● remarkably improved deeper sleep - promotes Delta rhythm
● improved longevity  ● improved immune function
● improved  physiological, neurological, psychological well being & repair
● improved daytime focus and executive performance ● heightened strength & stamina / short term injury recovery
● improved flexibility ●  accelerated aerobic performance ● improved hand/eye motor coordination & synchronization
● improved bone density ● reduced joint inflammation ● improved blood oxygen levels & ATP 
● results in easier breathing at rest & under load
● reduced production and accumulation of free radicals  ●  GeoMagnetic Supplementation & EMF Protection

EarthPulse Sleep- on-Command™ by Magnetic Therapy, Ltd has proven itself to be the most effective natural sleep remedy in the world with over a 95% success rate. Protect you and your loved ones from harmful ElectroMagnetic Frequencies (EMFs) emanating from power, telecommunications radio frequency (RF), EMF's and ELF's  during sleep and daily throughout any 'wired' space.

For decades we have slept poorly due to electric fields in the bedroom. However, since the proliferation of wireless telecommunication in mid 1990's, the human genome has reached its tipping point.


Sleep is failing in all age categories world-wide.  These high frequency magnetic fields are cumulatively stressing the mind, body and spirit, breaking us down and making it nearly impossible to sleep well (or repair fully) at night.  During the last 15 years the average person sleeps soundly 2 hours less per night or worse.

Lack of sleep slowly kills the body with impact on immune function, mental performance, psychological well-being, heart health, stamina, longevity and obesity, among other chronic conditions.

Schumann Waves are naturally and artificially created, however humans and animals no longer receive their complete benefit due to massive interference. Since man's artificial electrification of our planet, our atmosphere is not only filled with natural Schumann Waves radiation, but also with unnatural radiation such as electromagnetic pollution telecommunications radio frequency (RF), EMF's or ELF's 


Often, these are the same frequencies intended by nature to promote relaxation and deep sleep; but have unfortunately become background noise in the man-made electromagnetic spectrum.  EarthPulse Sleep- on-Command™ combats harmful electromagnetic radiation (EMR / electrosmog / electropollution) that modern society and cellular telecommunications throws at us.

Further, we don't sleep close to, or in contact with the ground anymore. We live in concrete and steel structures surrounded by  chaotic EMF in most cases several feet (or more) above the ground. We have lost "touch" with the beneficial effects of the most important natural electromagnetic field, that which comes from Mother Earth's core.  


It has been known or rumored for decades that we sleep better camping than we do in our own beds.  The simple reason for this being you are sleeping off the grid, outside the Matrix, sleeping in touch with the ground,... in "touch" with mother Earth's resonating 9.7 Hz Ultra-low frequency (ULF) magnetic field. Not necessarily 'grounded' as Earthing/Grounding systems will have you believe; but lying close to the ground where you are exposed to these naturally pulsating geomagnetic signals emitted by Earth's core.


These are not Schumann waves circulating in the ionosphere but pulsating for eon's within the earth's surface at one particular frequency triggering our sleep and repair when ever we came in contact with it. Why does it feel so calming to lay on the grass in the park or run barefoot in the sand at the beach?  Schumann waves run parallel to the horizon, the Earth's resonant pulse runs perpendicular to the Earth's surface. This resonance is addressed by Geomagnetic Field Supplementation via PEMF with EarthPulse




EarthPulse Sleep- on-Command™ borrows it's pulsed magnetic field application and output parameters from EarthPulse Tech™ which has helped thousands of people Sleep Their Way to Better Health. 


  • Static magnetic sleep products or daytime only use of PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic field) therapy devices can't EVER hope to achieve the types of results our clients routinely experience from regular nighttime and daytime use.  Other types of electromagnetic systems use wave-forms, frequencies (or both) that are simply incorrect for sleep, and their application strategy of 12 minutes once or twice a day are neither convenient nor nearly as effective, nor are multiple field-emanation-point electromagnet mats, where field intersections and hot spots are inevitable.


Compared to the simple radiating field from one single field emanation point as with the pulsed Sleep-on-Command Modular-Electromagnet, sleep has obvious benefits that simply can not be achieved during short daytime sessions. Neither can they be achieved with sleep herbs, sleep-meds, meditation techniques, biofeedback, white noise or pulsating light machines. EarthPulse Sleep- on-Command™ makes ALL these techniques and devices completely obsolete with no effort whatsoever.

Benefits to a healthy, deep sleep include far more energy, clearer thought processes and more strength & stamina. When sleep is deeper it becomes more reparative. We all need nightly repair, or our body breaks down and ages prematurely.

Sleep on Command™ is a PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic field) Therapeutic Device and "supplements" your sleep environment with magnetic fields normally present in the natural geomagnetic range (1/2 Hz to 14.9 Hz).  It begins a program in low-Alpha-Rhythm and sequentially steps down to ultra-low frequency (ULF) range that respectively correspond to Delta-rhythm brain-waves, then stair-steps back up to Alpha/Beta range to aid in waking & recovery. 

Once you place the hockey-puck sized magnetic inductor under your mattress  you turn it on, set the timer and press start. Simple!. Your brain "locks-on" or entrains to the signals and before you know it, you're sleeping deeper than ever.  Because of its digital programming it even assists you to wake in the morning by tuning brain toward an alert state during last 30 minutes of program.


Feel the power!  


Take the CROSS - POLARIZING RING and hold the edge of the ring 1/4 inch over the  SOLID CORE SCREW in the center of the magnet.  You will feel the RING pull in time with the blinking red-diode.  


EarthPulse Sleep on Command™ is small and portable and used primarily under the mattress. In night-time Sleep mode, it is very effective at 'tuning' consciousness (of up to two people) toward deeper and more recuperative sleep with absolutely no impact on a busy daytime schedule.  Use daily under chair cushions, desks or on shelves during any Entrain, Alert or Recover mode. Small enough to fit in a briefcase or purse, can be used during lunchtime for a power-nap with no residual grogginess.

When traveling time zones EarthPulse™ helps balance circadian rhythm while eliminating Jet-Lag and fatigue.


Those seeking improved sleep can switch on the Sleep on Command™ device, choose from 10 settings designed to enforce Delta rhythm sleep and the recovery that best occurs during deep, slow-wave, Delta-stage sleep. The 10-mode options allow you to cycle through all four hertz levels dependent on need.  


Overall, less sick days, improved productivity and reduced intake of dietary supplements is purported by many clients.  


Used by many Professional Athletes for Superior Athletic Performance Enhancement; as a primary sleep-mode, or entrainment sessions prior to competition for maximum recovery, repair, breathing, wind-under-load, strength, stamina and anti-aging.