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 Lumen Scale & Mineral Buildup                          No Scale with NEOMagnetic Water

Condition & Structure Water throughout your WHOLE house with NEO Magnetics!



 ~ No electricity, chemicals or salt ~ removes years of scale buildup in your pipes and hot water tank ~ saves you maintenance time and money ~ healthy for humans, pets, and plants ~


NEOMAX Magnetic Water Conditioning units are not new to the United States.  Magnetically treated water has been studied in-depth and customarily used in European countries, Asia, and the old Soviet Union. Only in the past 10 years has it become wide spread here in the United States. Some decades ago, Russian scientists faced a major industrial problem. When water flows through pipelines of a boiler or engine machinery, some deposits from the water cling to the walls of the pipes. Over time, the lumen becomes narrower and the delivery of water to the machinery is reduced. The efficiency, fuel consumption and mechanical strength of the machine is therefore reduced. While researching on this problem, scientists noticed that such undesirable deposits did not occur in those pipes with water that was magnetized. This started the magnetization of water for industrial use in countries where water source is less than desirable














Water that contains calcium, magnesium, lime scale, iron bacteria, and other minerals cause your home’s plumbing system to become full of lime or calcium deposits, generally known as "hard water". Without treatment, they are attracted to and stick to pipe walls, hot water tank elements, faucets, and tea pots, to name a few, and form scale buildup. These deposits wear out your hot water heater, restrict the water flow through smaller diameter pipes as the deposits build, cause water spotting on appliances and dishes, reduce the life of your appliances (dishwasher, washing machine, toilet’s internal workings, etc.), and require more use of electricity to heat your hot water.

After successful industrial use, Scientists became highly interested in studying magnetism and the continued benefits for human consumption. Water is a transparent fluid that has no color, odor, shape or taste of its own. It takes the shape of its container and the color, odor and taste of other things mixed with it. It is a near-universal solvent. It has the property of being able to assimilate the properties of other things. Researchers found when a permanent magnet is kept in contact with water for a considerable time; the water gets magnetically charged and acquires magnetic properties. Such magnetized water has its effect on the human body, as well as plants and animals, when taken internally and regularly for a considerable period.

•             No Salt or Chemicals

•             Maintenance Free

•             Easy Installation

•             Energy Savings

•             Removes Hard Water Scale

•             Use Less Soap

•             Supple, Soft Feeling Hair & Skin

•             Economical & Long Lasting

•             Softer Feeling Water

•             Home or Commercial applications

  NEO MAX  n42  

 Neodymium Magnets Are 13,200 Gauss!

 NEO MAX water magnets are easy to install with no tools required.  Any 'NEO Magnet' may be used on tank-less water heaters, in apartments, or RVs.  Consider a set of 'NEO MAX' commercial grade magnets for industrial or large pipe applications, like ponds, water features or irrigation.










The NEO MAX magnets can treat up to 60 grains of hardness.

Any 'Neo Magnet' can be mixed and matched or used individually for custom applications.  If you have an ice maker, or commercial grade coffee maker - the MINI NEO works excellent on small pipes or in tight places.



Sets include 3 "NEO" magnets - one for the water supply coming in to the house before your water tank, one unit 1-2 feet along the pipe (depends on bends, and turns in the pipe and accessibility) and one on the hot water pipe coming out of the hot water tank.








                             Magnetized, Conditioned NEO water will reduce the negative effects

                   of hard water and increase the pH and Alkalinity, as well as reducing or eliminating Chlorine

                                                                      and free Chlorine. In a few days, your skin should feel better

                                                                                                         and your hair should be more manageable. 


The way in which the system works is by cleaning up your water, structuring it, clustering it, improving pH and Total

Alkalinity while eliminating chlorine and improving taste and feel.  NEO Conditioning Magnets water system is able to greatly

reduce acids while increasing oxygenation and therefore, improve digestion and give much better tasting water. 

Taste is improved which allows you to drink and cook with better water. 

Magnetized water is absorbed through the skin during bathing encouraging cellular regeneration,

aiding skin conditions and improving the texture of hair.  




















Technically, magnetism works because it increases the speed of sedimentation of suspended particles in water (and other liquids) and enhances conductivity as well as the process of ionization or dissociation of atoms and molecules into electrically charged particles. (New Scientist, June 1992.) This effect will last for approximately 48 hours before beginning to return to the sticking state. In most homes, this is more than enough time for water to travel from where it enters the home to where it goes down the drain.  When these elements pass through a focused flux field produced by very powerful magnets, they become suspended in the water and loose their ability to stick to things. 

