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A scientific instrument called a Mass Spectrometer can detect the chemical elements in any substance. In a double blind test conducted at Virginia Tech University, the Mass Spectrometer found that liquids treated by the Tri-Vortex Charger had a 140% increase in the chemical element of oxygen. The researcher was so amazed he ran three additional double blind tests and each test had the same fantastic yet true result.


After any substances or objects such as wood, metal, plastic, crystal, glass, paper, cloth, etc...are placed which creates a proprietary, flowing natural field of energy for 72 hours, the substances or objects dramatically improve the quality and taste of any liquid. Basically, the Tri-Vortex Charger lowers the surface tension of any liquid in three (3) seconds.


The Charger plate or disc works especially well located directly in bathwater, hot tubs and swimming pools to reduce or eliminate the need for Chlorine, Bromine and other chemical sanitizers. Use the Charger to eliminate the need for laundry detergent.


The Tri-Vortex Charger also changes the molecular structure, taste and smell of solids such as bad cheese, old poultry, smelly fish and tart smelling glues and silicones. 


The Tri-Vortex Charger promotes the immediate and thorough absorption of all nutrients in the digestive system. Just place the Charger under, near, touching or pointing at any item of drinking liquid, physical form or foodstuff, immediately lower the surface tension. 


Try TriVortex for pain relief!  


Lowers Surface Tension 

Reduces Pain

The most neglected area related to human nutrition and health involves surface tension; the ability of a liquid to adhere to itself. A raindrop from a cloud spreads out yet stays together when falling on the hood of a car. Water pouring from a garden hose forms small beads when on a hood of a car. Water from a cloud or stream or other natural source is more desirable because water from hoses or pipes creates molecular chaos and improper surface tension,  causing the water to "die" - stripped of all nurturing and natural electrical elements.


The surface tension of any liquid can be tested on a scientific instrument called a Tensiometer. The tensiometer measures in what is known as dynes per centimeter. Liquids with a high surface tension have molecular chaos and low absorption ability. Water from the garden hose or faucet has a high surface tension of 76 dynes per centimeter. Liquids with a low surface tension have molecular order and a high absorption ability. Fresh pressed carrot juice has a low surface tension of 40 dynes but degenerates to molecular chaos in two hours and then converts to a high surface tension of 76 dynes. This shows the need to reactivate all foods with the Charger. Laundry detergent lowers the surface tension of tap water to 40 dynes in 10 to 40 seconds, which is how we make our clothes clean; by lowering the surface tension of the water. 

Surface tension in the liquids of the human digestive system ( stomach and intestines ) range from 45 to 60 dynes. Each time humans drink water with a high surface tension they are diluting the necessary digestive juices with a low surface tension. When humans drink liquids with surface tensions below 60 dynes they are nurturing their bodies with liquids that assist digestion and absorption. Liquids exposed for 3 seconds to the Tri-Vortex Charger were tested by James Aker Ph.D. with a state-of-the-art digital computer controlled tensiometer (not manual). The tests proved the surface tension of any liquid treated by the Charger is lowered to a true level of 44.8 dynes per centimeter in 3 seconds.


Increase your nutrient absorption

All liquids in the human body have a specific organized or coherent structure. The saliva in the mouth is very coherent and organized because the saliva is the first step of absorption and digestion of liquids and solids into the human body. Most liquids and solid foods have a chaotic or disorganized structure when compared to the saliva and other liquids in the human body.

When a foreign liquid or solid with chaotic structure is exposed to the highly structured saliva and cells of the mouth, the smell and taste buds are stimulated to send messages to the brain. These messages state that the liquids or solids have an acerbic, or tart, residual smell, or taste. When the brain receives the message "acerbic" or "tart", the cells throughout the digestive system go into action in an attempt to create structure in the newly entered liquids or solids that have chaos at the molecular level.


If the newly entered liquids or solids are not structured, any human cells will not absorb the fluids or solids. The unstructured liquids or solids are sloughed off and eliminated through the kidneys or intestine or negatively stored in the body with no benefit to the individual. After the age of 30, the human body’s ability to structure foreign liquids and solids so minimum absorption or digestion can take place, diminishes dramatically. Countless diseases and negative health conditions are primarily due to individuals being chronically dehydrated and/or not absorbing critical nutrients because the liquids they drink and the solids they eat are extremely chaotic at the molecular level  - they are not being adequately assimilated by the body due to this chaos.


A smooth smell or taste of a liquid or solid indicates the liquid or solid has a similar molecular structure to the human body. A newly crushed wine has a bitter after bite but allowing the wine to age in wood, creates coherent molecular structure thus the wine has a smoother and silkier smell and taste. This process is similar to the Tri-Vortex treatment - the process structures the chaos  making nutrients more absorbable and assimilation takes place without stress and  with long term health benefits.


TriVortex Charger - Disc

  • 3" diameter Stainless Steel Disc

    3mm thin



  • Just place the Disc Charger under, near, touching or pointing at any item of drinking liquid, physical form or foodstuff, immediately charge, structure and lower the surface tension. 


    Place on the body to reduce pain & inflammation. 


    Radiates within 10 feet.


    The Tri-Vortex Charger promotes the immediate and thorough absorption of all nutrients in the digestive system and lowers the surface tension to 38 dynes.  These processes encourage long-term health benefits.


    Clean with microfiber.  Long-lasting.

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