....the PC Spa unit is the best so far.  After only a couple of weeks using PureCharge Spa I noticed a considerable difference in my condition.  I really feel energized immediately and my test results have improved dramatically.  An added bonus is the easy cleanup - there is none!  I am glad you made the water module easy to use - No rings & clips - No staining.  Every footbath I look forward to and I love the fresh clean feel.  - J. Sofranko -Center for Healthy Living - Gallipolis, OH


November 2004

I have been using and experimenting with several different footbath units for about 4 years now.  I recognized that the machines did what they said except, I was leery about the color in the water. Many companies claimed the color was detoxification from the body, but what I found was that on most units the water turned thick & rusty and the water ornament would always pock, deteriorate, eventually dissolve and I would have to replace the parts.  It was pretty obvious to me that the breakdown of the parts caused the residue in the water - however, I went beyond that - tinkering around with my voltmeter showed an actual charge in the colored water but it was always under 3 volts.  Boy, was I surprised when I tested the Cage Water Module.  It is the best of the best.  When I tested the clear water of the Spa unit the voltage charge on my meter read an astounding 22volts !!!!  I am amazed that you all figured this out - remarkable.  And what a difference in how I feel compared to the last 4 years.  Keep up the good work. - Dr. Brewson, Escondido, CA


August 2004

I have been a practitioner representative for E-H-T for 7 years.  My clients and I have always been pleased with the results achieved with both AquaChi and Bio-Cleanse footbath but you have out done yourselves with the introduction of the PureCharge Cage Module & Spa unit.  Such innovation!  I run a busy clinic with oftentimes back-to-back footbath clients, so efficiency and hygiene is of the utmost.  I love the clean, effervescing water - I especially love the fact I don't have to fiddle with rings & clips, cleaning and assembly and stained footbath containers. The IntelliVOLT element allows me to attend to my clients instead of the equipment.  Thank you for making this process easier. - Center for Reflex Studies, Cottonwood, AZ  


March 2005

I am super pleased with the new PureCharge footbath spa.  I have used others with much consternation - always concerned about the breakdown of parts, tiresome blown fuses, stained buckets and excessive monitoring of the clients.  You listened!  I run a very busy health clinic and now I can spend more time with my clients instead of my equipment.  The results have been very promising and most clients comment on the clean, effervescing feel of the treatment process.  Thank you for making my facilitation easier and my clients healthier!  Keep up the innovation.....  - N. G. Portal, Inc. Hawaii


September 2005

I have done 5 Pure Charge treatments on myself.....  I can say that this last treatment, I felt more going on in my body than any of the ones prior. I did feel things after the other 4 treatments, but not as powerful as this last.  It has definitely helped with my carpel tunnel and with my colleague who has the same problem.  - S.W.A.N. - Albuquerque, NM


November 2005

I have done 14 treatments which is 28 calendar days as your literature indicates.    I have improvement in my body.  Some of the neuralgia and numbness in my right foot / leg, low back has abated and I want to continue with treatment to encourage these results - Thank you!  - C. Kelly, Mt. Vernon - WA


May 2007

Recently I had the opportunity to conduct an informal experiment. A former colleague and a founder of the MacLaren Centre, advised me that a practitioner from Toronto had an EIS Technology unit and was going to be at the MacLaren Centre demonstrating and taking clients - to energetically assess what was happening with their bodily functions.
My colleague suggested that I bring the Pure Charge Spa along and if there was time his wife was prepared to be the subject for an informal experiment. Between appointments the EIS Practitioner hooked his wife up to the EIS which showed she had inflammation in her brain, her entire spine was inflamed, and her stomach was inflammed, etc. Then, I gave her a 5 min hand bath and a 15 minute foot bath with the PureCharge Spa. Upon immediate re-evaluation with the EIS; there were no hot spots in the brain, all of the spine had cleared up except the base portion and it was very obvious that the inflammation was being drawn right down through the legs to the feet. Everyone's jaw dropped!  The visiting practitioner of the EIS Technology, who uses another type of footbath unit was amazed. The results and effect of energetic rebalancing with the Pure-Charge Spa was mind blowing. He said, "this  is significant! This is very significant" My colleagues were absolutely amazed and I felt both vindicated and impressed! D H. PhD - Quantum Rejuvenation Unlimited Inc.  Toronto CANADA

May 2008

The PureCharge Spa is really assisting my recovery process.  I feel so rejuvenated after a full bath - AWESOME!  Blessings & All the best.  T. Davids - Vancouver CANADA


First of all, my husband and I both like the deep sense of integrity and genuine intention that Dan and Elisabeth have in providing the best and longest-lasting
Energetic Spa. The materials they have researched and then chosen to use very much satisfies my health field background.

My husband and I used the original unit from another company years ago, and
the difficulties with putting the metallic rings in Correctly (otherwise it did not
work), having to make sure the dials and settings were right, using heavy,
toxic clean-up chemicals to clean it, and buying new sets of rings after every
10 footbaths was worth it at the time, and a real joy to be free of, later.

Dan and Elisabeth's intention to make the Energetic Spa so simple to use,
easy to clean (even white vinegar may do the cleaning, if the calcium in the local
water is not too heavy), and gentle, yet ongoing benefits of the energy are vastly
worth it!!!

For myself, I found that before the 3rd footbath with the PC Energetic Spa, a
sharp nerve pain from a little cyst that had developed some months before to the right side of my tailbone decreased to less than half the pain! The cyst decreased to less than half the size it was.  I hope this helps in your consideration, N. Weaver- San Diego, CA

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Testimonials for BioCleanse Detox Footbath Device

November 7, 2003

I wanted to tell you the amazing results that I have gotten from using your footbath.  I am currently ridding my body of a chronic yeast problem that I have had since a young man (now 34).  I went through colonics and various other treatments but by far the Bio-Cleanse has produced the most dramatic results.

Ted - New Jersey


January 22, 2002

Dear EnviroHealthTech,

I'd like to tell you about your Bio-Cleanse Field Enhancement Unit that we have.  In 1978 I had what the doctors called a silent heart attack.  From that date I would have an EKG every year, also a monitor on my belt.  My pulse was staying pretty close to 50, fearing one day I would have to have a pace maker.  This year I went to the American Heart Assn., and had an EKG plus many more test, and low and behold the Doctor said he could not tell that I ever had a heart attack - and he would not have known without looking back at my records.  My pulse was also in the higher 60's.

Also, Gordon had plastic veins in both legs a year ago and had the ultra sound and different tests on his aorta and both legs every six months.  The last test in September - shows much better circulation and no clots.  Dr. Smith expected to have some clotting this time, but none were found. 

We feel with your machine and with prayer, we've gone a long ways and wanted to share this with you.

Thank you so much

Gordon and Iola Kraemer  - Wickenburg, AZ


November 2001,

To whom it may concern,

When I first began the Bio-Cleanse treatments; my energy level was low, my skin tone was poor and I suffered daily with Rheumatoid Arthritis.  After the first few treatments, my energy level picked up noticeably.  By the beginning of the second cycle I was receiving comments on my skin tone.  With continued treatments my skin has improved all over my body, giving a smoother appearance, even tone and diminished lines.

As I continue to use Bio-cleanse, I'm aware of diminished joint pain, improved sleep, increased energy on a lasting basis, and overall a truer sense of well-being.  I enjoy the youthful appearance of my skin and the clean feeling of being detoxified. 

Now I look forward to each treatment with enthusiasm, and never want to go without one!  Bio-Cleanse has truly changed my health and approach to life.

H. N. - Bellingham  WA


May 13, 2001

Hi Dan and Elisabeth,

I must let you know that since I returned to Seattle from our meeting in Spokane, I have been extremely busy. Your machine is great! I have my entire family going through their 1st cycle. My oldest son has a case or ring worm, which seems to be fading away. My husband has foot fungus, and
skin problems. Both are noticing relief from those symptoms. Everybody including myself has noticed an increase of energy.

I have also introduced the machine at our Healing Arts Clinic in Maple Valley. It has been very well received, and I have been offering treatments. Everybody is very excited about this technology. I can see that this business will be growing as more people experience the benefits of the foot baths over time.

Cynthia Blashaw - Seattle  WA 


Ongoing reports from Pat Kultgen - Lorena TX


I have had eight treatments with the Bio-Cleanse footbath unit.  On Friday I mowed for six hours and groomed a very dirty, small pony --- with NO allergy symptoms.  It was quite a change to have a clear head, clear sinuses, no drainage, no swelling, no itchy eyes the next morning. It is most remarkable because I had absolutely no symptoms!  Not a single sneaky sneeze.  I don't know what is in that pumpkin soup, but the waste leaving my body has also changed noticeably for the better (apologies but there's not subtle way of sharing that information!).  My energy level is way up and I'm very, very pleased with what is happening.


The Bio-Cleanse is making a wonderful difference in my life.  No problems from stress....No rashes, no nausea, no swelling, no brain fog, no speech problems, no leg dragging, no back or muscle pain.  I am soooooo happy!


I am doing incredibly well.  No allergies.  It is wonderful to be normal.  I received a 95.5 on my quantitative analysis final on Friday...I can think too!  The only thing that I have done is using this machine.  Significant improvements in my fine motor coordination also.


I took a foot bath with the Tri-Vortex plate under the tub on Sunday night.  I felt a little more energy, but the next morning I had much more energy and could not stay in bed.


My friend who purchased one (Bio-Cleanse machine) to help her aging mother with arthritis had a break through last week. After footbath treatment # 8 the mother was able to sleep seven hours without pain. Reported feeling "great" the next day. I turned the water black again at #22. Did it at #9 and #16. Had something that looked like 1/4" white worms come out of a man who consistently corrodes the rings and clips. I'm noticing an improvement in general emotional well-being, I'm much calmer and steady. Cognitive ability is still good, energy still good. Was able to use 5 gallons of metal paint on my pipe fence last week AND paint thinner. Which put me into convulsions before.
I've been very pleased.


Carolyn treated a woman with lupus last week.  She has problems with her hands especially.  The next day the woman noticed significant improvement in dexterity and decreased pain.  She purchased a machine.  These machines are incredible.  


Had a very good report from my fibro patient.  She has completed 15 treatments...her blood work shows dramatic improvement and she is sleeping through the night.  There is still significant liver impairment...but we hope that will look better at the next test.  It is incredible that we have been able to accomplish as much as we have with just 15 treatments. She has been sick for 30 years and  is finally getting better instead of deteriorating.


I've been very, very pleased with the BioCleanse treatments.  I had immediate results which were noticeable over the next 17 treatments.  I kept at it because I had more energy-I never dreamed they would continue to improve my overall health!
I was taking nothing else...and have actually cut down my supplements to almost nothing.  I take an occasional Vit C now...an occasional pro-biotic (primal defense) an occasional antioxidant (Solar Ray) and an Omega 3-6-9 a bit more regularly (whenever I remember)!  I've had absolutely no health crisis using this technology.  None.  A few people I've treated (I've given 380 treatments) have been tired the next day (we're talking less than 5%) which I've learned comes from having low adrenal function.  That was easy to compensate for-the first treatment is done at low power.


Just wanted you to know I treated a woman with severe shingles on her arm today.  The sores that were in the water healed up during the treatment.  Definitely increased blood flow to the area immediately afterward.  An hour later, noticeable decrease in inflammation, crusting, swelling.  Five hours later she reports no itching.  She's had it for two months. Cortisone shots, prednisone, topicals didn't phase it.
I am astounded-I've never seen a response like it.




Received the Bio-Cleanse unit, it works great, Thank you.  I want you to know that I've had five cleanses in all, my energy level is higher than its been for a long time.  My Fybromyalgia, diabetes, vision, and overall body function has improved.  I'm excited about what wellness the next few treatments will bring.

Sincerely Happy Customer,

Diana Gleason -  Glenoma,  WA



I was truly amazed with the footbath.  My skin was smooth & silky.  My whole body felt refreshed and invigorated.  My hair remarkably still feels clean after two days and usually I wash it every day and sometimes twice a day.  I look forward to continued treatments.

Loretta Ford - Denver, CO


"I had never seen my blood sugar level under 123.  After 3 treatments with the machine, the results read out a blood sugar level of 94! "  - S.H.

"I have lost 1-1/2 inches of fluid from my ankles. Varicose veins have decreased by half, and scars are disappearing, skin is much better". - L.H.

"As a naturopath, I found the results surprising!  In cases of chronic fatigue, severe dermatitis and psoriasis, positive results occurred quickly and comfortably" - M.L.

"I experienced an elimination of stiffness, soreness, cramps & pain from Fibromyalgia". - C.C.

"I had kidney failure a year ago.  Doctors wanted to put me on Kidney Dialysis.  I did one cycle of fourteen footbaths and my Doctor was amazed because I registered as having normal kidneys for the first time in 30 years..  I feel a lot better and have more energy.  You really have a powerful piece of equipment here!" - D.B. 

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Testimonials for AquaLab Systems Ozone Device

June 1999

I had a horrible yeast infection that had plagued my for months.  Antibiotics were NOT working.  I was desperate.  I used your machine at a friends house.  I did a vaginal insufflation and was INSTANTLY relieved....no more itching and burning.  The discharge stopped within the hour.  The next day, the infection seemed to be gone!  It has been several weeks and I have not had anything re-occur. Thank you. - N. D. Yakima, WA


February 20, 1997

My husband purchased an AquaLab ozone generator at Christmas to use for preventative maintenance and help with a small fungal infection.  Fungal infection is long gone and has not come back.  However, this letter is being written to share with you what happened to me and how your ozone generator helped me at a time of crisis.

We were traveling to friends for a visit and to show them the equipment so they could do a spa treatment, but on the way I got a horrendous case of severe food poisoning.  I was vomiting from 10 p.m. to about 3 a.m. with no end in site.  My husband asked several times if he could do anything...I kept saying I'll be alright, go back to sleep.  He could not sleep because of my discomfort.  Eventually, at 3 in the morning he set up the ozone machine and insisted I try it.  He made me a glass of water with ozone.  After drinking that the heaving stopped.  I did a rectal insufflation also and that did the trick.  My stomach calmed instantly and I fell asleep quickly. 

I awoke the next morning feeling as though nothing had happened.  I felt great.  With the violent heaving & vomiting I had experienced, I was shocked that the treatment worked so quickly.  I'm sure I would have been up hours longer waiting for the poison to leave my body.  AquaLab saved our trip and my stomach.


B Wallace - Vancouver, Canada


"The generator is working as well as the air cleaners.  Both my wife and I are very grateful.  We look forward to getting the water  purifier. Love your products." - A.S. Munger, MI

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Testimonials for Aulterra EMF Neutralizers

April 11, 2006 

These Neutralizers really DO WORK!  For the first time I feel SAFE talking on the cell phones. Now we are getting them for our children's cell phones!  -  CW,  Miami  Florida.