Water hardness can swing up to 5 grains of hardness throughout the year dependent on water quality and municipal or well sources. The NEO PLUS units can treat up to 20 grains of hardness fluctuations and the NEO MAX magnets can treat up to 60 grains of hardness. The NEO MAX units are geared for commercial or industrial application but could also be used on farms, custom homes with large pipes or hard water standard home applications.  Consider the quality of your water to help with your choice.    Not only does magnetic water conditioning reduce future scale buildup, but in a few months it removes  years of existing scale from the inside of your appliances, fixtures and pipes! You and your plants (watch your plants grow) will be the beneficiary of the  molecular structure and the natural calcium you will be receiving instead of building up on your pipes and appliances.

*Neo-Plus has been discontinued ~~ Neo-Max replaces Neo-Plus with even more power

          How Hard is My Hard Water?        

       Water Hardness                                     Grains Per Gallon                                         PPM or MG/L


Soft Water                                                             Below 1.0                                                      Below 17.1       

Slightly Hard                                                          1.0 to 3.5                                                          17.1 to 60       

Moderately Hard                                                  3.5 to 7.5                                                            61 to 120      

Hard Water                                                            7.5 to 10.5                                                        121 to 180      

Very Hard Water                                                    10.5 to 20                                                          180 to 340     

Extremely Hard Water                                          20 and Over                                                  340 and Over   

Water hardness is measured in parts per million (PPM), milligrams per liter (MG/L), or grains per gallon (GPG) . To convert PPM or  MG/L to grains per gallon, devide PPM or MG/L by 17.1. One PPM = 1 MG/L. The chart above shows ranges of hard water according to the US Department of Interior. Have your well water tested or contact your municipal water utility to find out how hard your water is.

                                                                                NEO PLUS Water - 340 ppm                                      Bottled Water- 250 ppm


     TOTAL HARDNESS as CaC03 ppm                                   325                                                                                 250


     TOTAL CHLORINE ppm                                                         0                                                                                   1


     FREE CHLORINE  ppm                                                           0                                                                                   0.5


     pH                                                                                           8.4                                                                                   6.0


     TOTAL ALKALINITY                                                            200                                                                                     0

                             NEO PLUS  Magnetized Municipal Water vs. Bottle Water                  

What to Expect from NEO Magnets.

As the tap water is pulled through the magnetic field, the molecular structure of the water is changed and structured without chemicals or electricity.  Many natural minerals come from the earth and flow through our water systems. Some of them cause plumbing problems while others cause you not to use or drink the water.


Iron bacteria, mold, and mildew may also be helped by magnetic water softeners. If you have difficulty with the discoloration or staining caused by iron bacteria, treatment causes the iron or manganese to no longer attach to the lime/calcium buildup on your fixtures however, we recommend that you continue to treat your water system with filtration devices for the elimination of these heavy metals, as a positive measure to ensure clean, healthy drinking water for your household. For the treatment of your fixtures, tubs, sinks, toilets, etc., you should notice reduced staining in several weeks and a possible clearing over time.


Magnetic water conditioning units will not give you the same effect as traditional salt/resin soft water units. Salt/resin water units do in fact create what is called "soft water". Magnetic water conditioning units will change the molecular structure of the water as it passes through the magnetic field. As the water passes through the magnetic field, it is treated and the lime/calcium no longer attaches to the walls of your pipes and it moves freely in the water and down the drain back into the earth. This structured water will also benefit bodily functions when consumed regularly.

Your water should taste better and feel smoother in the first day or two. The more water you use, the more you will notice the effects of the magnetic treatment. But, it won’t feel like salt softened water and it will taste better. Magnetized water will reduce the negative effects of hard water and increase the pH and Alkalinity, as well as reducing or eliminating Chlorine and free Chlorine. In a few days, your skin should feel better and your hair should be more manageable.  

When the magnetic water conditioners have been installed for a week or more, the hard water scale will soften and begin to come out the faucets. After cleaning a sink, bath tub, or shower you should find that they will not only be easier to clean the next time, but they should not require cleaning as often. You may have tiny pieces begin to gather in the faucet aerators. Simply remove the aerator and flush backwards with water.


Showerheads should slowly begin to have increased flow if they had calcium buildup.

Note: In some cases the scale will come back after the first cleaning, due to calcium scale being removed from your pipes. After that, the softened buildup will remove much easier. 


Removing years of scale from your pipes and hot water tank will take longer.

To be able to get the full benefit of the units, please allow the magnets to work for at least 90 days. 



