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Over 85% of Americans ultimately die from diet-related illness & disease

      ...I was a walking statistic.  


Thanks for your interest and support. My name is Dan Miller. I am 5’11” and 55 years old. I have a 20 year Health & Wellness background, but ironically since grade school, I had ALWAYS struggled with my weight and over time developed multiple chronic ailments.


I have spent years lecturing, researching and investigating,  Ozone & Oxygen TherapiesAlternative Health and Advanced Magnetic Healing, and Pioneering Scientific Technologies with a concentration in the field of Air Purification & Water Treatment, Holistic Wellness, Technical advancements and more recently Nutritional Science and Wholistic dietary philosophies and theories.  I had always considered myself ‘healthy’ and had not experienced any life-threatening illness, nor had I ever been under ‘doctor’s care’ or prescribed pharmaceuticals.  After experiencing conventional surgery with the removal of my Appendix while a teenager; I took my health into my own hands and took a serious stance for alternative, wholistic, health & wellness Practitioners like Naturopaths, Herbalists, Acupuncture/Acupressure, Nutritionists, Homeopaths and Chiropractors.  I have made and continue to make every effort to stay away from allopathic medicine, pharmaceuticals & supplements/pills & surgery, and hospitals.


This is me at 'Whole Foods' buffet @ 338 Lbs - I had the right intention but still with incorrect nutritional knowledge



However, even with all the years of wholistic living and health & wellness knowledge I had become a walking statistic  After seeing a photo taken by a family member, I suddenly and shockingly realized I was obese!  I've  tasted a lot in life, but I had not tasted optimum health and nutrition. I had never considered Nutritional Science as a treatment therapy in relation to my need to lose a LOT of weight and gain optimum health. I was skating by without proper attention to "you are what you eat".  In hindsight, my vice was big meat portions, dairy, eggs, processed & refined carbs, and sugary, sweet thingys.


I was loaded with annoying symptoms, aches & pains and I snored like a chain saw, had sleep apnea and hadn't slept well in years (and thanks to me, neither had my wife)…but, unimpressively, and somewhat embarrassing - I would nod off easily during the middle of the day in mid-conversation with people.     I was pre-diabetic and suffered from hypoglycemic crashes, digestive issues and migraines.  A Health Practitioner’s screening showed severe levels of toxic burden, and dangerous adrenal and thyroid levels.  I suffered from allergies, skin rashes, and respiratory conditions. I was sedentary with poor circulation, thick red ankles and edema.  For several years at my peak weight, my hormones were all outta whack - I had man-boobs, low libido and sexual dysfunction. I craved and consumed cheese, milk and eggs, caffeine, fatty meats, processed refined carbs and sugary treats. I would belch, bloat, burp and fart after every meal.  Too many years of poor food choices and living without an Appendix probably contributed to most of my digestive distress but exacerbating the problem; I was over-eating a lot of processed vegetarian/vegan snack food, rich & meaty/fatty/salty/sugary restaurant food and was nutritionally starving myself.  I was sick & tired…of being sick & tired.  Enough was enough. 



Following is my journey overcoming obesity and recovering my health. 



"I Lost 145+ pounds simplifying my eating habits and simplifying my life with Veggie Juicing and a

Plant-Based WholeFood Lifestyle"


  …and you can do it too!



Valiant Efforts & Detox

For over 18+ months I was focused and concentrated on sustained weight loss.  In January 2011, I weighed 339 lbs and was 154 pounds overweight. (*UPDATE* 5-2015: I have lost 154 pounds drinking vegetable Juice  and eating exclusively  Plant-Based Whole Foods).  Up to this point, I had never considered Nutritional Science as a treatment therapy and lifestyle medicine  to attain extreme weight loss and gain optimum health. Upon insistence from my wife, and knowledge from a few good books and documentaries- I slowly started to cease having certain foods in the house -- She just flat-out stopped buying the ‘culprit’ products (even so-called natural, free-range, cage-free, vegetarian, hormone-free & organic animal protein brands i.e. meat, dairy, eggs).  I, and everyone else in the house eventually went ‘cold turkey’ – we totally stopped eating refined sugar, sweets, refined breads & pasta, chips, soda, dairy, eggs, coffee, booze and we cut all big meat portions. Overeating processed foods, animal proteins and too many rich, fatty-salty-sugary meals in  restaurants, was nutritionally starving me and my family, and were causing a lot of health and behavioral problems. It was time to get down to business.  Time for a different taste of life.

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I was determined to lose some weight and made some valiant efforts with other techniques and programs I was already familiar with. I re-read, "Rational Fasting - for Physical, Mental & Spiritual Rejuvenation" by Professor Arnold Ehret.  An excellent source for Mucus-less diet (fruits & green leafy veggies) and short-term liquid fasting treatments. I holed up and did a 3 day Fast – a real fast, just laying around, quiet and sipping water (if you want detox symptoms full force, give that a try.) After my initial fast, I investigated further writings published by Ehret Literature, like; "Live Foods - Nature's Perfect System of Human Nutrition", by George & Doris Fathman.  I continued to read and research the whole gamut of "Bragg Books" which promote pioneering health science, Miracles of Fasting and longevity by Paul C. Bragg N.D., and Patricia Bragg N.D.  I also read everything I could find on fasting, by Herbert M. Shelton.

Both my wife and I did a specific 'liquids only fast' a 5-8 day Herbal Detox Colon Cleanse to clean up my digestion from all those years of unconscious eating. That purging really helped too, because I felt I was now starting with a clean slate, so to speak. If you can't absorb your nutrition through your digestive tract, you really are starving yourself - no matter what you eat.  I unclogged and revived my colon function (shocking results) to better absorb nutrition, increase function and reduce detox symptoms.

Overweight folks are toxic so just getting off the junky food and complex carbs started a healing crisis, a full cavalcade of detox symptoms.    Most everyone who undertakes a shift to healthier living, better food choices and cleansing & detoxifying the body; will, as I did, experience some level of detoxification symptoms that will occur, slowly peeling away the layers of system junk.  I just plowed through the doubt, the headaches & nausea and I definitely "got worse before I got better" detox symptoms. I considered detoxification a punishment for unconsciously eating for so many years - a ‘spanking’ of sorts.

To ease and assist my body with cleansing and detoxifying, I re-entertained 'Natural Hygiene'  or some now call it “Fit for Life”, a Food Combining program purported by National Association of Health Naturopaths to mainly assist with internal cleanliness and digestive problems (most overweightys have poor & sluggish digestion).  Herbert M. Shelton has a series of books published by Natural Hygiene Press, encompassing Fasting, Food Combining and Superior Nutrition based on Natural Hygiene principles which relate to the preservation and restoration of health.  

"There are no cures - Nature returns to normal when enervating habits are given up." 