The cell phone Neutralizers are very effective.  I started using one stuck on the back of my cell phone in spring 2000.  Since then, I have peeled it off and re-used it on 4 cell phones all with the same benefits - I did not even have to use more glue to affix it to the new phone.  I am on the cell phone at least 3 -5 hours every day, both with my head phones, hands free and hand-held.  I never experience headaches, always get great reception and since using the Neutralizer, have never felt any adverse effects from prolonged cell phone usage.  I love it!  With the success of that product, I am looking forward to using the new Energy Pillow.  - D.J.M. Arizona


I am a cell phone addict.  Before the neutralizer, my ear was tingly; I could negatively feel each call. After placing the neutralizer on my cell phone, I am pain free, worry free & again enjoy my cell phone calls. - Mark Victor Hansen


One of our customers was experiencing a mild jittery feeling when she watched T.V.  She states, "when I got the Aulterra Neutralizers, I carefully placed them, one on the T.V., one on my cell phone and one on my portable phone.  I turned on the T.V. and in 2-3 minutes I noticed what felt like no T.V. vibes coming out and into the room.  I felt that the room was calm and the jittery feeling was gone.  Also I feel neutralizers on cell and portable phones do just what the name states: Neutralizes". - Barbara, Idaho


I currently have one of your products - the neutralizer - on my cellphone.  I did a strength test on my husband's phone and mine. What a difference! - Lavonne, Brookfield WI


While I was visiting a comatose friend in the hospital, I placed an Energy Pillow under her hospital pillow.  The Doctor's had only given her a 20%-30% chance of survival and recovery.  Prior to doing so, no one had seen any response from my friend Ann.  Shortly after being exposed to the Energy Pillow, Ann was roused and thereafter awoke from her coma.  She is home and her recovery has progressed nicely.  - Fred, Spokane WA


I personally use the pillow all the time.  I find it especially effective after I am with people who are critically ill or in Hospice.  I sometimes have pain in my liver and this also happens in other situations where I am dealing with ill patients. I put the pillow on my abdomen over the liver area and within about 10-15 minutes the pain subsides.  I have used them on patients undergoing chemotherapy and they notice a marked improvement after the treatments in terms of energy increases, less nausea, etc... I have also seen results with back pain, fibromyalgia, and migraine headaches. -Paula, Orwell OH 


I was diagnosed with Shingles three weeks ago and even though I have been prescribed pain medications, I have been unable to conquer my pain.  As the Shingles began to heal, the entire left side of my body became tingly, itchy and extremely painful. One evening I fell asleep only to be awakened by the pain.  I placed an Aulterra Energy Pillow on the affected area.  I fell asleep and when I awoke the pain in the area where the Pillow had been was completely gone and the radiating pain was significantly reduced.  After experiencing such positive results with my pain management, I began to look for the other ways to incorporate this and other Aulterra products in my life to achieve greater health and wellbeing. - Freda, Cleveland Heights, OH 


I worked with a patient who was really battling severe depression and had a lot of anger from a failed relationship.  I gave her an Energy Pillow and within 10 minutes of using it, she was completely calmed down.  She took it home because it made her feel better.  - Megan, Mill Valley  CA


I attended a class in New York where I bought an Aulterra Energy Pillow.  I like to enjoy a glass of wine in the evening, but often the preservatives upset my digestive system.  I placed a glass of wine on the Energy Pillow and let it set for 5 minutes.  I was then able to drink the whole glass without it bothering my stomach. - Carol, Middleburg Heights OH

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Testimonials for HONEE Cakes and TTBs

June 2006

I was a little skeptical about the H.O.N.E.E. Cakes as a protector from EMFs, however a friend recommended the Orgone/Orgonite product after receiving excellent benefits.  They do look like sweet little confections and I was hesitant to just throw them into the garden as suggested.  After a couple of days we really did notice a difference in the overall demeanor of all things around the house.  Our bedroom is located directly below a large transformer power line which supplies our small community with power.  Both my husband and I suffered from chronic restlessness, nightmares, and insomnia - Within days of deploying the H.O.N.E.E. cakes throughout our property, we were noticeably calmer, slept sounder and through the night with NO nightmares.  As a matter of fact, we both started to look forward to sleeping and the vivid happy dreams which have taken the place of bad dreams. Every day for the past several weeks, we have slept over 8 hours a night - undisturbed!  Even the plants seem happier and greener!  The animals are not as restless.  Surprisingly, the oppressive inevitable heat of the summer seems subdued.....We are strongly considering a tactical deployment of them in key areas around our community, particularly the harbor and power plant. - B. & J. R  Henderson, Nevada


March 2007

I really noticed a difference with the 3 HONEE Cakes I purchased.  Wow! I love them so much I am getting 6 more to deploy around my neighborhood and gift to some friends who suffer from EMF pollution. I had better sleep and dreams immediately.  My energy level went up MASSIVELY and I feel great.  Thanks.  --B.K. Granite Falls, WA


April 2007

A friend recommended the use of your HONEE Cakes and Neutralizers for my challenge with environmental sensitivities.  At first they were so strong I got a headache - when I moved them further away from my house I really noticed a difference.  So much so, that even my neighbor reacted to the new "hidden" energetic source.  I worked in the garden for hours - for the first time in years without any adverse effects.  I slept well and feel great.  I want a few more to throw around the neighborhood.  VD - BHC, AZ


November 2009

My order arrived today (faster than I expected) and I am excited - two of the objects are for presents and little ones are for me to scatter!  Was delighted at my free gift ... beautiful colouring - that is now my personal travel 'mini' ... thank you very much.

I'm sure I shall find something else to order from you in the future - am toying with the pendant but we will see - in time. Have a great holiday season and thanks again all of you. Always a pleasure doing business with you. Best wishes, Sacha - France


October 2010

Hi Dan,  This message from one newly tranquil home. I have all products in place, home & yard, from my first order. I really feel the difference!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Peace and harmony!  Drinking water gadget {TriVortex Charger} amazing also. Thank you for being you!  Now living in the vortex dome!  L. Wright - Wisconsin

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I just started wearing the Scalar Resonator. All I can say is WOW!  I have been interested and wearing EMF protection jewelry for many years. Many of them improved various conditions. I now know that I have an electrical sensitivity and suffered with many illnesses when I was younger. Your product is the strongest I have encountered. I have been using muscle testing  for many years to see what helps or hurts by body. I have used tachyon products, the sunphire and others. Many of the other products I have used together for greater protection. This has caused my health to improve greatly.  As I test yours, I find it seems to stand out on its own. - ISABEL Y, NJ


I purchased EarthCalm in order to obtain some protection from electromagnetic bombardment and took with a grain of salt some of the possible relief from maladies listed in your brochure.  Much to my delight, my blood pressure which was running l60/100-110 was reduced within about 10 days to 138-145/85.  I'm 68 yrs. old now and purchased  EarthCalm about two years ago.  My blood pressure has consistently stayed at the lower level for all of this time.   .............With even more delight, I report the results for my 92 yr. old Mother.  We purchased EarthCalm for her about six weeks ago.  She scared me for occasionally her upper reading was over 200.  Within a few days of having the Scalar Protection unit in her home, her systolic was down to 150 and has stayed there.  Neither my Mom nor I have ever taken high blood pressure prescription drugs.  Thank you for your wonderful dedication to the well-being of all of us, and thank you for addressing a problem which the United States health community has yet to give more than cursory attention.   Michelle Bruce







I previously ordered the home protection unit - 7 circuits.  I spoke with you regarding the results I had for my daughter....reduction in size of her tonsils......about 60%!  Debbie S.


"My nephew is 11 years old, has ADHD and suffers with asthma. After wearing the Resonator  for about 20 minutes, he was noticeably calmer and more focused. When I asked him how he was feeling he said, 'I feel like one person!'" Cindy D. Michigan


"I felt an immediate sense of well being as soon as I put the Resonator on... some of my patients had relief of a specific joint pain while others noted more energy and less overall pain." Fran B, Chiropractor,  California


"Am doing great with the Resonator - don't know if I told you that I have Lyme's disease,  so have had a lot of body pain, especially when tired, but must say that I can  definitely feel improvement! You are a lifesaver!!! Thanks so much!
Love and  Blessings, Michelle W,  Nevada


"My migraine headaches have almost completely gone away since I started using the EarthCalm Home  Protector." Dawn Stone,  Nevada


"...the ringing in my ears went away after using the Home Protector for one night. I also noted relief from severe neck and back pain from an old injury." Hugh Wright,  California


"My heart rhythm is more regular..." Mike V, Nevada


I just had to write and tell you about my experience with your amazing Scalar Home Protection System.  I've suffered with Fibromyalgia for years and spent thousands of dollars on health supplements, doctors, relaxation therapies, massagers.  You name it, I've tried it.  Nothing stopped the terrible pain, mental fog,  exhaustion, depression, anxiety and inability to "think.  Then, to make matters worse, Alltel, the local cell phone company, decided to erect a huge cell phone tower directly across the street from my home. 
As my health went from bad to worse, I started to wonder if the cell phone tower could possibly have anything to do with my symptoms.  The pain, anxiety, depression and mental fog had increased so dramatically with the installation of this monster, that it couldn't be mere coincidence.  As I researched the effects of electromagnetic radiation on the internet, I found your website and decided to try your invention.  Your products carry a 90-day money back guarantee, so I had nothing to lose.  I should also mention that I have two adorable little Poodles under two years old and I was worried about the EMF effects on their tiny bodies, as well. 
I realize that this is going to sound "too good to be true", but I kid you not, this is exactly what I experienced............
At 2:30 on a Saturday afternoon, I plugged in my Home Protector and sat down at the kitchen table to make a grocery list.  I wasn't expecting anything, but literally within minutes, I felt the pain begin to drain out of my body.  The tension.  The tension I didn't even realize I was feeling, started to leave.  When you live with a condition long enough, you don't remember what "normal" feels like.  For years, I hadn't been comfortable in my own body.  I always felt like I was going to fly out of my skin.  I felt like crying all the time.  I felt absolutely hopeless.  I can't begin to tell you what a relief it was to feel the pain, the depression, the anxiety and nervousness, the mental fog just being drawn downward out of my mind and body.  I could breathe again.  I didn't feel like crying.  The pain was at least 65% better.  My eyes didn't burn and hurt and water.  I just sat there in total amazement as this happened to me.  Within a half hour, both of my dogs got up and began to play like two year old Poodles.  They raced around the house, played tug of war with toys, ran up and down the stairs happy as could be.  They had been acting like little old men before the Earth Calm Home Protection System was installed.
Jean, I don't pretend to understand how your products work.  All I know is that, after all these years of suffering and being afraid of the future and feeling like I was going to die, your products have given me my life back!!!!!!  That's how well they work when up against a huge cell phone mast 250 feet away.  Think what they can do for the average home!   Cinda G, Oklahoma


"I have multiple sclerosis. I went through a 3 day detoxification with flu symptoms as soon as I plugged the unit in. Now I am able to sit in front of the computer or TV twice as long as before without getting tired. I also noticed a numbing in the finger from the multiple sclerosis that went away." Lisa C,  Utah


"For a few days I felt a rush. I almost felt like I was wearing a Wonderwoman bracelet. I also noticed my carpal tunnel problem improved..." Mary G. California


"I felt more grounded as soon as I put the Earth Resonator on. My arthritis improved. As a man I also find the Resonator attractive to wear." John Finney,  Nevada


"The unit has arrived and this is the second day it has been plugged in. Our older son (ADHD tendencies) seems to be calmer in the house and is sleeping a LOT.  At 17 he usually goes and goes, exhausted or not, but seems to be able to relax now." Kim F, NY


"Whenever I take my EarthCalm Ankle Bracelet off, it is as if I am removing a part of my body, so you see how much it does have an effect on me." Ann J, California 


Due to my line of work I was forced for the last 14 months to work on my computer 10 to 12 hours a day. The hypertension had gotten so bad, it often scared me. I was fully aware of the fact that the electromagnetic energy from the computer and the additional office equipment were  to blame. When I left the office at night and sat in my Laz-y-boy to read my paper, I often did not get any further than the obituaries and I fell deep asleep.

All that instantly stopped 10 to 15 Minutes after I plugged in my Home-protector. At first I asked myself: Is this psychosomatic? But 2 to 3 Hours later I knew it was for real. During the initial hour I felt as if someone had put a veil over the gray matter between my ears. Not that I was unable to get any work done, even so I felt somewhat phlegmatic. As a matter of fact I accomplished quite a lot. During the next couple of hours, that veil dissipated, and I suddenly felt totally at peace. I was overcome by a feeling of immense happiness. Not that I am a morbid person to begin with, it was just such an elated state of being, that I said to myself: This is totally "nuts".

Another thing I have noticed,  I am now able to sit up straight. Due to some severe spinal injuries in my youth, weather I am walking, running or sitting, I have a tendency to constantly slump. I have stopped that almost instantly. It is definitely not a conscious reminder, it just happens. My upper back suddenly stopped feeling so enormously tired. Kelly W, Michigan


After wearing the Resonator for 30 minutes, I felt a gush of God energy coming through me. Brian Henderson, Utah


When I first put on my Scalar Resonator, I noticed a heavy grounded feeling in my feet, and then a slight rush of elation.  Then for about a week I was tired and achy all over, like a flu.  After that, I noticed while swimming that I could swim twice as many laps before needing to stop. Mike G,  New Jersey


I have suffered from systemic Candida for 30 years and medical doctors  have not able to do anything to help me.  In 2000, I turned to alternative therapies for help.  I have used  various herbal products to detoxify my system but none have been able to do the job completely.  The home protector is now doing what those herbal products could not  do. Thanks, Sally C, Nevada

EarthCalm" is a good name.  Whereas previously certain situations would result in a heated argument
with my wife, these days I feel calm!   L C H September 2005 Phnom Penh


"Your product is fantastic.  It is better than anything else, i have ever come across.   It does what you say, and more.   Believe me, within a few minutes, i could feel my nervous system relax, and the meridians opening, the energy flowing better.   I am really quite astounded.  In the first hour,  after plugging in the home protector [scalar unit will be plugged in after 2 weeks] i was able to sit there, spontaneously following, and absorbed within the silence that flowed from the depths  of my mind, in a peace that is not usually found without effort and mindful attentiveness against the never ending waves of the intellectual mind imprisoned by its chatting egos.  Just to close one's eyes in that environment brings peace.  We felt tingling through our bodies, and a sensation of energy flowing up and down
the spinal column.  I R, Canada


 I realized it was working when I saw that I had quit grinding my teeth at night! It is amazing!   It is a very subtle thing of course, but shows me that I'm sleeping better and not so stressed out!  I love it! Thanks again!  Ethan T, Oklahoma


Hi,    I thought i'd let you know how my Earthcalm pendant has changed my life.  I have been depressed for 25 years, I tried to snap out of it but found it hard.  I used to be asleep all the time.  I hardly ever smiled.  I walked like a zombie. I have children, I can't have been a nice person to to be around I was always so miserable.  I used to never bother with my appearance.  If it wasn't for the children I would have stayed in bed 24/7.  I also purchased a Qlink ally for the home.  I can honestly say after using the Earthcalm pendant and the Qlink ally I have noticed I am so much calmer,  so much more positive.  In fact I can't believe I am the same person. I am like a teenager in my brain again, but I have a lot more responsibilities.    I smile most of the time despite having plenty of problems. I can think clearer, I can see things more clearly.    All I can say is it is hard to believe.  I did purchase the Qlink first,  the children seemed calmer but I felt I needed the Earthcalm pendant as well.  I'm glad I bought it because it made the difference.  In the near future I hope I can persuade my son with moderate ADHD to purchase Earthcalm room plug and the pendant.  When I talk to people I can honestly say I more or less listen to every word they say which I never used to.  I feel I could do most things if I wanted to now.   I laugh a lot with my family now, I'm always smiling.  My children have told me I am so easy to talk to now.  They found it hard to talk to me before. I think if I went for an job interview I could do quite well now. Blessings, Shahnaz B

I am sending you my heartfelt thanks for introducing us to the Earthcalm.  The hour before receiving and plugging the Earthcalm in, our area had been heavily chemtrailed and I was feeling the effects.  My whole system felt as though it was shutting down, constricting.  I had a definite metallic taste in my mouth.  My body felt acidic.  I had sharp pain at the base of my skull.  I was extremely fatigued and agitated.  Within minutes of plugging the Earthcalm into the wall, my whole body began to relax.  Within an hour, the metallic taste was gone, the pain in my head was gone, my energy began to return and a sense of calm and happiness came.  I also experienced a runny nose the rest of that day.  My husband who is easily chilled kept asking me if the heater was on, he felt so warm.  The following day, we had planned to begin the lemonade diet.  We followed the protocol until noon, when I had to stop because I was simply cleansing too fast.  I also want to mention sleep.  I have a history of menopausal insomnia.  From the first night with the Earthcalm, I have been sleeping a minimum of 8 hours a night.  And it is a deep, sound, restful sleep.  Each day I feel a little better, more balanced, more energetic, and joyful.  I will be recommending this product to everyone I know.  Kathryn M


Since I have worn the Scalar Resonator I have not been sick. I work in the printing industry with all the toxic smells  and noisy equipment and sit in front of a computer all day with a headset on all day and listen to satellite radio too . I used to be sick all the time with chronic sinus infections and bad headaches ALL THE TIME. So I am so grateful to you for developing such a great product that has helped me and protects my body and keeps me balanced.!!!!  Many great blessings upon you for your invention. Devida DePalma 

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Testimonials and Research Results for Tri-Vortex Charger

September 1, 2000

I received your latest invention called the Tri-Vortex Disk.  I am quite frankly very surprised with the results I obtained to say the very least.  I exposed the disk to several liquids including tap water. The impact on the structure of tap water is the most surprising.  I measured the sample water with a Digital Computer Assisted DeNouy Surface Tensiometer, and obtained a reading of 72.4 dynes per centimeter.  After the same sample water was exposed to the Tri-Vortex Disk for only three (3) seconds, the surface tension dropped to 38 dynes per centimeter.  This drastic improvement of the water's structure is quite remarkable, as I have NEVER seen any kind of chemical of technology lower and improve the surface tension of water as rapidly as the Tri-Vortex Disk. 

And short of adding a commercial laundry detergent or a toxic surfactant to the sample water or liquid; I don't know of anything that could drop the dynes that low (38 dynes per centimeter).  The application for this device is almost limitless! Agriculture, Medicine and Nutritional applications are only the beginning. Most Sincerely, Dr. James D. Aker, PhD. - Millenium Foundation,  San Diego, CA


March 10, 1997

As Athletic Director of the Shiley Elite Athletic Excellence Program, I am fortunate to be working with a tremendous number of athletes from all sports on all levels.  We have clients from all professional sports such as tennis, basketball, football and baseball.  Since we work with such a variety of athletes, I am always excited when new products come to our attention.

