BIOCERA WELLNESS RESTORATIVE PRODUCTS naturally transform any water, person or environment with health enhancing antioxidants, alkalinity & ionized hexagonal micro-clusters, far-infrared and electromagnetic protection. 


●  Multi-Use for all indoor environments, including kitchen, bathroom, office, bedroom, family room.      


     ●  Use fine mist spray as:  Alcohol-free hand sanitizer, chemical-free deodorizer, non-aerosol anti-bacterial spray, non-toxic moisturizing beauty spray, and sterilizing & sanitizing alkali-ionic health spray.

    ●  Safe, Natural and Non-Toxic for the entire family!  Pets, Plants, Children. 

    ●  Spray on to enhance restoration of skin, hair, nails.  Great for acne, dry skin and first aid.   Protects from free-radicals.

    ●  Spray for oral hygiene. Spray into mouth & throat for colds, sore throats, infections, bad breath. 

    ●  Spra