Natural Hygiene or Food combining teaches a simple and effective health care solution for intelligent food consumption, that everyone can afford to do.  It is easier to accommodate this style of eating for restaurants, BBQs, and social functions because you eat what everyone else is having, but you only choose to eat the protein with veggies at a meal, or the Carbs n’ veggies at a meal – never mixing certain fruits with starches, or protein & carbs together – no meat n’ potatoes at the same meal…because stomachs don’t digest the two very well and is why everyone bloats, burps, belches, and farts after eating. I continue to consume food intelligently and consciously and follow the Natural Hygiene food combining philosophy when I eat or drink food, or during social settings.


For myself, I further investigated Dr. Max Gerson's Gerson Therapy and his daughter Charlotte's "Healing the Gerson Way a vegetable juicing, coffee enema and reletively Plant-based Lifestyle program I had been suggesting for my clients dealing with terminal illness and life-threatening degenerative diseases.  This therapy works successfully, but entails rigorous and expensive treatment away at the International Gerson Institute or, with lengthy and restrictive home care. As Charlotte Gerson remarks, "there are only two main causes of illness and disease, nutrient deficiency and toxicity". The monitored therapeutic treatment consists of a regiment of Veggie Juicing, a raw/cooked food- primarily vegetarian plant-based diet (some dairy & animal protein) and Coffee Enemas to obtain optimum health and avoid acidosis, but I had never thought, or even considered the therapy for weight loss. The basic key to Gerson principles is the efficacy of nourishing your body with the 'life' present in whole vital ‘aLive’ foods.    Life-giving nutrition is destroyed by cooking over 130*F and any vital force of nourishment is dissipated.  According to this therapeutic principle, our food choices should be intelligently and properly selected and most of it should be juiced raw, exclusively organic vegetarian, prepared simply, and eaten as whole and unprocessed as possible.

So I said to myself, "why not just eat the whole vegetable instead of extracting the juice and discarding the fibers?"  The answer is simple according to Gerson:  solid food requires many hours of digestive activity before its nourishment becomes available to the body (and that's IF you ate something nutritious to begin with).   Whereas, RAW veggie juice enzymes are naturally perfected with low surface tension, making veggie juices more 'bio-available' because they are easily absorbed and assimilated by the body. It is this microscopic, cellular level for which the cells and tissues of the body are starved of precious micro-nutrients! 


For 5 months through early 2011, I expanded my knowledge, empowered myself and dabbled with the aforementioned 'healthy living' lifestyles.  I lost 36 pounds which I was grateful for.  However, I had realized that even with a consciousness shift to “wanna do something about it”, the fasting, colon cleanses; detoxification and  healthier vegetarian eating just didn’t seem to be enough to succeed at sustained weight loss.  I wondered if in fact I could ever completely lose the weight on my own, within my lifestyle.  I needed to find what worked for me and suited my family and existing lifestyle. Near the end of the first 5 month effort at weight loss, the amount I lost leveled off a bit, it hit a plateau.  I became frustrated and I felt like I was starving all the time, and craving junk food. Even though, I was eating so-called healthier vegetarian foods and ‘doing the right things’ I hollered at my wife, "you are trying to starve me!" I wanted to feel full. I wanted to feel healthy.   I got very disillusioned and felt defeated.  Deep inside me I knew that I could lose weight naturally, healthfully and successfully.  I just needed to figure it out.


“Let food be thy medicine” - Hippocrates

Something finally clicked with me in July of 2011, while browsing NetFlix we came across the documentary "Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead" with Australian Joe Cross and an awe- inspiring American Truckdriver Phil Staples. At the time, it was the ‘Kick in the Ass’ I had been looking for - a true missing link. I knew this stuff already! I had been studying and suggesting a juicing & plant-based lifestyle to terminally ill clients, but hypocritically failed to recognize the benefits for my own weight loss.   

CAMP REBOOT is designed to help you successfully lose weight, improve your health and transform your diet. If you are overweight, struggling with your diet, diabetic or pre-diabetic or have other chronic conditions, this retreat is for you.

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The energizing and informative curriculum will cover Rebooting basics, juicing tips, how to transition into a healthy diet, and how to maintain your weight loss and health – with strategies for menu planning, preparing meals, shopping for food, navigating social events, overcoming emotional eating, and avoiding common food traps. Plus this year we will be including 60 days of pre-and-post camp online support.


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TIP:  The next day my insistent wife bought the featured Breville Juice

 Fountain Plus Centrifugal Juicer  (the BEST beginner brand!) In years past, I had already experienced the 'old-style' Champion masticator juicer, smaller Nutribullet smoothie makers & vita blenders (Juicing vs. Blending Smoothies are different!) and, low cost, brand-name, inferior high RPM juicers, and found them nor convenient, or as efficient for extracting juice from tough veggies or soft greens. Plus, they were ALL difficult to use, clean and prepare the produce. However, in recent years, home juicer technology has come a long way, either the effectively designed Breville or Omega centrifugal or auger models, and the twin-gear Greenstar or Super Angel all equally accommodate the full-time Juicing Lifestyle whereby I can make hassle-free family-sized amounts of veggie juice  super quick & easy.  I needed to make it simple to succeed.  Invest in a decent Juicer.


Both my wife & I immediately and officially began my Reboot Juicing program in August 2011 with a Reboot Juicing session featured in the documentary.  We wanted and needed to jump-start my/our new lifestyle.


Maybe you feel you need a little help?  Not confident to do a juicing regimen alone?   Give me a Call or Check out annual CAMP REBOOT >>>

Personally, I had no trouble consuming nothing but fresh, raw veggie juice (including veggie broth, tea, water) – all day, everyday, for 10 days - NO solid 'chewing' food. I was a little skeptical at first.  I asked myself, “Is this a wise nutritional choice?” And, “could I really go 10-30-60 days without eating solid food!?” As mentioned previously, I had learned from the Gerson Institute, Natural Hygiene, & Arnold Ehret, that food intake and nutrition should be vital, pH balanced, organic, raw & alive, and must be easily assimilated by the body for regeneration of cells and tissues. However, I found that eating only raw, uncooked vegetables was difficult to achieve and sustain. I soon discovered that the easiest and most effective way to consume large quantities of life-giving RAW vegetable enzymes is to JUICE the vegetables (unless of course you prefer chewing and chomping through pounds of raw kale UPDATE: presently, I eat lots of cooked or raw kale finely cut in soups, entrees or salads ....and juice some everyday!).  I lost 15 pounds immediately with my first 10-day Reboot Juicing regimen, and was able to overcome addictive food cravings.   See our FAQs for more details


I further considered the writings of Dr. Joel Fuhrman, (he is Joe Cross' monitoring physician in the documentary) in his bestseller “Eat to Live” which shows how enhancing nutrient intake with bio-availability lessens hunger, removes food addiction, enables appetite control and leads to a favorable weight.