In the past three month I've had several athletes use your Quantum Disk (Tri-Vortex Charger).  The feedback from and the results on these athletes has been very positive.  They have experienced rapid recovery from injuries such as sprained ankles, tendinitis, muscle sprains and other injuries.

For example, All-Star baseball player Steve Finely was place on the injured reserve list by the San Diego Padres because of tendinitis of the elbow.  The trainers and physicians tried everything but nothing worked.  The disk was placed on Steve's elbow on a Sunday afternoon and remained on his elbow 18 hours a day for the next five days.  Eight days later on a Monday afternoon Finely was reactivated by the Padres and he played in the 1997 All-Star game in July.

One of our clients is a Senior Tennis Champion who had a painful growth on her Achilles Tendon that would not respond to conventional treatment.  This athlete had scheduled surgery to correct the problem.  She placed the disk on the growth for several days and the pain and swelling disappeared and she has canceled the surgery.

Thank you very much for your addition to our training, treatment, energy and recovery of our athletes. 

Dean Brittenham - Shiley Sports & Health Center of Scripps Clinic,  LaJolla, CA


 April 25, 2000

PURCHASE, N.Y., April 24 - There is a quarter-sized disk with a secret ingredient taped to Larry Johnson's knee and two more disks on the small of his back.  He is not sure what pain-relieving powers are contained inside the circles - something about inertia - but he does not play, eat or go to bed without them. "They help," the Knicks' Johnson said today as he pulled the strands off the frayed tape that keeps the disks in place during games.  "That's all I know."  They are stuck to his body like Post-it notes, daily reminders of the aches and pains Johnson has endured over the years, particularly this one........  New York Times, by Selena Roberts


August 20, 2002

"I strained my Sciatic nerve while lifting some heavy equipment.  The only thing that has relieved the pain and allowed me to continue my daily functions is placing two charger plates (one in front & one in back) on my body over the damaged area".  - D.M. Seattle, WA


"We would carry bottles of water around with us everywhere, even into restaurants.  Now that we have the disc charger, I carry that instead.  It can make a glass of restaurant water taste great in just a few seconds.  What a noticeable difference! We don't go anywhere without our disk. It has been great for pain relief also "- D.W. San Diego, CA 


March 12, 2003

"By the way, I definitely feel a positive difference wearing your plate.  I've tried most all of these type devices in the last ten years or so and I can honestly say this is the first one that I continuously notice a difference while I am wearing it." - D.H. Wickenburg, AZ



I ordered a couple trivortex plates last year to try in swimming pools. I
just wanted to let you know that 1/3 of a plate put in the pump strainer
basket achieved results-customers commented the water felt softer. I put
them in 2 pools & swimmers in each gave positive feedback.

- Pool Service,  Mike Turville - Orange, CA


 August 2005

I talked to Dan on the phone about several items and I appreciate the time he spent with me.  I wanted to share that I think the Tri-Vortex charge items are making a difference.  I keep the disk in the right front pocket and notice less pain on that side where I have possible nerve damage or arthritis anyway pain challenges.  I was having a reiki session by an associate of mine and we could both feel a difference in the energy on that side of my body. It felt sedated.  Usually the right side of my body is over active and has a lot of processing and or heat that occurs when hands on energy is applied to my body.  My friend mentioned the difference and about that time I remembered I had the charger in my right pocket.  I took it out of my pocket and the energy felt immediately different to the person facilitating the reiki.  In fact it was noticeable to both us us.  Prior to this event I was not positive there was an effect from the charger.  I thought there was but still doubted as my pain level fluctuates from day to day.  The effect of the charger is subtle and sometimes subtleties are easily explained by the doubting mind/ego as coincidence or imagination.  I have no doubt now the charger has an effect.  Water has an improvement as well.  It tastes better and I actually enjoy unfiltered water more than I did before.  It seems more satisfying, less smell or aftertaste.  I have experimented with my cats and all three when 2 bowls of water same dishes same water is placed in front of them one charged one not they choose the charged water.  Over and over I have tried it, individually and with them all together.  I have done the same set up with their food.  So far they go to the charged food bowl first but then also turn to the other dish so the observation is not as impressive. I am so looking forward to the Spa I have ordered, I know several people that want foot sessions in the hopes that it will improve a condition their body is challenged by.  Thanks, C. Kelly WA


September 2005

The TriVortex plate is so good. I have been placing it over my cataract. I think between that, the NuEyes eye drops and the now the Pure Charge I am determined to dissolve this cataract!

- S. Reynolds - Albuquerque, NM


September 2005

"I am a 75 year old woman in good health who exercises regularly and takes a wide range of vitamins, minerals and nutrients on a a daily basis. When I do not take my vitamins for one day I can feel and experience the difference in my energy levels. I was very skeptical of the VitaTabs at first so I wore the bracelet on my left wrist and and right ankle everyday but kept taking my vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Gradually I have begun reducing my oral pill, gel and capsule consumption. Now I take my oral pills, gels and capsules every other day or I go two or three days without taking any pills, gels and capsules. In the beginning when I wore the VitaTabs, my energy levels were so high I could not sleep but now my body has adjusted and I have more energy and vitality than ever before wearing the VitaTabs. Not having to take daily oral doses of expensive vitamins, minerals and nutrients is just great for me and my friends and relatives."  ~ Vonnie Green - Irving, Texas


October 2005

I was given a VitaTab bracelet to use for a couple of weeks. I would take "no doze" tablets at work so that I would not fall asleep - within the first week I was able to stop taking no doze and I didn't feel sleepy at all during work.  I also used to take sleeping pills periodically to help me fall asleep.  I noticed the VitaTab bracelet instantly - I felt more relaxed, yet energized and slept like a log after wearing the bracelet only for a few hours everyday.  I went out dancing one night quite late and felt fantastic the next day at work.  Energized but not wired.....My friend took the bracelet back after a while and I noticed a return of my old symptoms - I became tired and lethargic easily and began taking no doze again.  My joints ached.   I want a VitaTab bracelet for myself!  Enclosed is my order - please send one immediately.- B.A.T - AZ


February 2006

Thank you for the quick dispatch of the TriVortex charger, and what a device it is!  I had always thought that objects claimed to have a charge of sorts were too abstract  for me ; no battery, no moving parts of any kind...who could prove it does anything really? Well, this one is an exception to the (my) rule to  the nth degree. It's effect on anything containing fluid is immediate and palpable in that it smoothes out the taste and feel of the treated substance to a clear improvement.

The field that the metal plate carries must have a highly organizing effect on the molecular, even atomic, yes, subatomic particle structure of ...really anything in it's vicinity, illustrated by the observation that any material will display the same organizing field properties after a period of 72 hours of exposure to the plate.
This product truthfully represents applied quantum physics for anyone's personal health and wellbeing.

And then I haven't even mentioned what happened when I meditated holding the plate to various chakra points, such a remedy for the many forms of electromagnetic pollution we think is so normal we don't feel the difference until we apply this little plate.

I would like to talk soon about the trivortex products and obtaining more for promotion and retailing.  until then, kind regards  - C. Suarttouw.  North Carolina


We used the gadget on our dinner and Steve tried it on the R/O water. He said it tasted different. Water does taste different with the gadget. Hair is dry now - feels somewhat softer. Think it may take several times to get balance enough to judge it but things look hopeful. Aloha, Judy and Steve Hile - Hawaii


November 2010

By the way my glassware in dishwasher turned out crystal amazing clean. Wow, your inventions are great! Thanks again. L. Wright, Wisconsin


April 2011

It worked, unreal! Dishes look perfect, much improvement with less soap, we haven't been using jet dry for awhile now. Dishes look like they did when we used jet dry. Thanks. - T. Doyle, Wisconsin


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Testimonials for Air Devices - Various models

~ BERRYBREEZE™ Activated Oxygen for Fridge & Produce ~

My husband purchased our Berry Breeze from Dynamic Organic a few weeks ago. I thought at first, great, another gadget. And now I love it! Our produce stays as fresh as the day we’ve bought it and lasts so much longer. I highly recommend this product for your kitchen.  - Tammy Janz WA

I have a Berry Breeze and it amazes me every day! Recently i forgot my avocados ripening in the cupboard and thought i would have to eat 4 in one day… yes not really a problem but due to price I like to pace them. I popped them in the fridge and they gained a new lease of life:-) LOVE MY BERRY BREEZE - worth every cent!  -- Carmen RutterWaneroo, WA

I love love love this product and have been telling everyone they have to get one. My husband was very skeptical when I bought it but is now totally convinced. No more wasted veggies and fruit. The fridge smells nicer and even looks cleaner. It is also easier to see what needs using first as no plastic bags. I would definitely recommend BerryBreeze.   -- Dynella JessettSA

Whether you’re looking to make your grocery bill go further or simply stop this wasteful problem, we’re thrilled to introduce you to an innovative solution! The BERRYBREEZE is the value-packed product for customers in need of making the crisp and freshness of the produce they buy at the market last longer, while stretching their budget. - Party of 5

I’ve been known to let produce die a slow, lonely death in my refrigerator. I don’t mean to. I’m not a cruel person but you know how it is: you see that head of kale at the grocery store and think you’ll use it but life intervenes and the next thing you know, it’s wilted and starting to goo in your crisper. Ready for the compost. It’s embarrassing but I’ll own up to it. BERRYBREEZE keeps my produce fresher longer.   -- superdumb supervillain

I know a lot of us waste money on fruits and veggies because they don’t seem to last long. With this cute little device that is FDA approved, you can save money! It is not a big piece of money saving madness. It is small and takes batteries, which is no maintenance in my opinion. I can see the Breeze Ozonator lasting for a very long time before having to change the batteries. Besides, I’d rather buy batteries then waste my food! -- Freebies WITH Attitude

I bought mine from the organic/health shop at Morley markets. It took at least a week to notice it working & so far a month later I’m pleased with the results. My asparagus & softer fruits/ leafy veg are lasting longer. -- Rebecca Cooper WA

I was skeptical at first but after the first week I was sold!! Great how it neutralizes odors and no more plastic wrap needed. Now I have a nice fresh fridge all the time. -- Jenny RyterPinjarra, WA


"I can tell a difference immediately when I turn the unit on. The smell is fresh and I enjoy breathing in fresh air. The fan makes far less noise than other air purifiers I have owned."
Lydia Vilachez - Loxahatchee, FL

"We have been running our unit and it has been great. I could tell a difference the first 15 minutes it was on. My wife has allergy problems and commented on how much better her sinuses feel already, and she is the skeptic in the family."
D. Arrand - Huntington, PA

"I just got a machine and it works GREAT! We recently cooked some fish and turned the machine up as the instructions suggested. Within half an hour you could not tell we had cooked the fish at all. We are very pleased with our air purifier!"
B. Rivera - Germantown, MD

"We can see quite a difference in our home. We have cats and no matter how well you clean there is always going to be a latent odor. Well, this air purifier really cleaned up that smell! We also use it in the basement and we no longer have a old musty smell down there. This is a wonderful product!"
Isabel & Stephen Nagy - Columbus, OH

"This purifier is outstanding! I am so pleased with my unit. I suffer from allergies and I could tell it helped right away!"
Alice Davis - Colorado Springs, CO

"I sold one unit to a friend of mine who is an Optometrist. There was an odor in his basement and it always had that smell. Well, your unit took care of that smell and now he enjoys using the basement!"
B. Cromwell - Celina, Ohio

"I received my purifier and really appreciate it. I have not been sneezing inside my home since I turned this purifier on, it works great! Thanks again. I will recommend you to my friends."
Mickey Dunn - Colonial, NJ

"I wish we had found out about it before. The unit has surpassed our expectations. My wife suffers from allergic reactions to the presence of mold or mildew. Before we had the unit she could not even go down to the basement, now she can."
David & Jane Del Ross - Newport, RI

"We love it! We have dogs, it helps fight dander & odor!"
Thomas Miller  - Charlevoix MI

"Our family is totally pleased with our units. It has helped with allergies and our family sleeps better when the purifier is running."
Sheila Amstutz - Howe, Indiana

"I smoke like a chimney - before I had my unit my family would come in and complain about the smoke. After I purchased my air purifier, they came into the house, looked around, and asked, "did you quit smoking?"
Don Alvey - Litchfield, KY

"I love the LightningAir. It has helped a lot with family allergies. My family doesn't suffer like before because we have the unit in our home."
Vivian Burns -  Round Rock, TX

"We are extremely pleased with the end result of these units. We sell them to hotels, motels and apartment complexes. Not only do they take care of smoke and pet odors, but also clears the air of the newly carpeted and painted smell."
Ron Wiggens - Houston, Texas


November 21, 1997

Dear Ms. Rae & Mr. Miller,

For three years my husband and I walked past your booth at the Home Expo and enjoyed the air.  This year I told you about a problem we had been having for a year with one of our bedrooms.  We always moved into this room for winter as it is the warmest room in our "cabin."  A year ago a small part of the carpet got soaked in a flood and we haven't been able to use the room since.  In the mornings we'd have sinus headaches and a lot of mucus.

This year we popped for the XL-15 air purifier and the difference was noticeable the first night we slept in that room.  It has gotten better every night since.  No headaches and less and less mucus.  This room is useable again and we sleep great in it!  Thank you for assuring us that this air purifier would work!

Al & Theresa Nollan - Canon City, CO


"Recently we had a new rubber backed carpet installed...This created a very strong synthetic odor throughout the office.  By using my Living Air XL-15, we were able to eliminate almost all of the odor within just a few days.  In the past, when new carpet was installed, it has taken weeks to get rid of the smell" - R.R.


"My bedroom is in the basement of my Aunt's home , and the 880 (Breeze) makes the musty basement smell clean and fresh as a summer rain. I like going down to my room now!" - T.L.


"I contacted you as a last resort on a recommendation from one of your customers.  I accidently spilled gasoline on the carpeting in the trunk of my car.  The fumes were very strong.  I used all kinds of cleaning products on the spill and even steam cleaned the area, but still the fumes were strong.  I started to think about replacing or tearing out the carpet, but really that was unrealistic because of the design of my hatchback.  I didn't want to take long drives because I would eventually get a headache and/or have to drive with the windows down.  When you brought the air cleaner to me, I was skeptical that it would really work.  We left it in the car running it overnight.  By the morning my car was clean & fresh....I left it running just in case and later that afternoon I put my nose right up to where the spill had been and didn't smell anything!  No trace of gasoline. I was shocked.  It worked.  As you know, I later bought an air cleaner for the house to help with the odors from my two cats, now it is clean & fresh with no litter box smell.  I am truly grateful for your product." - F.T.  Bellingham, WA


"As a long haul truck driver and a chain smoker your 12 volt Peak model is a godsend.  No matter how many cigarettes I have, the machine keeps my cab clear of smoke and strong odors.  I have even noticed that I can drive longer and feel more alert." - M.S. Nationwide Trucking 


An independent research firm conducted a survey of random Lightning Air customers.  The results were positive as to the efficacy of the product.

    ~ 97.6% claimed that the unit was effective at reducing dust, pollen and other particles

    ~ 98.0% claimed that the unit was effective at reducing odors.

    ~ 98.0% claimed that the unit was effective at reducing mold, mildew and bacteria

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Testimonials for VITASHOWER & VITABATH

"I love It!  I am definitely using & drinking more water.  Body feels it. The vortex water filter is fantastic and I love the shower filter, it really makes my skin feel smooth." Alana - Birch Bay, WA


Thanks for being so quick.  The filter arrived and was easy to install.  I like the see-through window. I wasn't so sure that the product would work but with the condition of my skin I was willing to try anything.  First shower I noticed a difference!  No more itchy skin! I didn't even lose any water pressure.  Please send me a package of VitaBath tablets - I imagine it will work just as well.   K.W.


