The Lightning Air units recreate the same process as found in nature; to reduce odors and purify the air indoors. The LightningAir employs a unique cold-spark O3 generator to achieve this natural process - similar to lightning.

Needlepoint ionization maintains continuous ion expulsion   and resists black wall effect. Polarizing positive and negative ions create a natural outdoor energizing effect.  

Separate controls for ions & oxygen

No filters to purchase or replace - comes with optional Hepa

Easy to remove ozone plates for cleaning

Internal stainless steel construction


Enhanced Cabinet Quality:· Beautiful Solid 'Natural Kiln Dried' Wood· No toxic out-gassing· Resists absorbing moisture· Enhances electronics integrity· Maintains lifetime beauty· Durable for multiple portable tasks· Blends in and Enhances Interior Decor


Enhanced Cold Plasma Plate:· Electronically produces Natural Activated Oxygen.· Heavy duty ceramic and stainless steel construction.· Durable, washable· Easy slide in/slide out plate system.· Unique Dielectric propertiesNo filters or replacement parts are necessary - however if ozone plates are cracked or broken, replacement plates are available


Enhanced Negative Ionization: · Revolutionary Duel Wick Extended Life· Located in front of fan to increase ion output.· Maintains continuous needlepoint integrity for a life time of ---ion expulsion.· Resists black wall effect· A polarizing of positive and negative ions for a natural outdoor energizing effect.


Enhanced Energy Consumption:· ONLY 30 Watts of Electrical Consumption· Uses approximately a nickels worth of energy every 24 hourscompare to other filtration systems that use over $1.00 per day for one room.


Enhanced Internal Components:· 100% Stainless Steel· Lifetime trouble free service· Resists oxidizing of internal materials.· Maintains integrity of micro-electronic components


Enhanced Micro-Electronics:· Modular Plug in components· Fast diagnoses· Fast simple plug in replacement boards· Inexpensive repair· Less down time


Enhanced Bearings:· NEW Sealed Duel roller Ball Bearings· Whisper quiet Fan bearing· Sealed to resist dirt from entering bearings· Maintains cool operating for life time service


Enhanced Turbo Fan Blade:· Maximum Activated Oxygen and Ion disbursement.· 6 blade Turbo fan design for ultimate air distribution.· Maximum horizontal and vertical air flow.



LightningAIR Purifiers

  • 120 volt, 60 hz, input

    40 watts power consumption

    12-15 kv ion generator power supply

    120 cfm, 12 volt DC variable speed fan



    Height: 12.5 in.     Width: 8.25 in.

    Depth: 9.1 in.        Weight: 16 lbs.


    Ozone Generation:

    Single Cold Plasma Dialectic Plate generation.

    Ozone output varies dramatically with level of humidity, temperature and other environmental factors. Output is regulated by a manual variable setting. Up to 360 mg/hr


    Ion output: 11.3 Trillion ions per second

    Dual ion emitters

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