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The Neutralizer™ - is a revolutionary scientific breakthrough (Patent No: 7,485,885 B2) and the first and only product on the market that has proven to be 100% effective in eliminating the harmful effects of Electro Magnetic and Radio Frequency (EMF/RF) radiation on human DNA, primarily emitted by wiring and other electronic devices. 


  • Proven permanent EMF protection
  • Neutralizer Plug-ins are unobtrusive  
  • Easy to use
  • Plugs in to any one electrical outlet for whole house neutralizing effect.


The Neutralizer™ Works on ALL  Wiring and EMF Radiating Devices!


Computer terminals  -  Tablets - Laptops - Hand Held Devices  Microwave  - Televisions

Cordless telephones  -  Modems -  IPods  -  Video Game Equipment - Any Electronics

-  Appliances - Automobiles - RVs


Use in:  Kids Room - Bedroom - Den - Kitchen - Family Room - Office - Travel



Aulterra EMF Neutralizer PLUG IN

  • One (1) - 3" x 1" device with two prong plug-in

    Plugs-in to any 110 outlet

    One device neutralizes entire house through one outlet

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