I absolutely love the Vita shower & bath products - I also filtered my shower water but finding bath tablets for my frequent baths has been fantastic.  Just one tablet in my bathtub and my skin is soft & silky.  I am an apartment dweller and I appreciate the option to clean up my tap water independently and without a large expense.  G.W. - Peoria, AZ


I received the filters last Wednesday. We installed them and they work great. Thank you!  C.S.B. - Fridley, MN


Thanks for the reply.  I do definitely want to order another Vitashower, so please get that out to me ASAP.  I totally understand what you're saying about feeling it in the skin/hair; it was that sudden dramatic change for the worse that made me look inside the unit and find that it was empty. I live a block from the water-processing plant in my community, so it must be that the chlorine levels are really high.  Although I also lived that close to a treatment plant when I lived in Virginia, which is when I first ordered the Vitashower from you folks, and I seem to remember it lasting longer.  Whatever is causing the vitamin c to deplete so quickly, it doesn't matter, because I can't live without my Vitashower!  The difference it makes is truly amazing.  I look forward to getting my new one soon.  Thanks again, - A. Lamanna New Jersey


Wow, it's here already. Thanks for sending the Vitamin C -  I put 2 tablets in my jacuzzi tub bath and then put the gadget {TriVortex Charger Plate} in after the water was run. The "C" didn't fizzle but it did change the color of the water from blue to clear. I washed my hair and it isn't dry yet and I see there's a difference.  Aloha,  Judy and Steve Hile - Hawaii



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I love the Econuts! So, so easy! I put 5 nuts in a bag and washed 9 loads of laundry with that one bag, all cold loads and left the bag in the washer the whole time. Clothes came awesome! Washed all bedding and couch covers too! My towels came out way more fluffy and softer than before with the Arm & Hammer free & clear, just like the picture showed of the towels! I'm hooked on Eco nuts forever! Oh and those 5 eco nuts are still good for more loads! I just left them in the wash machine for next time! -LY

"Just used the Econuts for the 1st time. I was super skeptical and decided to first try them on a load of cloth diapers. I only used 2 nuts and the diapers were SPOTLESS!! I practically had fibers up my nose trying to smell anything!"  - MJ

I just have to say, I love this stuff. My son has eczema (as do my hubby and I) and ever since we made the switch to Eco Nuts, no more eczema. LOVE it!!  - JG

"I really like the product. My husband washed a fleece blanket, that my dog keeps wanting to lie on, It smells really bad, with the econuts and nothing else, and it came out of the dryer soft, not static-y (i don't know if that is a word) and no stinky dog smell." - D. Vermont

"Am so happy to be liberated from heavy boxes of detergent when I do my laundry. I have to go down an elevator and across a long lobby of my apartment house to get to the communal laundry room. The econuts, not only wash my laundry clean and bright, but they have proven economical. They are also ecologically safe and in today's world, that is very important. A happy consumer."  - R. New York

"I've been using EcoNuts for my laundry for about a month now--and that includes the really stinky loads I did after the heat wave hit. They work great, and are very easy to use and carry. I have terrible eczema, but the EcoNuts really do seem to wash out clean, leaving nothing behind to make me itch. The best part, though, is not having to lug a bottle of detergent between my apartment and the laundry room--and not having to measure and pour for every load."  - F. Oregon

"...Yes, they clean diapers. I took my diapers out of the dryer and cautiously sniffed them fully expecting to detect a urine or poo odor. Nothing. There was no scent, just nothing. Nothing to me means that they worked!!! I remember after my first load of diapers were dry and clean I was pretty darn amazed. I have used them many times now and am still impressed with the way they clean. They leave no residue which is awesome, you won’t have to strip as often, if ever. I don’t think you can find a “greener” way to wash your clothes or diapers..."

“I cannot believe how great it is. I can't find the words to express my amazement. My clothes are softer, brighter and fresh smelling… Really, my black clothes and bright colored clothes have never looked so good. My five year-old daughter even noticed. I want to send all of my friends and family a box…Thanks so much.” Tawny, Petaluma, CA

“… Everything comes out so clean and fresh… I love knowing that my new little guy is wrapped up in cloths that are truly clean. No chemicals on my baby! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!” Ashley, Costa Mesa, CA

“What I can’t believe is that I actually feel better after washing my clothes with Soap Nuts!” Joe Tucson, AZ

“…I feel like I am actually in control of my laundry! I choose whether to use more nuts or less, whiteners, fragrances… It’s a great feeling.” Toshi, San Francisco, CA

“My colors are so happy they’re jumping up and down!” Cynthia, Manhattan

“I love the way my sweaters and t-shirts feel – soft and full of body.”– Deborah, Santa Maria, CA

“I am so relieved to find a really safe, natural cleaner! Thank you EcoNuts!” Sharon, Laguna Beach, CA

We all thought we knew how to do laundry - until now!  Place a few nuts in a small cloth bag, cinch shut, and toss in the machine.  No powders or goopy liquids. No toxic chemicals. Not only did it clean my clothes, it softened them too. - Mothering Magazine

A renewable, biodegradable and hypoallergenic alternative to chemical-ridden detergents that goes beyond "earth-friendly" - Common Ground Magazine

Everything came out clean and soft with no chemical-y odor. - The Indianapolis Star

Even my kids' muddy whites came out of the wash looking clean and fresh. - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

It's real...I've never felt happier or more environmentally conscious about my laundry...vote for natural, tree-grown laundry products by switching to Soap Nuts! No other laundry product even comes close. newstarget.com

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Neo-Plus Water Magnets

I live in an area with extremely hard water from the local water company.  Starting last summer, I noticed that the grass over the septic tank lines in my yard was turning brown.  I thought it was the drought conditions we were experiencing.  About November, I noticed that my hair had stopped growing.  I chalked that up to getting older.  In December, clothes out of the laundry just weren't as clean as I thought they should be.  I changed laundry detergent.  In January, the hot water heater stopped working properly- no hot water, only cold.  What the plumber found surprised me... the cold water pipe to the hot water heater was completely stopped up with lime scale.  The plumber's solution?  An expensive water softener system.  I was unwilling to invest thousands of dollars (plus maintenance) to add things to my water that I didn't feel were natural (or necessary).  An internet search resulted in finding your website, and the solution- NeoPlus Water Magnets.       I didn't really think they would work, but with a 90 day guarantee, I didn't have anything to lose.  It's been over 90 days, and your product is AMAZING!!!  The results were almost immediate. The water smells, tastes, and feels better.  My pets are actually drinking more water, and so am I.  Clothes are cleaner, my hair is growing again (thank goodness, I'm not ready to get older!), and the grass over the septic tank is green again!  Thank you so much for offering this product.  It really works!       Nancy McLoughlin       Dandridge, TN


We are so impressed with your magnets, already, I ordered a set for my mother in Huachuca City. She has excellent tasting well water, but like all of AZ, it's HARD. I noticed yesterday (1st day) my hair was much cleaner and manageable, and last night I tried a little experiment with our drinking glasses from supper. I rinsed them in warm water and even without using soap, they were squeaky clean. I set them on a towel to dry and was very pleased to later see them crystal clear and spot free like they come out of the dishwasher. Also, I'm noticing the scale around the faucet aerators starting to loosen up. My morning coffee tastes noticeably better, too. What a pleasure to find a product that is everything it's advertised to be. My wife and I have been discussing different water softener systems for months but I was pretty much dead set against salt, resins or reverse osmosis.  Your magnets are the HOT TIP!!!   Thanks again,  Mitch M  Tucson, Arizona


Thanks so much for your quick reply last week about installation. I could tell a difference in the water right away -- reduced scum factor in the bathtub, better dishwasher performance, and good hair! I really prefer this to a traditional softener because it doesn’t ruin water quality for our drinking water alkalizer and we don’t have the expense and hassle of dealing with salt. We actually planned to get a regular softener last year with our tax refund, but it got eaten up by a major car repair. I had seen the magnetic system when we were doing that research, but honestly was scared off by the reviews (probably by the expensive softener companies) claiming there is no science behind the magnetic system and it couldn’t possibly work. Happy mothers day to me!  We’re spreading the word about your great product AND great customer service. Your communication is the best. Thanks so much!!    Kathie J - Jacksonville, Florida


Just wanted to let you guys know about an experiment I did. I bought a water distiller to remove all the deplorable contaminates in Phoenix water. With the magnets being already in place, the remaining stuff at the bottom of container was minimal a tablespoon of orange-ish brown stuff but no hard calcium deposits along the side. Our water now has no taste... just refreshing wet. So curious to know how bad our water was I went to the neighbor and used some of their water as they use only tap water. My distiller interior was caked in white calcium and a 1/2 cup of orange-ish brown gunk remained at the end of the water distillation. Also, the water although clear left a intense chlorine taste in the mouth.      The conclusion - The magnets work!!    Katrina C - Phoenix, Arizona  

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Testimonials for Raw Cacao

First off, they are very health conscious. They support and eat lots of raw and organic foods, they fully believe in the benefits of "living" food and most importantly - they understand the absolute importance of these Cacao products being kept at a low temperature.  They're right! In my opinion, the quality of our chocolate products is far beyond extraordinary. We are going for perfection.  See you in chocolate heaven...until then HAVE THE BEST DAY EVER!!!   David "Avocado" Wolfe -Chocolate Pope


March 2007

Wow! This stuff is great.  Not only does it taste good - and seems to work in my daily smoothie recipe....but I am getting results!  I am more energized.  I had NO pms symptoms this month - at all.  I find myself raring to go and no longer crave sugar fixes.  Your recipes are easy to adjust and the nibs crush nicely for ice cream. Thanks for turning me on.- E.M. Arizona


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Hemp Hearts

About a year ago I was in a very painful condition suffering from arthritis, gout, high blood pressure and type two diabetes, also a bit over weight. I had to have my wife hold my arm so that I would not fall even though I was using two canes.
My sister told me that she had some friends that eat Hemp Hearts daily and it was helping them, so I thought it was worth a try and I got my wife to drive me to Penticton some sixty kilometers away and I got a couple of pounds and started. I soon discovered that I was feeling better. Here are the changes that took place in my life:

I no longer use canes.
I no longer take demeral for pain.
Arthritis and gout are gone.

My blood sugar count has dropped to 6.4 average.
My blood pressure is normal again
My weight has dropped from 224 pounds to 210.
I might also add that I now feel like doing things instead of sitting around suffering.
I would be glad to tell anyone who would like to know about this amazing food.
- Len Keremeos, BC Canada


I tried Hemp Hearts once from a health food store and now I am hooked for life. It is amazing stuff. I have been a "nutritional overachiever" all my adult life, but now I am losing weight. Not only that, but my blood pressure went significantly down to the astonishment of my doctor and I feel good. Now, that I am 73, I wish I had known and started with Hemp Hearts a long time ago. My friends have noticed how taking my 4 tablespoons of Hemp Hearts each day have helped to improve my health and well being so much, they are taking it too. To me this is natural medicine at its best. - Margit Edmonton, AB Canada


When trying something new, I’m always skeptical. I’m always leaning on the side of caution. A friend gave me a  sample bag that came with his case of Hemp Hearts. I tried a little, then a little more; now I use the recommended 4 heaping tablespoons a day, and I never felt better. Hemp Hearts is the best way to get ones Omega-3 and is easy on the stomach. - Andy Carleton Place, ON Canada


Just wanted to say that I really like your Hemp Hearts. I now happily include Hemp Hearts into my daily diet each morning, and feel good about it.  At 56 yrs of age, I now have more energy than I've had in years.  The only thing I do different from my previous diet routine, is ingest Hemp Hearts, so it must be the source for my burst of energy. - Beverley Lakefield, ON Canada


I have been using the Hemp Hearts for the past 10 - 15 days and WOW. What a fantastic product.
I absolutely love it. The energy that I have now is amazing. I go from dawn (or just about) to dusk (actually later).
-Fay Edmonton, AB Canada


Just some feed back, my husband's blood pressure has dropped considerately since taking your product, my 86 year old mother has more energy than in a long time and will not start her morning without her Hemp Hearts. Two aunts in Campbellford, Ontario order from you now and have amazing energy. My dad who is a cancer survivor also takes hemp hearts and they have told all their friends so get ready for more orders from BC and Ontario. Thanks.  - Joan


They certainly have helped my osteoarthritis of the knees, and have given me lots of energy, and I've only been using them for a few days... I have now been using Hemp Hearts (4 tablespoons in the morning) for a week and my sleep patterns seem to have settled down. I also find that my knees are quite good. I have hiked three times this week without medicine.  - Bonnie


I've been eating Hemp Hearts regularly at breakfast, 3-4 heaping tablespoons 5-6 times/week, for the past 2 year or so. I've noticed an increase in my energy level continuing throughout the day and into the evening. I no longer have my energy slump around 3 o'clock each afternoon and my craving for sweets has also diminished. My doctor has noticed an improvement in my cholesterol levels which have always been pretty good, near the lower end of the recommended range of 2-5, however since I've been eating Hemp Hearts, my cholesterol has dropped below 2. According to my doctor, the lowest he's seen in a patient without the use of medication. - Jackie Calgary, Canada


Second order. . .can't live without 'em anymore!! Wonderful product and we have shared it with friends and probably have given you five new customers.  - L. Stevenson, WA USA


After a year of using them they are still the best. My husband and I are way more healthy!!  -L. Carson, WA

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I want to first say Thank You. The colon cleansing kit was well worth the price as it is the only one that actually worked for me. I did the 9-day program with the fast and it was super simple. The taste of the ginger was nice and I loved the fact that I could still work while cleansing. The second day of fasting I eliminated much mucus and each day there after. It wasn't until three days off the cleanse that I eliminated the REALLY hard thick mucus plaque like the photos show.

I wasn't alarmed as I had spoken to the Herbologist Helen before cleansing and was told this might happen. Your company is the only one that I know of that has such wonderful customer service and quality products. I've also suffered from adult acne for ten years and it has cleared up by 50% in three days. The knot in my forearm that was the size of a Garbanzo bean is now the size of a pea! My mother and husband are now interested in cleansing after witnessing my success. Thank you much for quality products and fabulous employees! May many blessing always come your way. - Mary


"...I recently ordered the Blessed Herbs Cleansing Kit and had a very successful 5 day fast which had amazing results. I have never experienced anything like this before. For someone who has never stuck to any diet I was amazed at how easy it was to fast. I think having my first gross elimination at the end of day 1 was a good driving force to continue. I lost 1/2 stone [7 lb] in weight during the fast and felt great during the whole time apart from day 2 when I had a headache and slight nausea which lasted through to the early evening and then disappeared. This I put down to being my cleansing reaction with the toxins being drawn from my body. It was worth one day of discomfort I can tell you as I have been a chronic sufferer of headaches, bloatedness and constipation for many years. All of which have disappeared."  -Celia, U.K.

"To Blessed Herbs,
After finding your site by accident and reading it carefully, I thought this must be a joke. It simply can't be that this kind of "rubber-stuff" is in one's colon, especially in my case as I always had good food and no Fast (Junk)-Food, Cola Drinks, etc. Anyway, based on my curiosity and on the fact that your product is purely organic I gave it a chance. The result: precisely as described on your website. The photos ARE NOT EXAGGERATED! I have chosen the "best option" and it worked excellent for me. No pains except some short and light headache. A great help was your Dosage Calendar and Users Guide, which is very logical and clear. It is an honest realistic description! Congratulations. One cannot miss the point. Now after the total cleansing I feel great and clean, my digestion works just fine. This cleansing will be repeated on a constant basis. have recommended your product to all my family and friends. All the best, God bless you." - A.J. Germany

"...However when I went in and handled my business I couldn't believe what I saw come out of me. I was so shocked I actually called my female co-worker into the bathroom and begged her to look. Well, she finally agreed and we were both at awe. Now that I have two more days to go I find myself more excited than I've ever been about having a bowel movement. Thank you for such an awesome product." Sincerely, E.N. Louisiana

"...it's a truly remarkable product you have. I have tried several products in the last 5 years and yours beats them by miles the headaches, tiredness and constipation have all gone. I had thought hitting 50yrs it was natural to slow down but now I'm speeding up thanks to your kit." - Best wishes S.

"Thank you for a wonderful product. We are recommending it to other members of our family to use after Christmas and we will certainly make it an annual event. Thank you and all good wishes for a wonderful family season to you all." - M. and A. D.

"I purchased your cleansing kit a few weeks ago. I am very pleased to report that it actually works - just as your documentation indicates. It is so refreshing to get a product that actually does what the company say....I feel truly "blessed" to have found this product...After my three day pre-cleanse period, at about the 2nd day of my five day fast - you would not believe what started to come out of my body...  I am now passing this information to all of my friends and relatives who I believe will benefit from your cleansing kit." - Thanks, Al

First of all I must say it feels a bit weird to be sending pics of my poo to complete strangers... but all in the name of good sportsmanship! I felt it even stranger to TAKE pics of my poo... My name is Susan; I am 24 and live in beautiful HI. I have had G.I. problems as long as I can remember. After my husband and I made a big move from our hometown on the mainland to Hawaii, I was feeling pretty toxic. I wasn't having regular bowel movements. I had tried colonics, diet modification, exercise, everything I could think of and was feeling pretty desperate. That is when I did a search for cleansers on the Internet and came across Blessed Herbs. I did a lot of comparison and decided to give BH a try. The results were phenomenal. Everything that your company promised was delivered. I did the fast, only had the toxin absorber, organic apple, and some veggie broth with miso and, a ton of water. By day two my body was getting rid of some pretty nasty things, and by day five I couldn't believe the results. This product was great. I highly recommend it. Thank you!
Everything your company promised was delivered."
- Susan from Hawaii


I tried the colon cleansing kit for 8 days ... End of day 2 was like large sausages being discharged and every day after that, gradually reducing in size by the eighth day. I had veggie broth in the evenings and I was surprised how good it felt to not be full all the time. It was no problem drinking juice, water and having broth. Another positive side effect is the way this process makes you review your eating habits and leaves you much more grateful for food when you resume eating. Anyway, I've recommended this already to several friends. Many years ago I used to juice fast with enemas, but your approach achieves a much more deep and thorough cleansing. Thanks and regards, Paul -Australia


"My husband lost 19 lb and I lost 12 lb"
"After reading the whole website my husband and I decided to purchase the product, we both had constipation problems and needed to do something about it, but like always we wanted something organic and herbal. Obviously it doesn't get any more organic and herbal than the
products from Blessed Herbs. The results were fabulous, it was an awesome experience for both of us, we felt clean, lost weight and it helped us better our diet, my husband lost 19 lb and I lost 12 lb (could of done more but I'm not as disciplined as he is) we are eating healthy and looking forward to do it again pretty soon. No hunger pains, no headaches, never felt
uncomfortable. It's great, my suggestion start the pre-fasting on a Wednesday so that the weekend will be at home and you can have enough time to adapt to just going on a liquid diet. It's easy; it's worth the effort."  - Marisol Martinez

"Dear Blessed Herbs my name is Anthony Salamone Age 51. I had been introduced by suggestion by my doctor J. Stein. I was skeptical only because I've tried at least three other kits in the past two years as of Jan. 27, 2008. I was 205 lb. & 5' 6" and suffering from chronic back, leg, & feet pain. After completing your best program I am still 5' 6" but now only 189 lb. Complexion clear, sleep thru the night, super attitude, and a pain-free guy with a bundle of energy... in only a week. By my appearance alone people have asked crazy things like did you just get back from vacation... so from the bottom of my heart... thank you for your product.

