BioCera Pitcher

BioCera Pitcher

bioceramic filtration pitcher

BioCera Water Pouch

BioCera Water Pouch

Bioceramic water T-Bag

Biocera Atozero Shower

Biocera Atozero Shower

bioceramic shower filter

BioCera Kitchen Stone

BioCera Kitchen Stone

bioceramic multi-use kitchen stone

BioCera Ion Spray

BioCera Ion Spray

bioceramic treated beauty spray

BioCera Bracelet

BioCera Bracelet

bioceramic activating bracelet

BioCera Wellness Restorative Products naturally transform

with health enhancing antioxidants,

alkalinity & ionized hexagonal micro-clusters. 

Use for water, body, skin, cooking, pain, beauty.

•  BioCera Wellness Restorative Water improves taste - hydrates & absorbs better - lowers acid levels of any ingested foods or liquid with enhanced alkalinity and balanced pH. 

•  Reduces Free Radicals at the cellular level - Antioxidant Active Hydrogen Ions protect against degenerative conditions and boosts ability to fight disease. Useful for AntiBacterial & Ionized treatment needs.


•  Promotes cellular cleansing and heightens metabolism, increases hydration and bio-availability nutrient absorption and utilization. Supports acidic waste removal.

•  Bio-Ceramic Filtration in the Wellness Water ShowerWand neutralizes residual toxic chlorine and chloramines.

•  Washing with BioCera Wellness restorative water works like an astringent to tighten the skin and diminish wrinkles with NO chemical residue! It soothes and helps keep the skin clear of acne and other blemishes.

•  Stops itchy skin and scalp and prevents a variety of skin ailmentsPromotes hydration and moisturizes dry skin and hair.

•  BioCera Spray refreshes, revitalizes and promotes dental hygiene, smooth skin, silky hair 


• Effective with Reverse Osmosis, Distilled, Bottled, Filtered or Tap water 


• BioCera Wellness bioceramics increase Oxygenation, restores pH and adds Minerals and Alkalinity to combat and flush acidic metabolites.

•  Optimum Negative ORP - increases reductive power supercharging and delivering vital oxygen.

•  Electrolytes and Ionized minerals are bio-available facilitating efficient nutrient and mineral absorption including Ca, K, Na, Mg


•  Contains smaller water clusters (51.497Hz) to structure water, enhances hydration and bio-availability up to 3 times more efficiently than regular water


• Better for Plants- The water from the restorative BioCera Water devices promotes excellent Plant, Herb, and Vegetable growth.

•  Better for Pets - The BioCera Wellness Water has been shown to increase output production, and generally assists all pets in living fuller healthier lives. Prevents ticks & lice when Pets are washed with Wellness Restorative water.



Why BioCera Wellness Water Devices?

Researchers have long known that keys to a longer, healthier life are reducing acidity, balancing pH levels and increasing oxygen in the body. 

The BioCera Wellness Water is a scientific Restorative  system that Alkalizes, Ionizes and Structures your drinking water , your skin, and your bodies water for optimum surface tension and greater bio-availability. 

All BioCera Wellness Devices are constructed of patented and certified nano-technology Bio-Ceramic Beads. These functional bio-ceramics are encased in a surgical stainless steel canister, acrylic spray bottle housing, cartridge or mesh filter bag or ball . The result is a natural “green chemistry” process that produces the restorative “living” water.


One proprietary Bio-Ceramics Bead Media device changes the structure of the water and the clustering of water molecules. Proprietary nano-technology bio-ceramics create a natural bio-electrical charge which adds ionic charge to the water. This bioelectricity puts vitality back into the water so it’s more like the quality of a natural spring. The alkalinizing ceramics and ionizing ceramics are combined into a single formula. This gives the restored Water the capacity to change the key aspects of water with no electricity, no wasted water and with 100% effectiveness and efficiency.

Protect Your Health and keep your body alkalinized and hydrated with huge, continuing doses of antioxidants.  Water is the ultimate cleansing substance in your body. But when water is ionized and alkaline, it contains antioxidant potential that does an excellent job of cleaning the body from the inside out.


When you drink ionized, alkaline water, it penetrates and hydrates the cells, allowing waste products, toxins and pollutants to be naturally and effectively removed at a cellular level. This causes a natural detoxification effect as these unwanted substances are flushed from your cells and eliminated—thus restoring healthy function.

