AquaLab Systems brings a medical-grade treatment plant into your home to help purify your drinking & body's water and regenerate your body for improved health. 

Utilizing multi-methodologies like hydro-therapy, Gerson Therapy, autohemotherapy, insufflations, tinctures/lotions, and water purification - the unit is easily personalized

for use and specific treatments


Each unit is custom designed to produce the purest ozone, using a patented “cold plasma corona discharge” chamber. Because of this patented chamber the unit produces finely regulated, high concentrations of charged oxygen and ozone mix with the greatest efficiency.  AquaLab provides the most scientifically advanced non-oxidizing parts and components to ensure long life and maximum purity.

Ozone's freely available, bio-absorptionable form is produced by AquaLab and carried via the life-circulating fluids of the body to kill pathogens, viruses, fungus, bacteria, yeast.  This form of ozone is one of the most powerful healing agents for the body - if you can get it in your body.  AquaLab Systems for home-use, with it's multi-modality flexibility provides a safe, effective, medical-grade treatment personalized for recovering health and regenerating at a cellular level.


AquaLAB O3 System



     40 watts power - Stainless Steel Housing

    Customized Portable Carrying Case- dimensions 17’’L x 13’’W x 7’’H

    Lightweight re-fillable 'D' Oxygen Bottle with protective sleeve, zippered pocket & carry handle


    Precision click-style Regulator with easy disconnect


    Patented “Cold Plasma Corona Discharge” Ozone Generator with capabilities for 27-42mgs ozone per cc of oxygen consistently with NO HEAT

    Neoprene Hoses & Kynar Connectors


    Silica Stone Diffuser Attachment and more...


    Instructions & Users Guide

  • - Ozone is the most powerful form of oxygen.