P.S. I've been feeling so good. I've joined the gym and adopted my own healthy food intake program." - Anthony

My name is Linda. Two years ago, just after my 37th birthday, I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. Up until that point in my life, I was what I thought, very healthy. My onset of RA was severe, within 2 weeks I was unable to dress myself or even open the car door let alone run the five miles that I was used to running! After finding a doctor, I started the long road back to health. I spent the first year trying all the toxic drugs available for treating RA, Humira, methotrexate and a lot of steroids. I found that although I was functioning, I could feel that my body was still very sick!

My doctor then felt I was ready to try the harder way, but definitely the right way! I immediately removed all processed food from my diet and began to feel stronger and healthier than ever! I never really knew what good health was until I quit eating the poison that the American diet is so full of!

The next logical step after being in drug free remission for over 8 months was to try to rid my body of what damage I had done through poor diet. Thus came the idea through a friend for the Colon Cleanse! I've never felt better and what came out of me was shocking but reassuring that THIS IS A MUST DO! I feel stronger and healthier than ever, I can't wait to do it again, and the experience was great. I had lots of energy and was surprised there was no hunger from start to finish! -Linda


As a vegetarian of 20 years, I did not expect much to come out, but how wrong I was! I was already getting results by the morning of day 2. It was wonderful not to experience the pangs of hunger, so I knew I'd last the full 5 days. It's just wonderful knowing this stuff is out of you, and I will certainly do an annual cleanse now. I now find my mood has lifted, and I have about an extra hour's energy a day before feeling tired. That gives me an additional 30 hours, or just over a day of extra time each month - remarkable!  Thank YOU, M. - (Great) Britain


Quick Quotes from Blessed Herbs Customers:
"more energy", "more relaxed" , "sense of smell returned", "still go to the toilet 2/3 times/day even 6 months after cleanse", "clearer mind", "wheat allergy completely gone", "appreciate food taste", "bloat gone", "didn't get the flu/colds going around", "stopped snoring", "sleep better", "free of cravings for sweet and fat foods", "able to meditate again", "sinuses clear", "sex is better", "clear directions nothing left to uncertainty", "regain taste", "eyesight -dramatic change", "memories improved", "able to get out of an unhealthy relationship", "joint pain, aches, restlessness gone", "hangover gone", "my body is more in sync with itself", "digestion improved", "skin glowing", "headaches, bloatedness, and constipation for many years disappeared", "no gas", "body perspiration odors almost completely gone", "I feel fantastic and that's really all that matters",  "I have been a chronic sufferer of headaches, bloatedness & constipation for many years. All of which have disappeared."

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General Compliments & Testimonials

November 2006

i just wanted to thank you guys for such quick efficient service. love the products too.  i will definitely shop with you again & recommend to others. - P. Byrnes, Flushing NY


September 2006

Thank you for the quick processing of my order. I already received the filters yesterday.
We will certainly enjoy them!  - S. Balioglu Fridley, MN


September 2006

I received your Foot spa in one piece.    And I thank you for your great service and follow up.  I thought that it was only natural that I follow up from my side also!    Thank you again.   -S. Gorniak  Montreal Canada


July 2006

I got the new unit today.  Thank you so much for the quick response!  I only really needed the top part as I'm sure there is plenty of the stuff left in the canister but, I'm just so thrilled you provided a new unit! - A. Sneed


January 2010

Got my cacao/maca/honee stone yesterday!
Just wanted to say THANKS for the sample of hemp and the herb wallet card
Fast delivery. Will definately buy again.  D.S. - Langley, BC Canada


April 2010

Hi Dan and Elisabeth, It was such a pleasure to talk to you Dan and I am looking forward to working with you for a long time.  Your enthusiasm, knowledge and obvious compassion for humanity is very impressive. To your prosperity,  Art


May 2010

Thank you for the quick fix.  - F. Blom, Capitola CA


Thank you so much for your reply- it was most informative and helpful! 

M. Behling - Arizona


April 2011

THANK YOU you are great (I was OK re: the postage), just thought you should know you are wonderful people and I love your products and help. thanks, C. Smith - Las Vegas Nevada


This message from one newly tranquil home. I have all products in place, home & yard, from my first order. I really feel the difference!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Peace and harmony!  Drinking water amazing also. Thank you for being you!  Now living in the vortex dome!   L. Wright -  Wisconsin


September 2011

My pendant and charger plate arrived today!  Thank you so very much.  I have been juicing daily as suggested, my body is loving it.  Thanks for all the advice you so freely offered me.  Now looking forward to Mom's order coming in. Peggy - Edmonton, CANADA


January 2012

Our water magnets arrived today, along with the tri-vortex plates. We certainly will be enjoying the use of these products :+} Thank you very much. The info you sent along with these products we found interesting as well. I had wanted to thank you very much for the Honee Mini gift you sent to us. We have this cute little device in our front room, the main activity centre for the computers. We appreciate your kindness. In the future, we will probably order another set of tri-vortex plates for our daughter and we plan to look into the sleeping device for $600.00. Until then, wishing you and yours a Blessed New Year, filled with many Blessings of Light. Have a beautiful day :+} Joni and John - Edmonton, CANADA


March 2012

Thanks for sending the replacement. It works fine. You surprised us for
sending a replacement. We sent the defective one back Wed morning.
Thanks again and/I we think you run a top notch business. R. Delong - Florida


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From: R & R Sent: Jun 25, 2005 11:10 PM
Subject: Re: Rheumatoid Arthritis

 Hi Paul,
I'm using the "Recovery" mode for 30 minutes under the pillow. Then, for
approximately 9-10 hours nightly. It feels different. I am sleeping more
soundly. However, I still take the meds due to a heavy, ozone detox. The
detox (itching, etc.) is mainly what keeps me from sleeping. One night, I,
again, fell asleep during the 30 minutes pillow treatment. This is without
the meds! I am forced to set an alarm. This is extremely unusual for me!

By the way, I emailed you the other day to let you know that I received two
magnets. I understood that you were only sending one. If one was sent in
error, I will keep it. Please credit my card. (unless it's totally

I cannot thank you enough for your help! Renee P

From: R & R Sent: Jun 17, 2005 2:26 AM
Subject: Rheumatoid Arthritis

Earthpulse, Again, I want to thank you for all your help.

During the year 2000, I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. This
condition began in one knee and spread throughout my entire body. I remained
in bed for three months. As a result, I have been in a wheel chair for the
past five years due to crippled knees. My hands, fingers, elbows, and
shoulders also have become crippled. This condition seemed to be a sudden
onset. I was riding bike, an average of 30 miles daily, just prior to the
first symptom.

Yesterday, June 16, 2005, I began using the Earthpulse. I used it for one
hour, under my pillow, in the Recover Mode. Then, I put it under my mattress
for a ten-hour setting in the Sleep Mode. I fell asleep during the Recovery
mode (initial frequency). This is not a normal thing for me to do especially since I was lying
on my back, with my knees up as I am unable to straighten them.

I seemed to have slept deeper throughout the night. I remained on the
prescription medication however.

I, again, commend the people at Earthpulse. I believe they are totally
honest as well as concerned and interested in one's well being. They really
want this device to help people. It's very difficult to find a company with
this type of attitude and integrity.

I will continue to use this fascinating device and keep the people at
Earthpulse up dated on any positive or negative results I experience.
- Renee P


From pg Date Mon, May 26, 2008 at 12:36 PM
Hi Paul,
I want to share with you that the unit has made a positive difference for me with my osteoporosis. While it may not be the only reason, I’m sure the Earthpulse has contributed to my halting the progress of this disease. I had a test last week and my osteoporosis shows signs of improvement. I am also using a mineral supplement program with the Earthpulse so it’s likely they are working in tandem to correct my born density. Thanks for inventing this product as I am very thankful. Best Regards, Grace


Tue, May 6, 2008 at 1:00 PM, FROM: Diana wrote:
Hi Paul ~ I just wanted to let you know that Earth Pulse is still working for me,,,,,since Oct. ' 07.
For me it is a miracle,,,,, I don't know where I would be without it,,,,likely back on sleeping pills.

I keep thinking I should order another one for back up. I don't know how long this device will last.
Perhaps you can advise.

Thank you again,  Diana Calgary, Ab Canada


●  From; Alan Date; Mon, Apr 21, 2008 at 7:18 AM
Subject Re: Earthpulse
Dear Paul,
Thank you for answering my concerns. I should have also said that I think Earth Pulse is one of the most effective non-drug methods of inducing sleep that I've found in forty years. I think it will be a lifesaver for people caught in the cycle of insomnia and sleeping pills. In the last couple days I learned that it works better for me, if I place it a little further away and use it for less time. Everyone has individual sensitivities.  My best,

From Joseph N Date Sat, Dec 22, 2007 at 9:55 PM
subject Customer testimonial
I've suffered from insomnia for a couples year now and was amazed to see how much impact this machine could have on my body. I 'm a college student from upsate New York and would use sleep aides on a regular basis, in order to fall sleep quickly. Since then, I've been sleeping with sleep command every night to catch up on my sleep debt without any drugs and been having deep sleep which literaly amazed me. This technology is unprecendented, and I recommend to anyone with insomnia.


  From: Susan Ocopnick  Date: September 18, 2007 8:00:12 AM PDT
 Subject: Biomagnet feedback

 I am so glad that i took the magnet with me to Toronto when i went
 to  visit my parents a few weeks back.  The reason my almost 83 year old Dad's back went out was that he was  bowling (my folks are on a league) and a women on his team, (not my  mother) tried  to show him how to improve his ball swing using her method. He  said  he tried it to get her to stop pestering him but it backfired.   One adjustment as soon as he got home took him out of the acute  spasm,  then placing the magnet over the area under a pillow in a supportive chair brought remarkably quick results. He had much less pain by  that  night and was even better by the next morning with continued
 improvement by the evening, whereas he could even go out for dinner  and was not wearing a back brace.  We were all quite impressed.

 I have noticed improvements all around but most dramatically in the
 comfort of the muscles of my thigh around an old femur fracture on  one  leg, as well as the knee of that leg .The knee doesn't seem to  swell and ache as much by the end of the day. Sleep still isn't perfect but greatly improved. I am using Sleep  Mode 2 as suggested in the manual as the regular sleep mode keeps me awake.  For years my cortisol curve was completely reversed and trying to sleep was difficult at best.  Thanks for a wonderful product. I intend to recommend it to my  patients and will refer them to the website.  All the Best,  Susan Ocopnick D.C., R.N.


ALTERNATIVES for the health conscious individual - Vol. 10, No. 9 (March 2004) Magnetically Attractive Healing: The power of low-energy magnetic fields...contains nice review of the EarthPulse™ Geomagnetic Supplementation device. Dr. David Williams calls pulsed electromagnetic field therapy "The Find of a Century...or Two", and "The greatest discovery in the history of medicine".


●  Wed, Mar 12, 2008 at 5:04 PM, FROM:  K.
SUBJECT RE: Device Promises to Heal the World's Sleep Problems

Love the technology...our families continues to benefit from it weekly and i have added
this Electro-Acupuncture Technology into my clinical practice with 9-10 patients a day in
helping them recover from injury. Best Wishes, MSc, LAc (QRS and OMT researcher with Dr. Bill) And the Family


●  Seattle, WA USA from r,  Date Wed, Mar 12, 2008 at 5:53 PM
subject Re: Device Promises to Heal the World's Sleep Problems
I love my sleep system and would not be without it. Thank you for all your years of hard work and research.
A blessed Easter. Sister Michelle


From Margo  date Wed, Mar 12, 2008 at 5:48 PM
subject Re: Device

I'm still on meds but my quality of sleep is continuing to improve. My sleep study is scheduled for the 17th of this month. I'll let you know the outcome.
Hi Paul,
I believe the study went well. I slept far better and longer than in any of the previous ones. I'll find out more specifically when I make the appt. next week to discuss it w/my doctor. He doesn't know yet that I used the EarthPulse.

I'll keep you posted as things progress.  Margo


From Ron Date Wed, Mar 12, 2008 at 8:35 PM
Subject Earth Pulse V 4.4

I recently received your E-mail detailing the EP V 4.4
I own an earlier version, without as many programs.
I can not be without mine, as it is the only way I can get any
sleep at all...but this new "dead zone" program sounds
very interesting to me. Thank you for your time, Ron


●  On Feb 7, 2008 1:46 AM, L. Jagoe  wrote:

Greetings Paul:
I have had your Earthpulse device for about six months now and really like it...as you know I just ordered one for my sister and her daughter.

It just performs as advertised, I did start having more vivid dreams and started sleeping better. Occasionally I get my days and nights mixed up and will get up at 2 or 3 AM...while using the devise that does not happen as much. Usually just a few short minutes after turning it on (I seem to like sleep mode 2 best) and going to bed I notice that my breathing changes for the better, it seems easier and deeper...it just feels like an immediate deeper form of relaxation. I suspect that it also promotes a proper pH balance (alkaline)...I have monitored my pH for several years and its a challenge to stay
alkaline considering the obscene nature of the typical American diet..anyway after starting to use the Earthpulse, I am staying in my target 7.4 range (I measure saliva)

I sent the device to my friend who has Parkinsons disease and he only used it for two weeks and said it made him more relaxed and reduced his tremors...he is a bit confused and I am not sure he followed the suggested protocol properly...I wanted him to try it for a longer period, but he did not....

I have studied "alternative" protocols extensively for many years and have experience with several of the other electrical devices on the market and know this form of therapy is important. I appreciate the hard work and sacrifices you have made to bring this important advance to the public.

Also I appreciate you sending me the new magnet when it is ready.  Best, Louis Jagoe

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From: Terrence N. SENT 17th Jan.
I definitely noticed an increase in my lung capacity and ability to breath. Even though I work out, shortness of breath has always been something I have struggled with. This has been a welcome change.  Even though I still occasionally wake up at night, I don’t have as much trouble falling back asleep. My nights of tossing and turning have been reduced. I have noticed that I have more vivid and frequent dreams which I am able to remember after awaking. This aspect has been fascinating. I have had to stop using sleep mode 2 and switch to sleep mode 1 due to the lethargy I was feeling during the day. For example, I was sleeping so hard on sleep mode 2 that it took several hours after getting out of bed to fully wake up.
I have noticed a slight increase in muscle strength (5-10%) but it is also winter time and very cold here. Typically, at this time of year, it is hard enough getting up enough strength to lift on a consistent basis. This has not been as much of a problem while using the earth pulse. The days of feeling completely drained and not being able to lift have been reduced at least (50%). I am curious to see what will happen after using the device for a longer duration and also the effects on my workouts when the temperature warms up and light levels increase. Although I haven’t checked my weight, it appears that I am putting on more muscle mass.
Mentally, I feel more calm and focused throughout the day while at work. I seems like I don’t have as much anxiety and am less “rattled” under stressful situations. I have also noticed that my reading speed and comprehension has been enhanced. I do a considerable amount of reading for my job and in my free time so this is definitely noticeable.

