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Easy Tips to Start Eating PlantBased WholeFoods

plantbased wholefoods
So many options - So many choices

1. Never forget your “Why”: There’s a reason you have chosen to consume plant-based whole foods. Maybe it is for your health. Or the environment. Or a deep love for all animals. Embrace the reason why you chose to transition away from animal products and let it motivate and inspire you.

2. Think about the gains, not the pains: Think about the benefits you will receive in as little as 10-days, don’t worry about what you’re giving up. Challenge and empower yourself to improve your health. Keep a written list of everything you gain by being plantbased: better health, better skin, weight loss, longer life, healthier planet.

3. Learn more: There’s nothing like constant education to help keep you excited about your plantbased journey to optimum health. Keep learning.

- Watch plantbased nutrition documentary films like: Forks Over Knives, PlantPure Nation, What the Health, etc...

- Read books from experts like: T. Colin Campbell, Caldwell Esselstyn, Neil Barnard, John McDougall, etc...

4. Get some support: Seek out other plantbased eaters who want to adapt and thrive. Make Plantfoodist friends – online and off. Join our village of like-minded people at the International PlantFoodist Facebook Group or, attend Potluck Socials at our local PlantFoodist Society Like and follow posts on how to lose weight with Juicing & PlantBased WholeFoods. Participate at movie nights, study & discussion groups and cooking classes, or grocery shopping tours.

5. Don’t think of plantbased as a “diet”: It’s not really a diet. Meaning that you’re not

counting calories in and pounds off. The point isn’t to starve or deprive yourself—but to nourish yourself in the best way possible. Eating plantbased is a lifestyle and a way of living. This is not a 2 week fad diet but a long-term, permanent shift.

6. Take it one meal at a time: Don’t try to envision your whole plantbased life at once. You could get discouraged. A better way to approach it is limit your time horizon; just think about what you’re going to eat at the next meal. There are so many more choices available to eat than what you have been used to. Aim for the same style meals that are comfortable to you; Italian Spaghetti night, Taco night, pancake breakfast, chocolatey desserts, Snacks, Asian, Burgers/Pizza -- just make them without animal products.

plantbased whole food options
The biggest challenge are the multitude of plantbased dishes to choose from.

7. Plan ahead: This might seem contradictory to the previous point, but pre-planning for things like a busy weekly schedule, kids & spouses, holidays and travel will really help. Cook for more than yourself so you can continue to create terrific meals from left-overs. Cook in bulk: huge stews, pots o' beans, freeze portions for convenience. Prep some foods in advance and refrigerate, so they are easy to grab n' go. You might not have many fancy food options at some restaurants, but a baked potato and salad will do the trick at most establishments. Consider bringing your own dishes to BBQs and social gatherings (enough to share of course). Make sure you carry your own food when you travel. Hint: Raw veggies and fresh fruit n' nuts are an excellent traveling companion!

8. Team up: Inevitably, you’ll be faced with questions from the plant curious and from the avowed meat-eaters. Besides support from longtime plantbased eaters, it’s also always good to partner with someone who’s roughly at the same place you are when it comes to your plantbased transition. You can share recipes, discover new restaurants and help each other through the really tough moments. Invite your friends to plantbased social events to introduce your lifestyle to them.

9. Try new things: Your old diet was limited. How many meats are there, really? But the variety of whole grains, fruits, legumes, vegetables…it’s virtually unlimited. Try them all. Mix and match.

WFPB dishes
A cornucopia of plantbased dishes - Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snacks & Dessert

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