Are you sick n' tired of being sick n' tired?

Don't know where to start?  Not sure how to go about it?  Can't decide if you are ready to refrain from MEAT, FISH, DAIRY & EGGS, AND PROCESSED FOOD? 

Can't go it alone....need a little prodding?



Lettuce help you facilitate a new path to optimum health. 


5-hours at your house Guided Intervention  ~  Clean out your pantry & Clean up your

health.  Forced encouragement to a disease reversing WFPB Lifestyle.


If all you have to eat are healthy plantbased alternatives --- then that is all you will eat.


Includes both pantry and fridge. Includes travel fee to your house within 50 miles of

Bullhead City, AZ.  Longer distance will require additional travel fee.  



Package will include:

• History and philosophy of Whole Food PlantBased Lifestyle

• Basics and guidelines of plant-based nutrition

• Plant-based nutrition for specific needs, illness, dietary restrictions, athletes, seniors

• The role of plant-based whole-foods in disease prevention and reversal

• Elements of whole-food plant-based cuisine,

• Educational label reading, nutrition facts

• Understanding emotional eating and food addiction

•  Lifestyle and detoxification strategies

• Rehab your favorite recipe within WFPB parameters

• Personalized WFPB recipes & meal-planning ideas and guidelines both

   online & in hard-copy

• Fundamentals of food preparation & shopping strategies

• Transition the whole family with kid-spouse friendly meals


Private Email/Skype "For Clients Only" access to review strategies, guidelines & techniques, recipe & meal planning files, shopping and food preparation tips, and other personalized counseling services and documentation.


  • Please Download Informed Consent Contract and email or bring with you to the first session.


    All four 1-hour sessions will take place at Mojave Desert Nutrition Initiative or via Skype.