LightningAir 2 SPX

LightningAir 2 SPX

Air Purifier

Lightning Air O3gen

Lightning Air O3gen

Ozonator Sanitizing

LA Personal

LA Personal

Personal Space Air Purification

LA plates

LA plates

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clean ionized air

~Ionic purification removes dust and pollen from the air without filters!

~Activated Oxygen breaks down odors and other pollutants at their source.

~ Ions & Charged Oxygen recreate fresh mountain air to purify environment.


~Variable settings, low noise, no filters - easy to maintain. 

What is Lightning Air?


The Lightning Air units recreate the same process as found in nature; to reduce odors and purify the air indoors. The LightningAir employs a unique cold-spark O3 generator to activate the oxygen and achieve this natural process - similar to lightning creation.

Needlepoint ionization maintains continuous ion expulsion   and resists black wall effect. Polarizing positive and negative ions create a natural outdoor energizing effect.  










lightning cold plasma
fresh air

Lightning Air Purifiers have no messy filters and no need for replacement parts.  Geared to run 24 hours per day - just clean regularly.  It has large durable ceramic plates that are removed through slots in the back of the unit and can be washed easily with bleach or denatured alcohol.

The sanitizer has a separate control from the ionizer. It can be turned on and adjusted to sanitize virus, fungus, bacteria, and remove odors or take care of problem areas such as musty closets and basements.


The ionizer reduces dust & particulate from the air space without the need for filtration and balances chaotic frequencies caused by wind, atmosphere and technology.



Modern buildings are constructed so tightly that odors and pollutants are trapped inside. Nature's own cleansing process, which uses both activated oxygen and negative ions are left outside unless you open windows.

Dust, pollen, molds, mildew, bacteria and viruses can fill the air in our living spaces.  These can cause odors, irritation and allergic response. Fumes from paints, cleansers, carpets, pressed board, fabrics and other chemicals are also breathed in daily by you and your family.

According to the EPA many pollutants in the typical home or office are at least 10 times higher than in outdoor air. The average American spends 90% of their time indoors and takes over 20,000 breaths each day.  Over 60% of our daily energy needs come from the air we breathe.

Have you ever walked into someone's home and noticed an odor that you are not accustomed to? Odors are constantly created in the spaces where we live. Finding a simple solution to clean air is not always easy but certainly essential.

Air Filters Are Only Part of the Solution
As air passes through a filter, small particles that are floating in the air are trapped. This is helpful in reducing particles such as dust, pollen and dander, but is only part of the solution. Most gases and odors pass right through even the best Hepa filters.



Clean Air is Essential for a healthy lifestyle

indoor air pollution

Activated oxygen or charged oxygen settings are adjustable for sanitizing, but normally kept at modest levels in an occupied space.  Unused O3 will revert back to O2 in about an hour. Purifies a range of 200 to 3500 square feet depending on variables such as humidity, placement, amount of pollution and temperature.

Negative and positive ions work together in a 60% (neg.) - 40% (pos.) ratio.  Attracting pollutants and particles; and like tiny magnets - drop them out of the air we breathe.   Normal "fresh" air has a  total ion concentration about 2,000-3,000 per cubic centimeter. Many environments are ion depleted with barely detectable levels of ionization. Lightning Air refreshes, purifies and replenishes a range of 200 to 3500 square feet depending on variables such as humidity, placement, amount of pollution and temperature.

  Why buy a LightningAir Purifier? 

LightningAir Purifiers are used to naturally clean indoor air and treat a full spectrum of indoor air pollution problems- even in vehicles, refrigerators, homes, RVs and offices.


Scientifically proven to reduce odors, chemical smoke and even tobacco smoke & it's particulates, these exclusive air purifiers can be used as a "chemical-free, non-toxic" alternative for reducing indoor pollutants, or for sanitizing & disinfecting surfaces.

How does nature clean the air?Through oxidation and ionization. Since it is not practical to open our windows year round, we offer  products that re-create natures’ effect, yet exclusively for indoor use.

Unfortunately, the U.S. population spends over 90 billion dollars per year trying all kinds of things to solve their air quality problems - - sprays, chemical cleaners, perfumes & oils, inhalers, filters of all types, washing and cleaning regimens - - but these solutions only mask the problem, are ineffective, expensive and even contribute to the problem.  View our complementary enviro-lifestyle products that clean & sanitize your home without chemicals.