Contrary to some health professionals, Fuhrman

 suggests that raw foods are not the only way to optimum health and that lightly cooking some vegetable types make them more bio-available and nutrient dense by lowering the surface tension with heating.

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Dr. Fuhrman encourages a ½ raw – ½ cooked primarily plant-based diet lifestyle and codifies or rates the highest to lowest nutrient dense veggies.  He strongly suggests eating: G-BOMBS on a daily basis, which consists of 'Greens-Beans-Onions-Mushrooms-Berries-Seeds'

He provides important insights into sustained weight loss with micro-nutrient rich plant-based foods, and explains how and why eating the wrong foods cause addictive withdrawal symptoms like toxic hunger or starving your body, and causes the desire to over consume calories.  Overfed but under-nourished.


I further discovered (and adopted), that to miraculously improve your health and experience sustained extreme weight loss & reverse disease- there MUST be an avoidance from all added refined - processed fats, sugars, salt and, all Animal-based Protein Products such as:   meats, seafood, dairy milk, sour cream, cheese, casein, butter, and eggs; whether free-range/cage-free, low-fat, raw, pasteurized, or organic!


Simply Raw, ALive, vegetables are nutritionally packed enzymatic micro-nutrients. Dispel health myths and misinformation- if you want to be healthy, you must change your diet!   Fruits & Vegetables, Beans, Legumes, Nuts and Seeds and Raw Vegetable Juices are the builders and regenerators of the body and contain ALL the amino acids, phyto-nutrients, proteins, mineral, salts, enzymes, and vitamins needed by the body, provided they are used in large quantities, raw (or cooked), and preferably without preservatives, and as with juicing, that they have been properly extracted from the vegetables (another reason why a good Juicer is most important).    Juicing & Blending/Smoothies are different!

  I soon found that Raw Veggie Juicing is the most tasty, efficient and effective way to consume large quantities of raw organic or conventionally-grown vegetables and lose weight while doing it. Raw, Fresh Juices,  are a very liquid food - a 38-dyne low surface tension food, with highly organic nutrient-dense water of the finest quality, with the nourishing atoms and molecules in microscopic bio-available volume  


After I read the powerful publication The China Study by T. Colin Campbell, PhD  and watched the revealing documentary "Forks Over Knives" - both these nutritional breakthrough projects forever changed my mind about the 'myth' of a perceived need for Animal Proteins. It tweaked my paradigm that much more and solidified my conviction. It is difficult to not be influenced by the 40 years of research conducted by T. Colin Campbell, Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn and their many Colleagues1* and Associates, whose research significantly demonstrate that avoidance of animal proteins, (including all meats/seafood, eggs, casein in milk, dairy, cheese, plus other excess fats and refined foods), provide overwhelming evidence that there is a reduction in, or a complete reversal of, obesity, diabetes, heart disease and cancer, in addition to other degenerative and chronic auto-immune diseases that may already be realized.

Campbell further writes in The China Study, page 240, "Our food choices have an incredible impact not only on our metabolism, but also on the initiation, promotion and even reversal of disease, on our energy, on our physical activity, on our emotional and mental well-being and on our world environment.  All of these seemingly separate spheres are intimately interconnected."    Do you realize that what you consume in your day-to-day life could be feeding any cancer, or other debilitating degenerative disease like obesity or diabetes?  Did you know that cancer, obesity, heart disease and diabetes could be stopped in its tracks with wholistic nutrition? Were you aware that at any Stage, any-type of growing or dormant cancer can be reversed with nutrition? To combat all that 'ails ya - I would challenge you to consider a change,....or a serious shift in what you are eating.

Campbell succinctly puts a WholeFood Plant-Based (WFPB) Lifestyle in 66 words: 

"The ideal human diet looks like this:

Consume plant-based foods in forms as close to their natural state as possible (“whole” foods). Eat a variety of vegetables, fruits, raw nuts and seeds, beans and legumes, and whole grains. Avoid heavily processed foods and animal products. Stay away from added salt, oil, and sugar. Aim to get 80 percent of your calories from carbohydrates, 10 percent from fat, and 10 percent from protein. That’s it, in 66 words 2*."

In the following excerpt from Dr. T. Colin Campbell's Whole: Rethinking the Science of Nutrition (for more detail see video interviews)2* he states: 

"If you want to live free of cancer, [obesity], heart disease, and diabetes for your entire life, that power is in your hands (and your knife and fork). But, sadly, medical schools, hospitals, and government health agencies continue to treat nutrition as if it plays only a minor role in health.

And no wonder: the standard Western diet, along with its trendy “low fat” and “low carb” cousins, is actually the cause, not the cure, of most of what ails us. In a nutshell, the “miracle cure” science has been chasing for the past half century turns out not to be a new wonder drug painstakingly formulated after decades of brilliant and relentless lab work or a cutting-edge surgical tool or technique using lasers and nanotechnology or some transformation of our DNA that will turn us all into immortal Apollos and Venuses.

Instead, the secret of health has been in front of us all along, in the guise of a simple and perhaps boring word: nutrition. When it comes to our health, it turns out the trump card is the food we put in our mouths each day. "

 "Few scientists are trained to look at the 'big picture,' and instead specialize in scrutinizing single drops of  [nutritional] data instead of comprehending meaningful rivers of wisdom. And paying the piper and calling the tune for all of them are the pharmaceutical and food industries, which are trying to convince us that salvation can be found in a pill or an enriched snack food made from plant fragments and artificial ingredients."

"The good news is that we don’t need medical breakthroughs or genetic manipulation to achieve, maintain, and restore vibrant health. A half century of research—both mine and that of many others—has convinced me of the following: What you eat every day is a far more powerful determinant of your health than your DNA or most of the nasty chemicals lurking in your environment. The foods you consume can heal you faster and more profoundly than the most expensive prescription drugs, and more dramatically than the most extreme surgical interventions, with only positive side effects. Those food choices can prevent cancer, heart disease, [obesity], Type 2 diabetes, stroke, macular degeneration, migraines, erectile dysfunction, and arthritis—and that’s only the short list.

It’s never too late to start eating well.   In short: change the way you eat and you can transform your health for the better." 


Consider a look at “Forks Over Knives”, Brian Wendel’s and Lee Fulkerson's feature-length documentary, that explores the powerful correlation between diet and disease, with a conclusion hard to dispute. The root of the film focuses on the groundbreaking research of T. Colin Campbell, PhD, and Caldwell Esselstyn, Jr., MD. Both raised to revere milk as “nature’s perfect food,” through years of research discovered alarming facts about milk casein, animal proteins and refined processed diets in relation to disease.

