This innovative product provides the ultimate advancement in EMF protection - with powerful

Frequency Resonance Technology,  provides Whole Body protection from manmade EMF fields - all while promoting FIR & Ionic healthy lifestyle benefits.

             • Reduce migraines and headaches

             • Improve circulation and help maintain a more regular heart beat

 • Normalize blood pressure - reduce aches & pains

 • Increase energy while working in front of a computer

 • Improve sleep patterns

• Improve well-being and Protect from harmful EMF

 • Reduce hyperactive behavior in children and adults

 • Decrease frequency of mood swings


BioCera Wellness Tourmaline bracelet has combined effects of Negative Ion, far infrared (FIR) and extremely low undulating current (0.06 mA), it maintains ionic balance in your body and promotes your metabolism when you wear it, or have it near you or placed in your environment.

1. Far-infrared effect - revitalizes all the cells in your body.
2. Negative Ion effect - contributes to promoting b