PlantBased WholeFoods Nutrition Classes.  1-1/2 hour Drop-in Nutrition Seminar drop-in once per week, or once per month at your convenience.

Includes: personalized services, Classes on Plantbased WholeFoods Nutrition for Diabetes, Heart Disease, Cancer, Degenerative Diseases, Auto-Immune
Dysfunction, Weightloss, etc.... Mini-Biometric Evaluation, Booklet, Recipes, 

Cooking & Tasting Demonstrations,  extracurricular bonus activities (support

group, potluck social, Shopping Tour). 


Eight class series with interactive audio/visual presentations,

classroom discussion. 


• History and philosophy of Whole Food PlantBased Nutrition 
• Basics and guidelines of plant-based nutrition for diabetes, heart disease,

cancer, degenerative disease, auto-immune dysfunction, weightloss.
• Plant-based nutrition for specific needs, illness, dietary restrictions, athletes,

seniors, families, children.
• The role of  plant-based whole-food nutrition in disease prevention and reversal
• Elements of whole-food plant-based cuisine, recipes, food prep
• Understanding emotional eating and food addiction
• Ayurvedic principles, raw food, juicing/smoothies, Lifestyle and detoxification

strategies to combat disease with food.
• Rehab your favorite recipe within WFPB parameters 
• Personalized WFPB recipes & online meal-planning ideas and guidelines
• Fundamentals of food preparation & shopping strategies
• Transition the whole family with kid-spouse friendly meals

PlantBased Nutrition Class

  • Ongoing drop-in classes available weekdays - early evening from 6 pm to 7:30 pm  

    All classes & seminars take place at Mojave Desert Nutrition Initiative Wellness Studio in Bullhead City, AZ

    Please print out, review, sign and bring your Informed Decision Consultation Agreement.  First class attendance is accompanied with a Mini-Biometric Evaluation.



 Office:  928.758.7689

Fort Mojave, AZ 

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