The combination of Campbell’s scientific data with Esselstyn’s clinical trials solidified their conclusion: the Standard American Diet (SAD) is killing us, particularly animal proteins and processed and refined foods.  Film maker Lee Fulkerson and three other sick people: one with breast cancer, one given less than a year to live because of heart problems, and one with killer high cholesterol eat a plant-based whole food diet for six months, and subsequently all improve health and reverse disease by 'getting off' all medications, drop weight, sleep better and have more energy......

 ~ All without the need for, or consumption of Animal Proteins ~

Studies & research show, and Nutritional experts agree, in order to regain and to maintain balanced healthy living, most of the food we consume should be PLANT-BASED WHOLE FOODS, fresh, simply prepared, unprocessed and ‘alive’ nutrient-dense varieties of vegetables, sprouts, fruits, whole grains, legumes, beans, nuts and seeds.  All we must  do is get back to our true dietary roots—nothing radical or miserable required.  No counting calories - No drowning in minutiae -

Just simply Relax & Enjoy - Eat & Drink Plants!

Whew! After months & months of trials, tribulations, experiments, detoxification, reading books, watching documentaries, Continuing Education ~  At last, …everything finally came together and I knew I was on the right track for sustained weight loss and optimum health with Vegetable Juicing and a Whole Food Plant-based Lifestyle. Juicing was one thing, but abstaining from animal-derived proteins took my objectives to a WHOLE other level!  The weight really fell away - the cravings disappeared - the tastebuds changed - the illnesses faded - the degenerative disease reversed......within the year!


 Experimenting with Veggie Juice & Plants as my medicine -- Exactly HOW I did it

Once I had lost 15 pounds with a 10-day Modified Juicing Reboot in July 2011, I instantly committed to daily veggie juicing. I felt noticeably better and had a spring in my step.   I immediately bought a LOT of the veggie basics (mostly conventionally grown - not always organic), in bulk - carrots, celery, kale, cucumber, green apples and beets - a good enough start. I figured out a system to preparing my produce for juicing and relegated a permanent counter spot for the juicer.

Extraction Juicing & Blending/Smoothies are different!

I found that preparing my 64-oz pitcher of juice once per day was most convenient. The only ‘meal’ I prepared each day was/is my Veggie Juice. Instead of frying up a bacon & egg breakfast, I prepare my juice - once a day - everyday.  We are all so veggie deprived and malnourished. I knew I had to go primarily green.  I experimented with different blends of veggies but stuck to the kinds of greens I would not usually consider eating and that are highest in nutrient density, like Kale, Collards, Turnip Greens, Chard, Romaine Lettuce, Bok Choy and Brussels Sprouts.   I wanted myself and my family to be able to 'grab n' go' nutrient rich veggie Juice - all day, everyday. Regardless of my schedule coming or going - I had a large thermos or thermo glass of veggie juice with me to sip on at ALL times. 

 TIP:  I'd like to point out that I had been a ‘fruit juicer’ years earlier which I found in hindsight is NOT the best option for those already overweight or pre-diabetic. Fruit juicing is NOT Veggie juicing. Too much fruit sugar defeats the purpose and does not provide enough of the ‘right’ micro & phyto-nutrients and, can cause massive cleansing and detox symptoms and blood sugar spikes. Dr. Norman Walker states clearly in his premiere juicing books,  Veggie juices regenerate and build - Fruit juices cleanse.


So, after years of valiant attempts at experimental weight loss, study & research and since watching the Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead documentary, I had finally adjusted my lifestyle and committed to myself and DAILY Veggie Juicing with one Plant-based veggie meal per day. Copious quantities of daily Veggie Juicing easily fit into my existing lifestyle and was showing great results. I quickly proved to myself that I could do weight loss by just drinking fresh veggie juice – all day, everyday - and eating only 1 solid plant-based wholefood meal per day.  I did this daily modified reboot routine everyday, for 565 days with fervent dedication even through the Holiday Season!  I still ate at social gatherings with friends and family but I was just highly selective (and kept my new found knowledge data base in mind) - I was more portion conscious, exclusively ate plants,  and of course always had my thermo glass of veggie juice nearby. 


There are lots of juicing books out there, but I re-visited the classic book already on my shelf, 'Raw Vegetable Juices' by N.W. Walker which lists different fruit and veggie juice recipes and also expands on which veggie's nutrients helps whatever condition or symptom you may be struggling with. As I detoxified, I discovered that 'green' and 'rainbow' vegetable based juices produced faster results and less detox withdrawal symptoms. I tweaked and experimented with different blends on my own, but EVERYDAY I made and continue to make at least one 56 ounce pitcher (2 quarts/2 Liters) of fresh veggie juice. 

My standard daily Juice recipe is approximately: 

2.5 pounds or 7-10 Carrots, ½ bunchstalk or 10 ribs Celery, 1 big cucumber, 3-4 big stalks Kale leaf, ½ small Beet, 1-2 green apple or pear, and a thumb-size knob of ginger for flavor and to assist with detox symptoms.  Sometimes to change the flavor or to enhance different nutrients, I juice beet greens, radishes, fennel, turnip greens, dandelion greens, chard, spinach, romaine lettuce, or other veggies like cabbages, bok choy or broccoli.

But, I always stay on the ‘green’ veggie side and I never mix fruits or juice too many fruits, other than the green apple with my veggie juice. I do NOT drink juiced fruits, but I DO eat WHOLE fruits for breakfast or a snack. I stay away from fruit juicing entirely– and I stick with basic raw juice veggies like celery, cucumber, beets, carrots, green apple and kale!  The natural sweetness of the carrot, beet and apple balances nicely with the savory greens and allows the juice blend to be more palatable.  Periodically, I had days I just drank veggie juice only with herbal tea/veggie broth/lemon water/purified water (daily intake of 72oz of purified water) with no solid food; and on those months with three or more "juice only" days,  I averaged a loss of 10 pounds per month.  Generally, I averaged 7 pounds weight loss per month with daily veggie juicing & 1 solid plant-based meal per day


 If all you got to eat are vegetables - all you will eat are veggies!


Along with my daily vegetable juice intake, each day my solid WholeFood Plant-Based (WFPB) meal  consists of VEGETABLES! As much and as many as I can eat!...steamed, stir-fried, baked, roasted or grilled, and a big raw SALAD.  I sought out foods from other cultures and traditions which use plenty of fresh greens & rainbow vegetable produce and ingredients like plant-based whole grains and legumes, herbs, seasonings & spices, like those found with: Indian lentil curries, Asian stir-fry with Tofu, Japanese nori wraps,  Mexican salsas, guacamole & bean stews, and Mediterranean hummus, parsley salads & olives. Excellent WFPB CookBooks make it easy to discover new traditions for old animal protein favorites. You don't need to feel you are missing out, deprived or restricted - you are just doing life a little different, with some simple adjustments.    Inspired by Dr. Fuhrman & Charlotte Gerson, my staple favorite is a big pot of veggie soup, bean & veggie chili, or veggie stew and a BIG fresh salad, always readily available to grab quickly.

