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your body and environment from harmful toxins,

                  chaotic frequencies and

                                     chemical pollutants


We make every attempt to find eco-friendly, indoor/outdoor, sustainable Enviro-Conscious, organic or identity preserved items - from naturally sustainable or renewable resources - all related to the health, vitality and well-being of our clients & customers and their immediate living environments. 


Our highly evolved Enviro-Wholistic products and Lifestyle Nutrition services, emphasize cutting-edge technologies, controversial concepts, and alternative scientific Health & Wellness protocols, advanced research and pioneering development.  

At ENVIRO-HEALTH-TECH Wholistic Lifestyle Science, we seek out ultimate discoveries and definitive alternative goods, services & devices which are useful and beneficial to your general health, longevity and well-being; bringing optimum health, harmony & balance to your life with the aid of innovative technologies and raw simplicity. 

We offer only the highest quality, value-added, easiest to use, most reliable, long-term or even permanent, cutting-edge Environmental & Wholistic Lifestyle Sciences - Goods - Services- Technologies. 



Our mission is to convey an attainable pursuit of combating the main causes of disease & illness:












Enviro-Health-Tech offers only the most definitive Health & Wellness Lifestyle services and products to assist the body to detoxify, regulate and balance. Cleanse and alkalize your system through enhanced oxygenation, improved environmental balance and harmony, increased essential nutrient sources, heightened hydration & nutrient absorption and non-invasive cleansing and purifying techniques.  









We are passionate with regard to finding and introducing the highest quality, most simplistic, yet innovative enviro-health technologies, concepts, devices and Wholistic Lifestyle Services;  to help make the world a better place now and for our future generations.  To this end, we educate and empower with cutting edge discoveries and breakthrough products, all guaranteed to yield excellent long-term results or your money back. 

  • air particulate

  • dirty water

  • electromagnetic chaos,

  • toxic overload
  • chemical pollution
  • bacteria
  • compromised immune systems,

  • nutrient deficiency,

  • obesity, diabetes

  • degenerative disease

  • lifestyle choices

  • unnecessary stress

  • strains of viruses, fungus, bacteria  

  • internal pH balance

  • sleep patterns

  • reductionist theory

  • molecular structure

  • field resonance

It is truly an honor to bring you such extraordinary developments in cutting-edge, alternative wholistic technology.   We enable "healthy living" for all.  Simplified and economical for home use, sturdy & reliable for even the busiest clinics, no special training needed...easy to attain, and products easy to operate and maintain with little or no need for replacement parts or service issues.   


Take control of your own healthcare without surgery, medications or invasive treatments.

 We have a little something for everyone.  Environmental Products, Air Treatment, Water Treatment, Clean-Green-Natural Home, Non-Invasive Detox, Wholistic Weight Loss & Optimum Health, Nutritional Considerations,  Personal Health Care Devices, hand-selected Books & DVDs, original Music to soothe the soul, Lifestyle Wellness Blog with Informative Articles, Essential Links, facts & figures, reading lists, and much more...

Feel free to request a personal consultation to further discuss protocol, specifications,  questions or concerns regarding any product or service.

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