From: Terrence N. Sent email 1st Feb.
Hi Paul,
Thanks for all your feedback and quick reply. This has been very helpful. I have included an updated comments document with the portion regarding sleep mode 2 removed. You are right, I was programming in 10 hours on the unit for sleep mode 2 and waking up roughly 8 hours into the program the following morning. I will try to set the unit for a shorter time interval and it should resolve this problem. In either case, I really like sleep mode 1 at this point in time. Also, I attached a pdf scan of the questionnaire form in the back of the instruction manual. If you need me to ship this via snail mail, please let me know.
Regarding the extra magnet, no worries about the shipping time, I am guessing that my knee pain will still be active. The muscle has been slowly repairing the last two weeks but is still painful. I need to consider a rehabiliation program. I tried to do a basic squat this morning without any weight what-so-ever and felt some serious pain. If you could let me know what I should send you for the extra magnet, that would be great. Ironically, I value my sleep more than my knee at this point so I am reluctant to remove the magnet from my waterbed! Everyone has been complaining about the crazy weather here keeping them up at night. I thank God that I found the Earthpulse. Seriously, I have been sleeping like a baby.


●  From: Marlee W
Date: Dec 16, 2007 9:02 AM
Subject: my dog bailey and earthpulse

As for Bailey...she ran with me everyday for 3 years from the time she was 4mo. old, as I would train for marathons (she ran up to 3 hours with me, non-stop.) Since then she had an accident hiking, rupturing discs in her neck, causing progressively worse symptoms in walking, until she could finally not even stand on her own. At this time, in 3/06, she had surgery which was able to remove 80% of the rupture. The surgery enabled her to walk again, and even run for short distances. Since the surgery she developed some sort of nerve damage causing a "leg kicking response," specifically when her back is touched.

I sleep on a foot thick, king size temperpedic mattress directly on the floor. Being he level, Bailey claimed this as her big bed from original purchase, about a year ago. When alone, she would usually lie towards the foot of the bed. I now keep the EP on recover mode during the day, and sleep at night. From the very instant the EP was installed under the king size mattress, Bailey has an uncanny way of locating herself over or very near to the exact spot of the EP, as if her body craves it. It is now directly in the center of the bed, about shoulder height of a person lying down, and that has turned into her exact spot of lying on the bed throughout the day. Her leg kicking has lessened and she can run longer distances and for longer periods of time (she's up to 40 minutes non-stop and 2 hours including a few 10 minute breaks. The EP was installed less than a month ago, and I hope that with continued use she will continue to lessen her leg kicking and distance she can run.

I will keep you updated. I look forward to learning of all the testimonies for your pet press release. Nothing more validating than the improvement of animals that do not have the mental ability to comprehend that they are undergoing any kind of treatment.

Cheers, Marlee

I wrote a testimony for Bailey in a previous e-mail. As for myself, I too have extensive bodily damage, having survived 16 car accidents (4 complete "totals" and 2 of these resulting in both a 3 week and a 2 week coma.) I have managed my usbsequent body pain completely naturally and found the key to my relief in a life of physical fitness, specifically running, and yoga. Without either of these components, my back, hip, and shoulders usually start aching within weeks. Unfortunately, during a currently very busy and stressful time in my life, I am experiencing this now. I look forward to getting back on a hysically active routine and running schedule in the near weeks, leading up to a half marathon I will run 1/13/08. I have extensive experience in running, and trust I am able to objectively discern any changes in my running ability and normal aches and pains, especially with just a few weeks of training leading up to this half marathon.

In the meantime, I would like to report to you my experience a couple of weeks ago. After my first few days of sleeping with the EP under my mattress I absolutely experienced an improvement in muscle fatigue and stiffness/aching while running long distances. At my training level at that time for the distance I ran, I would expect far more tender movement and "joint pain." I have since not been able to run much, but as I stated before, get back to running for a little less than a month and get back to you with a more substantial testimony after my half marathon in January.

Cheers, Marlee


●  From: Date: Nov 26, 2007 11:58 PM
Subject: Biomagnet feedback

Hi Paul,
i hope that you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.
The unit is wonderful and has helped in some remarkable ways such as
recovery mode used for dental surgeries of a
friend that allowed an amazing turnabout overnight, etc.
Please let me know what i need to do to receive the second magnetic.
Thanks in advance,
Susan D.C., R.N.

 From:  Date: September 18, 2007 8:00:12 AM PDT
 Subject: Biomagnet feedback

> Hi Paul,
> i am so glad that i took the magnet with me to Toronto when i went to
> visit my parents a few weeks back.
> The reason my almost 83 year old Dad's back went out was that he was
> bowling (my folks are on a league) and a women on his team, (not my
> mother) tried
> to show him how to improve his ball swing using her method. He said
> he tried it to get her to stop pestering him but it backfired.
> One adjustment as soon as he got home took him out of the acute spasm,
> then placing the magnet over the area under a pillow in a supportive
> chair brought remarkably quick results. He had much less pain by that
> night and was even better by the next morning with continued
> improvement by the evening, whereas he could even go out for dinner
> and was not wearing a back brace.
> We were all quite impressed.
> i have noticed improvements all around but most dramatically in the
> comfort of the muscles of my thigh around an old femur fracture on one
> leg, as well as the knee of that leg . The knee doesn't seem to swell
> and ache as much by the end of the day.
> Sleep still isn't perfect but greatly improved. i am using Sleep Mode
> 2 as suggested in the manual as the regular sleep mode keeps me awake.
> For years my cortisol curve was completely reversed and trying to
> sleep was difficult at best.
> Thanks for a wonderful product. i intend to recommend it to my
> patients and will refer them to the website.

All the Best,  Susan D.C., R.N.

From: Thehorsehealer  Date: Nov 12, 2007 10:49 AM
Subject: Quick Comments
Well, my dog sure knows what he wants! Actually, he prefers "Sleep" mode to "Recover" mode for his recovery spots. He doesn't dislike "Recover", but doesn't stay with it more than about 15 minutes. Are the frequencies different for dogs, or is he just "Himself"? :-)) He has worked on his diagonal shoulder from the hip that bothers at times, and today I worked on his back, and later found him on the bed with THAT spot in his back over the magnet. I quickly turned it on for him and put it on "Recover", but like I said, he didn't stay with it as long as he might have - or maybe it just felt better quickly.
For me, I find I like Sleep 2 the best for sleep. I tend to wake up before it brings me all the way "up", and I was waking up in regular Sleep as it cycled.
And, I've used it on "Recover" on parts of a smashed up shoulder that I've had a devil of a time getting the energy to open up, and it has helped markedly, in only two "Recover" sessions.
What a GREAT product!
All the best,


●  From: Hayley H. Date: Jun 8, 2007 5:05 PM
Subject: how earthpulse helped our Sadie
Dear EarthPulse,
Sadie, our four year old Dachshund was paralyzed, and had lumbar spinal surgery. Still, her chance of ever walking again was 50-50. We put EarthPulse under her crate. I knew right away that it was helping her. If the EarthPulse was off she whined til we turned it on, again. Then she could rest, sleep and recooperate. At Sadie's 2 month re-check the vet said, "I am delighted with her progress. I had planned to give you info on wheels for her rear legs. But, this dog does not need wheels." Sadie, was hopping around with her back legs, even though she is "paralyzed". Today, seven months later, Sadie walks, runs, and wags a tail she can't feel.
Thank you EarthPulse,
Carol H.   Jacksonville, Florida


●  On 10/8/07, Louis  wrote:
 I have been monitoring my salavia pH for a few
 years and it appears to have taken a dramatic swing
 toward alkaline in the last few days....
 this is after about 3 weeks with the EarthPulse.
 Is the an expected outcome? I think so.
 PS I really like this thing.

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●  From: Jonathan Sent: Monday, September 10, 2007 8:46 PM
Subject: Update on the Earth Pulse Unit

I wanted to provide you some feedback on the Earth Pulse Unit you sent/lent me.

One word from my wife - it's awesome
To exactly quote her, she said "Tell him that I love him"
No pain, no arthritis. She can think more clearly and can actually focus her thoughts.

Now, yes, she does still wake up several times throughout the night, but
regardless, the change has been extraordinary.

Thank you so much.

Oh, and as a sided note, my older dog sleeps next to the bed, and we have seen changes in her as well.
She used to sleep in every morning and when she woke up, she would slowly make her way out of the bedroom.
Now she gets up with us and is full of life playing and running around (she's like a new dog).

For me, the effects have not been as good. I always slept great and now I wake up throughout the night.
Once again, I know the newer Earth Pulse Unit will remedy this. So I m tired during the day because I do
not sleep as well. No big concern about this because the main purpose of testing the unit was to see the benefits
for my wife, not me. So the goal has been accomplished.

I will keep you posted over the next few days for any further noticeable effects.


●  From: Betsy D Date: Sep 29, 2007 8:37 PM
Subject: Re: info request...
My daughter that has the broke hip when to the doctor yesterday, he told her the break was completely healed and the ball joint that he was concerned about dying ( because the circulation was cut off from it for over 12 hrs) was looking very promising. The doctor said everything looked alot better than he thought it would. She told him she had been using the Earthpulse Magnetic. He said they sometimes suggest magnet therapy to slow healers but the insurance would not pay for it. I have a really hard time understanding this logic. He must know that it works or he wouldn't recommend it to slow healers. Thank you so much for the technology that has helped my daughter. Paul thank you for taking time to talk with me. Betsy D


●  From: K,  Date: May 8, 2007 10:03 AM
Subject: Testimonial from K in San Diego

I had been using a device called “Sleeptracker” to monitor my sleeping patterns since I’ve had problems with insomnia for some time (3 years). This measures the periods of wakefulness and longer deeper sleep patterns during the night finding the right moment to wake one up in the morning – a period of lighter sleep. Sleeptracker gives me an average amount of time I have slept between more wakeful periods.

By the time I got the Earthpulse I had established an average time of between 26 -29 minutes of sleeping, with the longest sleeping period one hour and ten minutes. The first night I used Earthpulse this average jumped up to 64 minutes, with the longest sleeping period almost 3 hours (2hr44min).

I had several nights of these long sleeping periods and larger average deep sleep periods of 40 minutes and more, until I had to stop using the Earthpulse for a while (approximately 2 weeks due to travel). Without the Earthpulse my sleeping patterns went back down to the shorter times they had had before, averaging in the 20’s every night with one or two longer periods of sleep for an hour and twenty minutes.

I was extremely eager to use the Earthpulse again upon returning home and found my average jumped again to 44 minutes, with the longest deep sleeping period at around 2 hours. I still have times of shorter sleep averages when I’m under a lot of stress, but I am very much helped by the Earthlpulse to get back into a gorgeous deep sleep pattern.

I feel that I still have a lot of sleep to recover because I’m still very sleepy during the day after using Earthlpulse at times. At these times I’m helped by the recovery or entrainment modes on Earthpulse.

I have just started using Earthpulse on my 12 year old son who suffers from anxiety at night and this has helped him sleep through the night without waking up!!! And he can go to sleep without trouble and stay asleep. It’s wonderful. We need another Earthpulse for him now – I want mine back.
  K from San Diego


●  From: Nic
Date: May 9, 2007 4:14 PM
Subject: EarthPulse

To whom it may concern:
 On a recommendation from Dr. (my brother) he had me try the EarthPulse to see if it would help alleviate some of my health problems (i.e. circulation, insomnia, and a sense of imbalance). My brother is very knowledgable on pulse magnetic therapies and has administered other forms of electromagnetic therapy on me. When he brought over the EarthPulse for me to use however it was the first time I have ever had such a quick response without several consitent treatements or long deep meditation sessions (I have three adoring kids it's hard to concentrate for long periods). Areas in my body that have been blocked and feel so weighed down have finally opened and is in balance and feels right again.  Thank you for your time in reading this email and for creating such a wonderful device to those willing to see.  Sincerly- Nicole


 From: David E,  Date: Apr 24, 2007 9:33 AM
I want to thank you for this product. It has really helped me with my sleep/wake cycle. I buy, study, and test these sorts of products. This has become an interest of mine over the past few years. My current interest inculde binural beat frequencies (brain entrainment through sound - I have found Centerpointe's to be the best - the others are not as effective), Cranial Electro Stimulation (CES - Bob Beck's Bio Tunner), light and sound machines, light boxes (the kind used to treat S.A.D. Seasonal Affective Disorder), the Neurophone - an amazing device that allows one to hear without the use of their normal hearing, and in the process, creates a very calming state, and recently The EarthPulse. These are the devices that I have found to be effective. I have tried several other devices that aren't worth mentioning. The ones I have mentioned, I have used for a long enough time to see enough results to know that there is something to them.

I believe that human beings are far more capable of how we currently live. Our brains/bodies are amazing instruments and, with the right stimulation, can achieve amazing things. I want to personally thank you for having a product that works. I have experimented with enough brain/mind technology to know what is crap and what isn't. Your device is great, and I don't want to think about going to sleep without it.
David E.


 On 5/26/06, Simon  wrote:
 Hey Paul ...
 Bolder Boulder is on Monday - I'll let you know how I get on.
 The unit has worked brilliantly so far: it has effectively completely put a
 stop to what had become a routine waking up at 3/4am, oiften followed by not
 being able to get back to sleep. In fact I don't think I have had a single
 sleepless night since starting to use it. It has also successfully
 tranquilised my wife, who was getting pretty desperate about her sleep
 Obviously, this has had profound knock-on effects on my recovery-ability
 from training and races. I also have the feeling it has contributed to
 increased speed in workouts. As you probably know, I got my training pal
 Dwight to buy one from you, and we have been comparing notes - he has had
 similar experiences. Only thing is he seems to prefer using the Recovery
 mode -- I find that just makes me hot and I find it difficult to sleep, so I
 reserve it for recovery sessions on the couch!
 Thanks for a great product.  Simon.


The short report is: mission accomplished!

I won my age group (53 -- 585 runners in a field of 40,000+) ) by nearly a
minute in 37:35, which was 11 minutes faster
than I ran last year and a personal best by two minutes... on the way I took
two significant local scalps, passing one hot shot on the final hill with a
last mile (uphill finish) in 5:35.

I thnk the EarthPulse did all you said it would do and made a significant
difference.  Simon.


●  Dwight 60 y.o. American Record Holder
Wake up vital statistics at 6000ft altitude: Pulse rate, O2 saturation and breath hold suggest profound cardiovascular effects.

Baseline After earthpulse
Date 20-Apr 21-Apr 22-Apr 23-Apr 24-Apr 25-Apr 26-Apr 27-Apr 3-May
Pulse 50 48 45 44 46 45 45 42 38
SAO2 94 97 97 97 97 97 97 98 99
Blood Pressure Systolic 104 102 107 105 102 106 112 105 104
Blood Pressure Diastolic 74 72 76 73 72 71 71 69 72
Blood Pressure Pulse 56 54 54 50 52 52 49 52 48
Body Temperature 96.3 96.1 96.5 96.5 95.9 96.8 96.5 94.6 96.5
Inhalation Volume 3750 4000 3750 4000 3750 4000 3900 4050
FEV1 2.99 2.99 3.14 2.74 2.85 3.22 2.97 2.94
FVC 4.10 4.44 4.19 4.42 4.1 4.86 4.45 4.16
Hold Breadth Duration 70 75 85 90 85 85 90 92
Body Weight 121.0 120.8 120.8 120.8 121.0 120.6 120.0 120.0 120.2
Percent Body Fat 4.8 5.0 4.7 4.6 4.6 4.8 5.3% 5.2 4.4


●  C. is the head strength coach at one of the Big Ten Universities who increased his max push-ups to failure by 51% in 5 days!
Going great I think it's really helping with stamina and work capacity I
weigh 270 did 51 push ups and 5 days later did 77.

Let's talk.


●  From: Dick Date: Dec 11, 2006 11:23 AM
Subject: Earthpulse Reverses Anemia

Earthpulse has cured my anemia! Anemia, which has plagued me for the past five years apparently, has been corrected. I knew that I felt better and more energetic with Earthpulse, and now my blood test results last week show that my hemoglobin and hematocrit were completely normal. These blood markers that were low before Earthpulse, were almost normal after three months of Earthpulse and now are completely normal, after six months of Earthpulse. I'm actually delighted by these results. Over the past five years, the medical profession was unable to diagnose the cause of my problem. In addition to more energy with Earthpulse, I noticed that the color of my feces changed from almost black to a normal brown. Internal bleeding apparently caused the black feces. Now that Earthpulse to stop this internal bleeding my anemia has cleared up.

I should also mention that my tinnitus that has been with me for many years has improved considerably the past few weeks.

My liver enzymes are moderately high; however, I hope the Earthpulse will help me here also.

I'm extremely grateful for your help.


●  From: Anonymous
Date: Nov 27, 2006 3:02 AM

Here is some more anecdotal evidence for you... just a couple of things I noted from using the machine.

1. Normally I use an amino acid Tryptophan to sleep at night, especially at work. I work in Angola offshore on a drillship 28 days on, 28 days off. On the second day of use (at home) I decided to stop using the Tryptophan cold turkey and see what happened. I SLEPT JUST AS GOOD OR BETTER. I haven't used any more since.

2. Two or three times per year I use a short course of Anabolic steroids for its anti-aging and recuperative properties. Definitely not a body builder. Anyways they normally destroy my sleep quality but since I started them this time while using your machine I have continued to sleep very well.

