AquaLab Systems brings a medical-grade treatment plant into your home to help purify your drinking & body's water and regenerate your body for improved health. 

Utilizing multi-methodologies like hydro-therapy, Gerson Therapy, autohemotherapy, insufflations, tinctures/lotions, and water purification - the unit is easily personalized

for use and specific treatments


Each unit is custom designed to produce the purest ozone, using a patented “cold plasma corona discharge” chamber. Because of this patented chamber the unit produces finely regulated, high concentrations of charged oxygen and ozone mix with the greatest efficiency.  AquaLab provides the most scientifically advanced non-oxidizing parts and components to ensure long life and maximum purity.

Ozone's freely available, bio-absorptionable form is produced by AquaLab and carried via the life-circulating fluids of the body to kill pathogens, viruses, fungus, bacteria, yeast.  This form of ozone is one of the most powerful healing agents for the body - if you can get it in your body.  AquaLab Systems for home-use, with it's multi-modality flexibility provides a safe, effective, medical-grade treatment personalized for recovering health and regenerating at a cellular level.


AquaLAB O3 System



     40 watts power - Stainless Steel Housing

    Customized Portable Carrying Case- dimensions 17’’L x 13’’W x 7’’H

    Lightweight re-fillable 'D' Oxygen Bottle with protective sleeve, zippered pocket & carry handle


    Precision click-style Regulator with easy disconnect


    Patented “Cold Plasma Corona Discharge” Ozone Generator with capabilities for 27-42mgs ozone per cc of oxygen consistently with NO HEAT

    Neoprene Hoses & Kynar Connectors


    Silica Stone Diffuser Attachment and more...


    Instructions & Users Guide

  • - Ozone is the most powerful form of oxygen.

    - Ozone has three molecules of oxygen and therefore is known as triatomic oxygen.

    - Ozone is natural and organic.

    - Lightening creates ozone, as does sunshine. Ozone is what makes air fresh.

    - Ozone is the strongest natural bactericide, fungicide, and virucidal known to man.

    - Ozone has been used in medicine since 1886.

    - Ozone disinfects open wounds, purifies necrotic tissue, inactivates protozoa, viruses and carcinomas in diseased cells.

    - Ozone has been proven to kill 100% of the viruses in donated blood samples.

    The ancient Hebrew word for Ozone means “Breath of God!”



    Home Treatments may include:  

    Auricular Insufflations:    Many physicians have indicated that the ozone enters the lymphatic and blood system this way. Many patients have reported a wide variety of results including relief of allergies, relief of colds, clearing of sore throats and swollen glands.


    Vaginal Insufflation:  Simple insufflation to eliminate yeast, bacteria, viruses.


    Rectal Insufflation:  Rectal Insufflation is "95% as effective as Major Autohemotherapy" (Renate Viebahn). This method is used by many physicians in their clinics and by those at home as well.


    Bathing in ozonated bath water is equally effective, absorbs thoroughly through the skin, humidifies and relaxes.


    Body Suit    One of the easiest and most pleasurable of the methods of using ozone, the body suit is both effective and relaxing. The ozone is absorbed through the skin, cleansing the lymphatic system, and reportedly inducing the body wide effects of ozone generally seen with other treatment protocols.


    Ozonated Olive Oil:

    used around the world for a variety of uses: acne, skin lesions, burns, fungal infections (eg. Of the toe nail), herpes, eczema, leg sores, bed sores, gingivitis, hemorrhoids, STD's, cold sores, and many others. This appears to be the only way to stabilize ozone without adding artificial stabilizers, chemicals, or preservatives. Ozone is bubbled at very high concentrations, under a controlled environment for days until it slowly begins to solidify. This solid form of olive oil forms a thick ointment or salve like substance and will keep for many months on the shelf. If kept refrigerated, it maintains its full effectiveness almost indefinitely.



    "Bagging" with ozone refers to the method of isolating a body part by surrounding it with a bag (such as hand, arm, leg, foot, torso, pelvis, but NEVER head), and introducing ozone. This can be used to treat gangrene, diabetic foot ulcers, bed sores, burns, any wounds that are infected or slow healing, or those that refuse to heal. This method is not intended to generate an immune modulating effect on the individual as in the methods above.


    Major Autohemotherapy

    This procedure is performed only by trained professionals, usually only in a clinic setting. Approximately 200cc of the patients blood is withdrawn into an evacuated bottle. The bottle is then hung upside down, and ozone gas (the same volume as the blood withdrawn) is infused into the bottle, usually at a concentration of 40ug/ml. The blood is then given back to the patient, much like a transfusion.