Are you sick n' tired of being sick n' tired?

Are you ready to refrain from MEAT, FISH, DAIRY & EGGS, AND PROCESSED FOOD?


Lettuce help you facilitate a new path to optimum health.  DO A 21-DAY JUMPSTART!


21-day Guided program ~ 9 one hour personalized sessions to help you jumpstart your

way to a disease reversing WFPB Lifestyle.


Yes - if you stick to the program, you will not only have noticeable results in only 21 days, but there will be no going back to unhealthy 'bad' eating habits.


Includes a Mini Biometric Assessment for quantitative Before/After results.



Package will include:

• History and philosophy of Whole Food PlantBased Lifestyle

• Basics and guidelines of plant-based nutrition

• Plant-based nutrition for specific needs, illness, dietary restrictions, athletes, seniors

• The role of plant-based whole-foods in disease prevention and reversal

• Elements of whole-food plant-based cuisine, Educational Video Presentations

• Understanding emotional eating and food addiction

• Ayurvedic principles, raw food, juicing/smoothies, Lifestyle and detoxification strategies

• Rehab your favorite recipe within WFPB parameters

• Personalized WFPB recipes & meal-planning ideas and guidelines both

   online & in hard-copy

• Fundamentals of food preparation & shopping strategies

• Transition the whole family with kid-spouse friendly meals


Private Email/Skype "For Clients Only" access to review strategies, guidelines & techniques, recipe & meal planning files, shopping and food preparation tips, and other personalized counseling services and documentation.


  • Please Download Informed Consent Contract and email or bring with you to the first session.


    All four 1-hour sessions will take place at Mojave Desert Nutrition Initiative or via Skype.