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The BioCera Wellness Water Pouch is a Restorative water system that Alkalizes, Ionizes and Structures your drinking water for optimum surface tension and greater bio-availability.


The BioCera Wellness Water Pouch produces antioxidant alkaline ionized structured water quickly and easily for as little as a few cents per day. The water it produces helps restore your body’s pH to proper alkalinity, and it provides a significant dose of anti-oxidizing ions to gobble up harmful free radicals, and increases cellular hydration leading to increased well-being. BioCera Wellness Korea created by Jeon Hyoung Tag, PhD., and his Research and development team has studied the world's spring waters—the healthiest, most vital, most healing waters on the planet have healing and restorative qualities that are reproduced in the BioCera Wellness Water Pouch.

The BioCera Wellness Water Pouch is constructed of patented and certified bio-ceramics. These functional bio-ceramics are encased in a canister made of the highest grade surgical stainless steel. The result is a natural “green chemistry” process that produces the restorative “living” water. One proprietary bio-ceramics media changes the structure of the water and the clustering of water molecules. The other proprietary bio-ceramics create a natural bio-electrical charge which adds ionic charge to the water. This bioelectricity puts vitality back into the water so it’s more like the quality of a natural spring. The alkalinizing ceramics and ionizing ceramics are combined into a single formula. This gives the Water Pouch the capacity to change the key aspects of water with no electricity, no wasted water and with 100% effectiveness and efficiency.


  • BioCera Wellness Water Pouch Transforms Ordinary Water into pH balanced, alkalized, bio-available 'Living Water'.  The small pouch fits easily into water bottles, crocks or pitchers. When inserted into bottled, purified, distilled or potable tap water, the Pouch transforms ordinary water into a healthy natural beverage with significant health benefits. Once treated for 120 minutes (depending on the bottle size and the water you start with), the BioCera Charged - BioCera Structured water lasts for 18-24 hours.  Remove Pouch - rinse and dry- store in provided canister, OR keep Pouch in your crock or pitcher for continuous charging capability.  Lasts between 4-8 months of use.   When the Water Pouch is placed in your water bottle you will start seeing fine bubbles emerging from the holes in the cylinder. This is the natural ionization process that involves the release of oxygen and hydrogen. These particles combine with the electrolyte minerals in the water to cause a whole effect creating a pH balanced, highly alkalized living water.


BioCERA Water Pouch

  • Lifetime: 3-6+ months, depending on use. Rinse periodically with Hydrogen Peroxide to extend life of WaterPouch

     Housing: Pyramid design 'Tea Bag' Style Fabric

    Materials: Patent protected bio-ceramics media

     Size: 90mm x 60mm (3.5” L x 2.25" W)

    FDA & NSF tested and certified


    EASY TO USE:  Place Water Pouch in bottle, canteen, pitcher or crock.  Charge and Structure for 120 minutes.  Rinse, dry, and store or leave BioCera Water Pouch in crock, bottle or container for continuous treatment. Replace Pouch as necessary - lasts up to 6-8 months of use.  May not last as long if treating Reverse Osmosis or Distilled water.  Rinse periodically with Hydrogen Peroxide to extend life.

  • • Effective with Reverse Osmosis, Distilled, Bottled, Filtered or Tap water

    • Increases Oxygenation, restores pH and adds Minerals and Alkalinity to combat and flush acidic metabolites.

    • Reduces Free Radicals at the cellular level - Antioxidant Active Hydrogen Ions protect against degenerative conditions and boosts ability to fight disease

    • Promotes cellular cleansing and heightens metabolism

    ● Electrolytes and Ionized minerals are bio-available facilitating efficient nutrient and mineral absorption including Ca, K, Na, Mg

    ● Contains smaller water clusters (51.497Hz) to structure water, enhances hydration and bio-availability up to 3 times more efficiently than regular water

    ● BioCera Wellness Restorative Water improves taste - hydrates & absorbs better - lowers acid levels of any ingested foods or liquid with enhanced alkalinity and balanced pH

    ● Great For the Skin- Applying BioCera Wellness restorative water works like an astringent to tighten the skin and diminish wrinkles with NO chemical residue! It soothes and helps keep the skin clear of acne and other blemishes.

    ● Better for Plants- The water from the restorative BioCera Water Wand promotes excellent Plant, Herb, and Vegetable growth.

    ● Better for Pets - The BioCera Water has been shown to increase Dairy Cow Milk output, Chicken production, and generally assists all pets in living fuller healthier lives.


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