3. This one is strange and I don't understand how or why it appears to be working. To travel to work I have to cross 8 time zones and normally it takes me one day per time zone to get in sync with my new location i.e. a week or so. I have been in country 3 days and two nights and I feel almost normal. The only thing I have changed is the use of the machine. Every night I use it for 7-8 hours on recovery mode or sleep mode or a combination of both and I also used it a lunch time for a 30 min nap, which I will do again today.


●  From: Reese Roth Date: Feb 10, 2006 6:42 PM
Subject: testimonial

I wanted you to know how much I enjoy the Earthpulse magnet. When
re-starting my exercise routine, I was too exuberant in jumping rope and
developed severe pain in my right hip. I was having constant pain and had
gone to a chiropractor 6 times for treatment (with no pain relief). The day
I received my magnet I put it under the mattress. My hip was hurting as
usual. I had trouble falling to sleep that night, then never had another
minute of pain. My hip had been keeping me awake, but from that night
forward, I slept like a baby. To this day the pain has never returned.

I love the magnet for both sleeping and pain management.


●  Mike is an internationally ranked power lifter, one of the strongest men in the world and currently wrestling WWF
from Mike date Wed, Apr 16, 2008 at 7:25 AM
Paul this thing is amazing, after 3 days I have stopped snoring, I woke up with no aches or pains, I wasn't stiff and I slept till 5 30 before I woke up....

from Mike date Mon, May 5, 2008 at 7:28 PM
subject Re: EarthPulse™ - Super Human Performance Enhancement Test...

My sleep is amazing I dont wake up at all anymore I noticed when the magnet wasn't right under me I didnt sleep as well.. The other day my neck was sore I went home put the magnet under my pillow on recovery and fell asleep in like 5 min and woke up feeling amazing... I'm doing 3 miles on the treadmill in 30 min HIT style and I will test some strneght stuff this week, but my cardio is way up
that's KILLER!

squated 235 for 4 sets of 50
benched 405 x8
shoulder press did i give you dumbells or straight bar
i will grab my stop watch and do the breath thing
my sleep is amazing!!!!!!


●  Frank is an internationally ranked 50+ age catagory power-lifter.
On Tue, Apr 8, 2008 at 12:33 PM, F C wrote:
Here are my stats:

55 yrs.old, 306 lbs.
Squat: 848 lbs.
Benchpress: 600 lbs.
Deadlift: 633 lbs.
Breath Hold: 50 secs.

Sleep disturbance: waking 3-4 times a night.

from F, date Sat, Apr 12, 2008 at 5:05 PM
subject Re: Stats

So far pretty cool results. First night I only got up once and the energy at work was awesome (i start at 5:30 am). Last night I slept 10 hrs. and also got up only once. In my workout today my squats flew up. I'm getting ready to take a power nap using the device. Then I will use it on my elbow. This will be interesting! You asked me to remind you to send a new magnet. Hope all is well.

from F C , date Tue, Apr 22, 2008 at 11:34 AM
Hi Paul!
Very interesting things have transpired since using the device (ONE WEEK). My sleep has very much improved as in I only get up once a night to urinate. Three times I slept through the night without waking to use the bathroom. On "Sleep Mode" I fall asleep very quickly, although I use the "Recover Mode" most of the time. I sometimes feel a little groggy after using the "Recover Mode." My lifts are improving! I haven't done a "Max Effort Test" yet, but my training lifts are going up. I will do a "Max Effort Test" in the next couple of weeks. My energy throughout the day is phenomenal, especially in the morning at work (I start at 5:30am.) My "Breath Hold" has improved by 36%!! 50sec. to 68 sec.

I have a question: I sleep in a recliner (back issue) and have the device on the floor, just below my lower back. Would it be better if I somehow attached the device to the back of the chair, bringing it closer to my body? I thought of using some kind of velcro enclosure.

Thanks for including me in this experiment! I can't wait for more performance surprises!!

 from F ,date Fri, Apr 25, 2008 at 12:56 PM
subject Fwd: Re: Stats
Hi Paul,
 I had to write since I've had another amazing improvement in the breath holding test. Just 3 nights of utilizing the device (1/2") from my back, I've improved my hold time an additional 25 sec!!! So from an initial 50 sec. to 68 sec. (36% increase) the first week, to 93sec. the second week. An improvement of 86% over baseline in two weeks!!  Damn! This is fun! Thanks!

 from F
date    Tue, Apr 29, 2008 at 1:43 PM
subject  Stats
I've seen improvement in my training lifts. My benchpress where the bar rests 6 inches off my chest suspended from chains (concentric only, movement) has improved by 50 lbs. My box Squat has improved by 55 lbs. My "breath hold" as I have indicated in my last email has improved tremendously; baseline 50 sec. to 93 sec. in a couple of weeks!!

 from F date Thu, May 15, 2008 at 12:37 PM
subject Stats
Hi, Paul.
Summer has arrived and it was 99F yesterday and it's supposed to be 110F today! Whew! It came on fast. My bench was up another 20lb., it's starting to taper, which is understandable since I've gained 120lbs. on that particular exercise !!!(benching off the chains.) I haven't done a full range max bench as of yet because I'm still having problems with my elbow. Although it seems to be healing.
I did Good Mornings (I haven't been able to do these for over a year, because of my back) on Tuesday. Worked up to 455lb. with no pain!! I should have no problem doing deadlifts once again. Cool!


●  Rosanne is a nationally ranked fitness/figure competitor rehabing from a bad
hamstring injury about 6 months ago.

 from Rosanne date Mon, Apr 7, 2008 at 3:44 PM
subject Re: EarthPulse™ - Super Human Performance Enhancement Test...

Hi Paul!!
Sooo, I just did my breath hold, WOW, I'm up to 1m/27s. WOWWIE!! This is kinda silly...the other night I was out down the shore (Jenks, which I'm sure you're all too familiar with, being from S. Jersey and all) after a LONGGG night out of dancing and drinking, I managed to get the hiccups while walking down the boardwalk to my friends' house. I sat on a bench, took a deep breath and held it in hopes of remedying the annoying hiccups. Well I sat there, and sat there, holding and holding and holdinggggg as I watched the waves crash in. It dawned on me then, OMG, my breath hold must have gone up significantly. And viola.....it increased by over a minute since our first test. AMAZING!!!!

I'm back training. Nothing crazy, no one lift maxes, but i can get those for you, I just don't train for size anymore. Just lots of reps and circuits. Cardio is off the hook too. I can do lots of hills, sprints and the other day I tried a full run just for sh*** and giggles. It blew my mind, I'm not an endurance athlete whatsoever, actually I despise cardio and usually train HIIT style. But I was able to go further than I have before. Tonight I will try again. I will clock it (w/ my nike ipod+ teehee) exactly how far I used to be able to go, and how far I can go now, its a HUGE difference.

Thanks for everything!

As far as my exercises:

PRE injury:
Leg Press: 230 lbs x 10 reps
Squat: 225 lbs x 10 reps
Leg extn: 90 lbs x 10 reps (usually drop set 90x10/80/70/60/50)
Leg curl: 70x 10 reps
Shoulder press: always drop set: 30 lb dumbbells x 10 reps/25/20/15/12/10
Lat Pull Down: 90x10
Bench Press (always used dumbbells): 30 lbs dumbbells

POST injury:
Doing mostly bodyweight stuff lower bod. I'll get you my #'s as far as weights this week. Not training to add size anymore so my workouts are a lot different than they were pre injury.

20-30 min HIIT (high intensity interval training).

Day one: Warm up 5 min, I do one minute at about level 9 and then one minute about level 3. To 15 minutes then cool down for 5. Total = 20 min. Usually run stairs outside, stepmill, sprint/jog outside as my cardio. I have NO endurance. I am BEAT by the end of the intensity minute and need the ENTIRE minute of recovery. And am still hurting from the intense minute. I'm red faced and panting by the time all is said and done.

Day 2: 30 min to 1 hr light intensity. Usually walking for an hour.

Day 3: HIIT 20 minutes: 30 sec high/level 8. 90 sec low/level 4. Obviously easier than the minute/minute day but still rough. By the end of 20 min, I'm hurting.

Day 4: light intensity activity (usually walk between 1/2 hr and 1 hr). I can walk forever and ever, its the intense sprinting that I lack endurance.

Since the injury, I feel extremely out of shape cardiovascularly. I used to be able to go hardcore for 2 hours of straight cardio. I have never been a huge fan of cardio and have never had too much endurance as far as running or intense cardio. After I got injured, I was not able to do ANYTHING because even upper body they said would put stress on the injury. Its been 6 months. You think the addition of the device will help bring back my cardio endurance quickly? (I hope so! haha)

As far as hamstring pain: i'm usually ok. Sometimes i "feel it" but not too much pain. Its more annoying than painful, if that makes sense. The only time it REALLY HURTS me is if i start sprinting too quickly w/ out it being warmed up properly. I haven't lifted with a lot of weight since the tear, so I'm unsure how the leg would handle it. Pre injury my legs were insanely strong - quads especially and my hamstrings lag in comparison; hence the reason it was so easy to tear, so says the doctor. Now, I'm not so sure - -probably both are weak, haha.

Thanks so much! I'm really looking forward to this!
Best, Rosanne

 date Wed, Apr 16, 2008 at 10:51 AM
subject Re: Rosanne's breath hold & Quest

Here's an update of my first week: I took your advice and slept for 12 hrs at a time on Wed, Thurs and Friday nights. I laid around a lot of the day on Thurs and Fri with the device on, but couldn't really sleep all that much. Sat I slept 11 hrs and since, I've been getting about 8-9 hrs per night. I noticed that I get exhausted around 9-10 pm. I don't get the sinking into the bed feeling yet but I do feel like I sleep soundly. I'm still having trouble waking up in the morning, I still want to sleep when my alarm rings (I've NEVER been a morning person, its always pretty difficult for me to get up and I LOVE the SNOOZE button...hahaha), but the exhaustion could possibly be related to getting over this crazy virus. I have tons of energy during the day which I'm happily surprised b/c I stopped taking fat burner supplements when I started using the device and also cut my coffee consumption down. My caff. is mostly a few cups of green tea through out the day.

Yesterday was my first day back to training. Now THIS is where I was the most impressed. As I told you my normal cardio pre-EP was a grueling barely 20 min HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) session before I petered out and gave up. Yesterday was beautiful here in NJ, so I decided to run stairs at the local high school. Although the high intensity (sprint) intervals were still as tough as usual, I WANTED to keep going past 20 min. My total cardio was 35 min, I could have kept going, but it was starting to get cold so I did some push-ups and called it a day. I also noticed, even though the sprints were still difficult, I felt more motivated to push myself throughout the duration of my cardio. It was the first time I felt "a fire" during training since the last time I was training for a show. That athlete mindset of mind over matter, push through it is back, what a great feeling!

I am at work now, so I will do my breath hold tonight and be back in touch. 
Thanks so much!

from Rosanne
date Fri, Apr 25, 2008 at 11:02 AM
subject WOW Breath Hold Update!

OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!!! Paul, you're not going to believe this (or actually, you probably will)...my breath hold is 1min4sec (64s)!!!!  Can you believe that???? I know the first one (30s) was "dirty" but I didn't think I'd be over a minute so soon!!! WOW!!!! I'm totally impressed beyond words!!!!

Hi Paul!! OK AGAIN, I AM SHOCKED.....i really concentrated on the loading phase this time. I took REALLY deep breaths in concentrating on filling my lungs up completely...I think thats what I was doing wrong in the past. My result: are you sitting down.....my hold is up to one minute and 28 seconds!!  Could this be true????? Unbelievable, I know my starting hold was "dirty" but yet again, I'm AMAZED!!!!



from G date Fri, Apr 11, 2008 at 1:14 PM
subject: Earthpulse

Hey Paul,
How's it going man? How's the business and product development going? Any good results from other athletes to speak of? I don't remember if we ever talked about my results from Feb or not so I thought I would update you on my progress. I went to a USA Grand Prix meet in Missouri in Feb that I was partially rested for and though I didn't quite go as fast as I wanted... given the circumstances of not being fully rested I still swam the 5th fastest time in the world this year in the x-m XXXXXX which I was happy with. Then a week later with a little more rest I dropped a full second off my best time in the x-m XXXXXX which was the second fastest time in the world this year and a top 10 time of ALL-TIME which I was definitely excited about considering I dont usually consider myself a "x-m guy". Now I am in the hard training phase preparing for Olympic Trials in less than 12 weeks. I just got back from a two week trip to the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs where I was training at altitude with pretty much all the US world record holders of the various disciplines and I was doing quite well... turning the heads of the coaches up there thats for sure. This was definitely pleasing for me that I was handling practice so well, because I had an accident over St. Patrick's weekend and ended up tearing my ACL and spraining my MCL and capsule. The ortho suspected possible meniscus tear as well but I haven't had an MRI to confirm. Needless to say this all happened a week before I went to olympic camp and I couldnt bend my leg for a few days due to the swelling and what not. I had the earthpulse locally applied to my knee every chance I could get for a good five or six days before I left for camp and I am positive it helped speed up my recovery. The week before camp I couldnt even do a XXXXXX kick and a week and half later I was pushing the world record holder in practice. So needless to say, very positive recovery there. I still have some pain and tightness in my knee but nothing that is holding me back too much in practice.
from G


●  Mike N
On Sun, Apr 6, 2008 at 10:23 PM, Mike  wrote:

Just wanted to let you know I got the unit--thanks again. I did recover one night and sleep the other times. Can't say which was better yet, but I had a pretty good performance at the Tactical Strength Challenge on Sat.
Let me know what paper work I need to keep track of. I have the breath hold info; so let me know how you want it reported
Breath hold was at about 50 seconds and tonight was 1:06

Thanks Mike

Michael MS, CSCS
PhD Student, Kinesiology, U of
Z Health Level IV certified
Russian Kettlebell Certified Instructor (RKC)

Breath hold seated with nose plugged max hold time after 1 min of slow, deep breathing was 51 seconds. Got 8.5 hours of sleep last night.
current after 1 week: 1:15

5 movements will be (if you are cool with them)

1) pull ups
2) deadlift (max single)
3) bench (max single, audible commands and full pause at chest)
4) KB snatches (volume work)
5) KB 1 RM press

Sleep has been better and I feel more rested with fewer hours so far. I toss and turn less at night.



Here are my notes. Breath hold was 1:08
Considering all that is going on, I was very happy with tonights session!
Up 17% from session 1 month ago, and I was training for the TSC so this was not a completely "new stimulus" to me. I will be sure to be prompt this week in updating on my blog.

Z Health 20 minutes
Changed up training supplements based on feedback from Dave Barr in his Anabolic Index books. Read through the first one (the manual) already and really good stuff.
Normally would start Surge/hydro pro 15 minutes before training and finish up after training (sip during training)
Changed to  40 grams hydrolyzed protein, 5 gm BCAAs, 30 gm CHO finished 15 minutes before training (in 1 L water)During training--water only
15 minutes after training, same as above, but add 5 gm creatine (have been using creatine on training days for a long time now)
Meal 1 hr after post train shake
Also adding in more protein before bed and faster pro in the AM

about 2 weeks ago dropped beta alanine to save some coin. Not sure if it has made any difference or not. Won't know until I add it back in again towards the end/middle of June

KB session (outside, music Hatebreed)
warm up 16 X 5/5, 24 x 5/5

KB snatches, all wts in Kg
3 continuous "rounds"

24 x 12/12
28 x 8/8
32 x 6/6

24 x 12/12
28 x 8/8
32 x 6/6

24 x 12/12
28 x 5/5
32 x 5/5

Last good sesison (last sesison I was sick and did not finish)
time 17:15 vol 3,656 and density 3.53 kg/sec

This session
goal was to break 17:00 and vol of 4,000 kg
actual 16:30 (cut almost 45 seconds off!!!)
vol 3,964
density 4.00 kg/sec (up about .5 kg/sec!)

First session done on 4/20 at 3.32 kg/sec density
so up about 17% in 1 month
this includes a stressful month
and dropping beta alanine!

And I was coming off the TSC, so I was training KB work in a higher
rep style, so this was not completely new

Breath hold for Sun night before training 1:08 
Michael MS, CSCS


●  Husband and wife team using free weights training for general fitness.
from kim & daniel date Mon, May 5, 2008 at 11:28 PM
subject;  earthpulse trial

Here's my old and new numbers, good improvements on every movement.
April 5, 2008 May 5, 2008
Bench press max 295 300....................1.6%
10 rep max bench 205 215...................5%
pullups extra wide 5 reps 8 reps..............60%
row machine 200# 8 reps 10 reps.............25%
inclined dumbell curls 30#-12 reps 40#-12 reps....25%
Breath hold 1:15 1:30..................20%
body weight 207 pounds 209 pounds.......1%

curls dumbells 20#-5reps each side 20#-8reps each side........60%
overhead tricep ext 20#-10 reps 20#-10 reps......................0%
pullups 3 reps 4 reps.................................25%
side lateals 5#-10reps 5#-15reps..........................50%
bent over lateral raises10#-10 reps 12#-10 reps.......................20%
breath hold 45 secs 47 secs................................4%
Kimberlyann says that the earthpulse has substantially helped her pain from the auto accident, she had nightmares everynight before starting using the earthpulse and they have totally ceased since we started using it, and she feels refreshed every morning. It has even helped her restless leg problems, and she wanted to say thank you again for this great opportunity to use and log the earthpulse unit.
Thanks again for selecting us and if you need anything else please email me and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.