My simple homemade recipe:  

Veggie Stew/Soup = Peel, prepare & chop - any variety of potatoes, zucchini, cabbage, kale, broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, turnip green, onion, corn, carrot, celery and/or any other assortment of favorite fresh vegetables.  Put into a soup pot and briefly sauté with Olive Oil until wilted.  Cover with water or home-made vegetable broth.  Add seasonings to taste: pepper, salt or Braggs, sea vegetation, garlic, ginger, fresh herbs, etc...   Simmer until tender about 20 minutes for soup, or cook longer to thicken for stew. Eat & enjoy or cool & blend the mix for a creamy puree veggie soup. For added interest: add more water and a handful of whole grains like quinoa, barley or brown rice, or simmer a pot of 13 bean mix, veggies & tomatoes for a chili stew.   


Adapt to and Embrace Veggies as Medicine

My   wife helped me discover healthy WholeFood Plant-Based (WFPB) substitutes and alternatives to help my old habits die faster and without feeling like I was 'missing out' or 'starving'. We investigated a number of Cookbooks that substitute dangerous ingredients like: meats, seafood, animal dairy, cheese, milk, eggs, white refined sugar, white refined flours, and high sodium/high fat processed/packaged foods. At least once a week, my family and I prepare a big pot of Veggie stew, or Veggie & Bean soup.  Click here for more Veggie Meal Recipe Ideas.  I eat many BIG chopped veggie salads with olive oil n’ Braggs amino acids, or a dill seasoned no-fat yogurt or blended avocado for salad dressing. I eat all my old favorites like: scalloped potatoes, burgers, spaghetti, tacos, mac & cheese; but with a twist....overwhelmingly nutritious, super flavorful, and with NO detrimental animal proteins, no animal dairy, no eggs, no refined fast-foods.    I love a stacked veggie sandwich made with sprouted-grain Ezekiel bread (or rolled into a corn tortilla or nori wrap) and layers of shredded carrot, grilled mushrooms, avocado, home-grown fresh sprouts and lettuce, cucumber & tomato. I discovered, sought out and learned about nutrient dense Whole Raw SuperFoods, as well as seasoning my plant-based foods with simple fresh herbs & spices like Pesto, Garlic, Ginger, limes, lemons, basil, cilantro, parsley, that add flavor to any veggie meal. I searched WFPB recipe cookbooks for 'home-made' alternatives to bottled salad dressings, condiments, coffee/soda beverages, and packaged fast-snacks. I sprinkle a teaspoon of Raw Spirulina Crunchies in my Juice, and on my salads & veggie dishes or eat them raw as a snack with my nut mixes. I blend a tablespoon of Raw Peruvian Maca superfood in my daily Juice as a nutritional booster to add plant-based protein and hormonal balance. I put a variety of Sea Vegetation into ALL my dishes - dulse, kelp, nori, granules.  Guacamole, Hummus, re-fried Bean dip or blended Tofu & Sesame Tahini spread is a staple instead of mayo and condiments.  I mix Raw Cacao powder with almond butter for a homemade 'nutella' type spread. 


I still have my afternoon 'coffee break' but substitute coffee with an iced or hot, Raw Cacao & Maca beverage sweetened with Soymilk or Almond milk and honey. Click here for the Raw Cacao & Maca Beverage Recipe.  I enjoy eating large quantities of raw, unroasted/unsalted nuts, like almonds, walnuts, Hemp Hearts/Hemp Flakes, or sunflower seeds. I prefer to lightly roast my favorite nut blends at home with a savory seasoning mix of Braggs, garlic, dulse - and I put them in my salads, or I have some with me when at work or social functions.  Everywhere, I will take a sprouted bean & mixed nuts snack bag (and my trusty juice). Sometimes I create a sweeter trail mix nut blends combined with cacao nibs, dried fruits n' carrots to provide an easy and nutritious snack blend without the guilt.   I still socialize and eat with friends and family but I am just veggie selective and portion conscious with my food choices and, of course, I always have my thermo glass of juice nearby - sometimes I add nutrient rich Hemp Heart Protein Powder to my juices for an added boost of satiation


Whether 'organic' or not...we scour ingredient lists and I selectively stay away from certain foods in a box, package, freezer section or center aisle of the grocery store. If I can't pronounce an ingredient or if I don't know what an ingredient is - then I put the item back on the shelf.  I only stock my pantry and refrigerator with healthy & nutritious plant-based whole foods and lots of fresh vegetables.

I have learned to LOVE veggies and even started to Sprout-at-home for the freshest source of nutrients.  I embrace preparing veggies whether for juicing or cooking. If you are serious about weight loss with juicing and a plant-based diet, I strongly suggest you get to know your local grocer’s produce department because you will often clear out the produce sections and may need to ask for fresh stock or to place a weekly special order.

You may consider (as I did), purchasing veggies by the case or check out the online produce co-operative Produce On Wheels - Market On the Move to source quality produce. Such volunteer organizations encourage you to select a cornucopia of veggies & fruit you may never have tried before and offers an option to 'give back' and surround yourself with like minded others.


'They' say, "You can only lose weight with exercise."

I would like to make note that I am now, and always have been a fitness-challenged kind of guy, but would walk periodically when I made time.  In my world of fat, there was absolutely no fitness routine at any public gym that could assist me with a consistent, constructive weight loss.  To break with convention, I only started regular exercise after about 5 months of daily juicing/one veggie meal, and after I had already lost 72 pounds.  I found I had more energy and willingness to exercise after dropping some initial weight. 

Coincidentally, in the New Year 2012, our local gym and hospital sponsored up a “New Year Resolution -Lose2Win - Biggest Loser” weight loss contest.  I “tried out” with a weigh-in of 273 pounds and was picked for a coveted spot on the team.  As part of the contest I did some team gym work 5 days a week for 2-1/2 months.  ‘They’ had some ideas on nutrition, but I just stuck to what I knew was working and continued to supplement my food intake with 1 meal of solid Plant-Based WholeFood and all day veggie juice (I did none of the high protein diets, supplement powders, processed bulking agents and muscle building stuff ‘they’ recommended).  I dropped an additional 36 pounds during the 3 month contest, but also toned and got a little muscle showing through. I weighed in at 237 LBS and lost a larger percentage of fat (2.6%) than my teammates, which I accredit to daily juicing.  Our team won the contest and I won some money for my time & effort…Yes!          See Before/After Photos

I found while working out at the gym during the contest, I didn’t loose as much fat as I had with just veggie juicing and a little exercise like walking, swimming, biking, but by going to the gym contest, I did learn some new workout routines, and improved tone, balance and regained some co-ordination.  Plus, because of the initial 65-lb weight loss I had already experienced, my time at the gym was more enjoyable because I could participate with more energy and vitality.  Oh, it was still a challenge and WAY outta my comfort zone, but for the first time in years, I could get down onto the floor for yoga, I could touch my toes and do the exercises (maybe not so pretty, but I could participate without embarrassment).  Because of my severe lack of fitness I did get a couple of minor injuries partaking in gym work, so I encourage just walking, light movement & veggie juicing for a while until you regain some metabolism and energy, and a basic level of fitness to avoid injury and disillusionment.


