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Quick n' Easy WFPB Hummus

parsley hummus
Danji's Hummus Dip & Sandwich Spread

This hummus recipe was the first one I learned to make. It had to be quick n' easy AND provide me with superior snackin' nutrition. Not only do I like to dip it, but the recipe makes a great sandwich spread. You can change the flavors around to what you have in the kitchen.

Start with several cups of cooked chick peas. You can use home-made or canned. Add the other ingredients and seasonings..... shuzzz it up with a hand-held blender, a blender or a potato masher. Enjoy!

Home made Beans TIP: I use my electric pressure cooker to the cooking instructions provided. Or, if you don't have an electric cooker, then soak 1 lb dry garbanzos for at least 12 hours in purified water. Once soaked I rinse the whole soaked bean with water and put into a cook pot. No salt. Cover beans with filtered water. After the pot comes to boil, skim foam. Put a handful of TriBlend sea vegetation/kombu/kelp into pot and simmer for 1-1/2 hours or until tender. The no salt, no tap water and cooking with sea veg - makes beans tender, easy to digest and reduces cook time.

If you cook up a big pot o' beans, then you can divvy 'em up between a few cups for a hummus, a few cups to use in salads & stews/soups, and a few cups for making "tuuno/chikan salad".


2 cups beans

juice of 1-2 lemons

2 Tbsp sesame tahini

1 clove garlic

2-4 Tbsp seasonings of your choice: oregano, basil, paprika, salt, pepper, fresh parsley or cilantro.

Options: 1Tbsp of roasted pine nuts, or for a little kick; roasted red pepper. Instead of extra virgin olive oil throw in some kalamata, green or black olives.

Tuuno Ingredients:

Fork smash the chickpeas and add the following to recreate a 'tuna fish' sandwich.

braggs amino acids, nori sea vegetation, miso paste, onion, pickle, vegan mayo (or make your own tofu mayo).

Chikan Salad Ingredients:

Fork smash the chickpeas and add the following to recreate a "chicken salad" sandwich.

braggs amino acids, poultry seasoning, celery, grated carrot, HamptonFarms Just Mayo.

Tuuno Sandwich
Chickpea Tuuno Sandwich

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