BioCera Wellness Restorative Devices and the top healing springs on the planet have five main qualities in common:

•  Alkalinity
•  Bio-available minerals
•  Structure
•  Ionization
•  Negative ORP



In addition to getting important vitamins and enzymes every day;  when you use and consume Bio-Available AntiOxidant-Rich Alkaline water, evidence suggests it may:

• Increase Hydration levels via permeable water clusters
• Increase Vitality and pH
• Slow the effects of the aging process
• Prevents or Protect against disease

Chronic conditions, especially cancers, thrive under the following conditions:

1. Acidic Body pH- it is more acid than alkaline, which leads to a variety of chronic conditions.
2. Low Antioxidant Capacity- there are not enough antioxidants to consume the free radicals that foster the growth of disease in our bodies.
3. Chronic Dehydration- a lack of sufficient water diminishes quality of cellular functioning and quality of life.

Super Ceramic Bead::  Increase water taste by emitting Far-InfraRed and supplies useful minerals

Silver Antibacterial Bead::  natural, non-toxic, Antibacterial, Deodorizing effect & heavy metal removal

Alkaline Bead::  Alkalines water to perfect pH level

DeChlorination Bead::  Removes Chlorine & Chloramines - Calcium Sulphite (CaSO3)

Negative Ion Bead::   Emits Negative Ions - Increases Dissolved Oxygen

Pi (π) Bead::   Activates hexagonal water molecule to energize

Tourmaline Bead::    micro-clusters water with wave of Piezioelectric current - Emits Far-infraRed & Negative Ions

How does BioCera Wellness Work?

Its all about the Bio-Ceramic Beads -- BioCera Wellness Transforms Ordinary Water into pH balanced, alkalized, bio-available 'Living Water'. 


The small ceramic-bead-filter cylinder of the Wellness WaterPitcher or WaterPouch fits easily into water bottles, crocks or pitchers. When used with bottled, purified, distilled or potable tap water, the WaterPitcher or  WaterPouch transforms ordinary water into a healthy natural beverage with significant health benefits.


Once treated for 10-120 minutes (depending on the bottle size and the water you start with), the BioCera Bio-Ceramic Super Charged - BioCera Restorative Structured water lasts for 18-36 hours.  Remove filter cartridge (if desired) or pouch - rinse and dry- store in provided canister or reuse, OR keep  waterpouch in your crock or pitcher for continuous charging capability.   When the Water filter-media is placed in your water bottle you will start seeing fine bubbles emerging from the holes in the housing.

The BioCera Ion Spray or ShowerWand bathes your body, skin & hair with nourishing, rehydrating and skin softening water without toxic Chlorine or Chloramines -- either product adds far infrared heat infusion with specialized Tourmaline and SuperCeramic Beads. Ceramic Silver beads produce antioxidant, anti-bacterial, alkaline, ionized and structured water quickly and easily for as little as a few cents per day.


The Ion spray it produces helps restore your body’s pH to proper alkalinity, and it provides a significant dose of Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Oxidizing ions to gobble up harmful free radicals, and increases cellular hydration leading to increased well-being. 


Negative Ion Beads naturally ionizes and releases oxygen and hydrogen. These particles combine with the electrolyte minerals in the water to cause a whole effect creating a pH balanced, highly alkalized living water whether showering, cooking, spritzing or utilizing for drinking water.


The BioCera Wellness Bracelet or Wellness Stone  may be used to combat harmful EMF: is a wearable and/or portable device which contains proprietary harmonic ionic balancing, a FIR enhancement and a tourmaline grounding antenna. Protecting you from all types of EMFs radiating from electric devices - your first line of defense in EMF protection.

Many people who first use the BioCera Wellness EcoTech (stone or bracelet) notice a dramatic sense of clarity and relief due to the protective field created around them. The BioCera Wellness EcoTech uses an internal piezioelectric signal to create a healing energy field based on geometry, FIR and Ionic discharge. The hazardous radiation from cell phones, appliances, transmitters, etc, is transformed into a healing energy field that extends approximately 25+ ft diameter. 

Earth-calming BioCera Wellness EcoTech Stone or Bracelet, transforms the harmful EMF field emanating from your environment and actually uses it to project around you a geometric field of healing and protection. The BioCera Wellness EcoTech also lowers radiation exposure, improves FIR and encourages ionic health.