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Lose Weight with Plants

Updated: Sep 6, 2018

Reverse Diabetes & Heart Disease, Lower Cholesterol, Recover Health

Over 85% of Americans ultimately die from diet-related illness & disease

...I was a walking statistic.

Thanks for your interest and support. My name is Dan Miller. I am 5’11” and 55 years old. I have a 20 year Health & Wellness background, but ironically since grade school, I had ALWAYS struggled with my weight, and over time developed multiple chronic


I have spent years lecturing, researching and investigating, Ozone & Oxygen Therapies, Alternative Health and Advanced Magnetic Healing, and Pioneering Scientific Technologies with a concentration in the field of Air Purification & Water Treatment, Holistic Wellness, Technical Frequency advancements and more recently Nutritional Science and Wholistic dietary philosophies and theories. I had always considered myself ‘healthy’ and had not experienced any life- threatening illness, nor had I ever been under ‘doctor’s care’ or prescribed pharmaceuticals.

After experiencing conventional surgery with the removal of my Appendix while a teenager; I took my health into my own hands and took a serious stance for alternative, wholistic, health & wellness Practitioners like Naturopaths, Herbalists, Acupuncture/Acupressure, Nutritionists, Homeopaths and Chiropractors. I have made and continue to make every effort to stay away from allopathic medicine, pharmaceuticals & supplements/pills & surgery, and hospitals.

However, even with all the years of wholistic living and health & wellness knowledge I had become a walking statistic. After seeing a photo taken by a family member, I suddenly and shockingly realized I was obese! I've tasted a lot in life, but I had not tasted optimum health and nutrition. I had never considered Nutritional Science as a treatment therapy in relation to my need to lose a LOT of weight and gain optimum health. I was skating by without proper attention to "you are what you eat". In hindsight, my vice was big meat portions, dairy, eggs, processed & refined carbs, and sugary, sweet thingys.

Fat Dan & Fat Betty
This is me at 'Whole Foods' buffet @ 378 Lbs - I had the right intention but still with incorrect nutritional knowledge

I was loaded with annoying symptoms, aches & pains and I snored like a chain saw, had sleep apnea and hadn't slept well in years (and thanks to me, neither had my wife)…but, unimpressively, and somewhat embarrassing - I would nod off easily during the middle of the day in mid-conversation with people. I was pre-diabetic and suffered from hypoglycemic crashes, digestive issues and migraines. A Health Practitioner’s screening showed severe levels of toxic burden, and dangerous adrenal and thyroid levels. I suffered from allergies, skin rashes, and respiratory conditions. I was sedentary with poor circulation, thick red ankles and edema. For several years at my peak weight, my hormones were all outta whack - I had man-boobs, low libido and sexual dysfunction. I craved and consumed cheese, milk and eggs, caffeine, fatty meats, processed refined carbs and sugary treats. I would belch, bloat, burp and fart after every meal. Too many years of poor food choices and living without an Appendix probably contributed to most of my digestive distress but exacerbating the problem; I was over-eating a lot of processed vegetarian/vegan snack food, rich & meaty/fatty/salty/sugary restaurant food and was nutritionally starving myself. I was sick & tired…of being sick & tired. Enough was enough.

Following is my journey overcoming obesity and recovering my health.

"We collectively lost over 215 pounds simplifying our eating habits and simplifying our life with Veggie Juicing and a Plant-Based WholeFood Lifestyle"
…and you can do it too!

Up to this point, I had never considered Nutritional Science as a treatment

therapy, nor had I looked at lifestyle medicine to attain extreme weight loss and gain optimum health. Upon insistence from my wife, and knowledge from a few good books and documentaries- I slowly started to cease having certain foods in the house -- She just flat-out stopped buying the ‘culprit’ products (even so-called natural, free-range, cage-free, vegetarian, hormone-free & organic animal protein brands i.e. meat, dairy, eggs). I, and everyone else in the house eventually went ‘cold turkey’ – we totally stopped eating refined sugar, sweets, refined breads & pasta, chips, soda, dairy, eggs, coffee, booze and we cut all big meat portions. Overeating processed foods, animal proteins and too many rich, fatty-salty-sugary meals in restaurants, was nutritionally starving me and my family, and were causing a lot of health and behavioral problems. It was time to get down to business. Time for a different taste of life.

Overweight folks are toxic so just getting off the junky food and complex carbs started a healing crisis, a full cavalcade of detox symptoms. Most everyone who undertakes a shift to healthier living, better food choices and cleansing & detoxifying the body; will, as I did, experience some level of detoxification symptoms that will occur, slowly peeling away the layers of system junk. I just plowed through the doubt, the headaches & nausea and I definitely "got worse before I got better" detox symptoms. I considered detoxification a punishment for unconsciously eating for so many years - a ‘spanking’ of sorts.

I expanded my knowledge, empowered myself and dabbled with the aforementioned 'healthy living' lifestyles. I lost 36 pounds which I was grateful for. However, I had realized that even with a consciousness shift to “wanna do something about it”, the fasting, colon cleanses; detoxification and healthier vegetarian eating just didn’t seem to be enough to succeed at sustained weight loss. I wondered if in fact I could ever completely lose the weight on my own, within my lifestyle. I needed to find what worked for me and suited my family and existing lifestyle. Near the end of the first 5 month effort at weight loss, the amount I lost leveled off a bit, it hit a plateau. I became frustrated and I felt like I was starving all the time, and craving junk food. Even though, I was eating so-called healthier vegetarian foods and ‘doing the right things’ I hollered at my wife, "you are trying to starve me!" I wanted to feel full. I wanted to feel healthy. I got very disillusioned and felt defeated. Deep inside me I knew that I could lose weight naturally, healthfully and successfully. I just needed to figure it out.

Something finally clicked with me in July of 2011, while browsing NetFlix we came across the documentary "Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead" with Australian Joe Cross and an awe- inspiring American Truckdriver Phil Staples. At the time, it was the ‘Kick in the Ass’ I had been looking for - a true missing link. I knew this stuff already! I had been studying and suggesting a juicing & plant-based lifestyle to terminally ill clients, but hypocritically failed to recognize the benefits for my own weight loss.

Thanks for reading along so far. Part Two coming soon.

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