Choose ReboundAIR™ - for the original "Al Carter" innovative patented Safety Hinge design, the Soft Bounce & Quiet Bounce technology, the 28 years of fine tuning research & development, the rigorous 'gorilla' testing and patented workmanship, and the ALL Component Lifetime Warranty, that bounces ReboundAIR™ to the top.  


ReboundAIR is THE Gold Standard in Patented Designs and Workmanship.


When Considering a Rebounder Mini Trampoline, The Difference IS in the Details!

ReboundAIR™ has developed the BEST springs on the planet with larger, longer and stronger springs than competitor brands .  They feature the highest caliber, safe, durable, Soft-Bounce springs available, to provide the perfect balance between the mat firmness, with just the right amount of jump response and joint-friendly soft-bounce resilience. ReboundAIR™ is aggressively tested at 300 lb user weight with a lifetime warranty that covers all users up to 400 lb.

Our wide-belly, 3 tier-tapered shaped springs creates an ideal bounce which promotes body alignment and prevents ankle pronation.  At the bottom of the bounce, when G-Force resistance is greatest, other brands crumble, but the ReboundAIR™ is 'gorilla' tested for integrity and strength with improved materials,  design and manufacturing technology producing equipment  of virtual indestructibility. Competitor brands 'cave-in' or 'bottom out' under our rigorous testing regiment. 

The Permatron™ mat, has double-sided, reinforced circumference bands and meticulous stitching and workmanship with new, safer spring-to-mat connection -  "Little feet and big toe friendly"  - with your safety in mind.   Built to last decades of regular use. There is no need for a spring cover! The high caliber, wide belly springs are protected and integrated in the frame itself!

The most innovative, safe, durable, PATENTED hinges on the planet, Rounded and internally bolted to prevent spring cover tears that are so common with other brands. Read more about our revolutionary hinge design.  Today, we confidently offer the "best built, most innovative rebounder on the planet"... that’s because the ReboundAIR™ passes all equipment gorilla tests. 


Designed with the best materials available at the highest level of workmanship, according to our strict manufacturing specifications and “stress-load” test procedures. Built for decades of regular use. The mat, springs, frame, legs, spring bolts and studs are covered under our famous lifetime warranty. Our All-Component Lifetime Warranty and Free Wear and Tear Replacement is included. No assembly required. A helpful owner’s manual is also included.


You owe it to yourself. You will thank us later. 

Today is the best time to invest in your health.

ReboundAIR Standard Bounder