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We embrace a simplified wholistic life, to heal, rejuvenate,
and enhance longevity and vitality....and, get out to the desert
southwest rock-hounding, prospecting and hiking.
We encourage you to Relax & Enjoy life - Eat & Drink Plants!
Dan Miller


Nutrition Educator, Inventor, Lifestyle Scientist, Musician, Wellness Consultant, Head of Sales, Community Outreach Volunteer 

Dan’s lifelong understanding of living with obesity since childhood, illuminated the fact that sustained weight loss and seeking optimum health is a lifestyle adaptation and may require tools and support.

Dan earned his Certificate in Plant-based Nutrition from Cornell University - T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies and has been accredited and certified as an AFPA Wholistic Nutrition Consultant and certified Drugless Practitioner.

Course of study includes: Ozone & Bio-Oxidative Therapy, Environmental Science, Gerson Therapy, Hippocrates Institute, CHIP, Weimar Institute, School of Juicing Wellness, and Tree of Life Center Ayurvedic & Raw Food  treatment protocol.

Dan is grateful for an opportunity to meet, educate and assist all ages (but with a focus on ‘baby-boomers’ like himself) who wish to take control of their own healthcare and subscribe to a sustainable, wholistic grass-roots lifestyle approach to recovered health -- with out the need for prescription drugs, surgical intervention, or invasive treatments.

Betty Rae


Nutrition Educator, Licensed CHIP Facilitator, Certified FOK Plantbased Chef, Lifestyle Scientist, Wellness Consultant, Amateur Geologist, Head of Marketing, Community Outreach Volunteer, Sustainable Fashion. 

Elisabeth (Betty) was educated at Tennessee Technological University and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Sociology - Magna cum Laude. She is an accredited AFPA Wholistic Nutrition Counselor and Licensed & Certified Complete Health Improvement Program (CHIP) Facilitator with a Certificate in Forks Over Knives/ PlantBased Cooking.

Course of study includes: Lifestyle Science, Plant-Based Nutrition, Environmental Science & Geology, Gerson Therapy, Hippocrates Institute, Lifestyle Medicine Institute, Weimar Institute, School of Juicing Wellness, and Tree of Life Center Ayurvedic & Raw Food philosophy and treatment protocol.

Nutritional Lifestyle Science can in fact be used as a strategic tool to initially overcome food addictions and further provide a complementary and healthful transition to a PlantBased WholeFoodist Lifestyle.  Nutritional Lifestyle Science and Behavior Modification must be taught to empower and encourage seekers toward a more fervent concern for Wholistic self-preservation utilizing a Whole Food Plant-based lifestyle choice.

  Empower yourself and take full control of  

   your environment & personal health.    


Our Goal & Mission

      To assist & encourage others to experience their own Freedom philosophy. Our goal is to celebrate life by participating with a global team in re-awakening the Human Spirit, bringing the earth into harmony and realigning world thought to the infinite potential of humanity. We are both honored and privileged to be carrying out the mission of the T. Colin Campbell Foundation to provide public education about the health benefits of a whole food, plant-based diet.

  • To facilitate, inform, inspire and empower about whole foods and plant-based nutrition lifestyles to prevent, reverse, and heal disease. 

  • To educate regarding the adverse consequences of consuming processed foods, animal derived products, sugar and fad dietary practices. 

  • To participate in local and global efforts that build consciousness concerning green practices, food waste, childhood & senior hunger, food insecurity and ways to reduce our carbon footprint. 

  • Our goal and purpose is to create true health awareness and nutrition education though  cutting-edge, evidence-based, faith-based nutritional considerations that debunk nutritional myths, and present a clear view on optimal health. 

  • To share in the adventure of travel & to discover the world to unite people, projects and resources that say "Yes" to health, Faith, prosperity, friendship and planetary liberation for our new millennium.

  • We spurn temporary and unhealthy slimming diets that sell and deceive ‘healthy’ with thin and perpetuate diet and nutritional mis-information. 

  • We revolt against the fear-tactic, pharmaceutical faux-solution of big medical industries, and the current malevolent state of our disease-care system.































































Thank you for your interest in our products and services. It is truly an honor to bring you such extraordinary developments in human potential and healthful alternatives.  We are determined to find and introduce the highest quality technologies, and sustainable Wholistic Lifestyle products to help make the world a better place now and for our future generations. To this end, we educate and empower with cutting edge discoveries and breakthrough products. 