The needed technology just didn't exist until … 1983 when a discovery was made that provided an elegant and effective solution; an expressly unique and proprietary air cleaning process. 

Many people are very knowledgeable about the pollution we face daily in our cities from cars, factories, etc., but do you realize the HUGE amount of pollution found in your home? The United States EPA recently discovered that bad indoor air is the #1 environmental health threat - NOT factory and automobile emissions.

It all began in earnest in the 70's when everyone began to seal up their homes to save energy. Unfortunately, this 'sealing up' also 'sealed in' toxins from many sources inside our own living space. These toxins slowly, over time, wear down our immune systems and, as a result, make us vulnerable to all kinds of disease and dysfunction. 

All this may seem hard to believe, especially since 'bad air' is invisible and we tend to think of our home as our refuge. But, the things in our indoor air are affecting everyone from infants to seniors. This silent, serious, and long-term health threat is in nearly every home, office and indoor environment and is called indoor pollution.


It consists of invisible particles, gases, and microbiological organisms. The sources of pollution can come from our floor, carpet, chairs, walls, ceiling, duct work, disinfectants, molds, mildew, dry cleaning, soaps, hairsprays, cologne, pets, and even dead skin! Eighty percent (80%) of the stuff floating around your home is dead skin...and dust mites love that!

Unfortunately, the average person may never suspect that many of their symptoms may be caused or aggravated by these slow acting, invisible, and stealthy toxins. 

"Since 90% of each day is usually spent indoors, and only 10% is spent outdoors, the contents of the inside of our homes, schools, or work areas contain critical health-related factors.  There is about 10 times more pollution inside homes than outside at the present time."  - Doris Rapp. M.D.  Is this your Child

"Indoor Air pollution is particularly dangerous because exposure to it is so constant." - Theron G. Randolph, M.D.  An Alternative Approach to Allergies

"...most citizens were very likely to have the greatest contact with potentially toxic pollutants not outside but inside the places they usually consider to be essentially unpolluted, such as homes, offices and automobiles."  Everyday Exposure to Toxic Pollutants, Scientific American, February 1998

The EPA reported in 1989 that "We are all living in a chemical soup.....indoor air pollution consistently causes greater health risks than hazardous waste sites" 

filterless air purifier

Enhanced Cold Plasma Plate:
· Electronically produces Natural Activated Oxygen.
· Heavy duty ceramic and stainless steel construction. 
· Durable, washable 
· Easy slide in/slide out plate system. 
· Unique Dielectric properties

· HEPA filter attachment keeps internal components cleaner for easy maintenance.

· No filters or replacement parts are necessary - however if ozone plates become cracked or broken, replacement plates are available. 

Enhanced Internal Components:· 100% Stainless Steel· Lifetime trouble free service · Resists oxidizing of internal materials. · Maintains integrity of micro-electronic components 

Enhanced Negative Ionization: 

· Revolutionary Duel Wickpoints extend life

· Needlepoint wicks are located in front of fan to increase ion output.

 · Maintains continuous needlepoint integrity for a life time of ion expulsion. 

· Resists black wall effect 

· A polarizing of positive and negative ions for a natural outdoor energizing effect.  

Enhanced Cabinet Quality:
· Beautiful Solid 'Natural Kiln Dried' Wood

· No toxic out-gassing 
· Resists absorbing moisture 
· Enhances electronics integrity 
· Maintains lifetime beauty 
· Durable for multiple portable tasks 
· Blends in and Enhances Interior Decor 

· 3 decorative finishes to choose from 




Enhanced Energy Consumption:   ONLY 30 Watts of Electrical Consumption· Uses approximately a nickels worth of energy every 24 hours compare to other filtration systems that use over $1.00 per day for one room.

Ceramic Ozone Plates

HEPA Filter attachment for easy maintenance

Enhanced Bearings:
· NEW Sealed Duel roller Ball Bearings
· Whisper quiet Fan bearing 
· Sealed to resist dirt from entering bearings 
· Maintains cool operating for life time service 


 Enhanced Turbo Fan Blade:
· Maximum Activated Oxygen and Ion disbursement.
· 6 blade Turbo fan design for ultimate air distribution. 
· Maximum horizontal and vertical air flow.

Enhanced Micro-Electronics:· Modular Plug in components · Fast diagnoses · Fast simple plug in replacement boards · Inexpensive repair · Less down time


  Do the Air Cleaners Work?  

