The Pure~Charge Spa 20 minute hydro-therapeutic process can assist the body through water, by giving it a useable energy boost. Just like a car battery, when the charge runs down and your car won't start; you need a "jump-start". When we are low on energy the Pure~Charge Energetic Spa, offers you the possibility of a healthful yet detoxifying recharge.         Sit Back. Relax for 20 minutes. Enjoy!



  • No toxic metal alloy by-product residue -no staining
  • Clean, clear, “pure charge” for greater health benefits


Sometimes we never recover from ailments and injuries because our bodies just don’t have enough energy to heal themselves. This is an unfortunate result of the society and world in which we live. Environmental stresses like toxins, chemicals, heavy metals, radiation, pollution, synthetics, food processing & preservatives are surrounding and enveloping us, yet, no matter how many supplements we take or good foods we eat, it never seems to be enough.


As our “power levels” drop and fluctuate within the body, many of the functions and actions that occur within our cells will go into a dormant state or even completely shut down. As this occurs we often feel drained, lethargic and even sick. It may also be harder to heal or recover from injuries or illness. The logical conclusion is that we ourselves need a "detoxifying recharge" to survive the rigors of everyday toxemia.


The spa water actually interacts with the proprietary plasma field structure to produce the needed bio-charge. The process is non-toxic and will produce a clean, clear, bubbling pure charge with no friction or resistance.


The basic premise of the spa unit is to increase the charge on the plasma membrane surrounding the cell, reducing surplus hydrogen ions - restoring proper cell function and increasing the body's ability to start to process the toxins properly again. Toxins that have entered the cell during its poor health can now start to be purged or actively transported from the internal structure. Ideally, the liver and kidney may begin to remove more of the toxins reducing the load on the rest of the bodies systems. In effect the cell should be cleansed with the added benefit of the extra metabolic energy. These processes can only be possible with energy input to the cell from the water that the Pure~Charge Energetic Spa charges and makes available to the body.

Ionic Footbath Therapeutic Treatment

  • 20 minute appointments can be made in-home within 25 miles of CA-NV-AZ tristate, or at the Mojave Desert Nutrition Initiative Wellness Studio in Bullhead City, AZ.

  • For local clients only within 50 miles of Bullhead City, AZ

 Office:  928.758.7689

Fort Mojave, AZ 

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