Wholistic Nutrition Consultation is an affordable, lifestyle enrichment program designed to reduce disease risk factors through the adoption of better health habits and appropriate lifestyle modifications. The goal is to lower blood cholesterol, hypertension, and blood sugar levels, reduce excess weight and reverse degenerative disease conditions. This is done by improving dietary choices, enhancing daily exercise, increasing support systems and decreasing stress, thus aiding in heath promotion and longevity potential.


1- Hour Biometric Assessment includes:

  • Lifestyle & Nutrition mini evaluation
  • Weight
  • Blood pressure
  • Waist Measurement
  • BMI
  • Resting Metabolism
  • Fat ratio
  • Physiological Age
  • Visceral Fat 



  • Glucose 
  • Total Cholesterol
  • Lipid Profile (LDL, HDL, VDL, TC)

Mini Biometric Assessment

  • Counselor will discuss with you prior to Biometric Assessment if you want to "bring your own blood test results" evaluation option. Please complete downloadable informed consent contract and provide your own Blood Test Results and bring with you to evaluation. 

    Appointment will be booked at your convenience at the Mojave Desert Nutrition Initiative Wellness Studio located in North Bullhead City, AZ

 Office:  928.758.7689

Fort Mojave, AZ 

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