ENVIRO-HEALTH-TECH strives to offer you the finest selection of alternative, Wholistic, Environmental & Lifestyle Science Technologies-Goods-Services.  With over 20 years experience in Air Purification, Water Treatment, Alternative Ozone Therapy, health-promoting Devices and innovative technologies, we are prepared to extend to you the most advanced, easy to use & easy to maintain products & lifestyle services for all your long-term environmental safety and personal health concerns.  


All the Lifestyle-Science products we represent come with a personal consultation to ensure you get the correct product for your specific needs. Lifetime customer service and a limited 30-day satisfaction guarantee stand behind our product line, however we assure you that "if it won't do the job properly, we won't recommend it". 


We've 'been there and done that'  and have first hand experience with obesity, disease, chronic ailments and debilitating lifestyles. We have both overcome early-onset health & lifestyle crisis to emerge victorious.  We are passionate that you also enjoy a long and healthy life, without dependence on conventional allopathic health care, surgery, pills/potions/supplements, pharmaceuticals, or invasive medical treatments.  


Nutritional Education is the elusive key to improving our health and quality of life.  We believe that we offer you a better alternative: innovative yet simplistic health technology products and wholistic lifestyle consulting services to support your vibrant life.    We continue to keep the edge in healing & wellness science, technology, and consulting services. We are happy to discuss or offer solutions for your chronic concerns. We strive to make complicated science simple and dispel cultural myths.

 We are proud that throughout our company history (circa 1989) to have built friendly, long-lasting relationships with our patrons and clients due to our highly personalized approach, dedication to customer needs, and commitment to the highest standards in alternative healing technology.

   Customer feedback and testimonials available.   



Simply Eat & Drink Plants - Allow me to show you how

At the age of 50 - after years of teaching ‘healthy-living’ knowledge - Dan found he had overlooked his own personal struggle with Obesity, Vegetarian/Vegan junk-food Addictions, and unconscious eating habits.  Even his wife Betty, had pretended that she was fine – when actually suffering from annoying chronic symptoms and debilitating ailments. 'Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead - Reboot with Joe Cross' Vegetable Juicing and consuming a cornucopia of Plant-Based WholeFoods quickly alleviated chronic ailments and recovered health for both.


Neither had ever considered Lifestyle Nutritional Science as a treatment therapy for weight loss and optimum health until Dan discovered the ground-breaking work The China Study, by T. Colin Campbell, whereby 40 years of research has stunningly revealed that a WholeFood Plant-Based (WFPB) eating lifestyle is far more effective in promoting health and preventing disease than prescription drugs, surgery, invasive treatments, vitamin and herbal supplementation, and genetic manipulation.  WFPB has been found to alleviate chronic annoying symptoms, and to reverse degenerative diseases like: obesity, diabetes, heart disease and cancer. 

Grateful for new found research tying diet to disease, Dan & Betty began practicing a Juicing & WFPB eating lifestyle in September-2012 and the results have been phenomenal. Dan had an immediate reduction in annoying symptoms, a reversal of chronic auto-immune illnesses, diabetes, heart disease and experienced an extreme sustained weight loss of 150 pounds! 


Betty, inadvertently benefited from Dan’s initial weight loss, because she was inspired to eat along with him & learned how to prepare new whole foods and plant-based dishes, and eventually experienced a 35 pound weight loss, ceased having debilitating Osteo/Arthritis pain conditions, and reversed her Angina and chronic symptoms. 


Nutritional Lifestyle Science must be taught to empower and encourage individuals toward a more fervent concern for Wholistic self-preservation utilizing a Whole Food Plant-based Lifestyle choice.  Because both experienced a profound weight loss and life-changing reversal of illness and chronic disease, Dan was compelled to spread the word of the overwhelming benefits of WFPB lifestyle and completed the T. Colin Campbell Foundation Certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition through Cornell University. Dan’s lifelong understanding of living with obesity since childhood, illuminated the fact that sustained weight loss and seeking optimum health is a lifestyle adaptation and may require tools and support. Vegetable Juicing can in fact be used as a simple tool to initially overcome food addictions and further provide a complementary and healthful transition to a WFPB Lifestyle. 

Our philosophy is Freedom.

~  Freedom to earn income and conduct business globally.
~  Freedom to visit our customers located around the world.
~  Freedom to take responsibility for personal health.

~  Freedom to choose wholistic healing practices without reprisal.
~  Freedom to access alternative health technologies without censure.

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