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BioCera Energy Stone for Cooking - Same great BioCera Technology with multi-purpose!


BioCera Energy EcoTech Stone for Cooking, Fridge and whole house EMF protection.

Enhance flavors, prevent spoilage, improves surface tension, charges/structures/protects, and so much more.


1. When the far infrared is absorbed into the body, it helps to promote blood circulation,

so it contributes to keeping bright skin and maintaining vital energy through the removal

of headache, lumbago, chronic fatigue and hangover.

2. It dissolves elements such as sweat, protein and fat, which can be the causes of odor

and removes bad smells.

3. Coupled with ionization, helps to balance calcium and iron in the body to make bones


4. It removes moisture to control molds or fungi and prevents insects.

5. By neutralizing strong alkaline cement, it stops harmful waves and radiates far infrared, it reinforces, expands and harmonizes earth magnetism which lacks in tall buildings or


BioCera Wellness EcoTech PROTECTION you can count on. The BioCera Stone EcoTech Protection is used to combat harmful EMF: is a wearable and/or portable device which contains proprietary harmonic ionic balancing, a FIR enhancement and a tourmaline grounding antenna. Protecting you from all types of EMFs radiating from electric devices - your first line of defense in EMF protection.


The BioCera Wellness EcoTech Stone provides effective protection from all wireless transmitters: cell phones, cordless phones, wireless routers, lap top computers, baby monitors, home burglary alarm systems, GPS locaters. Place BioCera EcoTech Stone to create a healing natural energy field.

BioCERA Kitchen Stone

  • Size 7.5cm/ 3" x 3" diameter

    Weight 12g / 4.3 oz

    Usage 3-5 years



    Biocera R&D

    * Air – deodorization (VOC, smell, gaskit, formaldehyde)

    - Anion (Contact negative ion measuring instrument, Vaccum negative ion measuring instrument )

    * Water - pH / ORP / TDS / D.O / Chlorine / H2 concentration / Ca, Mg, ion concentration /turbidity / hardness

    * Energy - Kirlian energy measurement

    - aura measurement

    - heat furnace


    Biocera R&D Water contributes to the convenience of customers and quality upgrading by doing an antibacterial test in accordance with the international standard.


    NOTE: It is not necessary to place the BioCera Wellness EcoTech on appliances such as TVs and refrigerators.  Use stone inside fridge or freezer, cooking pots, water jugs, or place around environment. 



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