The BioCera Wellness Water Pitcher is a Restorative water system that Alkalizes, Ionizes and Structures your drinking water for optimum surface tension and greater bio-availability.


The BioCera Wellness Water Wand produces antioxidant alkaline ionized structured water quickly and easily for as little as a few cents per day. The water it produces helps restore your body’s pH to proper alkalinity, and it provides a significant dose of anti-oxidizing ions to gobble up harmful free radicals, and increases cellular hydration leading to increased well-being.


A visionary approach to health: BioCera Wellness Korea was created in 1994  by Jeon Hyoung Tag, PhD., and his Research and Development team, they have studied the world's spring waters—the healthiest, most vital, most healing waters on the planet in which the healing and restorative qualities are reproduced via innovative BioCeramics Bead Technology found exclusively in BioCera Wellness Water Products


The Restorative ShowerWand uses unique BioCeramic media to eliminate contaminates like chlorine while structuring and ionizing water to mimic equatorial rainwater or waterfalls in softness, with the added component of Far-InfraRed (FIR) energy and restorative healing qualities.  Create an innovation in showering:  Anti-Bactierial, Alkaline, free of Chlorine & Chloramines RainShower setting for a spa-like experience to stimulate and rejuvenate your entire body and caress the skin for optimum hydration. 


BioCera Wellness BioCeramic ShowerWand utilizes a 4-Stage process which permeates cell membranes more easily, hydrating 3-6x  more efficiently than tap water!

Experience the Restorative Effect of BioCera ShowerWand Four-Stage BioCeramic Therapeutic process to create an invigorating, rejuvenating and luxurious shower experience.

Stage 1 ~  Dechlorination:  Patented BioCeramic beads absorb and destroy chlorine while releasing calcium ions making water ready for the next stage.

Stage 2 ~  Water Restoration:  Water is rejuvenated by a 4-flow action with mineral infusion that restores vital lifeforce ORMUS minerals. Negative ORP

Stage 3 ~  Far Infrared Heat Infusion:  which mimics the power of the sun with BioCeramic beads that capture the heat in your water and turn it into a far infrared sauna experience that provides a penetrating deep heat you can feel inside your whole body.

Stage 4 ~  Negative Ion Generation:  the free flowing power of rain or waterfalls generate bio-electricity, a naturally occuring restorative energy.  BioCeramic Beads mimic the action infusing high potency negative ions into the water stream uplifting spirits and treating your skin, while providing the softness of a waterfall bath. 


BioCERA Shower

  • 9.5" L x 2.25" W x 4" Diameter

    *fits on existing hand-held shower hose


    Includes one (1) bead filtration cartridge.

    Extra cartridges available for an additional charge of $45.95 + s/h per cartridge


    • Materials: Patent protected BioCeramic Bead media


      Lifetime: BioCeramic Bead Cartridge lasts 12-18 months or 40,000 gallons depending on use and water quality.


      Size: 9.5” L x 2.25" W x 4" Diameter shower head



       Housing: Transparent Plastic Acrylic Handle and Cartridge to reveal media usage and when it is time to replace media cartridge.



      Meets or exceeds important Negative ORP - Removes Chlorine

      Anti-Bacterial, Ionic & Restorative, FIR, Alkaline pH balanced



      Manufactured to international standards for consistent connectivity and easy installation. 


      Economical replacement BioCeramic Bead Cartridge refill    

      FDA & NSF tested and certified


  • •  Increases Oxygenation, restores pH and adds Minerals and Alkalinity to combat and flush acidic metabolites.

    •  Reduces Free Radicals at the cellular level - Antioxidant Active Hydrogen Ions protect against degenerative conditions and boosts ability to fight disease

    •  Promotes cellular cleansing and heightens metabolism for the whole family, including Pets!

    ● Promotes soft skin and silky hair -- Stimulate and Rejuvenate with 4-way settings for optimum hydration and washing power.

    ● Decreases, prevents or stops itchy skin and scalp, and most chronic skin conditions such as atopic dermatitis.

    ● Electrolytes and Ionized minerals are bio-available facilitating efficient nutrient and mineral absorption including Ca, K, Na, Mg

    ●  Contains smaller structured water clusters (51.497Hz) to enhance hydration and bio-availability up to 3 times more efficiently than tap water

    ●  Patented BioCeramics contain ORMUS minerals which naturally create living water by bringing restored consciousness to your water.

    ● EASY TO USE and INSTALL- Attaches to existing hand-held shower hose with standard fittings.  Easy Flow setting and replaceable cartridge (40,000 gallon life).

    ●  Neutralizes residual toxic chloramines and chlorine and prevents harmful chemicals from penetrating skin. 

    ● BioCera Wellness Restorative Water improves quality - hydrates & absorbs better - lowers acid levels and enhances alkalinity and balanced pH

    ●  Bathing with BioCera Wellness Restorative water works like an astringent to tighten the skin and diminish wrinkles with NO chemical residue! It soothes and helps keep the skin clear of acne and other blemishes.

    ● Better for Pets - The BioCera Water ShowerWand has been shown to decrease ticks, lice and fleas when pets are cleansed and washed with ShowerWand and when they drink BioCera Wellness Restorative Water. 

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