A study was conducted in Williamsburg, Virginia, in collaboration with research scientist from John Hopkins University. 

The use of the air cleaner reduced airborne fungal concentrations to 51% of the concentration measured in control rooms. Rooms with the air cleaners had fungal concentrations that were 59.74% of control rooms. 

"Although the exact nature mechanism leading to airborne fungal concentration reductions is unclear, the effect is well substantiated and statistically robust."


The following excerpts were taken from tests conducted in March of 1999 by an Industrial and Environmental Safety Specialists testing facility.

Penicillium chrysogenum (airborne mold) was reduced an average of 49.7% in four minutes of operation with one of the units.  "Since Penicillium chrysogenum is representative of a wide range of fungi, we would anticipate similar results with many other fungi."

Micrococcus luteus (airborne bacteria) was reduced an average of 54.2% in four minutes of operation with an air cleaning unit.  "since Micrococcus luteus is representative of a wide range of bacteria, we would anticipate similar results with many other bacteria."

Volatile Organic Compounds - Isobutlene  was used as a typical volatile organic compound.  "A reduction from 36.5% up to 53.7% was achieved within four minutes of operation with a air cleaning unit.  "We would expect to obtain similar results from many other double-bonded hydrocarbon VOC's."

Three models to choose from 

Lightning Air Residential Air Purifier

The Lightning Air residential units provide the same process as Nature, reducing odors and purifying the air indoors. The sanitizer has a separate control from the ionizer. It can be turned on and adjusted to remove odors or take care of problem areas such as musty closets and basements. No messy filters - no replacement parts.  Geared to run 24 hours per day - just clean regularly.  It has large durable ceramic plates that are removed through slots in the back of the unit and can be washed easily with bleach or denatured alcohol.  Purifies a range of 200 to 3500 square feet depending on variables such as humidity, placement, amount of pollution and temperature.  VIEW BROCHURE


LightningAir Commercial Ozonator

Professional Cleaning Has Never Been So Easy!

The Lightning Air Industrial Cleaner is designed with the professional in mind. It will remove strong odors from unoccupied spaces in a short period of time. Deodorizers simply mask odors but the LightningAir gets to the source of the problem.

O3 will break down odors and other contaminates.  The 1C-3 generates ozone internally and disburses it into the desired area thereby ridding the area of odors at their source.  With the use of Activated oxygen, the LightningAir 1C-3 will oxidize odors and eliminate them.. This unit is powerful and designed for unoccupied spaces.

The LightningAir 1C-3 is a portable unit that can easily be moved from one problem area to another. The Unit can be used for up to one hour of timed cleaning. It also has a HOLD position for longer term use. The LightningAir Industrial model can be easily cleaned and maintained. It has large durable ceramic plates that are removed through slots in the back of the unit and can be washed easily with bleach. With the LightningAir 1C-3 you can now quickly and effectively win the war against odors and their causes. This can help make your job easier and more profitable.

~ The Industrial air cleaner employs a powerful adjustable O3 generator to blast tough problems.

~ Activated Oxygen naturally breaks down strong smoke odors, mildew and other industrial pollutants at their source.   VIEW BROCHURE

Multiple Industrial Applications ...

• Automobiles • Boats • Basements  • Limousines • Food Markets • Food Services •Airplanes • Office Buildings • Carpet Cleaning • Property Management • Motel/Hotels   •Recreational Vehicles • Restrooms • Walk-In Coolers • Warehouses • Rental Cars •Janitorial Services • Fitness Facilities • Vans/Buses • Remodeling• Cigarette Smoke • Mold & Mildew • Smoke Damage • Paint Fumes • Cooking Odors • Decaying Matter • Pet Odors •Carpet Odors • Water Damage • Cleaning Fumes • New Construction • Pesticides


LightningAir Personal Space Purifier

 Just like the SPX but a much smaller size! It is great for traveling.  The unit is very portable – it only weighs about 2 pounds!

The Personal Space Unit runs by battery, wall adaptor or car adaptor. Great for apartments, dorms, hotel rooms,  recreation vehicles, cars, offices, etc….. Use it anyplace, anywhere, anytime!


It Produces ozone to sanitize and get rid of odors. It also produces negative ions to get the larger particles out of the air!  You can also turn off the ozone and just run the ionizer! 



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