I have since added mini-workouts at home to my 'Juice & Bunnyfood' routine, mainly because I feel like it and am physically able to do so. Now, the small amount of daily exercise I do is toning and lifting my loose skin.  Most of my fat is gone but I am still working towards losing a few more pounds mostly from my belly. From the gym experience, I learnt some Pilates moves, Yoga moves and some strength & conditioning moves (Hanz & Franz…pump you, plus I have a ReBoundAIR (excellent low impact for fitness challenged folks like me).  With new found energy and the ability to bend down and tie my shoes, I always ask my wife for jobs or duties or heavy lifting stuff, which I used to avoid.  So now, I do a little daily workout and I am also generally a lot more active. 



SUCCESS with Daily Vegetable Juicing, a Plant-based Wholefood Lifestyle and beyond.....

I continue to make a huge pitcher of juice everyday and sip on it ALL day long. Now it is available to my whole family -- My wife regularly 'steals' a glass or two every now & then, to complement our WholeFood PlantBased eating lifestyle.  After I had lost 85+ pounds I expanded my whole food intake beyond just eating a piece of fruit in the morning for breakfast and my one veggie meal per day - I often have a big bowl of oatmeal, a light lunch and a mid-day snack of raw nuts n' carrots mix, or maybe a cacao n'nut bar Click here for other Raw Cacao healthy dessert recipes, and to replace coffee - a Raw Cacao & Maca beverage

I occasionally eat meat** however, stick to smaller portions of chicken, turkey, or fish **2013 UPDATE**: (After reading the material from Dr. Campbell and watching "Forks Over Knives" - We made a conscious transition over a 6-8 month period from heavy meat eaters to junk-food Vegan/Vegetarians to 100% Daily Juicing & WholeFood Plant-Based (WFPB) Lifestyle. We sought out & experimented with new plant-based alternatives to our old favorite recipes.  Our family has NOT eaten any form of animal proteins,  dairy, cheese or eggs, or processed/refined junk foods since August 2012. Without the need for, or use of animal proteins, the level of weight lost and overall muscle tone improved radically and, overall debilitating dis-ease and ailments resolved more quickly or were completely alleviated in very short order). You may choose your own dietary path on what you eat or don't eat, but for myself - I have gotten the best results combining Vegetable Juicing & Plant-based WholeFoods. I periodically eat in restaurants, but I always order selective plant-based vegetable meals and make special requests of the chefs (more veggies, no cheese or dairy, little to no oils, fish/meat or refined white flour/sugar carbs).   I often find in the evening, that I prefer to eat lighter veggie meals and don’t always ‘need’ to eat a lot of solid foods. When I eat plant-based wholefoods I eat as much as I want, when I want (no counting calories - if it is minimally processed and comes from, or is a whole plant - I eat it) and continue to experience sustained weight loss and improved health.  I still continue to sip on two or three 16oz glasses of veggie juice, everyday - all day, to encourage a strong enzymatic pool for better digestion of the solid foods I do consume.  

The weight has really fallen off quickly and systematically since starting concentrated weight loss, but came off much faster and effortlessly when I started daily juicing with a daily plant-based veggie meal. The higher percentage of juice I drink per day with no solid food – the more noticeable and quicker I see the results. I don't 'cheat' I eat plant-based whole foods. When I feel the need, I do a daily Reboot every so often – no solid food, I just drink juice all day.    I do notice the difference in how I feel and how my body reacts to certain types of solid food. I kept with this daily routine for over 30 months - fruit breakfast, daily veggie juices, plant-based snacks and 1 solid veggie meal daily. I never feel hungry.  I do not crave junk food and I have an enormous amount of energy and virility. I look vibrant & healthy and feel fit, even though at the time, I still had 20-30 more pounds to lose to reach my goal weight, I was proud to be featured on:  September 24, 2012 -  Featured Profile on Reboot with Joe

There are only healthy & nutritious foods in our home now. My whole family joined me and supported me with my healthier eating habits. When I was weak, my family was strong.     "I'm hungry" chimes out....she replies, “Have an apple, some juice or a handful of sprouted nut n' veggie mix".  I still eat with friends and family, (some have even joined me in my journey) but I am just selective and more portion conscious and, of course, I always have my thermo glass of juice nearby. Now I am addicted to my juice instead of poor food choices. My taste buds have changed and enhanced - now after many months of annoying detoxification, just the sight of junk food items, grosses me out!  I feel bad just looking at it...besides, my new plant-based eating lifestyle affords me a ton of delicious, new & exciting food choices, and my family has enjoyed finding plant-based recipes for our 'old' favorites.

The phenomenal success I have experienced with Juicing and Plant-based WholeFoods has trickled out to my local community and beyond to friends, family and business associates who are now discovering a wholistic plant-based approach.  There is a trend toward embracing a truly healthy lifestyle without the need for surgery or pharmaceuticals and it is important to spread the word so others are able to experience their journey to optimum health.

Hear Dan Miller's candid interview with plant-based advocate Dr. Don Wagner, DO, PC  host of 'The Dr. Don Show' about the benefits of a Juicing & WFPB Lifestyle transformation.

Click here to listen to more inspiring Juicing & WFPB Video/Audio Podcast Interviews



 CAL-NEV-ARI MOJAVE DESERT NUTRITION MONTHLY MEET-UP is designed as a local outlet to support and encourage Plant-Based Whole Food nutritional considerations to recover health and embrace vitality and longevity without surgical or pharmaceutical intervention.  Join us in person and Meet-up Monthly, attend Special Event Functions, Live Demonstrations, Guest Lectures, Film Screenings and Book Discussions.

PlantFoodist Society of the Mojave Desert   will assist and support you to successfully lose weight, improve your health and transform your diet and food habits. If you are overweight, struggling with your food choices, diabetic, arthritic, have high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease or experience other chronic conditions that make you feel sick & tired - this group is for you. Discuss & share viable strategies for sustainable meal planning, learn about disease reversing food choices, plant-based whole-food recipes, meal preparation tools & techniques to give you all the support, inspiration and motivation you need to clean out your pantry and clean up your life.

