Save a few bucks and pre-purchase Three informal 1-1/2 hour Wholistic Nutrition Consultations that will include the following personalized services:

• Review extensive Medical History Questionnaire and Hard-copy Therapeutic Nutritional

• History and philosophy of Whole Food PlantBased Lifestyle 
• Basics and guidelines of plant-based nutrition
• Plant-based nutrition for specific needs, illness, dietary restrictions, athletes, seniors
• The role of  plant-based whole-foods in disease prevention and reversal
• Personalized elements of whole-food plant-based cuisine and personalized educational

    Video Presentations
• Understanding emotional eating and food addiction discussion
• Ayurvedic principles, raw food, juicing/smoothies, Lifestyle and detoxification strategies
• Rehab your favorite recipe within WFPB parameters 
• Personalized WFPB recipes & meal-planning ideas and guidelines both online and in

• Fundamentals of food preparation & shopping strategies
• Transition the whole family with kid/spouse friendly meals


OPTIONAL:  Mini Biometric Lifestyle Evaluation


Private Email/Skype "For Clients Only" access to review strategies, guidelines &

techniques, recipe & meal planning files, shopping and food preparation tips, and other

personalized counseling services and documentation.

Nutrition Consultation Package Three 1-1/2 hour Sessions

  • Downloadable .pdf file for informed consent and therapeutic questionnaire.  Complete and email or bring with you to consultation.

 Office:  928.758.7689

Fort Mojave, AZ 

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