NEO Magnets are easy to install and don't require any tools.  They are extremely powerful magnets and will cause pinching.  Those who are equipped with pacemakers, or metal fittings, please get assistance installing the units. 



not an anchor
Magnetic Hydrotherapy enhances our health in many ways.



First, magnetized water increases the alkalinity of water. An alkaline pH balances the biological terrain which is especially important, as our body is bathed in a pro-cancer acid environment due to modern day diet and pollution. Magnetized water also leads to a reduction in the cluster size of water molecules, leading to better absorption of water into the cell.


Additionally, the ionizing magnetic field increases oxygenation between molecules, slowing the bacteria while improving the quality and taste of the water. Magnetized water causes the hydrogen-oxygen bond angle within the water molecule to be reduced from 104 to 103 degrees. This in turn causes the water molecule to cluster together in groups of 6-7 rather than 10-12. The smaller cluster leads to better absorption of water across cell walls.

Based on Nature's law most Magnets have two poles, North and South.  Every cell in the human body can be viewed as a small magnetic unit. This property is present in all organs. Each cell produces its own magnetic field. Any disturbance in this magnetic field indicates a disorder. This equilibrium can be restored with the help of magnets, according to many researchers.


Water that comes from wells, lakes, or running streams is naturally charged as it flows through the earth’s magnetic field. During the water treatment and transportation phase, this water passes underneath the ground through metallic pipes where the charge dissipates. Therefore, when water is treated with magnetic fields, the natural energy and balance are restored providing greater overall health.

Structured water products, including 'NEOPLUS' Water Conditioning Magnets, can provide a great benefit to your overall health. Most of our water devices and specifically magnet technologies will offer the benefit of water clustering in which eight or more molecules will be included in each glass of water. As water passes through the magnetic field, the hydrogen ion and any minerals dissolved in the water become charged, which creates a temporary separation of the minerals from the molecular water clusters. The result is improved taste among other benefits.

Some researchers pointed out the apparent difference between water exposed to the north versus the south pole. It is believed that water magnetized by the North Pole stops the growth of bacteria and works as an antibiotic. Water magnetized by the South Pole takes care of pain, swelling and weakness. Water magnetized by both North and South Poles enhances overall general health. 'NEOPLUS' magnets have both North and South polarity.

Physics shows that chemicals change weight under the influence of magnetic fields; so does water.


More hydroxyl (OH-) ions are created to form calcium bicarbonate and other alkaline molecules. It is these molecules that help reduce acidity.


Normal tap water has a pH level of about 7, whereas magnetized water can reach 7.8 pH after exposure to a 7000 gauss strength magnet for a long period of time. 


Cancer cells do not survive well in an alkaline environment.

In recent decades, there has been a resurgence in the use of magnetic properties in healing of a variety of ailments, primarily in pain control of chronic degenerative diseases such as arthritis.  In his book, Miracles of Water, Dr.  Batmanghelidjr elaborates on how structured, conditioned water is especially beneficial in treating digestive, blood disease, nervous, urinary disorders, and chronic ailments .   Structured or magnetized water helps to improve absorption of minerals and vitamins, which improves the removal of unhealthy toxins. In addition, structured water also provides anti-oxidant protection for your body. 

Ancient people have used magnetized water without understanding its mechanism of action. Streams flowing over natural magnets in the shape of stones and boulders became magnetized and their water, when consumed by the people of that age, provided miraculous cures and energy. In India, the use of magnets in healing (called Indian Magnetotherapy) is an ancient therapy. Thousands of years ago, literature had described the use of magnets for a variety of ailments.  The reported health benefits of magnetized water are many, including: 

Acidity and Other Digestive Disorders: Magnetized water reduces excess acidity and bile in the digestive system. It helps to regulate the movement of the bowels expelling all accumulations of poisonous matter. 

Kidney Stones: The use of magnetic water in urinary and kidney disorders has been documented. In scientific studies, magnetic water has been prescribed to persons suffering from renal calculus. An adult suffering from renal stone is advised to drink one-liter of magnetic water per day, while in case of child it is 500ml per day. Results have been very encouraging. 

Low Blood Pressure and Nervous System: Magnetized water is also very beneficial for nervous disorders and treatment of blood pressure, especially low blood pressure. It gives a soothing and slightly sedative effect to the nerves, aids in clearing clogged arteries, and normalizes the circulatory system.

Asthma/Bronchitis: Magnetized water is effective in the treatment of asthma, bronchitis, colds, coughs and certain types of fevers. 

Healing of Wounds: Magnetized water has been used as an external aid for washing swollen and sore eyes, wounds, eczema spots, etc. for quicker healing. In all types of eye infections, magnetized water has healing and anti-biotic type properties.


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