  Free Classes & Movies Every 2nd Thursday & 4th Thursday Monthly 5:30 pm Room 104 @SuddenLink Community Center - Bullhead City Arizona Branch.  Join us for Shopping Tours and Monthly Cooking Classes and discover personal nutrition empowerment and recovered health. The energizing and informative curriculum will cover Whole-Food Nutritional basics, Juicing tips, how to transition toward a healthy diet, and how to maintain your weight loss and improve health with tips and strategies to shop for food, discover easy family-friendly plant-based cooking skills & techniques, navigate social events and restaurants, overcoming emotional eating, and avoiding common food traps. 



My 30+ months (and still going)*Update 3-2013 before/after lifestyle method may seem extreme to some, or not extreme enough for others, but it has worked for me and continues to work for myself and my family members. This is a sustainable process to achieve extreme weight loss and recover health, but your decision to embark on a similar journey, MUST be your decision and will come from deep inside you -- a commitment to self. I have continued to lose weight since my first Reboot vegetable juice in July 2011, and averaged a 5 pound loss per month by continuing to choose plant-based whole foods and abstaining from animal proteins and processed/refined foods.  I passionately changed and adjusted my eating habits lifestyle, but also happily found that the adjustments fit into my families existing lifestyle. 

To the date of a one year anniversary - on September 24, 2013 - I was again proud to be featured on Reboot with Joe having experienced even more sustained weight loss and improved health.

Early in my journey, my wife Elisabeth and a whole multitude of experts, scientists, plant-based physicians, and authors, helped me discover healthful plant-based food inclusions and alternatives to help my old nutritionally detrimental habits die faster, and without feeling like I was 'missing out' or 'starving'.   Ya know how people carry around their Starbucks coffee drinks….now, my cup is filled with fresh veggie juice (or Raw Cacao Beverage) instead of a MochalattaChocolattaCalories.  I am always carrying a thermo jug and sipping on something in a 16oz thermo glass – something Veggie Juicy good.

Even though I have veggie juiced daily and eaten plant-based wholefood, I have continued to lose weight each month and regain and recover my health.  I am eating and consuming a symphony - a cornucopia of plant foods, but consistently and systematically losing weight and regenerating health.  My initial intention was to lose weight, however I have experienced a far greater benefit to my overall health. My body is coming into a balance I have never experienced.    I look better.  I feel better.  I have improved equilibrium and co-ordination. I don’t have migraines or sleep apnea any longer.  My doctor’s scans are A-okay with normal cholesterol and blood pressure readings. I am not hot n’ sweaty anymore.   I feel rejuvenated.  I feel younger. I am far more active than ever before, because I have endless amounts of super energy.     Getting in and out of the car is easier now.  Our grocery & food bill has reduced by HALF compared to previous years. Others, especially my wife are benefiting from my weight loss;  Not only has she lost weight and trimmed up – she now enjoys dressing me and shopping for my new, less-expensive, smaller sized clothes (no more overpriced, bland plus sizes at Mr. Big n’ Fat stores!)  She also sleeps through the night without my ‘jimmy-legs’ and snoring to contend with.  I have improved libido & impressive vitality.    I can DO things ‘in the bedroom’ again ~ I can SEE things again; like my feet and everything in between – if you get my drift? 


Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead Promotional Success Campaign Winter 2013-2014

In November 2013, Two-1/2 years after watching the documentary and embracing Reboot Juicing - I was invited with 12 other successful reboot juicers to participate in a Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead promotional series with Joe Cross, Director Kurt Engfuhr, and Joe's Reboot Team & Crew, entitled; "Real People - Real Stories - Real Success" sharing my personal success with Veggie Juicing and eating Plant-Based WholeFoods - view the entire video compilation  Success Profile campaign here or below.



Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead - 'Real People, Real Stories, Real Success'

Testimonial Success Story for Promotional Campaign



Reboot with Joe - Man on the Web Interviews-

Dan Miller lost 139+ pounds eating and juicing vegetables.


For their second soon-to-be-released movie follow-up, Reboot with posed several questions based on Juicing and Healthy Eating. A video submission was entered - Questions and topics include:        ● What are your biggest challenges and top tips for eating healthier?  ● When you were growing up and/or in your poorest health, what did you eat in a given day?  ● What do you eat currently to improve your eating lifestyle? ● Why did you decide to improve your health and eating habits?  ● What were your results?




Reboot with posed several questions based on Reboot Juicing and the Juicing Community. Questions and topics include:        ● What was your experience Before - During - After a Reboot?  ● What is your take on eating vegetables, getting healthy and what that means?  ● What was the hardest part of your Reboot? ● Have you connected with other health conscious people?  ● What is your support system?

I lost 150 pounds with Daily Vegetable Juicing & a Whole Food

Plant-based Eating Lifestyle!   Join me....... Be the next success story.

In February 2011, I was 51 years old and over 340 lbs of Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead.  At the time of this writing in August 2012 - I am 52 years old and weigh 210 lbs - so far, a total weight loss of 115 pounds!  I have just a few more months/pounds to go to reach my goal weight.  I am pleased to say, that will be a total sustained and maintained weight loss of 150 pounds in less than two years.  A goal I never thought I would be able to achieve.

***UPDATE-- February 2014 See Before/After Photos*** :  54 years old, 190 lbs = A total weight loss of 150 lbs!    

Please be aware that this type of sustained, extreme weight loss is a lifestyle adaptation, you'll have to make some food choice adjustments and seek alternative ingredients to your habitual favorites. Vegetable Juicing can in fact be used as a simple tool to initially overcome food addictions and further provide a complementary and healthful transition to a WFPB Lifestyle.  Nutritional Lifestyle Science must be taught to empower and encourage people toward a more fervent concern for Wholistic self-preservation utilizing a Whole Food Plant-based lifestyle choice.  There is a learning curve so study well. Research and review options that will fit your goals and existing lifestyle.  Plant-based whole foods are simple yet so nutritionally complex.  I am grateful for any opportunity to meet, educate, consult with, and assist all ages (but with a focus on ‘baby-boomers’ like myself) who wish to take control of their own healthcare and subscribe to a simplified, wholistic grass-roots approach to lifestyle medicine with out the need for prescription drugs, surgery, or invasive treatments.


My Music has been dormant and locked in a closet in recent years......BUT, after losing 150 pounds and reversing degenerative disease and regaining my health & vitality with Juicing & Plant-based Whole Foods...the MUSIC is once again flowing out of me. 

Please Enjoy this little PLANT-BASED WHOLE FOODIST Ditty to brighten your day and encourage you to consume more Plants. 


Acoustic Guitar Original Video Tune - HERB

Original Music, Lyrics & Engineered by the NEW & IMPROVED Danji M.

Does this Video Tune resonate with you? 

Hear more & Support Original Music from my WORDS 'Rough Cut' 30 Track Demo Album.




