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When you consume a variety of plants - the whole plant including Fruits & Vegetables, Beans, Legumes, Nuts and Seeds are the builders and re-generators of the body and contain ALL the amino acids, phyto-nutrients, proteins, mineral, salts, enzymes, fiber and vitamins needed by the body, provided they are used in large quantities, raw (or cooked), and preferably without preservatives, and as with juicing, that they have been properly extracted from the vegetables. Moreover, you will receive healthier, bio-available nutrients and protein since plant protein is less likely to promote cancer growth and increase blood cholesterol levels associated with heart disease. In most cases, plant-based foods are nutrient dense foods, whereby animal-based proteins are almost devoid of any usable nutrition.

If you should in fact receive a positive diagnosis (for any form of degenerative disease, including cancer, diabetes, heart disease, obesity, or chronic auto-immune illnesses), there is really no need to be fearful. You need not resort hastily to pharmaceuticals, medications, invasive treatments or surgery. I would implore you to not only read thoroughly, but consider now the following excerpt from T. Colin Campbell, PhD in his latest book, Whole: Rethinking the Science of Nutrition

Instead, the secret of health has been in front of us all along, in the guise of a simple and perhaps boring word: nutrition. When it comes to our health, it turns out the trump card is the food we put in our mouths each day.


" In the process of learning all this, I also learned something else very important: why most people didn’t know this already. The medical and scientific research establishments, far from embracing these findings, have systematically dismissed and even suppressed them. Few medical professionals are aware that our food choices can be far more effective shields against disease than the pills they prescribe. Few health journalists report the unambiguous good news about radiant health and disease prevention through diet. Few scientists are trained to look at the “big picture,” and instead specialize in scrutinizing single drops of data instead of comprehending meaningful rivers of wisdom. And paying the piper and calling the tune for all of them are the pharmaceutical and food industries, which are trying to convince us that salvation can be found in a pill or an enriched snack food made from plant fragments and artificial ingredients."

Whole Food Nutrients are just that.  Real Food - Whole Food. 
Not derivatives, Not synthesized, Not iosolates, Not fragments, Not artificial. 
No fillers, binders, preservatives.  
Whole Food Nutrients may be the whole fruit, or vegetable, or grain, or nut/seed. 
It may be fresh, frozen, freeze-dried, juiced, cut or sliced, dehydrated, ground to powder,
cooked, canned or packaged.  Whole Food Nutrients are always 100% whole food. 
Read the ingredients to ensure a whole-food choice.
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