I've certainly noticed that I'm able to think more clearly and deal better with complex problems.
Anonymous December 28, 2014 Hi, Paul!

I've been meaning to write to you and let you know how this unit has been working for me. At least, how it works when my cat lets me use it... She tries to hog it!

Anyhow, I was diagnosed with sleep apnea and narcolepsy after suffering from sleep problems for nearly 20 years. It started off just a minor irritation but then gradually worsened until I was to the point of having lost my driving privileges and being unable to stay awake during the day. I could fall asleep while sitting or standing, in the middle of conversations, or pretty much anywhere. The doctors prescribed some medication for me but it was prohibitively expensive ($500-900 each month) and I had trouble adjusting to it. I was also concerned about possible damage to my heart, given some of the side effects I was experiencing.

So my boyfriend did some online research and ran across your EarthPulse magnet and decided that it might help me. He ordered one for my birthday present and I've been using it every night since then (March of 2013). It has been amazing! For the first time in years, I started to wake up feeling somewhat refreshed instead of desperately exhausted. I could function again! I was able to stay awake during my entire work day and I could think more clearly too. I stopped taking my medication shortly after starting using the magnet and I've only used the medication since then to help combat jet lag when I traveled from Japan to America to take a class for my job. I think I only used 2 or 3 pills for the jet lag (I'm allowed up to 3 per day, and I only took 1 per day for a few days) before I was adjusted well enough not to need the extra help staying awake during the afternoon sessions of my class.

After quite a lot of experimentation during the first month, I found that Sleep 4 worked best for me during the first couple of months. Once I started waking up too groggy from that I switched back to sleeping with the unit on Recover mode. For whatever reason, I wasn't able to adjust to the artificial sleep schedule imposed by Sleep 1-3 settings. Now, whenever I'm feeling too run-down, I'll use Sleep 4 for a night or two, switching to recovery first thing upon waking up, before going back to sleeping with it set to Recover all night. It seems to work really well for me.

At this point, I wake up most mornings feeling like I have actually gotten some good sleep and if I have trouble staying awake I can trace it to external factors such as a poor diet (consuming enough refined carbs to give me an insulin crash) or not allowing enough time at night for sufficient sleep. Honestly, I had been to the point where I didn't believe I would ever be able to function like a "normal" person again. I no longer fear losing my job due to falling asleep at inappropriate times. I'm also able to drive again because I don't start to doze off behind the wheel. Others have commented on how much more alert, cheerful and capable I am now. I've certainly noticed that I'm able to think more clearly and deal better with complex problems. Thank you so much for giving my life back to me.
thank you for your invention that is healing lives across the globe.
Auti Angel December 11, 2014 My name is Auti Angel, one of the stars of the hit show "Push Girls", Critic's Choice Awarded as Best Reality Series 2013!

On Jan.7, 2014 I had a freak accident where I fell out of my wheelchair directly onto my left hip, causing a severe pelvis fracture and a massive hematoma in my abdomen. Once I was released from the hospital to start a 3 week recovery bedridden, I told my father how much pain I was in. He immediately told me about the "Earth Pulse" he purchased and said it could help.

EARTHPULSE, I am truly impressed. First of all, about the third day I started using it I was finally able to get some sleep when before I was only getting an hour at a time. Then on the 7th day I noticed my hematoma being absorbed more rapidly than the doctors expected. I also have been relieved of most of the major pain I was encountering. 
The Big Kicker is, I have been dealing with major chronic pain since my car accident that left me paralyzed over 21 years ago. It has kept me up sleepless nights to where I can't go to sleep til 5,6,or 7am. My father is a witness to this. EARTHPULSE has finally allowed me to get some sleep during hours I never imagined I would gain back. It is truly a miracle and a blessing in disguise. 

I am writing this to share my amazing testimony so that others too can benefit from EARTHPULSE.

Finally, thank you for your invention that is healing lives across the globe. 
Auti Angel
I've only needed ONE painkiller since starting the Earthpulse on Nov 24. That's down from 3-5 high dose pills a day!
Michael December 10, 2014 Hey Paul!

Thanks for checking in and the info. I'm going to look at it right after I send this.

To answer your question about the RBH, my original and only hold was for 90 seconds.

Now the good news,

So I've had chronic pain in my shoulder, neck and since the treatments, various other body parts for years. The shoulder for six years, neck for two, and the other parts the past year on treatment. I exhausted every penny of savings from my entire life over the past three years on all kinds of medical treatments to help with the pain. My thought has always been that if I could actually sleep, focus, and not generally be miserable while trying to balance a company and a life, I could put the effort I should be into both finishing up treatments and also building this business. After many doctors, supplements, surgeries, and more leaving me broke and then dealing with a serious medical condition, I just got jaded. With piss and vinegar some days and a woe is me attitude on others, I just accepted it is what it is.

Ok I guess here's the good news,

I've only needed ONE painkiller since starting the Earthpulse on Nov 24. That's down from 3-5 high dose pills a day! After reading the manual again last night, I think the one night of pain was from nerve regeneration. There's not to say there isn't any slight pain or discomfort, but this is incredible!

My sleep is awesome. Dreaming every night remembering 4 or more dreams. Still not sure if what I'm experiencing is lucid but there's some awareness that I can flex what's happening and am conscious that a dream is happening. Every night is becoming a cinema.

I put the magnet under the mattress last week by my neck and shoulder. I absolutely plan on getting the 5 Pro in the future for personal use. I have so much gratitude to share but I'm having trouble to really comprehend what is actually happening it's so amazing! THANK YOU for urging me to try it. Normally my partner and I don't use anything to skew our thoughts or scuff the product.

I have a couple I know that the wife has had chronic pain of the past 20 years in her shoulder, clavicle, spinal stenosis, piriformis, and TFL. I've literally seen her cry just trying to get out of a chair. She's in her late sixties and has no hope. I saw them today and told them that I want to meet them Friday to talk about getting the V5 Pro for her. The husband is a retired oral surgeon who is a genius medical mind from all disciplines and I showed him an article on PEMF and pain, and the regrown finger page on your site from Dr. Becker’s research. He was blown away. Today after telling them what the past week has been for me, they are shocked. The 90 day trial is so great because I know her skepticism would not allow her to get one otherwise. She won't even take Tylenol she's so skeptical.

While I'm scared because there have been a few days here and there (nothing as long as this) where I've been pain free and thought whatever I was doing was the cure, I think YOU and your genius mind and generosity may be the thing that’s finally going to changing my life for the better!
have so many patients with sleep issues and am starting to talk it them about this technology as a possible solution
Florence December 10, 2014 I'm a physiotherapist here in Vancouver BC and have used a variety of modalities in my practice over the last 30 years. In recent years I have become interested in pulsed EMF again as the technology has improved. My son was diagnosed with dysautonomia probably from a parasite and viral infection 21/2 years ago. Sleep issues are one of many problems folks with it have. We got the mat system and it has helped him pre bed but kept thinking a system like yours that can go all night would be better. We got it in early Jan and our son could not seem to tolerate it(perhaps you may have suggestions for settings that might work better for him). My husband and I decided to use it and I found I was very sensitive to it and ended up putting it on the floor under our bed for the first week. Now we have it under the mattress topper and I'm fine with it. I have a very busy practice and have noticed a significant improvement in my energy the whole day especially the afternoon. My husband got the nasty cold/ flu bug that has been going around all winter and he recovered quite quickly( compared to what most other folks have reported). I put it under him all day on recovery mode. Our son got it as well and put it under him for the whole day on recovery and he recovered even more quickly. 
So, I want him to try it again but we don't want to give ours up :). Hence we've ordered another! I have so many patients with sleep issues and am starting to talk it them about this technology as a possible solution. 
Thanks again Paul!
Thank you so much for giving my life back to me.
Dean October 8, 2014 Hi, Paul!

I've been meaning to write to you and let you know how this unit has been working for me. At least, how it works when my cat lets me use it... She tries to hog it!

Anyhow, I was diagnosed with sleep apnea and narcolepsy after suffering from sleep problems for nearly 20 years. It started off just a minor irritation but then gradually worsened until I was to the point of having lost my driving privileges and being unable to stay awake during the day. I could fall asleep while sitting or standing, in the middle of conversations, or pretty much anywhere. The doctors prescribed some medication for me but it was prohibitively expensive ($500-900 each month) and I had trouble adjusting to it. I was also concerned about possible damage to my heart, given some of the side effects I was experiencing.

So my boyfriend did some online research and ran across your EarthPulse magnet and decided that it might help me. He ordered one for my birthday present and I've been using it every night since then (March of 2013). It has been amazing! For the first time in years, I started to wake up feeling somewhat refreshed instead of desperately exhausted. I could function again! I was able to stay awake during my entire work day and I could think more clearly too. I stopped taking my medication shortly after starting using the magnet and I've only used the medication since then to help combat jet lag when I traveled from Japan to America to take a class for my job. I think I only used 2 or 3 pills for the jet lag (I'm allowed up to 3 per day, and I only took 1 per day for a few days) before I was adjusted well enough not to need the extra help staying awake during the afternoon sessions of my class.

After quite a lot of experimentation during the first month, I found that Sleep 4 worked best for me during the first couple of months. Once I started waking up too groggy from that I switched back to sleeping with the unit on Recover mode. For whatever reason, I wasn't able to adjust to the artificial sleep schedule imposed by Sleep 1-3 settings. Now, whenever I'm feeling too run-down, I'll use Sleep 4 for a night or two, switching to recovery first thing upon waking up, before going back to sleeping with it set to Recover all night. It seems to work really well for me.

At this point, I wake up most mornings feeling like I have actually gotten some good sleep and if I have trouble staying awake I can trace it to external factors such as a poor diet (consuming enough refined carbs to give me an insulin crash) or not allowing enough time at night for sufficient sleep. Honestly, I had been to the point where I didn't believe I would ever be able to function like a "normal" person again. I no longer fear losing my job due to falling asleep at inappropriate times. I'm also able to drive again because I don't start to doze off behind the wheel. Others have commented on how much more alert, cheerful and capable I am now. I've certainly noticed that I'm able to think more clearly and deal better with complex problems. Thank you so much for giving my life back to me.
fell asleep without the aid of any meds August 23, 2014 I used sleep 3 and for the first time in at least 10 years I fell asleep without the aid of any meds. I only woke one time and was able to get right back asleep.
Thanks again

simple and inexpensive way to help folks feel better and sleep better
Deborah B, LMT August 23, 2014 Hi, Paul - I received my device Friday and couldn't wait to use it. I had it at work (I'm a massage therapist) and with a cancellation, tried it on myself for an hour - great results. My next client was a chronic pain patient (nurse) and I offered to run it on her during the session. She fell into a wonderful, deep sleep while I worked and she awakened feeling refreshed and ready to go, pain-free. Normally, about 85% of men fall asleep during a session; only about 15% of women. I tried the device on 4 female clients so far, and every one of them fell asleep!

I am a chronic pain patient with arthritis, who has considered retiring, but have such a strong connection with my clients, I've persevered. I worked 5 hours yesterday on clients (normally can't do more than 3) and felt good afterwards, even better this morning after sleeping with the device (I also have chronic sleep issues, including hypervigilance - the device puts me into a wonderfully deep state of sleep in minutes. I wake up infrequently to use the bathroom and am feeling more human in the morning - (my cats scrap over who gets to sleep next to me for some treatment time). Thank you for coming up with such a simple and inexpensive way to help folks feel better and sleep better. 

No question about it, improved sleep quality. greater energy and greater strength
Terry August 23, 2014 This device does exactly what you say it does and MORE. I am very happy that i bought it and heartily recommend it. Thank you! Yussuf


Regarding fracture in foot.I started using the Earthpulse and the fracture fused virally in a week and a half. Impressed by doctor enough he is going to check out your device. 

The world needs to know about the Earth Pulse
Mike August 23, 2014 Thank you for a great product! I am on my way to relief. So far, I have noticed increased energy and motor skills. Also, vivid dreams and restful sleep! The world needs to know about the Earth Pulse!

Thank you!

don't feel the fatigue which has been my constant companion since at least 1984-85
Julie August 23, 2014 Just thought you'd like to hear, Phil today reported two symptoms
newly abating: one is, he said he did not feel as stiff this morning upon
waking up and getting up, and the other is, he has not had to take the
tiny little staccato steps that I've seen him do increasingly over the
past several months, especially when he changes direction when
walking, but lately, even going in the same direction he was already
walking in. That is really big, so I'm very excited about it! Not being
as excitable as I am, he seems to be guardedly happy about it (he
doesn't get excited about much, but that could be attributed to the
Parkinsons itself, which flattens affect). As for myself, I've had a
couple of nights of sleeping next to the under-the-mattress magnet,
which is situated underneath Phil around his mid-back area, as close
as I could get without making it difficult for him to turn over (he complained
that I was over too far, the first time I tried this). I am noticing an increase
in my energy level and I feel more rested overall. I can stay up a bit
later at night, and during the day, don't feel the fatigue which has been
my constant companion since at least 1984-85. 

We're both sleeping better than any time in our lives
Trent August 23, 2014 I emailed you a while back to report that, while I was really sleeping great on my EP in sleep mode 2, my wife was having trouble using hers as it made her feel buzzed, even in sleep mode 4, air core only.

Well, now I'm using Recover mode only and my wife-- who has had sleep issues for years-- is sleeping better than ever using sleep mode 3 with the air core, base and solid core in place. We're both sleeping better than any time in our lives. The Earth Pulse is nothing short of incredible!

Sleeping with no med for the first time in years August 23, 2014 Just a note that I am having good success so far. Sleeping with no med for the first time in years. Also some improvement wit SI joint pain. 

Thank you 

noticeable improvement
Sherri August 23, 2014 Just wanted to send you an update since it's been several days with the EP in it's new configuration. Though my sleep still isn't great, I'm happy to say that I've seen a noticeable improvement. My sleep is still quite broken with multiple awakenings through the night, but I am seeing a definite trend towards being able to fall back asleep much easier after the awakenings rather than just lying there awake for 1-3 hours in the middle of the night. 

Well, according to my Gauss meter my work environment is not as bad as my bedroom at home, but I am still surrounded by 3 computers, 2 monitors, a phone, and who knows how many wireless networks (we are hardwired in our office, but i work in a building downtown). This morning I brought in my EP to work with me and set it up in alert mode with the magnet on the floor right under my office chair. I defiantely notice some effects. For one, my muscles feel *waaaay* more relaxed than normal sitting at my desk. It is kind of a strange feeling. Mentally I'm reasonably alert, but my muscles are so much more relaxed. 

I feel fantastic!
Steve August 23, 2014 Hi Paul.

All in all, I feel fantastic!

I got the earthpulse for tendonitis. That took a while to resolve but has pretty much done so now.

My mood is consistently great. Testosterone levels are definitely consistently up (can be a bit distracting having T levels like years ago huh? :)

It's helped me achieve another goal of getting to 200 lbs at 10% body fat (the weight I've listed is first thing in the morning consistently). I've plataued a bit on strength but am not particularly concerned as I have gained approx. 5 kg / 11 lbs of muscle in the last six months (I think it would have been half that without the EP). I think my body is consolidating current strength levels, but it's wonderful for motivation to know I am able to keep getting stronger. Injuries are getting better, T-levels are higher, strength is up. I'm coming up for 45 but feel like I can celebrate taking a few years off!

My next-day 'delayed' agitation has virtually gone. I can use the EP with full strength with minimal if any agitation now. However, I still choose to use it at a moderate level.

Great product. Thanks Paul.

love your earth Pulse
Cindy August 23, 2014 Hi Paul, 

I love your earth Pulse! not sure if you remember me or not but i was Emma O’s caregiver she had great results using the Earth Pulse after her stroke. 

I bought one for me and wont go without it! I bought an Earth pulse for my son who was struggling with insomnia within the first night his sleep improved!

I had my mom who is 80 buy one and it is helping her walk better and she says much less arthritis pain.

thank you 

works great
Alan August 23, 2014 It works great and my sleep is A LOT Better and now I’m glad I got it!
better sleep and energy
Lars August 23, 2014 My father is doing good - it seems like the v.5 is helping, both with sleep and pain! 
My friend Juan-Carlos, who received his a few weeks ago, is also reporting better sleep and energy.



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