Whether you follow my path or carve your own, keep in mind that you are creating a new healthier lifestyle for yourself and your family. You will inadvertently become more of your divine potential, as I re-discovered my musical ambitions. With time, these changes will come easily, and you will eventually prefer plant-based eating ~ Certainly a more nutritious way to lose weight and keep it off. It makes sense. If I can emphasize one thing - it took years and years of unconscious eating and poor food choices to become overweight ~ it will take some time to lose it, a little at a time, over a period of time. Natural Wholistic Weight Loss, whereby "food is your medicine" needs time to work....your body needs time and nutritional energy to allow to adjust & heal itself.  Please, be kind to yourself and DO NOT watch the scale! A monthly weigh-in is much better to average your weight loss and will dispel disillusionment. So much more is occurring to, and in your body than simply weight loss.  There will be a new direction toward self-rejuvenation and optimum health by combating degenerative disease with an empowered WholeFood Plant-Based (WFPB) Lifestyle

Thinking about change is difficult so don’t make change too complicated with excuses – just begin. Seek to Eat Right.  This is simpler than you believe. Commit to yourself and a routine that fits your lifestyle.  Do what you can do, not what you can't do.  Hopefully, my journey will give you some inspiration.  Want Help?......

  Wholistic Nutritional Lifestyle Consulting Services

  Dan & ElisaBeth have experienced a profound weight loss and life-changing reversal of illness and chronic disease and are compelled to spread the word of the overwhelming evidence-based science touting the benefits of a WFPB lifestyle. To expand the existing Lifestyle Science products and services offered, Dan & ElisaBeth have simultaneously achieved accreditation as Wholistic Plant-Based Nutrition Facilitators & Juicing Wellness Consultants and completed the T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies Certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition from Cornell University.

For a limited time only, New Clients will receive 10% off Consultation Services.  



Feel free to stay in touch. 

Let me know if I can be of service to you;  directly answer your concerns, or maybe you would like to share your personal weight loss journey.  My passion is purporting a healthy, balanced, simple and natural lifestyle free from debilitating dis-ease, chronic illness, harmful toxins, invasive chemical treatments, medications or surgery.  I love talking about Juicing and a Plant-Based Whole Food Lifestyle for weight loss and optimum health.  Feel free to interact with me on social media.

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<--- Be sure to LIKE my Juicing and Plant-Based WholeFoodist Weight loss & Optimum Health Community Blog on Facebook.

Request to join our International PlantBased WholeFoodist Society - WFPB Lifestyle Discussion & Support Group.


I am very proud to be appointed as a Reboot Ambassador so make sure to join in the discussion with others who support weight loss and optimum health with a simplistic Juicing and plant-based eating lifestyle.

     Want more privacy? There are a bunch of us Juicers & PlantFoodists who chat and support daily on Facebook Group at:  PlantPure WholeFoodist Society  Friend me on Facebook, Search or private message your email address and request to join this exclusive group of avid Rebooters. 


  Are you near, or passing through the TriState CALifornia-NEVada-ARIzona area? Join me in person and Meet-Up monthly, stop by and meet me for a juice, or attend Special Events with ---> The PlantFoodist Society of the Mojave Desert

         If you are interested to email me, Skype or speak directly on the phone, I would be happy to share even more tips, personal stories, and weight loss, obesity & food addiction, or healthy lifestyle concerns.  

Healthy Regards,   Dan Miller 



Juice for Health ~  Juice for Weight Loss ~ Juice for Life ~

~ Think Veggies ~ Eat & Drink Plants!


***Updated photos and results

February 2011 - 338+ lbs


September 2012-212 lbs

 March 2013 - 199 lbs


February 2014 - 54th and eating healthy - 190 lbs

That's tofu!



303 lbs




215 lbs




199 lbs




190 lbs



303 lbs



215 lbs




199 lbs




192 lbs



303 lbs



215 lbs




199 lbs




194 lbs



303 lbs



215 lbs




199 lbs




195 lbs

Trying on suit for interview with Joe Cross....IT didn't fit!



1*       L. M. Morrison, “Arteriosclerosis: Recent Advances in the Dietary and Medicinal Treatment,” Journal of the American Medical Association 145, no. 16 (1951): 12321236; L. M. Morrison, “Diet in Coronary Atherosclerosis,” Journal of the American Medical Association 173, no. 8 (1960): 884-888.

             N. Pritikin and P. M. McGrady, The Pritikin Program for Diet and Exercise (New York: Bantam Books, 1984): 438.

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             Dean Ornish, Eat More, Weigh Less (New York: HarperCollins, 1993); D. Ornish, S. E. Brown, L. W. Scherwitz, J. H. Billings, W. T. Armstrong, T. A. Ports, S. M. McLanahan, R. L. Kirkeeide, R. J.

2*         Campbell, T. Colin (2013-05-07). Whole: Rethinking the Science of Nutrition (pp. xii, xv, 5-7). BenBella Books, Inc.. Kindle Edition.

**Disclaimer: This website in its entirety is for general information and educational purposes only. This information has not been evaluated by the FTC nor the FDA and is not meant to cure, treat, prevent disease, nor prescribe or to be used for diagnosis. It is important for you to know that not all of  these technologies and treatment protocols have  been evaluated by the FDA in the U.S. or the Health Protection Branch in Canada for safety and effectiveness. Although, scientific research studies have been done to prove the safety and effectiveness of the various devices,  certification has not been granted for all.  We have collected testimonials and conducted research, but many government regulatory agencies may state that these are misleading and deceptive. The Pure~Charge Energetic Spa and AquaLab Systems are experimental Therapeutic Devices. Please consult with your Authorized Representative or Alternative Health Practitioner before using any equipment, dietary changes, lifestyle services or products. Please be aware that you accept all risk associated with using alternative lifestyle services, devices and products. Carefully read all instructions included with the product before beginning therapeutic sessions.

All of the following products & services, plus many others have been instrumental in supplementing and guiding my weight loss journey.

September 24, 2012 -  Featured Profile on Reboot with Joe

Juicing & Whole Foods Plant-based Lifestyle Blog

Reboot With Joe Community

Forks Over Knives, FS&ND and other Documentary features

The China Study, WHOLE, Eat To Live, Gerson Therapy and other DVDs, Books

 Are you Hungry for Change?





Wholistic Weight Loss   

AquaLab O3 Systems

Control Harmful EMF with HONEE 

 ReBoundAIR - Lymphatic Health Bouncer


EMF Neutralizer for Cellphone & Whole House 



EarthPulse Rejuvenation & Protection Magnetics


Pure~Charge Energetic Ionic Detox Spa™

Water Devices


Ozone & Oxygen Therapies

BioCera Wellness for Water


Ph- Alkaline-Acid Balance

BioCera Wellness - Home, Health & Beauty


Tri-Vortex Chargers



Vitashower Filter

BioCera Wellness - EcoTech Bracelet


Vitabath Tablets


WFPB Nutrition

 EcoNut Soap Nuts


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