•    No Salt or Chemicals
•    Maintenance Free
•    Easy Installation
•    Energy Savings
•    Removes Hard Water Scale
•    Use Less Soap
•    Supple, Soft Feeling Hair & Skin
•    Economical & Long Lasting
•    Softer Feeling Water
•    Home or Commercial applications


"NEO PLUS"  N42 Grade Neodymium Magnets Are 13,200 Gauss!


~ No electricity, chemicals or salt ~ removes years of scale buildup in your pipes and hot water tank ~ saves you maintenance time and money ~ healthy for humans, pets, and plants ~


NEOPLUS  Magnetic water conditioning units are not new to the United States.  Magnetically treated water has been studied in-depth and customarily used in European countries, Asia, and the old Soviet Union. Only in the past 10 years has it become wide spread here in the United States. Some decades ago, Russian scientists faced a major industrial problem. When water flows through pipelines of a boiler or engine machinery, some deposits from the water cling to the walls of the pipes. Over time, the lumen becomes narrower and the delivery of water to the machinery is reduced. The efficiency, fuel consumption and mechanical strength of the machine is therefore reduced. While researching on this problem, scientists noticed that such undesirable deposits did not occur in those pipes with water that was magnetized. This started the magnetization of water for industrial use in countries where water source is less than desirable

Water that contains calcium, magnesium, lime scale, iron bacteria, and other minerals cause your home’s plumbing system to become full of lime or calcium deposits, generally known as "hard water". Without treatment, they are attracted to and stick to pipe walls, hot water tank elements, faucets, and tea pots, to name a few, and form scale buildup. These deposits wear out your hot water heater, restrict the water flow through smaller diameter pipes as the deposits build, cause water spotting on appliances and dishes, reduce the life of your appliances (dishwasher, washing machine, toilet’s internal workings, etc.), and require more use of electricity to heat your hot water.



What You Should Expect

Your water should taste better and feel smoother in the first day or two. The more water you use, the more you will notice the effects of the magnetic treatment. But, it won’t feel like salt softened water and it will taste better. Magnetized water will reduce the negative effects of hard water and increase the pH and Alkalinity, as well as reducing or eliminating Chlorine and free Chlorine. In a few days, your skin should feel better and your hair should be more manageable.  

We have used many of the water magnet brands in the marketplace, including the most expensive, however, BlueGoose Downstream NEO Water Magnets - recently upgraded and redesigned it's line of magnetic water conditioning units to strictly  N42 Grade Neodymium Magnets equaling 13,200 Gauss.   NEO PLUS and NEO MAX water magnets are easy to install with no tools required.  Sets include 3 "NEO" magnets - one for the water supply coming in to the house before your water tank, one unit 1-2 feet along the pipe (depends on bends, and turns in the pipe and accessibility) and one on the hot water pipe coming out of the hot water tank.  If you have an ice maker, or commercial grade coffee maker - the MINI NEO works excellent on small pipes or in tight places.  Any 'NEO Magnet' may be used on tank-less water heaters, in apartments, or RVs.  Consider a set of 'NEO MAX' commercial grade magnets for industrial or large pipe applications, like ponds, water features or irrigation.  Any 'Neo Magnet' can be mixed and matched or used individually for custom applications.