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coNuts are the only laundry soap that grows on trees! Truly effective, 100% natural and safe for your most sensitive skin. Soap Nuts are the dried fruit of the Chinese Soapberry tree which contain saponin, a natural cleaner used for thousands of years. Simply put a few Soap Nuts into the included cotton sack and drop it in your laundry. Your clothes come out clean, vibrant, and soft. Replace your chemical detergents and softeners with the soap made from Nature by Nature. Your clothes, your skin, your family and your planet will thank you.


Soap Nuts are the dried fruit of the Chinese Soapberry Tree (Sapindus mukorrosi), related to the lychee and rambutan. Soap Nuts are harvested in Indian, Himalayan and Indonesian jungles where Soap Nut trees are holding forests and families together! The Soap Nuts fall to the ground where they are collected by local folks who have used them for centuries.

If you are familiar with Soap Nuts, our Eco Nuts™ have become a widely recognized brand name. Don’t settle for generic soap nuts. Eco Nuts™ are higher in quality and cleaning power because in addition to our proprietary sorting and handling process, we also only use a particular variety and size. We have found this quality control translates into more re-uses than many other generic soap nuts. Our proprietary sorting process also ensures a consistency in shape and texture that makes Eco Nuts™ pleasant and easy to use. Because we lovingly and carefully hand package in the USA, we can also eliminate individualized plastic wrapping otherwise required by customs.
College students, mothers, campers, techies, boarders, and eco-activists alike keep telling us that Eco Nuts™ work great! Try a sample size and you'll become an Eco-Nut too!


Soap Nuts work like a detergent. They contain saponin, an all-natural surfactant. Conventional detergents are manufactured, chemical surfactants. Surfactants work by breaking the surface tension of water so it can more easily penetrate into fabrics, effectively making water “wetter.” Once wet, the agitation of your washing machine (or your hands) shakes the dirt loose from your clothes. Then Soap Nuts’ saponin holds the dirt in suspension in the water -preventing it from re-depositing on your clothes- until you’ve rinsed it away.

EcoNuts Soap Nuts










    Liquid Multi-purpose Cleaner: 
    Use homemade SoapNuts liquid as a great concentrated cleaner for kitchen & bath, or as a healthy Bathing gel. Steep SoapNuts in water to make a saponin-rich liquid.  Keep liquid in a squeeze bottle at every sink or shower and in spray bottles for household cleaning. Keep refrigerated if you plan to store the homemade SoapNuts liquid longer than 3 weeks.

  • 360 loads - 16oz of huge reusable soap nuts with mini cotton sack


    Place several raw Soap Nuts into the included, reusable cotton sack. Tie it closed. Add the sack to your washing machine and follow clothing manufacturer instructions. Put the wet soapnut sack into the dryer to dry the nuts for next use and soften fabrics without dryer sheets.


    Use the satchel for boiling or steeping nuts for soap liquid. Use homemade SoapNuts liquid as a great concentrated cleaner for kitchen & bath or as a healthy bathing and treatment gel. Try the liquid as a sparkling jewelry cleaner to gently loosen debris. Wash plants and repel pesky aphids with homemade liquid. Recycle SoapNut shells to your garden compost!


    Warm/Hot Water :  Use two soap nuts per load. The nuts release all of their saponin in about one Hot wash. SoapNuts may be re-used once with Warm water wash  You’ll know the saponin in EcoNut Soap Nuts is used up when the nuts no longer feel squeaky clean or sudsy when you rub them.


    Cold Water:
    Use 4 Soap Nuts OR pre-soak 2 Soap Nuts in the cotton sack in hot water for a few minutes. Add the “tea” and sack to your cold wash load. May be re-used 3-4 times.


    Heavy Soils:  Pre-soak 4 Soap Nuts in the cotton sack in hot water for a few minutes. Add the “tea” and sack to your wash load. Add fewer clothes to your machine so the fabric has lots of room to agitate. Always separate your colors. 


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