The Lightning Air units recreate the same process as found in nature; to reduce odors and purify the air indoors. The LightningAir employs a unique cold-spark O3 generator to achieve this natural process - similar to lightning.

Needlepoint ionization maintains continuous ion expulsion   and resists black wall effect. Polarizing positive and negative ions create a natural outdoor energizing effect.  

Separate controls for ions & oxygen

No filters to purchase or replace - comes with optional Hepa

Easy to remove ozone plates for cleaning

Internal stainless steel construction


The 1C-3 generates ozone internally and disburses it into the desired area thereby ridding the area of odors at their source.  With the use of Activated oxygen, the LightningAir 1C-3 will oxidize odors and eliminate them.. This unit is powerful and designed for unoccupied spaces.


The LightningAir 1C-3 is a portable unit that can easily be moved from one problem area to another. The Unit can be used for up to one hour of timed cleaning. It also has a HOLD position for longer term use. The LightningAir Industrial model can be easily cleaned and maintained. It has large durable ceramic plates that are removed through slots in the back of the unit and can be washed easily with bleach. With the LightningAir 1C-3 you can now quickly and effectively win the war against odors and their causes. This can help make your job easier and more profitable.


Multiple Commercial Applications:

• Automobiles • Boats • Basements  • Limousines • Food Markets • Food Services •Airplanes • Office Buildings • Carpet Cleaning • Property Management • Motel/Hotels   •Recreational Vehicles • Restrooms • Walk-In Coolers • Warehouses • Rental Cars •Janitorial Services • Fitness Facilities • Vans/Buses • Remodeling• Cigarette Smoke • Mold & Mildew • Smoke Damage • Paint Fumes • Cooking Odors • Decaying Matter • Pet Odors •Carpet Odors • Water Damage • Cleaning Fumes • New Construction • Pesticides

LightningAIR Purifier - 3iC Ozonator

  • 120 volt, 60 hz, input

    40 watts power consumption

    12-15 kv ion generator power supply

    120 cfm, 12 volt DC variable speed fan



    Height: 12.5 in.     Width: 8.25 in.

    Depth: 9.1 in.        Weight: 16 lbs.


    Ozone Generation:

    Single Cold Plasma Dialectic Plate generation.

    Ozone output varies dramatically with level of humidity, temperature and other environmental factors. Output is regulated by a manual variable setting. Up to 360 mg/hr



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